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Kariya's POV

The ice cream that we had was pretty damn good. My little Orcus decided to get a Caramel Gelato with sprinkles, while I decided to get a Gin and Tonic Sorbet. It was awesome, never had one before and totally worth it! My Parvulus looked so cute and nervous when he asked for his ice cream! When I had said yes he looked surprised, I just had to give him one of my signature crazy grins. Daddy always says to never do that around doctors or police officers, I wonder why.

We sat down at one of the tables outside and talked. Harry was just asking questions after a bit, wanting to know everything about me. I told him about my aunt and uncle, whom I stayed with until I turned 17. He also wanted to know about what I was going to do with him. Was he going to school or was he getting taught at home? I decided that he would be taught at a school, but not in America. I was thinking either japan or switzerland, since they have some of the highest teaching rates. Plus it would be a good way for him to learn other languages! When I told him as much he looked very excited.

After we finished our ice cream we headed out to my car. Once we get in I start to drive off to my house that I have down the street from the Uglies. "Your seven so we're gonna have to catch you up to the learning target they have and help you learn the language of whichever school you decide to go to. I happen to know a few spirits who would love to help you, and not just in the school sense. Some very powerful and important witches and wizards would love to help you with your magic lessons." When I see him nod at this I decide to turn on some music. "Now as my son you are going to have to learn what type of music to love. Ya all music has something to enjoy, but these are the best tunes by far." I'm singing along to Carry on my wayward son when I suddenly remember I was suppose to talk to Grinnings CEO today! I turn off the music real quick to talk to Harry, "Harry, hun, could you get out my phone and sign in? The password is 221bBaker ok? When your done with that go to the contacts list and call the person under Myc and put it on speaker." As he's doing this for me I turn around to head toward the Grinnings building. "Hello?" "Oh good you picked up. Hey Myc I'm heading over to your office right now, I need to speak with you about one of your employees there." "Okay Kariya, I'll be here waiting for you, it's not like I'm busy or anything." "Oh goody, I should be there in about 10 minutes. Have my food and drinkage waiting for my, with extra, I also have somebody you need to meet." "Alright, I'll see you soon, goodbye." After that he hangs up on me and my Parvulus just looks at me confused. I just smile at him, "Don't worry hun, just keeping a promise I made, ok?" "Okay, Mum. Who's Myc?" "Oh he's just a friend, his brother and I met once, very interesting man, his partner happens to be a doctor as well." "What do you mean partner Mum?" Oh his face is just adorable! All confused and puppy eyed! " Well his partner, they work on things together, and they live together, they may even be together if some are to be believed." He still looks confused and nods his head anyway, looking ahead. I smile and turn my music on again, starting the song from the beginning to sing along. "Carry on my wayward son~ There'll be peace when you are done, Lay your weary head to rest~ Don't you cry no more!" Harry is smiling as I sing along and moving his head to the beat. 'Don't worry you'll know the lyrics soon enough' I can't help but to think.


Harry POV

Mum parks in the driveway of a giant office building and gets out of the car. I get out as well, not wanting to be left behind on a hot day in the car like my-er- the uglies have done to me before. She smiles down at me and holds out her hand, "Carried or hold hands?" "Carried please." 'What I'm a seven year old who's only show of love they remember is from this lady.' She picks me up and starts to walk to the giant building.

At the door she turns around and opens the door that way, so she can keep both hands on me I guess, and walks up to the secretary. "Hello I'm here to see your CEO, could you please tell him I'm here?" The secretary looks up at us and gives us a to sweet smile, "Do you have an appointment?" Mom sighs, "I told him I would be here at this time, whether it's in your schedule or not." "Well I'm sorry but unless you are on the schedule you can't talk to him. He is a ver-" "I know"- at this point mom is also smiling way too sweetly, her voice has also gotten to sweet and nice- "But if you could just call up hun, then you'll know that he is expecting me." They stare at each other for a moment, though mum sets me down after she's done talking, and just smile sweetly. The secretary seems to be getting even more irritated, but I can't tell about mom yet.

I take this chance to look around the waiting room. The walls seem to be an offset of white and the chairs look uncomfortable and are brown. There also look to be a few magazines for people who are waiting. But really other than those items it's bare. There are no plants or paintings, just a giant set of windows looking outside.

After a few more minutes it seems the secretary finally gives and reaches for her phone. While still smiling at mom she dials and holds it up to her ear. After a few seconds it seems somebody picks up on the other end. "Hello sir, I'm calling to inform you that there is a woman here wi-" "But sir she's not in-" "Yes sir she'll be up shortly." She sets the phone down and points towards the hallway. "The elevator is down there, just press floor 10 and you'll have to go to the back of the room to get to his office." Mom nods, not bothering to say thank you, and takes my hand. We head to the elevator with mom muttering about idiotic people and stupid living mortals. We get in the elevator, though she's not paying any attention so I press the button for 10. As we go up I think I hear her mention something about Aunt Sarah and feeding. I giggle thinking about mom trying to convince her to eat the secretary in her snake form. The door dings and we step into the room. She starts to lead us to the back when, just as we're passing a cubicle, I look over to see my uncle, looking at me in shock. It's just a quick glance because then we're past the opening, but it was enough. I hear him stand up and shout "YOU FREAK!" I quickly hide up behind mom, not wanting him to get to me.


Kariya POV

I hear the fat piece of Vermin scream at my little Harry. I turn, though feeling Harry grab onto my leg causes me to look down. He looks up at me, obviously scared shitless. I smile down at him, "He can't do anything to you, you are an Orcus, meaning you are my son, no mortal can get ahold of you ever again." This causes him to stand a bit taller, though he doesn't come out from behind me, but it's better than what he was doing. I continue to smile down at him and pet his hair. I turn to the Vernim to see him in front of me getting more and more purple, apparently he wasn't very happy with being ignored by me. I just sneer at him, "What do you want Dursley? You have no business calling my son a freak, nore do you have any reason to speak to him at all." "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING HERE! ESPECIALLY WITH THAT FREAK! YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS WITH US NORMAL FOLK! JUST GET YOUR FREAKISHNESS OUT OF HERE BEFORE YOU GET ME FIRED!" "Why, Dursley, I do believe you are the one who doesn't belong here, screaming at a child and calling him a freak, tsk tsk, that's just not looked well upon." "YOU BITCH! HOW DARE YOU THREATEN ME! I WILL HAVE YOU FIRED! DON'T THINK I'M SCARED OF YOU!" "Oh please, there was no threat in that sentence, I was just stating the facts. You really are an idiot aren't you? Do you even realise all your yelling is going to call out your boss?" "IT DOESN'T MATTER, I AM AN IMPORTANT EMPLOYEE HERE AND HE'LL CHOOSE ME OVER SOME SLUT ANY DAY!" "Oh are you sure about that?" "OF COURSE YOU MORONIC BI-"

"Mr. Dursley, if you would not speak to such an important investor that way please, without her you wouldn't even have this job, none of you would." I turn to see Myc standing in the frame to his office, a poker face on, as always. 'Except with me of course.' "Mr.-" "No , at this point I don't really care what you have to say, I think I've heard enough of your voice, now if you will be silent so that I may speak. Kariya, would you like to come in?" "Of course Myc, I did come to talk to you after all, didn't I?" "Yes I would assume so."

Myc turns back into his room, and I walk in, throwing a smirch over my back at the Ugly, with Harry in front of me so I could protect him if the Ugly came at us. I shut the door behind us and turn fully to Myc. "Sit down would you? Also, would you mind explaining the child you have with you currently?" I nod and lead Harry over to the seats in front of his desk. I turn to my Parvulus, who is currently shaking at this point. "Are you okay Parvulus? Do I need to go out there and cast a nasty little spell on him? Or just beat his arse?" He gives me a small smile and a little shake of the head. "Aww, boo, I wanted to kick some butt."

I turn back to my long time friend and smile up at him, "So what do you wanna know first, why I'm here, or the story behind this little one here?" As I say that I give Harry a little hug. "The story about the boy please, I assume you being here has something to do with him." I nod and start the tale of how I met Harry and how the last 24 hours have changed my life, forever.


Harry POV

As mum and her friend start to talk I take a look around the office, trying to keep my mind off of Ugly Senior, as mum would say. It seems fairly dark, with five lamps, but not a main light, though there was seemingly no use for it since the window was wide open, letting in the watery sunlight. Everything seemed to be very organised, they all had their place. He has two phones on the desk, one red and one the usual office phone. 'I wonder what the red phone's for? Is it for something else than office work? Then why not just have a cell phone?' Getting rid of these thoughts, since I most likely won't learn anything unless I ask, I look behind me. There's a huge bookcase full of what looks like files, books, and some boxes.

I decide to turn back to the conversation, "He's adorable, don't you agree Myc? He's also very accepting, which is hard to believe with his past. Could you possibly see if there are any records on him? I want to know his medical history, his schooling and grades, what happened to his parents, and everything else. I know what he is, obviously, so I want the real facts if there are any, not just the cover ups." "First, stop calling me that deplorable name," "Never." "and yes I can find all information on him, I'll contact you tomorrow about it." Mum nods her head, smiling. I turn my attention back to when he clears his throat and see him looking at me. "Now Harry, do you actually want to live with her? Even if she's already done the blood adoption ritual?" I nod my head, "Sir, she's the first person to ever show that she cares about me and has actually seemed to put an effort into loving me. My new grandparents seem to care for me as well, getting mad at the Dursleys when Mum told them about what those heathens did to me."

He nods his head and turns back to Mum, "No need to ask, he will be fired immediately and get no extra pay, I've been waiting for a point where I could fire him, just had no reason to yet." "Why not just make a reason?" "I was close to actually doing that before you came in, so you just saved me some extra work. Also, yes I will be getting the police in on this, so no need to complain about that either. They will be getting their justice, whether I have to make more things up or not to make them serve a fit sentence, though I don't think that will be necessary." I smile at that, happy that the Uglies will get what they deserved for hurting me like that.

Mum nods her head and gets up to leave, I quickly stand up as well, grabbing a few more of the snacks on the desk. "Would you like me to walk you out so that he doesn't come after you?" "No, if he attacks, I will just have every right to defend my child and I, just watch from the office, with an open door so I have a witness, will you?" Myc nods his head and follows us to the door, already pulling out a cellphone. 'If he has that, why the red phone on the desk?' Shaking my head I decide to just ask to get the answer. "Sir, why do you have two phones on the desk if you have a cellphone?" He looks down at me, "Well, Hadrian, I have the red one for special people from the government. You see I have a very important job, and that means I need a second phone for special emergencies. That's why." I nod my head, deciding to think about it more later, and look back to Mom, holding up my hands, asking to be picked up like I had seen Dudley do to Petunia before he got to fat. She smiles down at me and immediately picks me p, turning towards the door. "Be prepared to be suddenly dropped when he attacks us okay? I want to make sure you're not hurt." I nod my head, smiling, because this is just more proof that she cares for me. She walks out there door, with Myc putting up his phone, probably to either take a video, pictures, or calling the police, going on the earlier conversation. I turn my head forward when I hear Ugly Senior start bellowing. "HAH, THE BOSS GET TIRED OF YOU SLUT? WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED, PROBABLY TOO MUCH OF A GREEDY BITCH!" "Mr. Dursley, I would appreciate if you would stop cussing in front of my son, I don't want him swearing or anything of the sort until he's older and he is currently at a very impressionable age, especially with words. Also would you mind watching where you spit when you talk? Spittle keeps getting onto my face, and frankly, I find it quite disgusting." Using her free hand, Mum wipes her face off dramatically.

As she had been talking The Uglies face had been getting red and then quickly turning into darker shades of purple. "YOU FUCKING BITCH!" He suddenly takes a swing at Mum, and as she said before she suddenly dropped me, which I was happily prepared for. I quickly turn and run back to Myc, clutching his leg and watching Mum to make sure she was alright. She was awesome! When I had tuned back she had already dodged the punch thrown at her, and it looked as though she had hit him in the stomach, the way he was bent over. She then brings her boot down on top of his back, heel first, and then swings it back for a side kick. As he falls over groaning, she crouches down and says "This is for insulting my son and treating him like garbage." She pulls her fist back and punches him right in the nose. You can hear the crunch as the bone was smashed all the way where I was standing, then she gives a quick kick to the temple, knocking him out. "Wow! She's amazing! I hope she'll teach me how to defend myself like that!'

She turns around and sees me watching with wide eyes, she then crouches back down and opens her arms towards me. I let go of Myc's leg and quickly run into her arms wrapping my arms around her neck as she picks me up, and hold me tightly to her chest. "Are you okay my Parvulus?" I quickly nod my head, smiling into her shoulder, happy that I took the chance with accepting her as my mother. I feel her smile into my shoulder and sigh. She then puts me on her hip and holds her head up high. "Myc, you got all of that, right?" He nods, "Of course, I have already called the police and they are on their way here now. If you want you can leave, and I'll call you if they need you to come in, alright?" Mum nods her head, "Alright, we'll be heading to the bank to check some things out, see you soon?" "Of course, you always make sure to visit, i'll see if next time the doctor and my brother can come in as well." Mum nods once more and turns, heading towards the elevator. I take the time to look at the other people in the office, to see some laughing, pointing at Vernon, some looking at my Mum in awe and/or fear, and others seemingly in shock over what just happened. What I got mostly from it, Vernon was not well liked here, at all. I wave at Myc before the doors shut. He smiles at me, and I see him wave just as they close.

I turn to Mum, and smile at her. She grins back, and we just stand there like that until the doors open again, letting us out of the elevator. We turn to see the secretary and smirk at her as we pass, while she looks at us with a hard glare. We get into the car, and Mum starts it up, pulling us out of the parking lot and onto the street. As we turn the next corner we see police cars zooming towards the building we just left. I laugh and turn to Mum with another smile, "To the bank?" She smiles down at me and ruffles my hair, "To the bank, my son."

Off of google translate;

Parvulus: Latin for Little One

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