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Digimon Future

Chapter 1: The One of Destiny, Yuzen Tyruu!

Introduction: Digimon, Digital Monsters. At first these marvelous creatures served as guardians who ensured the prosperity between the Earth and a parallel world also known as the Digital World, a world created from computer data originating in Earth's communications networks, but eventual that would all come to an end. In almost an instant the two worlds were merged together through unknown means. War, destruction, hatred, these sins soon plagued the world and brought it to its knees. The Digimon's rebellion against the humans destroyed the former bonds created over the years of cooperation. Now the merged world is dominated by the Digimon who rule with all their might against the humans. Various humans have attempted rebellions only to be crushed in all their attempts, bringing about the darkest most terrifying days in history. This hopeless world has lost all glimmers of light, that is until now.

In a dark empty wasteland a boy solemnly wandered through it, seemingly searching for something. "What is wrong with this place?" the boy asked. As the boy continued to walk he suddenly stopped as the ground began to shake. From the surface appeared 12 pillars of light that radiated the otherwise dreary scenario. "Why does this light have to be so damn bright?" the boy asked in irritation as he covered his eyes. From behind the boy appeared a silhouette. "Who's there?" the boy asked as he turned around and saw the silhouette. The shadow appeared to be that of a man. Of the features of the man the only things that appeared to be somewhat clear were his large spiky hair and a large purple tattoo that covered his left eye and nearly the entirety of the left side of his face. "Who are you?" the boy asked while the man's eye began to glow as the light shining from the 12 pillars grew even brighter before the ground beneath the boy began to crumble as suddenly a large crater soon appeared.

"AHHH!" the boy shouted as he fell into the crater before waking up. "*pant* *pant* What in the world was that?" the boy asked as he woke up from what appeared to be a dream. He had spiky light blue hair along with dark gray eyes. His attire consisted of a light gray shirt and black shorts.

"Ryahahaha! Nice show Yuzen." a man stated as he sat in the chair in front of the boy's bed. "Roseo? You creep, what are you doing here?" Yuzen angrily asked.

"My apologies, it's just too darn funny seeing you mumble in your sleep. You really should get that checked out." Roseo answered as he began to snicker to Yuzen's annoyance. He had somewhat wavy pink hair and red eyes. His attire had consisted of an open-front short sleeved black shirt, with mahogany pants and black shoes. His accessories had consisted of a red chained necklace, an orange beaded wristband and a black belt. "Get out of here, you idiot." Yuzen told the pink-haired man. "Hey at least I'm not the one who talks in his sleep." Roseo mockingly stated as he walked out of the room. "Damn that obnoxious brother of mine." Yuzen muttered to himself as he got up from his bed.

He had a mostly plain room, it had a grayish blue color scheme and outside of his bed, a desk and a closet embedded into the wall it was mostly empty.

"*yawn* Well I guess it's time to start my day." Yuzen muttered as he left to go get ready. "Hey dork, hurry up and get down here!" Roseo shouted from downstairs. "Shut up you cherry headed pansy!" Yuzen retorted after finally coming out from the shower. "Man that Yuzen, he's so ambitious yet he's as incompetent as can be." Roseo stated.

"Finally." Yuzen declared as he finished putting on his clothes. His attired had consisted of a plain white t-shirt with dark blue pants. Along with that he wore a blue wristband on his right arm and had gray sneakers.

"What took you so long?" Roseo asked as he sat at a table. "I'm here aren't I?" Yuzen replied. "Man you're so slow. You just became 15 yesterday yet you haven't grown a bit." Roseo stated. "Like you can say anything about other people being slow, you delinquent." Yuzen replied. "Ryahahaha, I guess that's right." Roseo stated as he broke out into a fit of laughter while Yuzen sat down down at the table. "Our parents were killed by the Digimon, right?" Yuzen suddenly asked his brother.

"Yeah, it's been a long time since that happened." Roseo solemnly answered while he dropped his cheerful expression.

"Things have been hell for us for as long as I can remember." Yuzen stated. "It can't be helped. I mean who would have expected creatures that were supposed to act as guardians towards humans would suddenly revolt and take over the planet after our worlds fused together?" Roseo asked the light blue-haired lad. "Don't be naïve, those things were never meant to be guardians to humans. Those disgusting creatures just tricked people into believing that they were here to help them and used that to take advantage of us and take over our world. Those damn Digimon, they're scum that I'll never forgive." Yuzen angrily declared.

"Hold on, I know that they've done a lot to us and have ruined our civilization but that's no reason to act so hateful towards them." Roseo told the lad. "No reason? Those things gave me all the reason in the world to despise them. Those worthless…" "Enough!" Roseo stated as he interrupted Yuzen's hate filled statement about the Digital Creatures. "Don't be so ignorant Yuzen, the Digimon took control of our world but that's no reason to hate all of them. You'll only reduce yourself to the level of the fiends that ruined this world if you keep acting like that." Roseo told his brother who in response only stood up from the table.

"I'm gonna take a walk." Yuzen declared as he left the room.

"Tch don't hate them? Yeah right." Yuzen muttered to himself as he walked through the streets.

The buildings were mostly ruined as the streets were filled with simplistic stands and were barely populated. "If what they did to this village doesn't show how evil those creatures are then what will?" Yuzen thought to himself.

"Good afternoon, Yuzen." a lady declared. She had blonde hair that was tied up in a side ponytail with a few loose strands along with bangs on the side, with blue-eyes. Her attire had consisted of a white blouse which she wore under a violet vest, a gray skirt and black slippers.

"Maple? I haven't seen you in a while." Yuzen told the blonde. "I have been preoccupied lately besides you are never around anyway." Maple answered. "I guess that's right. But I can't really talk to you right now. I've got to be on my way." Yuzen muttered as he began to leave. "Tell Roseo I said hi!" Maple shouted. "Will do." Yuzen expressed as he left.

Elsewhere a creature walked through a wasteland while it carried a bag on its back and was exhausted as it continued walking.

"Damn it, I wandered to the edge of the village again." Yuzen expressed in dismay at his mistake. "Well I guess I might as well head back." Yuzen stated as he then bumped into an old man. The old man had long grayish white hair, a gray mustache and brown eyes. He wore a black hat with an orange zero symbol on it. His attire consisted of a green vest which he wore over a black dress shirt and also wore dark orange pants which he kept up with a brown belt. He also had black dress shoes and he wore a red bag. "I'm sorry Mister." Yuzen apologized.

"You bastard! Watch where you're going!" the man grumpily shouted at the boy. "Hey aren't you that freak of a doctor that everyone's always talking about? Or was it a quack?" Yuzen asked the man. "I'm not a freak or a quack, you runt!" the man angrily answered. "I'm Dr. Zero, the man who'll destroy the Digimon!" the old man declared to Yuzen's interest.

"Destroy the Digimon? Sounds like fun, let me join you." Yuzen nonchalantly told the old man. "Are you an idiot!? Why the hell would I let a nosey little punk like you join someone of my stature!?" the old man angrily asked the light blue-haired lad. "You'd let me because I asked you." Yuzen answered as the baffled Dr. Zero looked at the lad. "Well let's go." Yuzen declared, not caring about the doctor's obvious disapproval. "You idiot! I'm not going to do that!" Dr. Zero yelled. "How come? I mean we do have the same goal anyway." Yuzen replied. "Syhahaha! A snot nosed brat like you thinks you have the potential to defeat the Digimon? Don't make me laugh." Dr. Zero mockingly stated.

"What's so funny about that, old man?" Yuzen asked.

"It's simple, you're a punk who'll only ever amount to getting slaughtered by the Digimon like so many other humans." Dr. Zero answered. "What makes you so different from anyone else?" Yuzen asked. "I'm a researcher who's spent his entire life building a way to fight against these Digimon. My multiple years of experience have made me an immortal among the worthless races of the humans and Digimon." Dr. Zero arrogantly declared as Yuzen looked at him in a bored expression.

"Man you're weird. Well I guess I'll just leave you at doing whatever nonsense you were doing, later." Yuzen indifferently stated as he left the doctor.

A while had passed as Yuzen had returned home. "Since you wasted so much time on your dumb walk now we have to marathon the lessons I had planned for the entire day." Roseo declared as Yuzen sat in a desk in the living room. Their living room was quite plain and had a white color scheme and had various pieces of furniture all around the room, which included a brown table, a red couch, two leather chairs and an orange recliner. "Do you even have a license?" Yuzen asked annoyed. "Who needs something as ridiculous as that?" Roseo answered.

"Well let's get started with our lesson." Roseo declared as Yuzen let out a large sigh.

"Digimon were originally creatures that came from the "Digital World", which is a parallel universe that is rumored to have originated from Earth's various communication networks." Roseo told his brother, who wearily looked on.

Elsewhere the creature from before had continued walking as it was still searching for whatever it had set out to look for. The creature had then passed by Dr. Zero, who noticed the creature. "It…it…can't be." the old man muttered in disbelief as he eventually lost sight of the creature.

"There are six basic levels for most Digimon. The six basic levels consist of the Fresh or Baby form, the In-Training form, the Rookie form, the Champion form, the Ultimate form and the Mega form. Through these forms the Digimon exert different amounts of…will you wake up!" Roseo shouted to his brother as he chopped him on the head. "Huh? I'm up." Yuzen drowsily stated as he woke up. "Don't sleep in my lesson!" Roseo shouted while he once again chopped Yuzen on the head.

"Will you stop chopping me?" Yuzen asked annoyed. "Too bad, chop, chop, chop, chop!" Roseo shouted as he repeatedly chopped Yuzen on the head.

"Man, you're annoying." Yuzen expressed. "That's my line." Roseo stated. "*sigh* You should be more like Shun." Roseo told his brother. "Shun?" Yuzen muttered. "Yeah, that guy headed out months ago and started traveling the world. Yet you're still here mooching off of me." Roseo answered. "I don't want to be anything like that pervert." Yuzen told the pink-haired man. "Pervert? Oh yeah I remember!" Roseo laughed. "That knucklehead probably left this place to go harass all the women around the world." Yuzen stated. "Oh come on, he's like your best friend." Roseo chuckled. "Says who?" Yuzen asked while he denied his brother's statement.

As the two brothers continued talking, Yuzen heard a rustling noise in their backyard. "What was that?" Yuzen asked. "What are you talking about?" Roseo asked the light blue-haired young lad. "Wait here!" Yuzen told his brother as he got up from the desk. The lad then peeked through the clear screen of the door to see what was out there. He then saw something attempting to cross the fence as the creature suddenly fell into a bush.

Yuzen then quickly opened up the door as he ran to see what the creature that fell into the bush was.

"Who's there?" Yuzen asked while from the bush emerged a weird creature. The creature was mostly of a cool gray color scheme and had a round face with three horns, with one of those horns being located in the middle of its forehead while the other two being located on both of its cheeks, and had two purple stripes underneath the horns on its cheeks while it had a dark blue circle underneath the horn on its forehead. It had black and gray eyes and also had a black pattern on the top of its head. It had two slightly sharp ears with the inner pattern of its ears having a black and purple color scheme. It had a white underbelly with a black horizontal line crossing along it with a triangle like shape being at the center. It had three claws on both of its palms and had black rings around its wrists while it had purple diamond like patterns on its shoulders. It also had one clawed toe on both of its feet as it sported blue symbols on both of its knees. Finally it had a cool gray tail that was in a shape reminiscent of a sword and it also had a black zigzag pattern at the bottom of its tail while its tail ended in a dark blue and silver colored tip.

"Finally I made it." the creature happily stated as it had a blue bag on its back while Yuzen shockingly stared at the creature.

"A…are you…a…Digimon?" Yuzen asked as the creature as he began to tremble. "Yeah. Wait you're Yuzen, right?" the creature asked the light blue-haired lad, seemingly knowing who he was. "Yeah, in other words I'm the guy who's going to kill you." Yuzen coldly declared as he held out a gun and pointed it at the cool gray colored creature.

Narration: At last the wheels of fate have spun into motion as an unexpected situation has occurred, how will this destined meeting turn out as a hate filled Yuzen ignorantly points a gun at this Digimon's face.

Major Events (11/1/9996): Yuzen Tyruu is introduced along with his brother Roseo.

Yuzen is revealed to be an orphan who lives with his older brother.

Yuzen meets Dodecamon.

Roseo mentions Shun, a boy from Yuzen's past.

Yuzen begins to learn about the basics of Digivolution.


Yuzen (debut)

Roseo (debut)

Maple (debut)

Dr. Zero (debut)

Silhouette (dream)

Villagers (debut)


Dodecamon (wild, debut)