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It took some time for Damar to grow on me, but I knew I liked him when he formed the Resistance. So, I decided to try and write something which I hope will portray him as not just a simple Cardassian: caring only about kanar and power and sex.

2366: Bajor


The sound of a twig breaking underfoot hit Keela's ears. She stood up and looked around cautiously. Just when she was more or less convinced that she had probably imagined the noise, she heard another sound.

"Hey, you," a low voice called.

Keela searched around to see who exactly would be the owner of the strange voice. She soon noticed who it could be. She swallowed as the figure walked closer. She knew it would be a Cardassian. They were good at creeping up on unsuspecting people.

Keela studied the Cardassian's face. She saw that he was trying to be menacing, but it wasn't fooling her.

"What are you doing here?" the officer ordered her to speak.

"What business is it of yours?" Keela demanded, challenging him to answer, keeping her head held high.

The officer sneered. "This is my jurisdiction." His eyes flickered about her face curiously.

"No," Keela said defiantly. "This was Topen's 'jurisdiction'," she informed him angrily. "That is, before you stormed in and stole his farm!"

The Cardassian grinned. "You're not Bajoran, are you?" He didn't even give her time to answer his stupid question. "What brings you... here?"

"I came here on holiday," she replied simply, keeping her cool.

The soldier scoffed and then his expression softened, but weirdly so. "You're too beautiful to be a damn Bajoran."

"I'm... sorry?" Keela started to speak, taken aback by his odd and random observation.

He reached out and touched her face, but he started backwards. She had no desire to have him touch her. He looks hurt as he involuntarily drew his hand away from her. He reached down to his belt and proceeded his phaser, basically brandishing it directly in front of her face.

Keela wrinkled her nose in easily discernible disgust. "What the hell do you want?"

She got no answer.

"I'd say you were trying to abduct me," she guessed. "But, flattering your victims hardly to conventional way to go about doing it."

The Cardassian shook his head, as if almost disagreeing.

"What do you think you're going to do?" she challenged him derisively. "Charm your way near me?"

"How much?" he demanded, his eyes looking over every part of her body.

It took a short while for the meaning of his question to settle in. Her facial expression surely showed the moment when he had worked out his meaning. "Sorry?" she asked him, growing agitated. She stepped back from him, almost stumbling on a patch of nondescript brown rubble, which was once fertile land.

"How much are you?" he reiterated his request.

Keela started back from him. He caught her arm and ran his gaze over her body; starting up at the top and then working his way past her chest and then down her legs.

She paused long enough to consider her situation. She thought about what she could do. She smiled seductively at the soldier and said softly, "You couldn't afford me."

He blinked, as if surprised by her headstrong answer. When he had regained his composure, he focused his gaze on her face and Keela felt the piercing glare finally fall on her chest.

"You'd be surprised," the soldier said. "I'm a dal," he told her his rank.

She had no idea what exactly that corresponded to in English, but, from the pretentious way he had said it, she gathered that it must be a reasonably high rank. She smirked and tilted her head to one side. "And you're on guard duty?"

The officer seemed to let that comment slide past. "Now," he said firmly. "I've been polite enough."

The Southern Hemisphere of Bajor was particularly hot; she wasn't really covered up. She managed to fight the instinct to fold her arms over her self protectively. So, that was what Cardassians called 'polite', Keela thought to herself scathingly.

She leant forward, keeping their faces only centimetres apart. "You do know that if you do anything to me," she began, holding back the newfound fear that the Cardassian had instilled in her. "The Federation will be on your and the rest of your race's backs like a pack of wolves."

Her breath was warm against his ear and he wanted to do something about it. He heard the wavering uncertainty in her voice; knowing that she was quite obviously terrified of his advances. He shoved her back, knowing full well that his peoples' reputation was much more important than the satisfaction he would get from teaching the human a lesson.

Keela regained her balance and then watched in silence as the officer went away. She could only wonder in horror what exactly would become of her if she was a Bajoran woman.

She shuddered at the thought and then continued to walked, though she changed her direction and headed for the house of Hikas Topen and his family. She was so glad that they had taken pity on her. She was the only survivor in the attack the Cardassians had led on her holiday resort. Before it had happened, Keela thought that the small section of the Southern Hemisphere of Bajor was pretty much unaffected by the Occupation.

She gathered that the Cardassians were looking to expand their influence on the peaceful planet.