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Barry thought it was strange. He wondered what was her favorite ice-cream flavor all the way to 'Gary's Place', the greatest place to buy ice-cream in Central City. He had been there with Iris a lot of times. But back to Caitlin, all her life was pain and coffee. How on Earth can she like coffee ice-cream? I did not know it even existed.

''Cisco usually orders it with chocolate. I never really liked it,'' she said. Caitlin was different from not much ago when she barely could stand on her feet. It may have been the ice-cream that made the change in her.

Barry sighed. ''So you don't really like chocolate ice-cream, but you allow yourself to eat that thing with coffee.''


''And what kind of ice-cream does he like?'' he asked, looking at her that certain way. It was that immediately recognisable look, that usually came from the one person that finds almost everything fascinating.

Caitlin nearly choked. The oxygen level suddenly dropped in her brain. It took her over a minute to figure out an answer and a way out of a stupid situation that could end up with another discussion about that. ''He is ice himself, Barry.''

Yet, you're still sleeping with him. Barry laughed, then looked at her; she was nearly done with that weirdo of an ice-cream. ''Although I am the fastest man alive, you finish that strange ice-cream faster.''

Caitlin smiled. 'Barry, I have got months of training and dozens of won competitions against Cisco in CV. My advantage is that my brain can't freeze from the ice. I guess that's why I was the ice and Ronnie the fire.''

You are ice too, aren't you, Caitlin? Maybe that's the reason. On the outside, Barry only smiled. Ever Caitlin confessed everything to him, he knew he should do something. It was hard for him to see her so down. So he had the worst idea in the world, idea that he hoped Caitlin would never hear about. If she did, then she'd most probably break his neck with magnets.

Soon enough, after he parted ways with Caitlin, Barry returned to S.T.A.R Labs. That was his great idea, to get to talk to that guy. It went thousands of shivers down his spine, but he care about Caitlin. He had to gather all the courage to do so, he had to. He did not know how a talk could change the situation, but it was the only way. He would have felt very useless and bad, if things had gone on the way they were. The whole thing between Caitlin and that guy and her crying for Ronnie, but still doing everything.

Entering the main lab, he found Dr. Wells in there. It was just like everything was prepared that way. Dr. Wells turned around when Barry entered. ''I did not know you were here, Mr. Allen. How can I help you?'' He had that look, not the 'fascinated scientist' one, but his other signature look, the 'I created you' one. Barry knew that he was mysterious, although the trust in him was never doubted.

''I kind of needed to talk to you, Dr. Wells.'' His heart was running a marathon during those minutes. Barry had to breath deeply to keep only living. ''You see, I heard from Caitlin pretty much of the story. I bet you know which one I am talking about.''

Wells raised one eyebrow. ''I do. But how she told you that?''

Barry clenched his fist. ''I found her down in the basement, at the accelerator. She was... sad because...'

''Yesterday was Ronnie Raymond's birthday. I know,'' Wells interrupted him. ''You see, Mr. Allen, she was yesterday at his grave. She left him flowers. Cisco was with her. Only that she had things to do here, at S.T.A.R. Labs, so she did not get the whole day free to eat ice-cream and cry for her fiance. Caitlin still hasn't released all the anger and the pain that had been controlling her ever since the events nine months ago.''

He doesn't really care about her, does he? Damn!

After some moments of silence, Wells continued. His voice was firm. Nothing could break his composure. ''I know what you are thinking, Barry, that I do not care. I am letting her free herself of all the negative energy she has gathered those months. As everyone else that wants to cares about her, I want to help her. The difference is that I am helping her another way.''

Barry froze. ''By doing that?' He barely could speak.

The corners of Wells' mouth rose. It was more of a smirk than a smile. ''Endorphins. They help.''


Dr. Wells rested his head in one hand. He was a bit bored by the conversation. ''Caitlin is a very talented bioengineer. It would be a problem for the whole team if she didn't focus because of her personal issues. You are talking to her. Cisco gives her ice-cream. I am bringing her back to Earth.''

''That's what the whole thing is about. You want her to work.''

Wells looked directly into Barry's eyes. He was somehow mentally murdering him. ''No. I want her sane,'' he took his glasses off as he spoke. His eyes could cut easily through flesh, human or meta-human. Unfortunately, Barry was then the only one, besides Wells, with flesh on. With or without his meta-regeneration, losing a limb would hurt a bit.

''Dr. Wells, I don't think we are talking about the same things.''

''Define what kind of sanity are you talking about, then.''

The young meta-human shivered again. ''Emotional stability... and ration and logic. That's Caitlin.''

''I agree with the stability. So she told you her idea that her only irrational and illogical decision was that one, didn't she? The thing is that Caitlin does not need ration and logic. As long as she controls her emotions and they don't control her, I can say everything is going to be fine.''

''How can you know?''

''Let's say she had moments and moments.''

''And were you the one that always helped her?'' Barry had no more arguments. He was useless, truly, or so he felt. All left to do was to see for himself the real thing with Wells. There was so much more in the depth of every single move Dr. Harrison Wells did. ''From what she said, it is so, you and the ice-cream.''

Dr. Wells put his glasses back. He lowered his head, resting it again in one hand. But he was bored no more by the conversation. ''I wouldn't say always. As a human and a man, I too have moments and moments.''

''So bad that you all aren't meta-humans too, isn't it?'' Barry didn't realize what he was saying only after he spoke. He snorted and stepped back, afraid of the aftermath. He knew he should have said that.

''Mr. Allen, I wouldn't wish so many people to become meta-humans. It must be a lonely way of living. There are a few meta-humans created by my particle accelerator in the world, and most of them are doing wrong things.'' Wells wanted his words to deepen the knife wound that was in Barry's soul. He sensed how Barry felt when he became different, when he saw what other meta-humans could do, but used their power wrong, as Wells said, when he found out Cisco made a weapon for 'the worst case'. It was a deep wound, truth be told.

Barry stepped forward. He couldn't let him win completely. ''Actually, it isn't lonely. Being a meta-human means I got the speed, I did not really change myself.''

The corners of Wells' mouth rose. It wasn't a smile at all. He only got back to that look of 'fascination'. There was a small change in him too, one that Barry noticed. Both knew that the talk was over. Barry felt a relief in Wells' soul. Whatever that meant. Barry knew he knew less than Caitlin and Cisco about Dr. Wells, but, still, he felt that the guy in front of him was human, no matter how cold he could be. Yes, Harrison Wells was a cold man and knew nothing about the opposite of cold, though he was a brilliant physicist and scientist.

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