2375: Cardassian Prime


A/N: The song of the same name by My Chemical Romance inspired the chapter title :) great song. I hope you all enjoyed this fic and thank you to all who read and such :)

The funeral procession was like nothing Keela had ever seen before. It was more, for lack of a better word, cheerful. The atmosphere was a little bit more lax than those of Hunan funerals that she had attended. The seats were all severely crafted. Nothing in sight was smooth. Instead, everything was ridged and ragged and all edges were sharp. The colours were bright, but were mostly red, green and yellow. Black, however, was the main colour in play, just like with funerals that took place according to Human cusAlexs.

Tears were shred and curses were uttered, but it was over soon. Keela once remembered Gul Dukat telling her that Cardassians valued efficiency. Only now did she gave cause to believe him. She couldn't help but wonder what exactly had happened to him. Damar had informed her, during their numerous video feeds, that the Gul had taken a massively overpowering like to even more Bajoran cusAlexs. Beyond that, though, she knew little else.

Some of the guests, Keela knew. She saw her parents, as well as her Starfleet officer brother, who was thankfully not caught up in the turmoil of the war. Also, she caught sight of Kira Nerys, on the arm of a man named Shakaar.

"I am sorry," a Cardassian said to her.

Keela nodded and said quietly, "Thank you." She didn't recognise him.

"I'm Garak," he announced, smiling. His attention was caught by the child clinging to Keela like a limpet. "And, you must be Alexander...?"

Alexander Sejan nodded shyly and loosened his grip on his mother slightly. Keela looked down at him and told him gently, "It's all right. You can go play with Mr Garak."

"I am terribly sorry," a gentleman said to her apologetically.

Keela expressed her appreciation for his concern and nodded bravely.

"I know this may seem trivial, but have you seen a man named Garak, have you?" He was silent for a short moment, before saying, "Julian Bashir." Awkwardly, he held out his hand.

She shook his extended hand. "Oh," she said, remembering his question. "He's with my son."

"I didn't really know Damar, but Garak has been telling me how he saved his and Kira's lives on Rondac III. He did more to help turn the tides of war in the Federation's favour than many others did. And, Ezri's been telling me how Damar saved he life, and Worf's. And said that if it hadn't been for Damar, they would still be in Weyoun's holding cell. "

"Weyoun?" Keela repeated. The name rang a bell.

Grimly, Bashir nodded. "Yes. He was Damar's superior, before the... uprising."

"Damar told me about him," Keela said thoughtfully. "Is he... still alive?"

Bashir shrugged. "I'm sorry. I don't know. You see, Weyoun was a member of a cloned species. At least, that copy of him is dead."

"I'm sorry about your captain," she said abruptly.

Julian Bashir nodded gratefully. "Garak's calling me over," he said, gesturing to the Cardassian tailor. "Join me?"

At first, she hesitated, but soon followed.

The one named Garak was accompanying Alexander, playing with the dinosaur.

A smile crept across her face.