Hey Y'all!

It's the Great!

            Ok, I know I said in the beginning of  For Real  that I wouldn't be starting this for some time and, well, some time has passed.  I am a huge Ryo/Sailor Moon fan, but very rarely see much of the two of them; mostly I see like Rowen and Sailor Moon or Sage and Sailor Moon, but no Ryo.  So now, I'm going to go ahead and start this fic.  I warn you, it's dark and kind of depressing, but hey, I'm pioneer.  Don't go on if you're a woman's rights activist or something because the last thing I need is a strongly-worded email talking about 'you should not make women suffer so much and blah blah blah'.  I'll have you opposed know that women suffer in my stories because in the end, they kick some serious @$$. *n-joy.


Alexandria the Great