Cerin rather unfortunately always remembered his nightmares when he woke up, even in the light of day there was no escaping the monsters that plagued his nightmares. The thought of Vernon and his sweaty hands and beady eyes made him shiver in disgust, he felt filthy just remembering it. At least now that Voldemort was dead there would be one less demon to shadow is footsteps, even though he wasn't sure his dreams would ever be pleasant.

For once, he felt pleasantly relaxed despite his horrid dream, his limbs loose as if he'd just spent the night resting on a cloud. There were no violent sounds to jerk him from sleep, no Uncle Vernon shouting, no Ron snoring, just the distant sound of nature and wind pressing gently against the windows. The peacefulness, ironically enough is what alarmed Cerin, causing him to take stock of his surroundings, noticing the lush décor, the sinfully soft bed, and Valerius curled up in the corner, in what he could only assume was a transfigured giant dog bed. More intriguing though was his former potions master lightly dozing, in what must have been an uncomfortable position, on the chair-longue before the windows. He wondered how long he'd been posted there and what could have brought him to his room in the first place. Cerin thought he hadn't done anything wrong, and he was almost certain that the man wasn't there for the same reasons that uncle Vernon might have been. He was surprised he hadn't heard the man wander into his room, what could have brought him here? Was he perhaps just checking on him as a normal parent might on their son? Usually any and all noise would have been enough to send him jolting awake, he must have been more out of it than he thought, it was probably the lack of adequate food and sleep, he thought rather glumly. He really should be more careful with how much he's eating now that he was no longer restricted to scraps and the threat of impending doom killing his appetite.

Sighing softly to himself, the boy gingerly swung his legs off the bed, pleasantly surprised by the warm floor meeting his bare feet, he was still so unused to the everyday uses of magic, the silliest things would catch him off guard and he'd be once more reminded how alien the wizarding world still felt to him sometimes.

Moving softly towards Val, he bent down and picked up his sweater from the night before, quickly throwing it on to help heat and hide his frail body. The wolf sensed him approach as one large eye crept open and observed him with curiosity, lifting his great big head to sniff at its human before rumbling deep in his chest as Cerin began to scratch the soft fur of his ears and under his chin. Looking out the glass and into the sweeping grounds that lay stretched before him, Cerin guessed that it must be early morning by now, the rest of the house certainly seemed to still be asleep, although he couldn't be sure.

Glancing once more at his father in the corner, the elf remembered that he always seemed if not overjoyed at his presence, that he nonetheless no longer seemed to loathe him. Sometimes, when he looked into the man's dark eyes he could almost swear that he could see affection and concern, not just scorn and hate. Shuffling slowly forwards he summoned up his courage and said, fairly confidently in his opinion, "Ummm, sir…?". Luckily, he needn't say more as Severus jolted awake, gaze rapidly assessing his son stood before him, looking rather well rested and as if he hadn't just exerted wild magic of such epic proportions that they feared for the structural integrity of the manor.

"Ah Cerin, how kind of you to finally join the land of the living", Cerin could swear that the man was almost joking with him, but maybe he was mistaken. "How are you feeling this morning?", the lad shrugged his shoulders and looked away before replying, "Surprisingly good really, maybe it's the bed, haven't slept in anything near as big or comfy as that." hesitating briefly he continued on "Is there a particular reason you're in my room today? I mean, I get that it's your house and all, and I guess that you can go anywhere you want, but I swear you weren't in here yesterday when I got to sleep, and I didn't even here you come in, and that's a bit weird for me you know, cos I'm used to waking up to sounds and stuff, and I just wasn't expecting you, so…" pausing, the teen shifted his head up, waiting for an answer. "Ah yes, well you see Cerin, there was a bit of a commotion last night. It seems as if you had a rather strong nightmare, and your magic, no doubt a bit unstable due to your inheritance reacted a violently. Now, do not be alarmed, however, your brother, who was the first to reach you was injured when your magic reacted badly to his presence". Seeing that the boy's eyes had gone wide at that pronouncement and that he'd paled drastically, he rushed to continue. "However he is completely unharmed and will be up and about today with no more than a light headache. We were able to calm you down and you slept peacefully the rest of the night, I was just waiting for you to wake up and must have fallen asleep."

The young elf let out a breath in relief, he didn't want to guess what his parents might have done to him if he'd harmed their first-born, at least he was going to be fine, and Severus didn't even seem angry. His next works served to further reassure him, "It wasn't your fault Cerin, and you won't be blamed for what has happened, older and more experienced wizards than you have had such events happen to them, and with your new powers and the immense stress that you have been under, it's truly no wonder that you reacted so powerfully to your dream." The black haired child's shoulders drooped at his words, and the panic that had been steadily building in his chest receded.

"Cerin," the boy finally met his eyes at the serious tone of his voice, "your father and I would like to have a talk with you, if you'd be amenable." Noting the panicked look on his youngest's face he tried to reach out a hand reassuringly, offering a grounding touch for his child, only to have Cerin flinch away violently. Quickly dropping his arm, and frowning at the instinctive reaction, Severus continued on, making sure to take a step back and lower his voice, simultaneously sending some of his magic out in hopes that it may calm the boy much as it had the other night. "Cerin, please, you have done nothing wrong, and your father and I just want to have a talk, it is perfectly within your purview to refuse, we only want to try and do what's best for you. You are understandably struggling with recent events, and we only want to try and do what is best for you. Would you trust us with this?"

Cerin didn't know what to say, on the one hand he didn't really want to speak to his new parents, he'd been fine on his own for now hadn't he? He hadn't needed anyone's help, and plus if he did reveal anything what would they say, would they think he was a freak? Focussing on his father once more, he saw the hope in his eyes, he guessed that if they had brought him up they would have taken care of him and wanted to be involved in his life. Maybe it would be alright to trust them a little bit, not tell them everything, no, just a few details to reassure them that he really was okay and that they didn't need to be worried about him.

"Yeah, sure, I'd be fine with that, I mean, I'm fine really, and there's not much to talk about but sure, we can, you know, have a chat and stuff."

Severus relaxed marginally, his lips quirking upwards and eyes softening as he observed his obviously still nervous son. It was a positive sign that he was willing to speak to them, even though he still claimed that he was fine.

"Excellent. Well, why don't I call up your father and we can move to his study to have a chat, you can get dressed and showered and if you'd like before meeting us there? A house elf will guide you if you decide not to join us immediately."

Cerin shook his head, not sure if he'd still have to courage to go with Severus if he has time to himself, even as it was he wasn't sure he should be doing this, but he was just so tired of being sad and alone, not knowing what to do with his life. It scared him honestly, the thoughts that went through his head some days, perhaps scarier was how normal these thoughts had become to him, and how little the thoughts which he rationally knew were wrong and dangerous, seemed so appealing. Maybe they could figure out what to do to help him, even though he sincerely doubted they would understand anything. "No, I think I'll just go with you now if that's okay?". "Of course, you needn't even ask", so saying, Severus sent of a patronus summoning his husband to the green study, before beckoning his youngest child to follow him through the expansive manor.