AN: What was Bobby saying to Marie at the end of DOFP x

I'm sorry

Rogue glared, wrenching her hand out of Bobby's grip as he attempted to hold it. "Rogue, I'm sorry-" "Shut up! Just shut up, When we broke up it was fine! I was fine! Now I find out from Kitty that you were fucking John behind my back! It was bad enough you dumped me at graduation! But then you had to date a guy-"

"Rogue, You were fine when me and John started dating...after a while you calmed down but-"

"But I didn't know you having sex behind my back!"

Bobby cringed, guilt creeping around his heart. He hadn't meant to hurt her but John was ready to leave, he didn't want to be the home wrecker. Rogue glanced to the side, seeing a confused and disorientated Logan walking through the mansion like he'd woken up from a bad dream.

"Just let it go Rogue, John is the most important thing in my life and we're raising a family-" "Yes, you have two beautiful children, John is a famous author, Jean is pregnant, Kitty and Piotr are engaged, Storm is married and I'm on my own...Thanks for reminding me."

Bobby sighed and ran a hand through his hair, he couldn't make this better but Rogue was so bitter.


Rogue grimaced as John appeared beside Bobby and two small arms grabbed onto her ex's arm. Bobby grinned, placing a hand on his daughters head. Gabriella was the spitting image of John while Luna looked like Bobby, and now they were expecting a third via surrogacy. John had insisted they name the baby either Luke or Bobby junior, Bobby had taken to Bobby Jnr.

"Hey" he kissed John and Luna who was gurgling happily in the pram, her blonde hair pulled into small bunches. "Gabby, why don't you find Auntie Jean or Storm in the rec room?" Gabriella grinned and took off down the hall, her brown hair swishing behind her as she disappeared around the corner.

"I'll leave you to it, I promised Jean I'd bring help her set up the crib since Scotts in Ohio" Bobby grinned, kissing John and watching him push the pram after their daughter who was being spun around by Piotr and laughing manically.

"Rogue, I'm sorry I cheated but I can't bring myself to regret it...You'll find someone and I wish you all the best." He watched as she shook her head and pushed passed him, plastering on a false smile as she walked past the children.

He had no regrets.

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