The Forgotten Child

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Summary: Harry is the long lost child of Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy. After an epic final battle, the two regain the knowledge of their missing son, and they seek to build a relationship after all these years of separation.

Warnings: This story contains self-harming, if this is a trigger for you please do not read. This will also have relationships between two men, if you have a problem with this then don't read the story.

Ron and Albus Dumbledore bashing.


It was over. It was finally over. The war which had ravaged the lives of countless innocents and that had ruined my life was over. I could now go home and try to make sense of the shambles, which was currently my life.

As I stood there starring at the corpse of yet another Death Eater I shivered, thanking my lucky stars that it wasn't me or my husband in it's place.

It had ended in a mass of exploding lights. The boy, Potter glaring at the Dark Lord, shouting out in anger at the monster that had ruined his life. A ferocious duel had ensued, coming to a close with the anguished shrieks of the snake-faced monster himself. It took a while for most of the spectators to comprehend what had happened, they stood in silence, looking on in shock at the boy-this small scrawny teenager- that had fulfilled all their deepest wishes. They were free! They were all free, it was quite difficult to believe, after years of spying and keeping his true allegiances, as well as his relationship secret had taken it's toll.

The years hadn't been kind to Severus Snape, resident Potions Master and resident Bat of the Dungeons. The face once full of laughter and smiles was now worn by the passing of time, heavy wrinkles marring a previously youthful and if not classically handsome still alluring face.

In truth Severus Snape had not smiled or laughed much since the disappearance of his son, nearly fifteen years ago. Since that fateful night where he and his bonded Lucius Malfoy had come home after a gala to see that their precious baby boy was missing, the crib smashed to pieces and the house elf that had been assigned to watch over their child lying dead on the ground surrounded by a pool of his own blood. The dark robbed potions master sank to his knees at the sight of the empty crib, whilst his husband searched frantically for any trace of their lost child. When it was certain that there was neither hide nor hair of their babe, the blond man sat next to his love and wept with him, each soaking up the comforting presence of the other.

Just as Malfoy was getting up to check on Narcissa and his other child Draco, a voice spoke from the shadows:

"I'm terribly sorry to do this to you my boys, but I fear it is for the greater good. If you were to raise this child he would certainly go dark and I cannot allow that to happen. Do not threat, the boy will be well looked after, and since I plan on obliviating you, you will not even miss him."

The men huddled on the floor froze in fear at the words being spoken, the man was obviously crazy, he was going to take away their son, but before either man could offer up any resistance the spell spilled forth from Albus Dumbledore's lips and the whole incident was forgotten. All the people who had been aware of Severus Snape's pregnancy-very few as Lucius had to have his public life with Narcissa, to sustain the propriety of the Malfoy name, had kept his relationship secret apart from a select trusted friends and family -been carefully obliviated.

And so it was that Snape and Malfoy spent the next fifteen years in complete ignorance of their missing child. Over the years they both grew embittered as the war with Voldemort raged on and a void they didn't even know existed remained unfilled in their souls. Lucius Malfoy had also taken on the mantle of spy at the second return of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named; his help had been invaluable in planning the final battle.

Nearly no lives had been lost, with the notable exception of Albus Dumbledore who perished mere seconds before The Boy-Who-Lived's glorious victory, under heavy spell fire from a group of Death Eaters in a last ditch attempt to turn the tide of the battle which clearly was not going in their favour.

So there the boy stood, trembling before the eyes of all the combatants of the Second Wizarding War against Voldemort. A great cheer rang out across the grounds of Hogwarts where the battle had taken place, the victors quickly rounding up the remaining Death Eaters before they could attempt to flee. They all rushed towards the gangly boy that was their saviour, intent on congratulating him on his impressive defeat of the wizarding world's greatest enemy, only to be stopped by a protective bubble that erected itself around the boy. The crowd stopped in its tracks staring at the teenager within as he fell to his knees before promptly fainting and slumping to the ground. The shield did not falter as expected when the child lost consciousness, and the first person daring enough to touch the shield was abruptly thrown through the air before landing heavily on the ground with a thud.

The spectators were forced to stare in shock as the Chosen-One started changing before their eyes, his limbs elongating to become graceful and elegant. The boy's face morphed so instead of the still childish features, high cheekbones, sculpted eyebrows and a slightly pointed chin appeared. Harry's usually messy locks, elongated so they would reach the base of his back when standing, and his hair took on a blue hue when the light hit it.

All in all Harry looked stunning, like an ethereal creature of myth and legend, not one person there could deny the child was beautiful, yet the slumbering form held a sense of fragility that made all the watchers want to protect him from any harm.

In the excitement no one noticed that Severus Snape, Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy all fainted at the same time. In reality these unexplained phenomenons were happening because Albus' magic had lost its hold with his death. The obliviate he had performed all those years ago was destroyed, meaning that the Snapes and Malfoys would once more know of their missing son.

As the three adults awoke they all looked at each other, the knowledge they had uncovered burning in their minds. Yet, before they could act, the sphere surrounding their son explode outwards in a wave of pure unadulterated power. All the onlookers were thrown back several meters, as they watched as the Potter boy rose into the sky by some unknown power and started screaming.

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