AN: The first chapter went down so well I thought I'd give a second one a go, not the best written but I'm a bit rusty :)

Chapter Two

Logan cursed and stumbled into the rec room, bumping into bustling kids on the way. The school seemed more full and happy, the children seemed more proud to be different compared to how they shyed away before the sentinels and genocide. The Professor had kindly filled him in on the past 50 years he had missed out on, even the president was a mutant.

"Hey Logan" he turned, the voice vaguely familiar. There stood Pyro, brunette and no longer blonde, older, perhaps in his twenties...and pushing a pram.

Without a second thought his instincts took over, he grabbed the boys arms and pulled him away from the pram before slamming him into the wall, his claws an inch away from his throat.

"What the hell are you doing?!"

Logan frowned turning to look at a horrified Bobby at the end of the hall, a small and pretty young girl in his arms and Storm by his side. A golden halo of a wedding glimmered on Storms finger and even more surprisingly a baby bump stuck out from under her clothes.

"Daddy!" The small girl in Bobby's arms gaped, her stormy grey eyes almost popping out of her skull. Daddy? He looked back at John who was eyeing his claws warily. The resemblance was there, brown hair and the same eyes but why was his daughter in Bobby's arms?

"Logan? Let him go what the hell has came over you?" Both teachers rushed forward as John was quickly dropped to the floor.

Bobby pounced on him as soon as his butt hit the floor, all Logan could do was stare as Pyro was hugged and kissed by Bobby and dusted off by Storm.

"What the hell Logan? You've scared the crap out of Luna...literally!" John scooped the blonde girl from the pram, sniffing her stinking nappy. "Well done" Storm glared, placing a hand on her swollen bump. Bobby cast him the filthiest look he had ever seen and picked the other young girl up before taking John's hand and disappearing down the hall as the bell for next period rang.


"Please tell me that hasn't just happened"

"What...Oh...The professor said you-" "Have missed out on the past fifty years?"

Storm briefly closed her eyes but lead Logan onto the sofa, telling the children to leave quickly. "John and Bobby had been sleeping together for two years before graduation-" she grabbed his arm as he went to jump up "John was going to leave him if he didn't chose so Bobby did, he chose John. Rogue took it awfully, lost a few friends because of her attitude but soon got over it. She's the school nurse and Chemistry teacher. Bobby left with John after he became a best selling author and he teaches Math and Earth science...they have two children, Gabriella and Luna...Rogue has just found out about Bobby's cheating though unfortunately."

Logan groaned and collapsed back, running a hand through his hair. "I need a cigar" "You quit" "FUCK!" Storm chuckled and smiled, gazing out of the window.

"So how about Jean and Scott? Anything new?"

"Jean miscarried two years ago...they have a son and daughter now..." Logan swallowed hard, realising that somehow, Jean had made her feelings for Logan dormant. "Their daughter is called Rachel and Jean is carrying their son...Nate, Rachel is Gabriellas age, 8 and Nate is due any day now."

"So how about you?"

"Me? I'm due in a couple of days."

"No, come on Storm..who's the daddy"

And with that Storms normally tan complexion turned sheet white and she jumped up, her hands trembling. "Storm?" "Oh please tell me you remember..." "Remember what?"

Storm screamed a sound of pure agony and collapsed to her knees, tears spilling down her cheeks. "'re the father, we've been married for two years...please tell me you remember..."