Digimon Future

Chapter 22: Hopeless Clash! Yuzen VS Cuatro

Narration: In spite of Una and Dos' defeats, Yuzen and friends find themselves in even more danger facing off against the remaining members of the Divine 5 along with Venarumon.

"It doesn't matter, I would have gone regardless." Cuatro grinned while grabbing the Divinity Crystal.

As this occurred elsewhere Una walked through a hallway with Zeramon, as she heard a rumbling sound, which came from the direction where she was walking towards.

"I see, so you can change your attribute?" Venarumon muttered as he was pushed back by Speed Dodecamon. "Flame Form won't work on him so we'll need Speed Form to lure out his actual ability." Yuzen declared to himself. "Your speed won't do a thing, I'll finish this in an instant." Venarumon confidently declared.

"Finish this in an instant? Stop screwing around, with this form the only one who'll be losing is you!" Speed Dodecamon proclaimed as the Animal Digimon looked on.

"What is that guy planning? His demeanor and expressions, why are they so different from what we've seen of the Digi Kingdom's Digimon up until now?" Yuzen wondered to himself while looking on.

"You're wondering what I have in store for you two, correct?" Venarumon inquired to the sunglasses wearing individual's astonishment. "Your face says it all, you have yet to battle against a Digimon like me. That ignorance of yours frightens you and is making you realize just how outmatched you truly are." the badger-like Digimon announced to the speechless Yuzen. "You don't know when to shut your mouth!" Speed Dodecamon yelled while quickly kicking the Animal Digimon in the gut.

"It's light." Venarumon muttered as Speed Dodecamon backed up from it.

"I couldn't follow your movement right there but that attack, it was inferior in strength to those fire attribute attacks of yours from before." it declared. "T-that was only a basic attack, it's nothing like my Flame Form's moves!" Speed Dodecamon retorted in annoyance. "Super Speed is a frightening ability if utilized to its full potential. There's no way novices like you two could tap into such potential how you are now." Venarumon responded while ignoring the rodent-like Digimon's protest.

"This jerk!" Dodecamon thought to itself in annoyance.

"It's all or nothing now. Flame Form is useless against him so if Speed Form can't break through whatever tricks this guy is using than we're in real trouble. Why did a guy like this have to show up and catch us off-guard? We're supposed to be facing off against and beating those DigiFuse using guys from before." the light blue-haired lad pondered on at the situation that had befallen him and his partner.

"So why is it exactly that you came all the way out here just for us? Could breaking out of the Digi Prison have really been a big enough crime to send a Commanding Knight and Captain after us?" Yuzen inquired to the Animal Digimon. "Don't underestimate your crime, scum. A sin is a sin, no matter how insignificant it may seem, I can't allow you to get away with that. I know for a fact that matters will only escalate if you aren't dealt with here and now." Venarumon declared in response.

"Heh, you must be really pathetic to go around looking for every random person to qualify as a criminal according to your group's standards." Speed Dodecamon replied.

"Don't be absurd, I only follow after the criminals that end up showing the most potential in committing grander crimes. By extinguishing that spark of rebellion before it could set ablaze the world itself, I'll prematurely quench those flames that would ensue because of your actions before you get the opportunity to increase your resources and strength." the badger-like Digimon stated in retaliation while Yuzen looked on at him.

"To be considered a threat by a high ranking official from that evil organization of yours would be a compliment in itself, unfortunately for you I'm not very keen on hearing your rhetoric any longer." Yuzen declared.

"Evil? The Digi Kingdom is law!" Venarumon retorted, taking offense to the sunglasses wearing individual's statement.

"I'd rather be a criminal than abide by that law!" Dodecamon exclaimed in response. "Fine by me!" the Animal Digimon exclaimed while rushing towards the Divinity Digivolved being, who quickly dashed out of the way.

"He's getting agitated, if we take advantage of that we can get more openings and discover whatever tricks he has." Speed Dodecamon thought to itself while rapidly moving in a manner that appeared to make it seem like it was teleporting from spot to spot. "I was hoping to preserve our strength enough to take out the guy that stole our Divinity Crystal or even whoever the leader of this place was but that guy already threw a wrench in those plans." Yuzen thought to himself while looking on at the Animal Digimon, who attempted to follow Speed Dodecamon's movements.

"Blitz Barrage!" the rodent-like Digimon exclaimed while pounding on Venarumon, seemingly disappearing the moment the badger-like Digimon attempted to grab him.

"He really can't keep up! Speed Strike!" Speed Dodecamon exclaimed while quickly utilizing its tail to strike Venarumon in the back, causing Venarumon to stumble slightly in the process.

"That runt's really testing my patience. I thought I trained well enough to react accordingly to an enemy with such speed without needing to use my abilities but now I see that I still need to better hone my reflexes." Venarumon thought to itself in discontent at its own capabilities. The Animal Digimon then grabbed its bisentō and attempted to slash at the agile rodent-like Digimon to no avail. "Spiraling Rush!" Speed Dodecamon exclaimed as it quickly ran laps around of Venarumon. "He's been pushed to the edge. All Dodecamon has to do is keep up those movements and land the deciding blow before that guy can realize it." Yuzen thought to himself while looking on.

"You fool, you made yourself such an easy target now!" Venarumon yelled while slashing at him, in the process sending a pillar of dirt at the ring of dust kicked up by Speed Dodecamon's rapidly paced laps.

"Like hell I'd make it that easy!" Dodecamon shouted while ceasing its laps, dodging the pillar and dashing towards Venarumon.

The part of the ground in front of Speed Dodecamon was elevated, causing the Divinity Digivolved being to lose its footing.

"There!" Venarumon exclaimed while punching Dodecamon in the gut, sending it reeling to Yuzen's astonishment. "I-I won't fall back!" the rodent-like Digimon exclaimed while catching itself, albeit the ground where it landed was partially destroyed with dust being kicked up as well. Speed Dodecamon then used its tail to spring itself and jumped towards the Animal Digimon.

"Drilling Dropkick!" the Divinity Digivolved Digimon began to spin as it proceeded to dropkick the Digi Kingdom Captain in the gut, causing it to fall back.

While falling back Venarumon swung one of its arms upwards and clenched one of its fists as a pillar of stone struck the speedster in the gut, sending it flying. "What the hell!?" Speed Dodecamon thought to itself in bewilderment.

"That guy… I know his ability now!" Yuzen thought to himself after observing that exchange.

"Tornado Scythe!" Kamanimon exclaimed while the blade of its scythe shined and it proceeded to be ensnared in a vortex of green winds. The Armor Digivolved being then struck UltimateQuillmon and caused it to crash into the wall, denting the metal considerably in the process. "How have they powered up so suddenly? Did my provocations awaken more of that Digimon's strength or are they finally utilizing all of their strength, knowing that this battle is already reaching its conclusion?" Tres wondered to himself.

"Listen up. You can insult me, threaten my life, threaten Yuzen's life, even Kamaimon's life." Kizkin muttered to the pale olive-haired individual.

"Say what!?" Kamanimon exclaimed in annoyance. "Calm down, you're Kamanimon right now anyways." the dark green-haired lad retorted.

"I think I finally understand that mindset of yours." Tres declared to the dark green-haired individual. "What are you talking about?" the gang leader asked in response. "You're afraid, you act as some sort of confident, charismatic leader that has control over everything to cover up the fact that you know how incapable you truly are of doing a single thing." the pale olive-haired man stated.

"…But the moment you make light of my abilities, the same abilities that my followers have all the faith in the world in and even go ahead and threaten their lives. I'll hunt you to the ends of this earth and no matter what it takes or how long, I'll absolutely pulverize." Kizkin declared to the Divine Five member. "Fine, I'll admit. You are certainly quite strong and in spite of how big of a mess it was, getting to find that out first-hand has made this day worthwhile. But I have no intention of losing to a fool like you." Tres responded.

"UltimateQuillmon, defeat him by any means necessary." the pale olive-haired man announced to the Enhanced Animal Digimon.

"Does that mean that I kill him if it comes to that?" the DigiFused being inquired in response.

"Without question, with that kind of power it'd certainly boost our abilities to incorporate that Digimon into the Ultimate Fusion. But if it comes down to it exterminate him anyways." Tres responded. "Understood, Advanced Needle Body!" UltimateQuillmon yelled. The spikes and quills all throughout its body became more pronounced and increased in both length and volume and it rushed towards Kamanimon.

"Kamanimon, get out of the way!" Kizkin called out. "I already know!" Kamanimon retorted while avoiding the Enhanced Animal Digimon.

"Take this, Silver Tornado!" the Armor Digivolved being yelled while holding its scythe out before rotating around rapidly. Kamanimon's armor began to shine and appeared to have increased in mass as a powerful gust of wind enshrouded the armored Digimon. "Attack Form: Quill Sword of Providence!" UltimateQuillmon declared while holding out its right arm, as quills began to surround it before merged into the blade itself, causing the Enhanced Animal Digimon's arm to take on a more demonic appearance as it prepared to use its Quill Sword to attack.

"What!?" Kamanimon exclaimed in astonishment while ceasing its attack and jumping towards Kizkin.

Suddenly a sharp pillar of pinkish blue ice pierced through the wall and proceeded to blast through the center of the room between the two duos.

"What in the world?" Kizkin muttered in bewilderment. "Pinkish blue ice… Una?" Tres stated while recognizing the feel of the ice that had suddenly manifested. "Great, another enemy. I knew we should have killed that girl back then." Kamaimon expressed in annoyance. "Hold on, Kamaimon. This may be the chance that we needed!" Kizkin declared in response as on the opposite side of the ice barricade in the part of the room where Tres was located, Una and Zeramon had entered.

"Una, what in the world are you doing here?" Tres inquired to the violet red-haired woman.

"I was here to help you, brother." Una responded. "We heard a rumbling sound from this room during our pursuit of the boy and his weasel Digimon." Zeramon added along.

"How gratuitous, we don't need your assistance." UltimateQuillmon declared to the foxlike Digimon. "Una, don't interfere in my battle. You already disgraced yourself by losing so I'll settle things with that fantasist-bastard." Tres declared to his sister. "We're already in Attack Form, so that'll make accessing our strongest attacks even easier." the Enhanced Animal Digimon declared while holding out its morphed blade. It then proceeded to slash at the ice that acted as a barricade, which segregated the two sides, and proceeded to cut it into pieces with ease while Una and Zeramon dully looked on.

"Drilling Breath!" Kamanimon exclaimed while it was revealed to have been preparing for the moment the Enhanced Animal Digimon broke through the ice. The weasel-like Digimon took in a deep breath and fired a drilling blast of winds at UltimateQuillmon. "UltimateQuillmon dodge that!" Tres called out to no avail as before the DigiFused Digimon could move, the force of the wind caused it to be pelted by the stray chunks of ice in the air. It was then struck by the Drilling Breath and sent reeling.

"Hah, how's that!" Kizkin boastfully exclaimed. "Ah… It's you! I'm glad that you're safe." Kizkin gleefully declared to Una, who remained silent.

"Una, leave. You have no business here. Only the strong have any right in fighting now." Tres declared to his sister, who began to leave after a brief silence while Kizkin looked on.

"UltimateQuillmon let's settle this. Transcendent Shot: Ultimate Needle Blaster!" the pale olive-haired trainer declared. The Enhanced Animal Digimon's morphed sword arm began to change shape once more as various quills spiraled around it, transforming even further, while it held onto its arm and pointed it towards Kamanimon.

"Damn this guy annoys the hell out of me, let's do this Kamanimon!" the dark green-haired lad exclaimed.

"I already planned on settling this, Ominous Scythe!" the Armor Digivolved being exclaimed. Kamanimon started twirling around rapidly, kicking up a storm of silverish winds while holding its scythe up into the air. "Fire!" UltimateQuillmon exclaimed while firing the giant quill projectile towards he storm of silverish winds. The two attacks collided, kicking up a fierce gust that engulfed the devastated room.

"W-what?" Una muttered while turning around and looking behind herself due to the fierce winds.

"You said before that you had comrades waiting for you but don't worry, after I kill you I'll ensure that your loyal followers join you." Tres announced.

"Anyone who even utters such a statement about my gang will pay dearly! Kamanimon, let's finish this!" Kizkin exclaimed with a fierce expression while Una and Zeramon speechlessly looked on as Kamanimon used its attack to deflect UltimateQuillmon's projectile, which caused its scythe to fly out of its hands as well.

"I-impossible." Tres uttered in disbelief as Kamanimon quickly appeared before the Enhanced Animal Digimon.

"Whirlwind Blade!" the weasel-like Digimon declared while two silverish green sword shaped blades of wind appeared, seemingly attached to its forearms while in the background the quill sword projectile blasted a clean gaping hole right through the part of the ceiling that it had struck. Kamanimon slashed through the DigiFused being in an 'X' shaped motion. As a result a column of greenish silver winds engulfed UltimateQuillmon.

"I see. With such stupidity to win against my fusion, you damn fantasist." Tres thought to himself as the fierce winds engulfed the field and blasted the olive-haired man off of his feet, causing him to crash into the wall fiercely and lose consciousness as UltimateQuillmon split back into its individual components after having been knocked out as well.

"He….he even beat my older brother?" Una uttered to herself in disbelief.

"For a guy like him to not only overcome Digimon Fusion once more but to even go as far as defeat that Tres." Zeramon thought to itself while looking on as Kamanimon reverted back into Kamaimon and began to pant intensely. Una's expression of shock and disbelief soon faded and reverted into her cold and stoic expression while turning away to leave once more.

"You, aren't you going to finish us?" Kizkin suddenly inquired as the violet red-haired girl abruptly stopped in her tracks.

"Even if your brother lost you could easily take care of us how we are now. Wouldn't it disgrace the absolute teachings of your group to leave us behind and not finish us?" the dark green-haired lad inquired while the Divine Five operative remained silent. "Idiot! Don't provoke them, we just barely got out of that as it is!" Kamaimon shouted in annoyance.

"The fact I lost to you and allowed all of this to happen in itself is already a disgrace. I have no right to rectify mistakes that had no reason to have occurred in the first place." Una responded.

"Then why did you attack when you showed up before?" Kizkin inquired in response. "In fact why even bother to talk to me like this if what happened before was such a disgrace to you?" he then added along while Zeramon and Kamaimon silently looked on at the duo. "I wanted to see for myself if the frustration I felt during our battle would remain intact if I was to see you once more. I only attacked in the middle of your battle before to create enough time to see for myself whether anything that you said before had any weight to it." Una calmly answered.

"Hey, if we were really stronger than Tres than why are you more exhausted now than before? I'm certain you must have used some sort of medicine to restore your strength in the time between those battles." Zeramon indifferently inquired to the exhausted Kamaimon.

"You guys didn't give it your all when we fought and that guy's killing intent was a lot greater than yours, it's as simple as that." Kamaimon answered in annoyance.

"That aside why aren't you trying to kill us? Surely you have to be programmed to follow the orders of the elder brothers." the weasel-like Digimon declared. "No such programming exists, I only follow Una. I couldn't care less about the other siblings." Zeramon replied.

"Zeramon, let's go. I have nothing more to say to you. But you should know, you're dead." Una declared to Kizkin while walking off with the foxlike Digimon as the dark green-haired lad looked on at the duo while they departed.

"Jeez those guys are so carefree. You'd think in Speed Form they'd be able to take out all those drones with ease." Usami mumbled to herself while she and Blastermon covertly hid themselves in one of the rooms in the tower. "We haven't seen Kizkin's group either. With those sounds and rumblings that came from different directions, the others must have gotten into battles of their own." Blastermon noted while peeking out the door slightly.

"It kinda brings back memories hiding like this and snooping around in dangerous territory." Usami muttered. "We were thieves before so it's only natural." Blastermon responded.

"Yeah, traveling with the others didn't really change the way we did things very much." the silver-haired girl chuckled before solemnly frowning after the beaver-like Digimon continued to look out the door to find an opening.

"We have to hurry." she thought to herself.

"Tres, Dos, do you hear me? Hey, what in the world happened!?" Cinco inquired while speaking into a communicator as the downed Dos and his unconscious Digimon were shown lying in rubble.

"They were defeated. Tch, damn it all! How dare they lose! How in the world am I supposed to feel content with our victory now if it's not an absolute perfect win?" Cinco angrily wondered to himself while slamming the desk that had his notes on them. "Una's loss was guaranteed, which leaves Cuatro as the only one left deal with the intruders. What sort of persistent rats did we end up attracting to our hideout? Individuals capable of besting operatives of the Divine Five along with possessing enough prowess to penetrate my Blood Prison. To think such adversaries were brought about all due to the abduction of citizens from that village of Digimon, said village not even being directly affiliated with the Digi Kingdom at that. Something is definitely wrong with all of this, at any rate I may not be able to entirely rely on Cuatro to handle things." the aegean-haired man declared while looking at a badge that resembled the insignia-embedded on the uniforms of the Divine Five.

"Speed Strike!" Speed Dodecamon exclaimed while attacking Venarumon, before looking on in astonishment as the badger-like Digimon was protected by a column of stone that seemed to have manifested out of nowhere.

"That guy… I know what he can do now! His ability is manipulating the earth!" the rodent-like Digimon declared while Venarumon brought out a can.

"Not quite." Venarumon declared while tossing the can up and slashing at it, causing the juice to spray out of the can. The Animal Digimon then held its arm out against the liquid and pushed it, causing it to solidify and go flying towards Speed Dodecamon, who narrowly avoided the technique. "He can even control liquids!?" Dodecamon wondered to itself in astonishment. "Think it through clearly Dodecamon. That guy doesn't control any single object or element, his real ability is to manipulate the states of matter themselves." Yuzen declared to the Divinity Digivolved being's astonishment while Venarumon let out a calm smirk.

"The states of matter?" Speed Dodecamon muttered to itself while recalling some of the Animal Digimon's peculiar movements and attacks.

"Am I wrong?" Yuzen then inquired to their opponent.

"Since you figured it out yourself and I already know your abilities as well, I suppose there's no point in denying it. You're right, my ability is to manipulate the states of matter." Venarumon straightforwardly declared while pressing its hands on the slashed through parts of the can and changing them into liquids before morphing its shape and returning it into a solid. "Through manipulating the states of matter, I can rearrange and control the mass and volume of inanimate objects." Venarumon thought to itself while purposely not telling the duo that bit of information.

"But knowing that ability won't help you win against me." the Animal Digimon declared.

"That's true, we don't know the limits of his ability and if he can go through the states of matter than he can easily manipulate and destroy us with ease." Speed Dodecamon anxiously thought to itself.

"You're wrong, knowing that changes everything." Yuzen announced while the two Digimon looked on.

"You're a straightforward and diligent type of Digimon, that's why you've utilized that ability of yours since the moment you stepped foot in this area. But that's exactly how I realized the limitations of your ability." the sunglasses wearing individual declared. "Your abilities could have either been to manipulate the earth itself or to phase through surfaces. With both abilities it would justify how easily you breached that red wall from before and how you appeared to avoid each of our attacks. But your possession of such an ability as the former would bring up the question as to why you used such small scale attacks if you were so bent on catching us and along with that phasing through solids would instead bring up the question of why you were hit so often by us, luring us in would have been one thing but you exposed yourself and overwhelmed us far too much for such a thing to be the case, especially with as much experience as you have." the light blue-haired lad announced.

"That's true, along with that I clearly felt my attacks making contact and the way those columns of stone rose up, how the surface shifted and how he manipulated that liquid when I took certain actions made it obvious that the type of ability you had was one with certain aspects that prevented it from falling into the same category as either of the two abilities." Speed Dodecamon added along after coming to that realization.

"There are also limitations since if he could control the states of matter of anything than he would have used it on us directly from the start." Yuzen announced while Venarumon glared at the duo.

"For mere rookies to have figured out my ability so easily. Just like I expected, these guys are dangerous." the Animal Digimon sternly thought to itself while firmly grasping its bisentō.

"If I don't defeat them and stop them here than there's no telling how far they will go." Venarumon mumbled to itself while preparing to attack the duo.

Suddenly the Animal Digimon urgently looked up above as it was blasted into the ground by an intense force. The force was so great that the ground beneath Venarumon cracked as the Digi Kingdom Captain was buried into the ground after the ground collapsed from the pressure. "W-what….in the world…is this!?" Venarumon wondered in astonishment while trying to get up. "What the hell…" Speed Dodecamon uttered in disbelief as a wide-eyed Yuzen silently looked on. "Where in the world did this kind of pressure come from? Is it…a Digimon with gravity abilities?" Venarumon wondered to itself.

"You two sure made a mess of things." a voice announced while Cuatro appeared before Yuzen and Speed Dodecamon, much to their astonishment. "Who the hell is he?" Yuzen wondered to himself.

Suddenly a grayish lighted shined in the dijon-haired man's right hand as Yuzen then looked into his pocket and saw the Divinity Crystals that he possessed also emitting a strange glow.

"I see, so this crystal is his. In other words he's the one who Dos battled against a few days ago." Cuatro thought to himself while looking on at the light blue-haired lad. "You bastard, give back that crystal!" Yuzen exclaimed. "Hold on, that insignia. It's just like the one those guys from before had." Speed Dodecamon muttered in observation at the five Digimon that were with the Divine Five operative.

The first was a quadruped wisteria colored tiger-like Digimon with dijon eyes, white stripes and dark gray portions all throughout its body, including its ears and underbelly. It had four jet black elbow-bands with gray trimmings and a silver collar that had the same snake-like insignias worn by the other members of the Divine Five. The second Digimon was a gray elephant with dark blue, red and silver armor that was adorned all throughout its body. It also had red tusks, which appeared to be part of its armor, sharp black claws and at the tip of its tail it had dark gray fur. The final Digimon were a set of three weight ball-like Digimon with differing colors; the Digimon with the black color scheme had the number one in the center of its body, the white one had the number two and the gray one had the number three, all of their numbers were dijon colored.

"These guys are in the same group as the jerks from before who stole our crystal." Dodecamon declared. "What tipped you off?" Yuzen sarcastically inquired to the rodent-like Digimon's annoyance.

"Hey, punk. Hand over that crystal and we won't hurt you too badly." Yuzen declared to the dijon-haired man, who simply smirked.

"The key tool to unlock more knowledge about this strange crystal along with a Digimon associated with the Digi Kingdom, how fortuitous." Cuatro thought to himself while letting out a smirk.

"Rejoice, boy. Your life has been spared." the man declared to Yuzen's bewilderment. "What the heck are you talking about?" Speed Dodecamon inquired in response. "This crystal has piqued my interest, if you come along quietly and tell me everything that you know, I'll prolong your death sentence. Consider this a give-and-take relationship, be aware that whoever else it is that raided our hideout alongside you won't be spared through this little deal." the dijon-haired man declared to the astonishment of the duo.

"What a tough guy, he hasn't been crushed by our pressure." the tiger-like Digimon muttered in observance of Venarumon's continued struggle.

"Tigermon while that guy isn't important for now, keep up that pressure. The true challenge will be crushing these two without either killing them or beating them into a coma." Cuatro cruelly declared. "As you command, Master." Tigermon responded. "You fool, I've already told you. There's only one Master and it definitely isn't me or any of the other Divine Five members." the dijon-haired man retorted.

"Shall we fight as one or will we overpower them through sheer numbers?" Elephantmon asked.

"Do you even need to ask?" Cuatro inquired while holding out a Fusion Loader similar to those possessed by his younger siblings, albeit with a golden yellow and dark brown color scheme with a slimmer but sharper design. It had black trimmings with grayish sides along with there being a vertical metallic black stripe in the center.

"This is bad, Dodecamon don't let those guys fuse together!" Yuzen urgently exclaimed to no avail.

"Tigermon, Elephantmon and Weightmon, DigiFuse!" Cuatro declared as all of his Digimon along with his Fusion Loader were engulfed in a bright dijon colored light. The other Digimon's bodies began to break down into particles of energy, which in turn proceeded to surround themselves around Tigermon.

"What force, the strength of this fusion is even greater than the one from those guys from before!" Dodecamon thought to itself while covering its eyes from the blinding light.

The fierce light had then dispersed as a new being stood before Yuzen and Speed Dodecamon. Before them stood a dark wisteria bipedal tiger-like Digimon with dijon colored eyes, dark gray stripes and white portions throughout its body. It had a sharp fangs with large tusk-like fangs along with a bulky physique and it sported a metallic mask and chest armor similar to the ones possessed by Elephantmon but its color scheme was instead dijon and black color scheme with bumblebee colored trimmings throughout it. The new Digimon also possessed the same collar as Tigermon and the snake-like insignia sported by all of the associates of the Divine Five. Finally it sported black metallic gloves and boots with its boots having dark gray clawed toes and the DigiFused being also possessed a weight ball-like tail tip.

"Just by looking at that thing I can tell how far above it is of the puppet Digimon we faced before." Speed Dodecamon muttered.

"More importantly look at their feet." Yuzen mumbled to his companion as they looked on to see the ground beneath the Enhanced Animal Digimon seemingly being on the verge of caving in. "You wouldn't be able to tell just by looking at it but that elephant Digimon's weight must have been incorporated into this new Digimon." the sunglasses wearing individual thought to himself. A column of dirt then sliced through the ground between Yuzen and Cuatro as Venarumon then emerged.

"You scum, you'll regret not keeping me pinned down!" Venarumon exclaimed while climbing up from the hole that it was in as the DigiFused Digimon's arm transformed into a large dumbbell to Yuzen's bewilderment. The moment that the Animal Digimon emerged from the hole it was swiftly blasted by the dumbbell-like arm and sent flying with great force, much to the astonishment of both Speed Dodecamon and Yuzen.

"W-what in the…" before Venarumon could even collect its thoughts the Enhanced Animal Digimon jumped up towards it and pinned it to the ground using its dumbbell hand.

Venarumon struggled to breathe as the DigiFused being proceeded to apply a great deal of pressure, which caused the ground beneath them to collapse as Venarumon plummeted further and further underground.

"PressureTigermon don't overdo it, we still need this place intact to finish up our experiment." Cuatro commanded at the sight of the crater created by the pressure of the Enhanced Animal Digimon's attack as PressureTigermon then proceeded to cease its attack and began to walk away from the downed Venarumon.

"C-curse it all, for my reaction time to be so sloppy!" Venarumon thought to itself while coughing and trying to stand back up.

"Stay put, you're not needed for now." PressureTigermon declared while striking the Digi Kingdom Captain with its weight ball-like tail and disabling it.

"That Digimon that we were struggling against was beaten so quickly." Speed Dodecamon anxiously thought to itself. "I'm not entirely sure if those guys are really on a completely different level from that Captain but no matter what, we have to retrieve that Divinity Crystal from them." Yuzen declared as PressureTigermon held out its hand to the sunglasses wearing lad's bewilderment.

"Pressure Blast!" the Enhanced Animal Digimon declared while shooting a condense blast of what appeared to be air pressure towards Yuzen and Speed Dodecamon.

"Get out of the way!" Speed Dodecamon yelled while jumping towards Yuzen and avoiding the attack.

"That guy, he can even shoot air blasts?!" the Divinity Digivolved being uttered in disbelief. "We don't know how their power works, so don't rush in like a fool." Yuzen muttered to the rodent-like Digimon. "I already know, I let myself get caught off-guard by that Digi Kingdom guy but I won't let the same thing happen against these guys." Dodecamon declared. "Not like I could afford to anyways, consecutive battles with those drones and that badger guy have taken a toll on me and with how quickly these guys took care of him, I'm done for if I fall for their tricks." it then thought to itself while rapidly running towards its DigiFused adversary.

PressureTigermon crossed its arms in front of its body and quickly released it, causing Speed Dodecamon to stop in its tracks and run towards a different direction.

"What in the… What was that just now, did he use an attack?" Yuzen wondered. "It's pointless." a voice declared as Cuatro was shown to be right behind of the light blue-haired lad.

"You bastard, give back the crystal!" Yuzen demanded after creating distance from the Divine Five operative. "This crystal? I already told you, give me the information I need and I'll consider letting you take your little trinket back." the dijon-haired man declared while flashing the Divinity Crystal towards the young lad. "It's pointless to try and pry information out of me, I barely know anything about those crystals myself. But even with what little I know, I'm positive that it'd be useless for whatever you have in mind." Yuzen retorted.

"This crystal is connected to your peculiar Digivolution method, using you as a guinea pig, I'm sure we'd be able to find further ways in advancing the power of our fusions through this Divinity Digivolution of yours." Cuatro responded. Speed Dodecamon managed to kick PressureTigermon, who retaliated by slapping the rodent-like Digimon with its weight ball-like tail tip, sending it reeling.

"That swing was so light but that incredible pressure! Let's try this out, Spiraling Rush!" Speed Dodecamon thought to itself while catching itself and beginning to run circles around of its adversary.

"I don't know what makes you think our way would be beneficial aside from that gaudy name it has, but there's no way your DigiFuse abilities would be compatible with it." Yuzen declared in response.

"There are multiple paths of evolution in the world of Digimon but at the very pinnacle stands Digimon Fusion. With that in mind utilizing an enigmatic and unknown energy source like Divinity Digivolution as a way to further the strongest form of Digivolution is a more than worthwhile risk." the Divine Five operative announced.

"You make light of our skills to take such a simple approach." PressureTigermon declared while holding out both hands.

"Are they going to shoot another pressure blast? Even if they do I'll be able to react fast enough to get at least ten hits in!" Speed Dodecamon declared before glancing over at Cuatro momentarily.

"Pressure Field!" PressureTigermon yelled as the area around it suddenly felt a lot heavier as Speed Dodecamon was abruptly stopped in its tracks due to the force.

"He can even release this kind of pressure from a distance?" the rodent-like Digimon wondered to itself in astonishment. "It's quite heavy isn't it?" the Enhanced Animal Digimon inquired while walking up towards its adversary. "I can walk as easily as I do because I have complete control over the pressure in this field of mine." PressureTigermon declared while kicking Speed Dodecamon before punching it into the ground. "With that irritating speed of yours it would be difficult to hit you but you insisted on foolishly attempting to distract me by showcasing that speed within my range of attack. It can only be expected from an inexperienced rodent like you." the DigiFused being coldly declared.

"If you're so experienced you should realize how idiotic of you it is to toy with your opponent in the middle of a battle." Speed Dodecamon smirked.

"Silence." PressureTigermon placed its palm on the struggling Divinity Digivolved Digimon's back and caused it to be slammed against the floor, which cracked from the force of its ability.

"It's just like they did with the badger guy… This is bad!" Speed Dodecamon thought to itself while pondering on about a strategy to utilize. "Dodecamon!" Yuzen exclaimed before noticing Cuatro seemingly prepare to attack him. But before the Divine Five operative could attempt anything the sunglasses wearing lad had jumped back and created more distance between the two.

"I figured as much, the others must have been sloppy enough to not strike you down during their attempts to directly harm you. Rest assured I won't try anything until after your partner is beaten. That's when the real show will start." Cuatro promised to the young lad, who only glared at him in response.

"This clash of ours is hopeless but I don't have the self-restraint to prevent myself from prolonging your suffering." PressureTigermon declared as its right hand changed shape into a dumbbell once more.

"Come on, Dodecamon! Do something to get the edge against these punks!" Speed Dodecamon thought to itself while looking at its hands and coming to a realization.

"This is a gamble but it's all or nothing!" the downed Speed Dodecamon yelled while rapidly vibrating its hands. "What in the… I won't let you!" PressureTigermon declared while trying to strike the Divinity Digivolved being. But before the Enhanced Animal Digimon could react, the ground around them caved in and was destroyed from the force of Speed Dodecamon's vibrations. Utilizing the opening created by its attack, Speed Dodecamon forced itself to dash right out of PressureTigermon's Pressure Field.

"Whether intentional or not that thing managed to disrupt PressureTigermon's concentration and lift the effects of the Pressure Field. Is it possible that the crystal won't be necessary? Could just taking that Digimon and utilizing it as a unit to further strengthen our DigiFuse be enough?" the dijon-haired operative wondered to himself while looking on.

"Darn it, I'm really not thinking clearly enough! If I had just got in a few blows than I could have damaged them further when their guard was dropped." the rodent-like Digimon cursed its own inability while PressureTigermon's hand took its prior form. "Tusk Missile!" PressureTigermon exclaimed while pointing its fangs towards Dodecamon. It then fired two missile-like blasts of condensed air at the rodent-like Digimon, who retaliated by quickly avoiding the attacks.

"Speed Tornado!" Speed Dodecamon exclaimed while rapidly swinging its arms around and creating a spiraling gust of winds that were then fired at the Enhanced Animal Digimon.

In response PressureTigermon took the attack head-on and was then pushed back by the strength of the attack. "Making up for their limited physical strength through their sheer speed, he can't honestly expect to win against anyone with even a fraction of skill fighting at that level." PressureTigermon smirked before looking back and realizing that it was approaching the Blood Prison.

"Curses!" it exclaimed while jumping out of the way as the gust of winds dispersed after hitting the red substance.

"Rapid Storm!" Dodecamon yelled while rapidly striking its opponent with various punches, so much so that it appeared to have thousands of fists. "Weight Fist!" PressureTigermon yelled in response as its fist transformed into a weight ball and it clobbered the rodent-like Digimon, causing it to crash into the ground with great force while the Enhanced Animal Digimon was sent flying from the Rapid Storm.

Elsewhere Usami and Blastermon appeared to have reached a strange room.

"Where in the world are we?" Blastermon wondered while looking around and seeing various graphs and snippets of information written down on various sheets on a table along with a plethora or machines that decorated the room. "It had to have been someplace important if it was secured so well. But thankfully my thieving skills haven't dullen during our travels." Usami smiled.

"There's another door beyond this." Blastermon muttered while seeing a secured entrance. "Leave it to me." Usami declared while checking the locks on the door.

The silver-haired girl then managed to short-circuit the door, which then opened up. "I-it can't be…" Blastermon uttered in disbelief.

"You guys are quite skilled for weaklings." Cuatro declared by flashing the Divinity Crystal to the downed Dodecamon, who had reverted back into its base form. "Damn him, even if it kills me, I'll get that crystal back!" Yuzen exclaimed in anger. "No!" Dodecamon yelled. "I dragged you into this adventure so if anything, I'll be the one putting their life on the line to gather the Divinity Crystals!" it then yelled while glaring at Cuatro.

"A gutsy one, he could be detrimental to any fusions if he becomes a unit." PressureTigermon expressed to its master. "I suppose." Cuatro muttered while looking at the shining Divinity Crystal, which then appeared to have vanished as his hand then seemed to have been injured as it was shown to be covered in various scratches.

"What?" Cuatro muttered in bewilderment as Dodecamon was shown holding the crystal in a fiercely shaking damaged arm, which oddly appeared to resemble the arm from its Speed Form.

"Yuzen!" Dodecamon yelled while throwing the radiating crystal to the sunglasses wearing lad. "Dodecamon." Yuzen muttered in astonishment.

"Let's finish this! Dodecamon, Divinity Digivolution: Defense Form!" he then exclaimed while placing the stone colored crystal with the slate shield symbol on the center of the screen of his Digivice. "Defense Form?" Cuatro uttered in confusion as Dodecamon was covered in a stone colored aura.

As the aura had disappeared Dodecamon has transformed. It now had a stone, slate and black color scheme. The new form bore resemblance to prior forms but it was noticeably bulkier with more armor surrounding its body. Its claws and fangs had become duller as it sported lesser horns than Speed Form. It had a shield-like pattern on its chest and a seemingly more mechanical appearance. It was now covered in bulky armor stone colored armor with white trimmings, said armor covered its chest, with armored gauntlets and boot-like foot wearing that had an identical color scheme also sharing the same bulky appearance. Its general size had increased a bit but in compensation it appeared to have lost the agility of its prior forms and slate colored markings seemed to decorate various parts of its armor. On its right shoulder appeared the Divinity Crystal that was now seemingly fused to its body. Finally the new being possessed a shorter armored tail with a dull tip.

"This is Dodecamon: Defense Form." Yuzen declared as the newly Divinity Digivolved being glared at its opponents, who remained speechless.

Elsewhere Usami and Blastermon were shown destroying various notes in the room that they were in as the door from the newer room seemed to have been closed.

"This should be good enough." Usami smiled as behind of the duo appeared Cinco and a silhouetted bat-like Digimon. "I take it that you're the boss?" Usami inquired while turning back at the silent aegean-haired man, who was seething with an inconceivable killing intent. Blastermon then held out its blasters as an explosion occurred.

Narration: After being pushed to the edge by Cuatro, the 4th form, Defense Form has at last been achieved. As Yuzen continues his battle against the second in-command of the Divine Five, Usami has at last confronted the leader, Cinco. How will the battle against the strongest two of the Divine Five unfold?

Major Events (12/2/9996): Kizkin and Kamanimon continue their battle against Tres and UltimateQuillmon and are victorious.

Una ceases her antagonism towards Kizkin and the others.

Venarumon's ability is revealed to be to manipulate the states of matter.

Yuzen and Dodecamon continue their battle against Venarumon but their battle is interrupted due to Cuatro's appearance and subsequent victory against Venarumon.

Cuatro is revealed to possess Digimon called, Tigermon, Elephantmon and three Weightmon.

Yuzen and Dodecamon begin a battle against Cuatro and PressureTigermon.

Cuatro reveals his intention to utilize Divinity Digivolution and the Divinity Crystals to further strengthen the group's DigiFuse capabilities.

Dodecamon retrieves the stolen Divinity Crystal from Cuatro and in the process, for the first time appears to show an ability to partially transform parts of its body.

Yuzen Divinity Digivolves Dodecamon into Dodecamon: Defense Form for the first time.

Usami breaks into Cinco's room and destroys his notes.

Usami and Blastermon confront Cinco and Coagulamon and commence a battle with them.









Dos (unconscious)


Dodecamon (Yuzen's, Digivolves)

Dodecamon: Speed Form (Yuzen's)

Dodecamon: Defense Form (Yuzen's; debut)

Blastermon (Usami's)

Kamaimon (Kizkin's)

Kamanimon (Kizkin's)

Zeramon (Una's)

UltimateQuillmon (Tres')

Quillmon (Tres', unconscious)

Stingmon (Tres', unconscious)

Swordmon (Tres', unconscious)

Urchinmon (Tres', unconscious)

Tigermon (Cuatro's, DigiFuses, debut)

Elephantmon (Cuatro's, DigiFuses, debut)

Weightmon (Cuatro's, DigiFuses, debut, x3)

PressureTigermon (Cuatro's, debut)

Coagulamon (Cinco's, silhouette)


GimmickLiomon (Dos', unconscious)

Puppetmon (Dos', unconscious)

Nylonmon (Dos; unconscious)