The Phantom woke up in a blank and empty room. The last thing he remembered was the floor under his feet disappearing and the sound of his neck cracking. A man with light brown hair and wearing a white suit and sunglasses approached him.

"In justice we trust!" He yelled, displaying some sort of badge.

"What's going on?" The Phantom asked.

"You're a phantom."

"Yeah, people call me that."

"No, I mean a real phantom. You're dead."

"Is this hell? I thought you were a good guy."

"I'm not just a good guy, I'm a champion of justice!

"Then why are you here?"

"I'm here to rehabilitate you!"

"Rehabilitate me?"

"Yeah, I'm going to make sure that you turn into a responsible citizen able to properly coexist with the rest of spirit's society. I know you can make it, Mr...What was your name again?" He pouted. "Is rude killing someone without even telling them your name, you know?" But is nice if you tell them it?

"I can't remember my name."

"But I can't call you phantom, I mean, I'm a phantom as well, it would be confusing. What about...Mr. Ghost?" Some creativity you have there.

"Then I'll call you Fool Bright."

"Fool Bright?"

"That's what Prosecutor Blackquill called you, I mean, me, I mean...Damn, this is weird. Anyway, how do you intend to rehabilitate me?"

"Obviously, you have to make as good deeds as wrongdoings you committed in life in order to balance your karma. Let's check them" He pulled out a bloc and started to turn pages." Woah! There's a lot of horrible things here. You're true meanie, aren't you? For balancing all this, you would need to rescue fifty millions kitten from trees or help eight hundred millions elderly persons across the street."

"Can't I just go and rot in hell."

"No. Let's begin! As your first step, you must vow to embrace the path of justice."

"And how I'm supposed to do so?"

"Shout: In justice we trust!"


"I know you can do it pretty well. C'mon, shout with me: In justice we trust!"

"In justice we trust!" The phantom yelled, mocking Fulbright's voice.

"Perfect, and now, to seal the vow, shout it a thousand times."


"We have all eternity and we're not moving from here until you finish."

Gosh, What have I done to deserve this? Oh. Right.

A/N: OK, that was weird. I'm not sure how this thing came to my mind, but it came, so I wrote it. Chapter 2 soon.