Chapter 2: The Shower

The town was almost empty as it was still too early for most of the people. Both boys were grateful that they didn't meet anyone on their completely mute journey and while Sasuke counted how many pools stayed on the walkway after the rain, Naruto cautiously observed if they wouldn't stumble upon some familiar face.

Luckily for both of them, no friend or acquaintance threatened their path back home.

Naruto waited until Sasuke moped inside his apartment and then closed the door behind them. Without any unnecessary comments he went straight to the closet and fished out the previously mentioned black shirt and took an extra towel.

"Here," He whispered carefully and handed the items to Sasuke.

The Uchiha hummed and still keeping his eyes down, he disappeared inside the bathroom.

Naruto sighed, he wanted to make him talk, because he knew that they will eventually have to talk about what happened out there. It was as confusing for him as for Sasuke, but acting like it was a mere nuisance somehow hurt. The blond actually considered it important, because he felt like he should realize something, something obvious that Sasuke was trying to hide from him.

With a heavy sigh he leaned onto the bathroom door. "Sasuke?" he called anxiously.

"No!" Came the irritated shout.

"Are you sure you don't want to talk about it?" Naruto asked nevertheless, already knowing the answer.

"No," was the strangled response.

Sasuke propped his forehead on the cold wall and let the water run down his back. His face was deformed in an odd painful grin. He had no idea what to think or what to do. The answer on the unspoken question was obvious. It lingered in his head and burdened his mind, but he wasn't about to answer it. No… he didn't really want to know if he felt something more than a friendship towards that dumb blond; to be aware of his body being actually drawn to the other boy behind the door.

The door which suddenly opened and then closed again.

"Go away," Sasuke barked, too confused to move, but very deep inside secretly enjoying Naruto's presence.

"Drop that attitude, you liked it so where is the problem?" Naruto growled sharply.

"Get the hell out!" the Uchiha spat. He heard as Naruto rustled with some cloth, then slipped inside the shower and stood behind him, but he wasn't about to acknowledge his presence. Just no! Let that idiot do whatever he wants. He was too angry and stunned to react properly anyway.

Naruto shifted, positioning himself right behind his friend, then took Sasuke's hands which hang loosely along the Uchiha's sides, only to pin them gently on the tiles in front of them with fingers laced together. "Yeah… I won't," he purred and pressed his lips against Sasuke's nape, tasting the heated skin. He felt the shivers of Sasuke's body caused by his manipulation and he knew that if the Uchiha had wanted to chase him off, he would have already done it.

Several soft kisses were enough to make him gasp in surprise from the unexpected flock of butterflies tickling in his abdomen. "What? W-what… what are you…?" he stuttered and noticing how strange his voice sounded, shut up and tried to jerk his body away from Naruto's hot tongue. And failed, realizing he was almost unable to move as his flesh was calling for more of Naruto's attention.

"Come on, Sasuke if you really don't want it, then stop me. You're strong enough to do it…" Naruto murmured provocatively. Yet, no answer came. The new arousal silencing the Uchiha quite effectively.

The subtle attention on the back of his neck and right after that his shoulder made him squeeze Naruto's fingers. He was physically strong enough to forbid Naruto from what he was doing, so he was sure that if he somehow decided he didn't like the strange touches he would just push him away, but in order to do that he would have to want it first, and also be willing to answer all the questions in his head. The questions which Naruto would probably voice out loud once he'd get the chance.

Why did he return the kiss? Why did he pursue for more? Why didn't he push him off right away? Naruto was his friend, the only true friend Sasuke had and even though he never said it, he valued their friendship greatly. Naruto was the only one able to bare his cold attitude and arrogant manners and never complain. He tied the link between them and he just held it so firmly that even if Sasuke would want to break it, he was sure Naruto would chase him to the edge of the world just to beat some sense into him. And how much they would enjoy that fight couldn't be expressed with simple words.

It was no secret to anyone that Naruto and Sasuke understood each other more in hand on hand combat than in a real conversation. They knew the way their bodies spoke the truth about their connection and they didn't usually need many words to let the other know how they felt. That was the reason Sasuke rather preferred his friendship with this blond idiot. He wasn't the one who would talk much and Naruto, along with Itachi of course, were the only people who could figure him out during a simple taijutsu fight. And judging by the way his own body currently reacted to his blond friend, there was obviously something more behind it than a simple companionship and rivality – it took him several years, but now, at age sixteen, Sasuke finally realized, and much to his dislike accepted, that he probably very slowly built a crush on Naruto. Though it seemed that his feelings weren't so one-sided after all.

Sasuke found himself with his cheek glued to the cold tiles of Naruto's bathroom, hands still pinned on the level of his head, mouth partly open and gasping for more of the steamy air. One half of his body was cooled by the solid wall and the other heated by Naruto's chest pressing against his back. The contrast of ice and fire, much like him and Naruto. He felt sparkles all over his skin and when Naruto pressed even closer, he realized that something hard was vertically weighted between his ass cheeks.

And the blond continued, it felt like hours from the time he got to the shower and started gently pecking Sasuke's nape and the Uchiha slowly discovered that he not just extremely enjoyed Naruto's tender handling, but was probably going to explode if he wouldn't be allowed to have another orgasm. His shaft was firmly sandwiched between his lower abdomen and the unwelcoming cold wall and he did everything he could to resist the urge of sliding up and down to create some much desired friction.

Neither of them really have to speak during that time. They understood each other's every move perfectly, so while Naruto proceeded to softly tease his friend with tender kisses, he silently told him that Sasuke was not the only one confused and also not the only one liking that moment.

After a long, long time, Naruto's hands finally came to life. Releasing the hold on Sasuke's fingers he began to gradually caress down from his forearms to his shoulders and then along his sides, effectively creating goose-bumps all over Sasuke's body. The tickling sensation in his belly was growing unbearable. Sasuke bit his lip, trying to hide all the embarrassing sounds coming from his mouth. He balled his fists and slowly let his own hands fall lower.

Naruto's palms stopped at Sasuke's hips and his lips retreated from his nape. A few fingers came to a view as Naruto raised his hand and gently brushed the wet strands running on the side of Sasuke's face, pulling them back and hiding them among the other raven locks. His warm pads swept over Sasuke's ear shell and the Uchiha closed his eyes with shame, hiding himself from the humiliating blush while the assault on his lip increased.

"Don't do that, Sasuke," Naruto's slightly cracked voice purred softly into his ear and the horny pant became inevitable. "I like those sounds, let me hear them." His tongue darted out and grazed the sensitive skin right behind Sasuke's ear, making him finally cry out with pleasure. Naruto responded with a hum and sucked on Sasuke's earlobe, successfully drawing out another loud cry.

His entire body trembled and all he could hear was Naruto's puffs right into his ear. Muffling every sound around him as the blond latched his lips onto his ear and played with Sasuke's nerves. Another sensation joined the ear teasing and the Uchiha felt a finger or maybe more of them softly follow the line between his lower cheeks. His body jerked inadvertently, but other than that he stayed in place. He didn't find the courage to face his friend with the faint pink on his face, but remaining motionless was more than enough to let Naruto know that the Uchiha granted him the access to do whatever he wished. His lustful gasps revealed that he enjoyed every bit of it. Though who would have thought that Sasuke Uchiha became shy and unsure when it came to that kind of a contact?

Naruto chuckled nervously right in Sasuke's ear, comprehending the situation, and then his lips left the vulnerable earlobe so his mouth was free for another teasing whisper. "You see, I've read this really funny stuff and I just wanted to…" but instead of finishing his sentence he let one finger slip between Sasuke's lower cheeks and gently pressed it against the forbidden ring of muscles.

"Naruto?!" Sasuke's eyes almost fell out of his skull. He honestly had no idea why he haven't run away right in the moment. Maybe it was curiosity? Or the feeling that he somehow had to repay Naruto for 'the thing' on the training grounds.

Since the blond seemed to know at least a little what to do, Sasuke simply submitted, because if there was any person in the world who could see this side of him, it was just Naruto.

"It's okay, don't move," Naruto soothed him and before Sasuke could count one and one together the slender finger slipped inside. Naruto immediately felt Sasuke's muscles tense around him, refusing him further entry, but he paid no attention to it and in an almost pleading manner let his finger dive deeper.

From what he had read in the book Kakashi-sensei forgot once on the training grounds – though he might have left it behind on purpose – there should be a spot inside every men's body which is supposed to make them feel great. In his humble opinion it seemed like a load of crap, but his curiosity was bigger and if he could think of any boy he wanted to make feel great, it was Sasuke.

Naruto's other hand, still resting on Sasuke's lean hips, guided the Uchiha further away from the wall and both boys made two tiny steps away from the cold tiles. Then the navigating palm petted up on Sasuke's back and pushed, effectively bending the Uchiha forward. Sasuke raised his own hands and bracing his forearms against the wall, he allowed Naruto to arrange him into a rather embarrassing position.

Noticing that Sasuke's moans and cries clearly deceased and he was once again biting his lip, Naruto took a shampoo bottle and poured a fair dose of the faintly peachy liquid down on the spot where his fingers were connected to Sasuke's body. With the idea that one was probably not enough he inserted a second finger.

As Naruto wasn't usually the one to remember something from a book there were certain things that stuck with him and secretly reading his teacher's porn definitely one of them. Recalling the gained knowledge he began to gently massage Sasuke's hole, scissoring his fingers and relaxing the muscles, unintentionally preparing them for something bigger.

How in the world did they end up here again? Sasuke always knew that his friendship with Naruto was hard to understand, but he currently had the idea that he didn't quite understand it himself. This was definitely not something friends did together, was it?

Damn that was a stupid question - of course friends didn't do stuff like that!

Sasuke decided to blame the lack of blood in his brain and turned off all the doubts and confusion. Not like he had much of a choice, he would never admit that it was somehow uncomfortable and awesome at the same time. It seemed that from time to time Naruto managed to find a certain location inside him, which sent shivers and tickles up his spine and through his pulsing length. He released the lip which threatened to start bleeding and instead gritted his teeth as much as he could only to prevent himself from his humiliating and also unusually loud vocal expressions.

The two fingers were accompanied by a third and Naruto started to have the feeling that not everything written in the books were true. After all, Sasuke didn't really look like he was enjoying himself. He obviously stopped moaning and now was only clenching his jaw and pushing air through his nose in unsteady puffs. Though his whole body was still tensed and Naruto could clearly see that his erection stayed in place. Maybe he was doing something wrong? Should he ask him?

Naruto's eyes drifted down to his fingers, buried deep between Sasuke's cheeks and further down in his hole. An awkward grin deformed his face when he imagined what kind of a question he would have to ask and he decided to forget about that idea; not like he actually knew how to compose the words anyway. Something else caught his attention instead; his own shaft, hard and waiting. He looked up at the back of Sasuke's head; his friend had no idea what kind of a struggle Naruto was going through. Should he do it? Should he not? If Sasuke hadn't stopped him until now, he maybe wouldn't stop him at all.

He shrugged, the worst thing to happen would be Sasuke punching him right in the face; not something he wasn't used to. Naruto slowly took out the fingers, only to replace them with something slightly bigger.

It was too sudden to come up with a protest, so when Sasuke finally recollected his blurry senses, he realized that Naruto was half way inside his thoroughly prepared entrance, then he felt him stop.

The blond gasped, surprised how great the hotness of his friend's walls felt. "T-that's… that's awesome," he panted as his eyes widened.

"It's weird!" Sasuke's strangled response came through his teeth.

The initial surprise of his outburst was soon chased away with slight disappointment. "Oh, really… s-sorry," Naruto apologized, slowly moving outside, careful not to cause any pain to his friend.

Sasuke's hands fired, grabbing the wrists which rested close to his hips and pulled. "N-no… don't… gah." For the first time during their shower his body came to life and he swiftly hauled Naruto as close as he managed, with his lower cheeks eagerly meeting the blond's shaft halfway.

A startled yelp escaped Naruto's lips when a slap of his sac against Sasuke's bottom and a jolt of pleasure in his own length revealed him, that the Uchiha achieved taking him all the way. And Sasuke wasn't far behind with his own lustful cry as he felt the new wave of bliss devour his senses. The early shock has been replaced with warmth, spreading all over Sasuke's body, he has never felt this complete in his entire life.

When both boys halted for few seconds, too stunned to react, Naruto took the opportunity to wake up first. He wrapped his arms around Sasuke's torso and pressed his chest back to the Uchiha's behind, with his nose buried in Sasuke's wet raven strands he created an embrace that could only be called as loving.

Driven by his instincts, Sasuke propped one palm on the tiles again and took one of Naruto's hands groping around his chest. He brought the fingers to his mouth.

Firstly, he placed a tender kiss into Naruto's open palm, then, whilst retreating his hips he sucked on his pinkie, swirling his tongue around, and right after releasing the finger with a silent plop sound, he thrust his hips back, earning himself a moan.

He proceeded to do the same with Naruto's ring finger, middle finger, index finger and thumb, each time retreating and then thrusting back into Naruto's tensed crotch. Satisfied that not just Naruto was able to make him cry with pleasure, Sasuke established a steady but slow pace which sent shivers through both his and Naruto's body.

It didn't take long for Naruto to start responding to Sasuke's moves as he wished to take back his stolen lead in their act. His free fingers drifted to clutch the Uchiha's shoulder and he began to plunge into the offered butt in the same lingering pace Sasuke had created. The bathroom was instantly filled with low grunts and heavy pants along with the constant running water and occasional smack of flesh against flesh.

If Naruto possessed any amount of self-control, it came to life right at this moment when he closed his eyes and grit his teeth, forcing his body to remain true to the almost torturously sluggish speed of their bodies. He didn't intend to hurt Sasuke and he naively believed that if he was to quicken and thrust harder, it would only cause pain to his friend. Though he should have known better and if he was to see Sasuke's usually stoic face; now turned to the side and cautiously listening to Naruto's desperate sounds; he would realize that the Uchiha was slyly playing on his nerves.

A wicked smirk appeared on Sasuke's lips and although he found the new pressure in his shaft growing harder to ignore with every new plunge, he deviously returned the teasing and sweet torment the blond put him through at the training grounds before.

Both Naruto's hands were burying their nails into Sasuke's flesh, one on his wide shoulder and the other on his slender hip, guiding the movements and helplessly maintaining the same slow speed for several long minutes. But his restrain began to waver. "I-I can't… Sasuke…" He forced harshly, calling for his teammate to give him permission to move faster. "I need to…" Naruto gasped in almost begging manner.

Sasuke let out a mocking chuckle. "Then do it harder."

The command was met with an immediate response and Sasuke felt both of his hips being squeezed in a deadly grip before one particularly rough shove sent sparkles into his eyes. The amount of pleasure grew rapidly even for his expectations as his own teasing backfired with Naruto no longer being able to hold himself back and the first few experimentally quicker plunges followed by a set of others. Too late he realized how big of an impact this was going to have on his own restrains.

"S-Sasuke… I-I'm going to… haah…" Naruto panted hopelessly among all the pounding and Sasuke found himself bracing his forearms against the wall and pushing his ass out to meet the eager hips which invaded his insides in a blissful manner. The blood in his own neglected cock was throbbing madly and every other hit of that sweet spot among his inner walls sent a new wave of ecstasy down the length.

"Harder, Naruto!" Sasuke screamed, wanting to finally find his own release. But it still looked like the blond was firmly holding back, like he was preventing himself from climaxing despite wishing to do just that. What the hell was his problem? "Go on! Harder!" The Uchiha yelled again, voice full of desire. He let his cheek be plastered against the wall as he let down his hands and drifted them both to part either side of his small nicely rounded butt.

"N-nah… Sasuke… I-can't…" Naruto cried.

He wasn't able to see anything, his eyes turned up to his head and toes curled. "Then come!" Sasuke shrieked in despair, not catching on why would that blond dumbass tried to endure and hold it in.

And just like that Naruto voiced out his own doubts in one loud roar. "But where?!"

"Inside!" So that was it. "Come inside!" Sasuke ordered and instantly felt the impact of his permission. It was surreal and everything around him disappeared as with several angry thrusts Naruto emptied his load at last.

As much as he hoped to find his own release Sasuke bitterly realized that it only made him as excited as desperate. He felt Naruto relax his tensed pose and seek support on his bent back.

"Awesome… you're awesome…" Naruto panted and his fingers caressed around Sasuke's hips, only to find still hard and extremely perceptive member needing some attention. The blond didn't wait for an order this time and without a warning curled his fingers around and gave Sasuke a strong pump.

Naruto chuckled when he felt Sasuke tense and the Uchiha straightened and arched his back into his chest. The position changed instantly when with loud cries Sasuke forced Naruto's behind into the opposite wall and then both boys slid along the wet tiles to sit at the bottom of Naruto's shower.

With legs spread and Sasuke's rocking body between them Naruto did exactly what he had done before and followed by the Uchiha's extremely noisy moans he once again began to grant pleasure to his friend. With one hand rubbing the sensitive cock and the other hooking around Sasuke's neck, taking an advantage of his submissive state and holding him in a provocative grasp he violently rushed his friend towards another orgasm. Though it seemed that Sasuke couldn't care less at this point and he pressed his back into the chest behind him and clawed his fingers into Naruto's thighs.

"Now it's your turn," the blond purred teasingly into Sasuke's ear. Whilst his own groin gradually slipped out of the abused hole, followed by a dose of Naruto's cum, the blond sucked in Sasuke's earlobe. It couldn't really take any longer and a pair of blue eyes curiously watched as the Uchiha came undone second time that day, releasing his sperm into the stream of water falling from the shower. Then with a heavy pant his body relaxed and his head fell back on Naruto's shoulder.

They stayed like that for several long moments. Neither of them really caring much for the consequences as they simply enjoyed the proximity of their tight embrace.

Then Naruto decided to break the silence with a rather innocent question. "Hey Sasuke? What do you say we go for some ramen?" he whispered gently.

"Hn," was the first empty answer, though it didn't really sound as 'no', Naruto couldn't even tell if it was 'yes'.

"Sure… and then we can take a walk," Sasuke replied in a husky voice and a smile spread on his relaxed face.

"That would be nice," Naruto agreed and placed a kiss on the side of Sasuke's forehead while the Uchiha snuggled just a little closer to his warm chest.

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