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Vernon grabbed the small teen by the throat and slammed him painfully against the wall. He smirked when the boy's legs thrashed about trying to reach the ground so he could relieve the pressure from around his skinny neck and get some much needed oxygen into his lungs.

"With any luck, this will be the last night I will have to suffer seeing your disgusting face," Vernon snarled, spit flying into the boy's bluing face.

Harry was frantically pulling at his uncle's beefy fingers and scratching at his arm. He was desperate for oxygen and bright spots were bursting before his eyes. If he didn't get oxygen in the next few seconds, then he was going to pass out or possibly die. If he had to choose, then he would choose death. He was tired of living the nightmare that his life was and he just wanted it all to end.

With a grunt, Vernon easily tossed the boy across the room and into the opposite wall, grinning when he heard a sickening crack.

Harry didn't make a sound when his head connected hard with the wall or when his right arm snapped from him landing on it wrong. This wasn't the first time his arm had been broken...hell, it wasn't even the fifth time. Pain was something he had been intimately familiar with since he was fifteen months old.

Vernon stood over his trembling nephew who was clutching his limp right arm to his chest while softly whimpering. "I bet you're wondering why we brought you to America the second you returned from that freak school of yours?"

Harry was very curious as to why they had come to New York City, but he knew better than to ask questions. He learned from a very young age that asking questions only earned you a shit load of pain. The second he exited the barrier from Platform 9 3/4's, his uncle had ordered him to release Hedwig from her cage then tossed him into the car next to his obese cousin and growled at him to not make a sound. Then instead of driving to Surrey, he drove to the airport where they then boarded a plain for New York City. They were currently in a three bedroom room in a very upscale hotel in Manhattan.

"Freak, you answer me when I ask you a question," Vernon snarled kicking the boy in his already broken arm as hard as he could.

Harry tried not to cry out, but the pain was too great. "Yes uncle Vernon," Harry whimpered voice barely above a whisper. He never looked up at his uncle, knowing better than to make eye contact with the large man. He may be a fourteen, almost fifteen year old wizard, but he was terrified of his uncle. He was more scared of his uncle than he was of Voldemort. Voldemort just wanted him dead, his uncle wanted to torture him, maim him, break him and rape him. He welcomed death over what his uncle liked to do to him.

Vernon grinned evilly down at his nephew. "We are here in New York so I can make a shit load of money off your worthless hide."

Harry paled, feeling like he was going to pass out. His uncle was finally going to do what he had been threatening since he was six years old; Vernon was selling him into child prostitution.

Vernon threw his head back laughing at the fear in his young nephew's eyes. "As tempting as that sounds and as much as I would love knowing that you would spend the rest of your life bent over being fucked by countless men, I have found a way to make even more money off of you, and if you're lucky, you will be living in the lap of luxury."

Vernon walked to the bed dropping his pants as he went. Sitting down naked from the waste down, he spread his legs and took his limp penis into his hand. "Get over here and start sucking, and if you're good maybe I will tell you a story."


"Three months back," Vernon started, "I got the promotion of a lifetime, but it meant having to move to the USA, California to be exact. As your aunt was packing, she came across a key to a forgotten storage shed that we had opened after your worthless parents were killed and we got stuck with you and a shitload of their useless, freakish stuff. As we were sorting through and trashing everything, I came across a very interesting journal of your mothers."


Harry very interested in his mothers journal. He didn't know much about his mom and he had nothing that belonged to her. Remus and Sirius had told him a lot about his dad and he had his dad's cloak, but he had nothing that once belonged to his mom.

Vernon smirked down at his nephew. "Very good, my little freak," he chuckled. "Now, where was I? Right, your mom's journal was very interesting because it documented her troubles in conceiving a child. At first they thought there was something wrong with your father, but after extensive testing, they found that your perfect mother was unable to get pregnant and bring another freak into the world. Your aunt was thrilled when she learned that her perfect sister had failed at something that she could do. Your mother was nothing but a worthless hole for your father to fuck."


Harry shook his head trying to clear it, that punch had disoriented him and made his vision go dark.

"Now as I was saying," Vernon continued, "Your good for nothing mother couldn't get pregnant, but with the war going on your father was afraid that he was going to die before producing an heir. Now he's the really disgusting part," Vernon chuckled darkly. "It seems your lot are even bigger, disgusting freaks than what I originally thought. Did you know that men in your world can get pregnant? "

Harry almost chocked, he had never been told that wizards could get pregnant. Did that mean that James's was his mom and not his dad?

"Keep sucking," Vernon growled. "Your father, or should I say mother," Vernon made a gagging noise. "Went to a muggle bar one night and hooked up with a stranger. Your father took it up the ass all night long with this random bloke so he could get pregnant with you."

Harry couldn't believe what he was hearing. His dad was actually his mom, but how was that even possible? He had a million questions, but he knew better than to ask his uncle. He desperately wanted to get his hands on his mom's journal, there was no way that this absurd story could be true. Then again, uncle Vernon wasn't the type to come up with such a far fetched story.

"Lucky for us," Vernon groaned, "Your father got the name of the muggle he tricked into getting him up the duff and your so called mother wrote it down in her journal. Tomorrow we will go to where your real father lives and sell you back to him for a hefty price. It seems this man is very rich and famous and I'm sure he will do anything to keep his dirty little secret from being broadcast on every tv station and in every newspaper. Of course we can't let him know that it was a guy he got pregnant, but luckily it seems your real father will screw anything with a hole, so we will just tell him it was your mother that he knocked up; he will never know the difference."


Keeping his broken arm in tight, Harry stripped out of his clothes and turned to the wall placing only his non broken hand on it.

Vernon had removed the belt from his pants and stood patiently waiting for his nephew to assume the position. For a boy, his little freak of a nephew had a beautiful, almost feminine figure, and just seeing him standing there naked and trembling had him getting hard all over again. He was going to miss using the boy's body, but the money was too good to pass up. With the money he was going to demand, he could buy a little boy prostitute every night if he wanted to. His wife knew of his dark side, but she didn't care as long as he didn't demand her to do such degrading and filthy things. He liked to dominate and hurt his young male toys, and Harry was his first and most favorite.

The first time he had shoved his meat down Harry's throat the boy was only six years old. He had begged Petunia to suck him, and when she flat out refused and stormed out of the house, he pulled his nephew out from his cupboard and ordered him to lick at the tip of his penis. It only took a few minutes before he was shoving himself down the small tight throat and experiencing the best orgasm of his life. After that things progressed quickly and it wasn't long before he had his nephew bent over the arm of the couch screaming as he tore through his small ass.

"Thirty lashes I think will do for your disobedience and five more for each time you scream, so you better keep your damn mouth shut."

Harry sucked his bottom lip between his teeth and bit down on it hard, nodding his head. Five or ten lashes he could easily keep quiet for, but thirty was going to be impossible. He was going to be a ripped up, bloody mess when his uncle was finished with him.

Vernon ran his fingers over his nephews bloodied back, pressing his nails into the long gashes. "Forty lashes," he smirked. "I warned you not to make a sound."


Harry swallowed his scream knowing that it would only earn him more lashes. He was in so much pain from the beating that he was literally blinded from it. His uncle was being extremely rough with him, normally he was only this bad when he was mad and taking it out on him.

"Hands and knees," Vernon ordered in a gruff voice. "Brace yourself, there will be no perpetration."

Harry painfully dropped to his knees, but he could only place his left hand on the ground. His uncle very rarely prepared him so he wasn't expecting it this time. Personally, he preferred it that way. Perpetration felt too personal, caring; he just wanted his uncle to get it over with even if it hurt worse.

Harry hung his head and bit into his left arm, if he made a sound when his uncle entered him then he was going to be five times rougher on him.



Harry was laying in a fetal position in the bathtub crying as scolding hot water rained down on his sore and broken body. All night his uncle tortured him, raping him countless times and forcing him to suck his cock. It was now early morning and after his family finished pigging out at the hotel's breakfast buffet, they were going to go to the mans house that was supposedly his biological father. He was never given time to process what his uncle had told him, but he found everything hard to believe. Why had he never heard that a wizard could get pregnant? The thought of his uncle getting him pregnant had him scrambling out of the tub and vomiting into the toilet.

Harry shakily got to his feet and started drying off using only one hand. His broken arm was in a bad way and even the smallest movement sent pain shooting throughout it. His uncle really worked him over last night and he had countless bruises on his face as proof. He didn't know how his uncle was going to explain his condition, but he was sure that the man had a plan. He didn't want to get his hopes up that this mystery man was his father, but he was positive that if his uncle didn't get his money that he was either going to sell him to some pimp or just kill him. Even if this man was his father, what made his uncle think that he would even want him?

"Boy!" his aunt shrieked from the other side of the bathroom door. "I have some clothes for you, can't have you meeting your sperm donor wearing those disgusting rags."

Harry opened the door never looking up at his aunt, not even when he heard her gasp.

"Dammit," Petunia cursed, "he knew we were taking you to meet your father. Get dressed and I will get you some pain pills." Petunia walked away shaking her head, her husband left their nephew looking like he had been hit by a truck. She told him not to leave a mark on the boy last night.

Harry was surprised to find a pair of jeans, long sleeved black shirt, red hoody and cheap sneakers that were all in his size. Other than his school uniform, he had only ever worn his cousin's large handy down clothes and worn out sneakers. As quickly as he could, he dressed and brushed his long hair. He had been growing his hair out for the past year and it now came to the bottom of his shoulder blades. With the added weight, his hair no longer stuck out in every direction, but fell softly down his back with a slight curl at the ends. He had also gotten his eyes corrected last year while in Hogsmeade. Hermione had suggested after the first task that it might be smarter to get his eyes fixed so the glasses wouldn't get in the way or them getting broken and leaving him blind and defenseless.

Looking in the mirror Harry cringed at the image looking back at him. He was too pale, his emerald eyes looked dead with big dark circles under them, and a large bruise took up most of the right side of his face. Tilting his head back, he could see a handprint bruise wrapping around his neck the size of his uncle's hand. Under his shirt his back was ripped to shreds and his right arm was broken, probably in more than one place. He looked like hell and he was going to meet the man that could possibly be his father. There was no way some rich man would want him, even if it turned out that he was his biological son.

"Here," Petunia snarled thrusting two pills under her nephew's nose. "We leave in five minutes so hurry it the hell up. You keep your head down and don't say a word, understand?"

Harry nodded his head, not looking his aunt in the eye.

"I don't like you and I never did, but you don't deserve what your uncle puts you through. If your father doesn't take you in then Vernon is only going to get a whole lot worse. You better pray that he will take you in and pay the money that your uncle will be demanding. If not, I suggest you and hide on the streets of New York and don't ever allow your lot to return you to us. I won't stop your uncle...even if he looses it and beats you to death. I just want to be rid of you and I don't care how your uncle goes about doing it.

Harry didn't say anything, he just popped the pills into his mouth and swallowed them down. His aunt didn't normally give him anything for the pain and he was grateful that she did this time. Unfortunately, he was taking them on an empty stomach and that always caused him to feel sick and nauseous. His aunt's little speech didn't bother him either, she had been spewing her hate to him for as far back as he could remember.

"Let's go, the taxi is here and Vernon has already loaded your trunk." Petunia snapped.

*** HP

"May I help you?" the lady behind the desk at Stark Tower asked, eyeing the very large man in front of her

"Yes, I'm here to see Mr. Stark," Vernon announced loudly, puffing out his chest and trying to look important.

"I'm sorry, but Mr. Stark is away on business, did you have an appointment?"

"I don't need an appointment, and I demand to see Mr.!" Vernon yelled, spit flying from his mouth.

Harry backed away from his uncle, recognizing the signs of him losing his temper. When his uncle lost his temper, he normally ended up being beat to unconsciousness. After last night, he was feeling incredibly jumpy around the man. If his uncle didn't get to see Mr. Stark, then he was going to take it out on him and he honestly felt like he wouldn't survive the next encounter.

The secretary subtly pressed a button under her desk calling for security back up. "I'm really sorry, sir, but Mr. Stark is out of the country on business and isn't expected back until next week. If you leave your name, number and business with Mr. Stark, I will have his personal assistant contact you to set up the first available appointment.

Harry jumped when his uncle raised his beefy fist and slammed it down on the desk.

"I have come all the way from England to bring Tony Stark his bastard son and I will not leave until I have spoken to somebody." Vernon roared.

The secretary looked between the two boys that were accompanying the man. The larger boy was obviously the rude man's son, he was just as fat and just as piggy looking as the man. The other boy was small at only about 5'3 and looked to be in desperate need of some food; he was too skinny. She couldn't see his face because he was wearing a hoody with the hood up, which she found strange since it was June and at least eighty degrees outside.

"Is there a problem here?"

Vernon turned his glare to the security guard that had just approached and asked the question. Grabbing his nephew by his broken arm, he yanked him roughly to his chest. "This here is my nephew and the biological son of Tony Stark, if I don't get to talk to somebody in the next five minutes, I will go to the press and tell them how Mr. Stark is a dead beat dad that abandoned a pregnant woman and his unborn child. I suggest you get Stark on the phone and explain the situation to him.

Harry cried out and tears filled his eyes when his uncle grabbed him by his badly broken arm.

"Look Mr., we get someone here at least once a week claiming to be Tony Stark's long lost son or daughter all so they can get their hands on his money. Just leave your name and number and we will pass your information to Mrs. Potts when she returns." The security guard placed his hand on his gun, not so subtly threatening the irate man.

Harry started to tremble under the weight of his uncle's hands on his shoulders. If they walked out of here without seeing someone or talking to Tony Stark, then uncle Vernon was going to make last night look like child's play. Petunia's suggestion of running was starting to look like an excellent idea, except the pain pills had him feeling sick and he was weak from lack of food. He tried to eat in the Great Hall before leaving for the Hogwarts Express, but he was too scared about coming home to be able to eat. He was also still feeling the effects from the last task and Voldemort's resurrection. Voldemort had held him under three crucio's and his limbs still had an occasional twitch to them.

"I will not leave my name and number so that rich bastard can just blow me off. Get that Potts lady here or Stark on the phone, but I'm not leaving until I have talked to somebody. I have raised this little shit since he was fifteen months old, I clothed him, fed him, put a roof over his head and I refuse to look after the ungrateful freak for one more day." Vernon roared now drawing a crowd of people to him. Vernon wrapped his large hand around Harry's broken arm giving it a hard squeeze. "Petunia, dial the local news station for me, I'm sure they will be very interested in hearing our story, maybe that will get the mighty Tony Stark's attention."

The force of his uncle's grip was causing the broken bones in Harry's arm to grind together, and the pain was so excruciating that it dropped Harry to his knees. Dropping his head, he bit into the side of his cheek to keep from crying in front of the people that were now gathered around.

The security guard went to grab the man that was obviously hurting the small boy, when a hand reached out and grabbed his, stopping him.

"I will handle this, Willis," Bruce said glaring at the loud disgusting man that was manhandling the small boy. He had been in the lobby when the group first entered demanding to speak with Tony. Paternity claims were common with Tony, especially given his past exploits and immense fortune. They even kept a copy of his DNA on record for such occasions. So far out of the hundreds of claims, not a single one had proved to be positive. Tony may be hot headed and wreckless, but he was very good at not getting himself caught in a situation where he was going to have to pay child support to some money hungry woman.

"If you would kindly remove your hand from the boy, I will escort you to my lab where I will run a paternity test on the child. If he turns out to be Mr. Stark's son then I will contact his personal assistant and she will get in contact with Stark." Bruce snarled, the other guy pushing to get out and teach this man how to properly treat a child. He couldn't see the boy's face, but there was something about him...something that made him want to protect the boy.

Vernon snorted, "I will let you run your tests, but I'm telling you, this boy is Stark 's son."

"Then you shouldn't have a problem with the tests," Bruce snapped. "Willis, please escort them to my lab while I help the boy up and with his trunk."

Vernon grinned, roughly thrusting the boy's broken arm away from him. Smirking at the security guard, Vernon and his family followed the guard to the waiting elevator.

Harry swallowed his scream and pulled his arm tight to his chest. On top of the broken arm, it now felt like his uncle ripped his shoulder out of the socket.

"Hey kid, you alright? " Bruce asked kneeling down to the boy. He thought he heard something pop in the boy's shoulder, but he never made a sound indicating that he was in pain.

Harry nodded his head, unable to verbally answer the kind man. He didn't know how much more he could take before passing out.

"Yeah, why don't I believe you," Bruce chuckled. "The names Dr. Bruce Banner, but you can call me Bruce. What's your name?"

"H-Harry," Harry answered struggling to his feet. "Harry Potter."

"Well, Harry Potter, after we see to this DNA test, I'm going to have a look at that arm. By the way you're holding it, I would guess that it is broken and dislocated."

"It's fine, sir, honestly," Harry quickly said, knowing that it would piss his uncle off if anyone made a fuss over him. "I just tripped, that's all."

"Sure kid, but I'm still going to look at it." Bruce tried to get a good look at the boy, but he kept his head turned away from him and his hood up. "Let's get to my lab before that whale of an uncle of yours destroys it." Bruce took the boy's trunk and easily lifted it with one hand signaling the boy to follow him towards the elevator.

"Jarvis," Bruce called once the elevator doors were closed. "Have Clint meet me in my lab, I have a feeling I will be needing assistance with this group."

"Contacting him now, Dr. Banner," Jarvis answered, making Harry jump and look around.

Bruce chuckled, "Jarvis scared the hell out of me too the first time I heard him. He is an invention of Tony Stark's, the man may be a pain in the ass, but he's a damn genius. Jarvis stands for, JUST A RATHER VERY INTELLIGENT SYSTEM, Tony invented the AI to be a hyped out butler that can basically do anything. Do you know anything about Tony Stark?," Bruce asked curiously.

Harry shook his head, "no, sir," he answered softly.

"Please, just call me Bruce," Bruce chuckled, a bit surprised that the boy had never heard of Tony. Tony was famous all over the world, not just America, and now because of Ironman, Tony was considered a superhero.

"Tony Stark is many things, a billionaire, a genius, an engineer, a businessman, an industrialist, a playboy extraordinaire, a hero, a cocky little shit, the biggest pain in the ass with a mouth that won't quit," Bruce smiled when he got a soft giggle from the boy. "All things considered, Tony is a good guy, and if you are his son, he will look after you." Bruce was hoping that this boy was Tony's, he would hate to send him off with that awful man. He was almost positive that the uncle was the cause of the boy's broken arm.

"Tell me, do you think that Tony is your father?" Bruce asked, trying but still failing at getting a look at the boy.

Harry shrugged his shoulders, but cried out when pain lanced through his right shoulder and down his arm.

"Hey, don't move that arm," Bruce warned reaching out to help steady the boy. "Maybe we should check this out before running the DNA test."

"No please," Harry begged. "Let's get the DNA test out of the way first. My uncle would..."

"Blow a gasket if we didn't run the DNA test first? Yeah, I got that the man is a bully, but I'm pretty sure that I could handle myself against him." Bruce smirked, knowing that the other guy was just waiting to put the fat man in his place. "But if it makes you feel better, we will run the DNA and while we are waiting on the results, I will X-ray that arm and see about patching it up. I'm not a medical doctor, but I had enough training in that field to be able help you."

"Thank you," Harry said, hoping to at least get his arm set before the results came back negative and his uncle took it out on him. Bruce seemed like a really nice guy, maybe he would know somewhere where he could hide from his uncle.

"So, do you think Tony is your father?" Bruce asked again.

"Uncle Vernon only told me about finding my mother's journal last night. He said that she named him as my biological father. He said that she was having trouble getting pregnant by my dad and she hooked up with Mr. Stark one night at a pub."

Bruce snorted, "that sounds like Tony, never able to turn a pretty lady away."

"I'm sorry for all of this," Harry said shyly. "My uncle is a bit of..."

"An ass," Bruce interrupted with a bit of a growl to his voice. "Don't worry about it, Harry, your uncle isn't the first to bring a kid by claiming to be Tony's."

"Where they...Tony's?"

Bruce shook his head no. "Tony is not married and as far as we know, he has no kids. This is our stop," Bruce said when the elevator came to a stop. When the doors opened, Bruce wasn't surprised to find Clint casually leaning against the wall waiting for him.

"Harry, this is Clint Barton, he lives here at Stark Tower along with myself and a few others. Clint, this is Harry Potter, his uncle brought him by claiming that Tony is his father. We are headed to my lab to run the DNA, but I would like for you to keep an eye on his uncle, the man has some serious anger issues."

Clint sighed, "another one huh, what does this make, number three hundred and two?"

Harry cringed, stepping slightly behind Bruce.

"Sorry, kid," Clint said when he saw that he scared the boy. "I didn't mean anything bad by it, just making an observation. Everyone wants a piece of Stark, and god knows he makes it too easy for them."

"Come on, let's not keep your uncle waiting," Bruce said leading the way to his lab. His lab was the reason Tony was able to convince him to move into Stark Tower. All the equipment was state of the art and it must of cost Tony a fortune to build.

"About damn time you got here," Vernon barked, glaring at his nephew. "I don't have all day, run the damn test so I can rid myself of the freak."

"Charming," Clint sneered eyeing up the fattest man that he had ever had the displeasure of meeting. "Now I can see why you called for me."

Bruce childishly rolled his eyes. "Ok, Harry, because I don't think your uncle will be happy unless there is indisputable proof, we are going to run this test two ways. First I'm going to wipe the inside of your mouth with a swab, and then second, I'm going to draw some blood."

"Blood never lies," Vernon boomed loudly, making Harry jump.

Clint didn't miss how skittish the boy was around his uncle, he also didn't miss how the boy never made eye contact or lifted his head. Because of the hood, he had yet to see what the boy looked like. He found it strange that he was wearing something so heavy when it was so hot out today.

"Dad, I'm hungry," Dudley whined. "How long is this going to take?"

Clint raised his eyebrows shaking his head. "Kid, you're so big..."

"Clint that's enough," Bruce said not wanting to set the man off, or bust out laughing in front of him. Honestly, the boy was massive, he didn't think he had ever seen a kid that big before. "It will take a while before we get the results back, so after I finish with this I will order some pizza and you can eat it in the conference room."

"Leave so you can tamper with the results, I don't think so," Vernon growled. "I'm not leaving this room until the tests are done and the results are read."

"Fine," Bruce snarled, feeling his blood pressure spike. "I was just trying to be nice. It's going to be at least two hours before the results are back and I didn't want to listen to your son whine the entire time."

"Daaaad," Dudley whined in a voice that had even the other guy cringing. "I want pizza with extra cheese and extra bacon. I don't want to wait two hours... I want it now! ... I want it now!"

"Oh for the love of... Feed the pig before I put an arrow through his head. There is no way I can listed to that shit for two hours." Clint snapped.

Bruce pinched the bridge of his nose trying to remain calm. "How about I order the pizza and your wife and the boys can go to the conference room to eat. You can remain here in my lab staring at my equipment and acting like you know what the hell you're doing."

"Fine," Vernon snarled, face turning purple. "But the freak remains here. He had a huge breakfast not even an hour ago and I don't want him causing any trouble."

"The only ones that are causing trouble are you and your fat ass son," Clint sneered advancing on Vernon. He was excellent at reading people and he could tell that the man was lying. Harry looked like he hadn't had a decent meal in years.

"Vernon," Petunia spoke up for the first time. "While we are waiting on the results, I will take Dudley across the street for something to eat. I saw the cutest little cafe there and I'm sure they will have something that our Dudders would love."

"But mooom, I want pizza," Dudley cried, eyes filling up with fake tears.

"Dudders dear," Petunia said trying to calm her perfectly perfect son down. "Cafe's like that normally have the best deserts and you can pick out whatever you like, then for tonight, I will order you pizza for dinner."

Dudley's piggy little eyes lit up. "Can I have two or three deserts?"

"Of course you can, my son," Vernon said proudly. "You"re a growing young man after all, you can have as many deserts you can eat."

"If he grows any more, we are going to have to rub him down in butter to get his fat ass through the door," Clint mumbled under his breath.

Harry wanted to laugh, never before had anyone talked to his uncle Vernon and Dudley the way that these two were. He really liked them, and for the first time he was really wishing that this Tony Stark guy was his father. He still hadn't had time to process everything so he wasn't sure how he felt. He didn't like the idea of losing Lily as his mother, but the thought of finding a father that was still alive...well, he was scared to get his hopes up. The man probably wouldn't want someone as pathetic and dirty as him as his son anyway.

"Now that the temper tantrum has been averted," Bruce said glaring at Vernon and Dudley. "Harry, I know it's going to hurt your arm, but I'm going to need you to remove your hoody."

Harry nodded his head, he figured he would have to when Bruce mentioned blood test. Taking a deep breath, he quickly pulled the hoody over his head and gently worked it off his dislocated shoulder and down his broken arm. The pain was horrific, but at least he was able to keep from crying out. His uncle loved knowing that he left his nephew hurting and he wasn't going to give the man the satisfaction of seeing him in pain. Biting the inside of his cheek, he dropped the hoody on the chair then raised his head, not making eye contact with anyone.

Clint gasped, shocked and disgusted at what he was seeing. "Shit, kid, what the hell happened to you?" He had suffered enough broken and dislocated arms to be able to recognize the signs of one, but it was his face that he couldn't stop looking at. It looked like someone had taken a baseball bat to the side of it.

"Ran his mouth, he did." Vernon growled. "Couldn't keep his damn mouth shut last night so a couple of thugs put him in his place."

Clint whirled around facing the boy's uncle. "You didn't even take him to the hospital," he raged. "The boy is in pain and that arm is badly broken, and you didn't even take him to get patched up." He didn't believe for one minute that the kid ran his mouth. The kid had hardly said a word, there was no way he was running his mouth to some thugs.

"The freak got what he had coming to him. I wasn't going to waste my hard earned money on him. If he wants to start trouble, then he has to suffer the consequences." Vernon sneered.

Bruce was staring at the boy too, but it wasn't because of the horrific bruises. No, Bruce was staring because he was seeing an identical version of a young Tony Stark. There was no way that this kid wasn't Tony's. There was some differences like his higher cheek bones, eye color and feminine features, but this kid was a mini Tony Stark.

"Jarvis," Bruce called out. "Call Pepper and tell her I need her down here now. I don't care if she is in the middle of a meeting, she needs to get here as soon as possible."

"Mrs. Potts will be here in fifteen minutes," Jarvis said.

"Thank you, Jarvis," Bruce smiled at Harry. "Harry, please take a seat here," he said pointing to a small chair next to his lab table. "This will only take a minute or two and then I will see to your arm."

"You will do no such thing!," Vernon bellowed advancing on the doctor. "The boy got what he deserved and I won't allow you to go pampering him like some mamby pamby fairy boy."

"I have had enough of you!" Bruce growled in a voice that didn't sound completely human and his eyes bleeding green.

Vernon stumbled backwards almost falling on his overly large ass.

"Whoa, easy there, big guy," Clint said grabbing Bruce by the shoulder and trying to keep the other guy from making an appearance. Clint spun on Vernon who was getting ready to open his mouth. "Back up and keep your damn mouth shut. Believe me, you don't want to piss the good doctor off and get introduced to the other guy."

Vernon wisely took his advise and drug his wife and son to the opposite side of the room.

Bruce closed his eyes, taking in deep breaths. "Sorry about that, Harry," he said, giving the boy a reassuring smile. He was surprised to find that the kid wasn't looking at him in fear, just curiosity and understanding.

"Straighten your arm and make a fist, I promise this won't hurt." Bruce said kindly.

"Could... Could you please help me roll up my sleeve?" Harry asked shyly.

"I got it," Clint offered seeing that Bruce was readying the syringe. Keeping his eye on the uncle, Clint rolled up the boy's sleeve, growling at the bruises and large bite mark that littered the thin arm. "I take it that these came from your encounter with the thugs?"

Harry didn't say anything, just jerkily nodded his head. He knew better than to say anything, his uncle would flay him alive the second they got back to the hotel room.

"That handprint bruise around your neck that is suspiciously the same size as your uncle's hand, also came from your thug run in?" Clint asked, knowing the kid was going to say yes even though it was obvious to him that his uncle was responsible for the injuries.

Again Harry just nodded his head keeping his eyes averted from the man.

"You're going to need a tetanus shot for that bite," Bruce warned. "The human mouth is full of bacteria."

Harry cringed not liking the idea of getting more needles.

Bruce knotted the tourniquet and started looking for a good vein. "Harry, when was the last time you had something to drink?"

"Uhm, this morning." Harry answered, but it came out sounding more like a question. He hadn't had anything to drink since the leaving feast. "Is there something wrong?"

Bruce shook his head no. "When you're dehydrated, it's just harder to get a vein. You may say that you had something to drink this morning, but your body is telling me different."

"Sorry," Harry muttered,

"It's alright, I found a decent vein, but I will get you something to eat and drink when I'm done. I don't want you to pass out on me, and I'm afraid it's going to hurt considerably when I pop that shoulder back in place." Bruce said, looking at the boy in sympathy.

Bruce quickly drew the blood and swabbed the inside of the boy's mouth. He didn't need for the results to come back to know that this kid was a Stark. Tony was in for a big surprise when he came back from his conference in France. Daddy Tony was a truly terrifying thought.

Pepper walked into the room and took one look at the boy and cursed. "Shit, it's finally happened, hasn't it?"

Bruce shook his head chuckling. "I'm running the tests now, but..."

"This kid is obviously Tony's," Pepper finished eyeing the boy and cataloging his numerous injuries. "I will contact Tony and give him a heads up. I want pictures of all his injuries and the name of the person responsible for them."

Pepper turned to the Dursley's looking them over, especially Petunia. There was no way in hell that Tony would sleep with her, not even if he was dead drunk. "How are you related to the child?"

Vernon puffed out his chest. "The freak is my wife's nephew, he was left on our doorstep when he was fifteen months old after his parents were killed in a car accident."

"Drunk driving," Petunia added, sneering at Harry and just daring him to say something.

Harry had to bite his tongue to keep from saying anything. He hated when people talked bad about his parents, but there was nothing he could say without breaking the statue of secrecy.

"You call him a freak one more time, and you're going to be leaving here in more than one piece," Clint threatened, advancing on Vernon hand resting on the handle of his knife.

"Enough," Pepper sighed. "You three," she said pointing to the boy's relatives. "Come with me so we can discuss custody of the child." She could tell by the greedy look in their eyes that this was going to cost Tony a pretty penny; not that it would make a dent in his bank account.

"Finally, someone who knows how to treat a person of importance." Vernon said, holding his hand out to the beautiful red haired lady. "Vernon Dursley, I have been looking after the fre... the boy for the past thirteen years."

Pepper looked at the large sweaty hand failing at her effort at not showing how disgusted she was. There was something about this man that made her skin crawl. She didn't have to be a genius to tell that there was something not right between the boy and his uncle. There were all kinds of warning bells going off in her head and they were all directed at this Vernon Dursley character.

Pepper quickly shook the offered hand and released it as fast as she could, subtly wiping her hand on the back of her skirt. "Pepper Potts, CEO of Stark Industries and basically Tony's keeper. Please follow me, we have a lot to discuss."

"The results aren't back yet," Petunia pointed out.

Pepper looked at the boy that looked so much like Tony at that age that it was scary. "There's no need to wait for the results, I can tell just by looking at him that Tony fathered him. We will wait for the results though before signing any papers. This way we will have everything hashed out and papers drawn by the time the results are ready, that way you and your family can be on your way and get to enjoy a nice night in the city." Pepper just wanted these people gone, being in their presence was making her feel dirty.

"Should I go with her?" Clint asked watching as Pepper led those vile people from the lab.

"Pepper can handle herself," Bruce chuckled. "I'm going to need your help putting Harry's shoulder back in place."


Bruce looked at the young boy who was fiddling with the other half of his sandwich. He wished that he would eat more, but he could tell that if Harry took another bite then there was a good chance he was going to get sick. "You don't have to force yourself to eat anymore,"

"Sorry," Harry grimaced. His eyes wanted to finish the sandwich, but his stomach wouldn't allow him. "I'm just not a very big eater."

"Can't imagine there is much food in the house with those two scarfing everything down." Clint joked, trying to get a smile out the boy.

Harry laughed softly. "Luckily I go to a boarding school in Scotland from September till June. I only have to put up with them for a few months in the summer."

"Boarding school, huh, how do you like that?" Bruce asked, getting the supplies ready that he would need to set Harry's arm after the X-ray.

"It's alright," Harry answered. "It's not what I thought it would be when I first heard about it, but I have a couple of good friends. Besides, it gets me away from my relatives." Even though Hogwarts originally felt like home to him, there were times that he wished that he had never received his acceptance letter. The castle herself may be magnificent, but no so much the people residing inside. He was tired of trying to be someone that he wasn't. He wasn't the brave hero that everyone expected and he tried to live up to. He didn't want the attention and fame, he just wanted to make a few good friends, have some fun then graduate and find a job. He was tired of always being in danger and if he had his way he would never return.

"Can't beat that perk," Clint chuckled. "Honestly, I don't think I have ever met anyone like your uncle, the man is vile."

"You have no idea," Harry whispered, not expecting the archer to hear him, but Clint had excellent hearing.

Clint and Bruce exchanged looks, both suspecting that the boy had been severely abused by his uncle.

Bruce sighed, he didn't want to hurt the boy, but they couldn't put off setting that shoulder any longer. He wanted to set it right away, but Harry wouldn't allow it until after the tests. "Harry, I need you to remove your shirt so I can see what's going on with your shoulder."

Harry paled, he couldn't let them see his back. "Why, why do I have to take off my shirt?" he asked, getting to his feet and backing away.

"Hey, relax, Harry." Bruce said holding up his hands. " I need to see your shoulder in order to pop it back in place. I will also need your shirt off in order to cast your arm."

Harry frantically shook his head no. "It's fine...I'm fine...honest, I don't need to take off my shirt."

"Harry, why don't you want to take off your shirt?" Bruce asked, suspicious of the boy's odd behavior.

"Please, please don't make me take off my shirt. Can't you just cut the sleeve off or something?"

Bruce sighed, he really didn't want to upset the boy farther and ruin what little trust he had built with him. Harry was close to a full blown panic attack and that was the last thing he wanted. "Alright, we will do it your way. I will cut off the sleeve at the shoulder and then go from there."

Harry visibly relaxed, not realizing that he had been breathing hard. If they saw the belt marks and the bites on his back, it wouldn't take much for them to figure out that he had been raped. "Thank you." he said softly.

"Damn," Bruce cursed when he saw the boy's arm. Without doing an X-ray he could tell that it was broken in two different spots. There was also a huge purple bruise around the upper arm from where his uncle had been gripping it in the lobby.

"Am I the only one who finds it odd that the bruise on your arm matches the one around your neck?" Clint asked, staring hard at the boy. He didn't see the incident in the lobby, but Bruce had told him all about it.

Harry lowered his head not answering the question.

"Alright Clint, I need you to get behind Harry and help brace him. I'm going to pop this shoulder back in, but it's going to hurt." Bruce lifted the boy's chin so he was looking him in eye for the first time. Harry had the greenest eyes that he had even seen, they almost glowed. "On the count of three, ok?"

Harry shook his head no. "No, just do it and get it over with." Harry took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

Bruce looked at Clint and nodded his head. Without a warning, he popped the shoulder back in place and helped catch the boy when his legs gave out on him. He knew that Harry had to be in a considerable amount of pain, and yet he didn't make a sound.

"You're one tough kid," Clint said voice laced with admiration. "Last time my shoulder was popped back in place, I screamed like a little girl."

Harry lifted his head off of Bruce's shoulder and stepped away from from Clint. He could feel a couple of his lashes bleeding from where Clint had rubbed against them reopening the wounds.

"Let's X-ray that arm and then get it set. The results will be ready soon and we don't want to keep your family waiting." Bruce said.


Pepper led the group back to Bruce's lab, fists clenched in anger. She had never met anyone as greedy as Vernon Dursley, and in her line of business, that was saying something. A half a million dollars... A half a million dollars is what he wanted in compensation for caring for the boy the last thirteen years. It was obvious by the way he talked that he despised the boy and was doing nothing more than selling the kid to Tony. If the results were positive, which she had no doubt that they would be, then she would hand over the money after he signed the custody papers and then happily show them the door. She wasn't worried about the money, Stark Industries would make that back in a day, she just didn't like the slime getting away with that kind of money since there was no way that he spent even a quarter of that on Harry. The only thing that made her feel better, was knowing that Tony would go after them, especially after he saw the condition that his son was in.

Pepper walked into the lab and smiled softly to herself. Harry was sound asleep in Bruce's plush leather work chair, right arm in a green cast from fingers to shoulder. "Green," she said rolling her eyes and looking to Bruce.

Bruce shrugged his shoulders. "Hey, he picked the color, it had nothing to do with the other guy."

Clint smacked Bruce on the back. "Maybe that's because green was the only color you had."

"Surprised the poof didn't pick pink," Dudley muttered.

"What did you call him?" Clint snarled, glaring at the boy.

Dudley quickly scurried behind his mother, trying to hide his morbidly obese body behind her bony one. He knew all about these guys and what they were capable of, he saw them on the news after the alien invasion in New York.

Pepper rubbed her head feeling a migraine coming on. She needed some Advil and soon, preferably before she called Tony and informed him that he had a teenage son. She should just wait and let him be shocked when he returned home.

"The results are ready," Bruce announced standing there with a piece of paper in his hand. He had already decided, and Clint agreed with him, if it turned out Harry wasn't Tony's then they were going to lie and say that he was. Harry needed help and they were prepared to do anything to get him away from his abusive uncle. Looking down at the paper, he grinned. Looked like he wouldn't have to lie after all. "It's 99.9 percent positive that Tony is the father."

"Told you," Vernon exclaimed loudly, startling Harry and making him fall from the chair. Disoriented, Harry scurried backwards until his back hit the wall then brought his arms up to protect his head.

Bruce rushed to Harry talking softly to him. "Harry, everything is alright. The results just came back and their positive. You are Tony Stark's son."

"What... What does that mean?" Harry asked, lowering his arms and blinking away the sleep.

Pepper approached the boy and knelt down in front of him. "Harry, that means that you have a home here, if you want it. The paper work is ready and as soon as they're signed, Tony will have legal custody of you."

"Really, I don't have live with the Dursley's anymore?" It just dawned on Harry, the Dursley's were no longer blood related to him.

"No, Harry, you are Tony's son and you belong here," Pepper said kindly.

"What if he doesn't like me? What if he doesn't want me?" Harry could feel himself starting to panic. What if Tony found out about what he had been allowing his uncle to do since he was a small kid?

"Harry, would you like to stay here or go with your aunt and uncle?" Pepper asked.

"Here," Harry quickly answered. "Please, I promise to be good. Please let me stay here."

Pepper reached out and gently ran her thumb down the boy's bruised cheek. Her heart broke when a few of Harry's tears fell on her hand. "You have a home here with us, Harry, you will never have to go back with them."

Pepper stood up and turned to Bruce. "Can you please take him upstairs and let him watch tv or something? I will be up when I finish here to help get a room set up for him."

"I demand a few minutes with my nephew...alone." Vernon smirked, not missing how his nephew paled or how he started to tremble.

"Like hell," Clint snapped, stepping in front of Harry and blocking his view of his uncle. "The test is positive and you're getting your damn money. I'm not leaving you alone with him, hell, I don't even like you in the same room with him with all of us here."

"He's still my nephew, if I want..."

Pepper thrust the custody papers at Vernon. "As soon as you sign the papers, the money is yours, unless you changed your mind and you prefer to go to court. Tony has enough money to see you in court everyday for the rest of your life, do you?"

"Now see here, little lady." Vernon snarled, face turning a bright red. "I'm sure Mr. Stark doesn't want this mess drug through the media."

"I assure you, Mr. Dursley, Tony doesn't give a shit about the media." Pepper snarled getting right up in Vernon's face. "How about you though? Do you have any skeletons in the closet that you don't want anyone to know about?" Pepper looked at Harry then back to Vernon. "Tony Stark is a genius and there isn't anything he can't find out about somebody. Give him ten minutes and he will know your life story, from your kindergarten class picture to your deepest, darkest secrets. Sign the damn papers or be prepared for your life to be bared for all the world to see."

Vernon looked to Harry, fists clenched in fury. He wanted some time alone with him so he could remind him of his place. He wanted the little freak to know what would happen to him if he told his new daddy what he did to him.

"Vernon, just sign the papers," Petunia pleaded, not wanting to lose all that money.

"Fine," Vernon snarled. Slamming the papers down on the table, he quickly signed them, glaring at Harry the entire time.

"You were right," Clint chuckled. "Pepper can take care of herself."

Bruce helped Harry to his feet and steered him away from his uncle. "She has had years of handling Tony, there isn't anything she can't handle."


Bruce watched as Pepper escorted the trio out of his office, eyes bleeding green. He didn't know what that man wanted with Harry, but he was positive that it wasn't going to be good. He didn't like the way Vernon looked at the boy, the other guy especially didn't like it.

"Hey kid, are you alright?" Clint asked concerned with how pale and shaky looking Harry was.

Harry collapsed back in Bruce's chair, legs too shaky to keep him on his feet. "I-I can't believe that it's true. I thought unc...Vernon was making it up. I was afraid to get my hopes up. Every year I begged the headmaster at my school to not make me return there, and every year he brushed me off saying that they were my family and that they loved me." Harry snorted. "Love, like that sick bastard would know anything about love."

Bruce grabbed the arms of his chair and knelt in front of Harry. He was growing concerned, it looked like the boy was close to going into shock. "Harry, look at me," he softly demanded.

It took a minute for Harry to focus his eyes, but when he did he was surprised to find Bruce in front of him looking worried. "It's honestly true, you're not playing games are you?" Harry tried to stop the tears, but he he couldn't. For as far back as he could remember he wished that he had a dad that would take him away and protect him from his uncle. Every birthday and every Christmas he wished for a family, someone to love him.

Bruce grabbed Harry's left hand not liking how cold it was. "Clint, in my closet is a blanket, can you please get it for me?" It only took a second for Clint to get the blanket and drape it across the trembling boy's shoulders.

"I know it's a lot to take in, Harry, but it's true. Tony Stark is your father and you never have to see those horrible relatives of yours again." Bruce explained softly, scared that if he talked too loud or moved to fast that he would startle the boy. "Tony has never had to be responsible for anyone so it's going to take the both of you time to get use to each other. Tony has never been a dad and you have never had a dad. I don't doubt for one second though that Tony won't want or love you."

Harry numbly nodded his head. His life had just changed drastically and it made him feel sick to his stomach. Everything now was going to be new and unknown, with the Dursley's he knew what he had to do and what to expect. He was thrilled to have to never return them, but the unknown terrified him.

"Harry, before I take you upstairs to the family floor, I need to know if you're hurt anywhere else." Bruce asked paying close attention to Harry's actions. He knew that Harry wouldn't tell the truth and he didn't want to frighten him by demanding to allow him to do a physical.

Harry shook his head no. "M'fine, was just my arm," he said hating that he was lying. His back may be ripped to shreds, but it wasn't anything that he couldn't handle. His uncle had been belting him since he was four. He was just relieved that it was a belt this time and not one of Vernon's speciality whips.

"And your face and neck, " Clint added frowning at the small boy. "Harry, if you're hurt we need to know. We just want to help you."

Again Harry shook his head no. "Really, I'm fine." Technically he wasn't lying, he was fine, he could handle the pain just fine.

Bruce sighed, he wasn't expecting to get the truth from Harry. He was just going to have to keep a close eye on him. "Alright, Harry, if you follow us we will take you upstairs to where the family floors are."

"Floors?" Harry asked curiously. Unsteadily he got to his feet, grinning when Clint gave him a hand.

Bruce chuckled. "As you can tell, Stark Tower is pretty huge. Tony has set aside a few floors for those that live here and we all share a kitchen, dining and living room."

"How many people live here?" Harry asked trying to hide the fear in his voice. He was always nervous meeting new people, never knowing what they wanted from him.

"Well, there's Tony obviously, Pepper, myself and Clint, Natasha is working in the field for a few days so it will be a while before you meet her, Steve is training some new recruits but he will be here later tonight, and Thor, but he lives pretty far away and only stops in from time to time." Bruce explained.

"Are you all related?"

"No, but we all kinda work together. Tony opened Stark Tower after the invasion to all of us, it's kind of like our headquarters." Clint said.

"Headquarters, for what?" Harry asked. They were once again entering the elevator headed to the main family floor.

Bruce looked at Harry strangely. "You really don't know anything about Tony, do you?" When Harry shook his head no, he asked, "Have you ever heard the the Avengers?"

"No, sorry," Harry answered.

"Damn kid, have you been living in a cave somewhere?" Clint gasped. "What about the alien attack on New York, you had to have heard about that?"

"Sorry, my boarding school really isn't big on technology. We have no tv's or radios, actually we have nothing that uses electricity."

"What the fu..."

Bruce slapped Clint on the back of the head before he could finish his sentence. "Don't tell Tony about that, he would have an aneurism. Technology, engineering, it's his passion...his life." Bruce shook his head, what the hell kind of school would not allow electricity?

"Tell you what kid, after you get settled in I will show you news footage of Tony, the Avengers and the alien invasion, it will be a lot easier then trying to explain it." Clint offered.

Harry wanted to hear more about the aliens, but he didn't know these men well enough to ask questions.


Harry tried not to stand there gaping like an idiot, but the place was amazing. He was surround by floor to ceiling windows that showed a breathtaking view of the city. He wasn't sure how high up he was, but he felt like he was on top of the world. Spinning around in circles taking in the view he noticed that he was up higher than any other building that he could see.

"Hope you're not afraid of heights, kid," Clint joked.

"This is incredible," Harry said in awe. Finally focusing on the inside instead of the outside he noticed that the room was lavishly furnished. There was numerous couches and chairs all made from fine expensive leather, and an eighty inch tv that took up most of one wall. On the other side of the room was a large fully stocked bar, pool table and the older style video games and pinball machines.

Bruce smiled at the boy, he felt the same way the first time he saw the room. He had spent so much time hiding out in foreign countries living in tents and such that he forgot what it was like to be surrounded by riches. "This is kind of our main hang out room. I think Tony has every movie ever produced here and you can get every tv channel, even those in foreign languages. The remote is a bit complicated to use so we just ask Jarvis to put on whatever we want to watch. Other than cook, there isn't anything that Jarvis can't do."

"That's not true, sir," a voice announced out of nowhere. "While I can't physically cook for you, I can order anything that you may like from take out restaurants. Just ask and I can have it here in thirty minutes."

"That's insane," Harry gasped. "So Jarvis can hear you anywhere at anytime? How is that even possible? He's a machine yet he sounds human."

"Like I said, Tony is a genius." Bruce chuckled. "I take it since your school is electronically challenged that you do share your father's love for engineering?"

It took a second for Harry to process Bruce calling Tony his father. The DNA test may have proved that it was true, but he still had a hard time truly believing it. "Honestly, I don't know the first thing about electronics, I wasn't even allowed to touch the tv at home."

Bruce and Clint exchanged looks over Harry's head. "Harry, we need to talk about your home life." Bruce said carefully reading Harry's actions.

"No we don't," Harry quickly said panic in his voice. He never wanted to think about his life there again. The Dursley's were now gone and he would never have to see them again. Even Dumbledore couldn't send him back there, he was no longer related to Petunia so the bloods wards would no longer work. He chuckled to himself when it dawned him that there was never blood wards and the high and mighty Albus Dumbledore never noticed. Since forcing him to compete in the Tri Wizard Tournament, he had lost his faith and respect for the old man. He had researched after the first task and he had found more than one way that he could have been excused from participating in the tournament. He knew that Dumbledore had to have known about it, and yet he still forced him to compete.

"Harry, we just want to help you," Bruce said calmly. Harry looked like a skittish rabbit that was about to bolt any second.

"Look, they didn't like me and I accepted that when I was little. There isn't much to say about my life there and I just want to move on." Harry winced when pain shot up his arm. Just because it was now set properly didn't mean that it didn't hurt like a bitch.

"Damn, let me get you something for the pain." Bruce took off for Tony's bathroom knowing that he would have some kind of pain killers in his medicine cabinet. He desperately wanted to get the truth from Harry, but not at the cost of losing the boy's trust. He also wanted Harry to feel comfortable in his new home and if he was constantly hounding him then that would never happen.

Clint motioned to the couch in front of the tv. "Why don't you take a seat, you're looking a little pale. Even though it's still early, you have been through a lot and you look like you're close to passing out."

Harry looked nervously at the couch. He had it beat into him that he was not worthy enough to sit on furniture, and the furniture here was much, much nicer than at the Dursley's. Even when visiting the Burrow he preferred to stand or sit on the floor. He didn't know what to do, Bruce and Clint were already suspicious of his home life, and it was true he was close to passing out.

Clint watched as the boy looked at the furniture like it was going to attack him. It was just a leather couch, why was he scared of a simple couch?

"Go ahead and take a seat, I will have Jarvis start up the clips on Tony." Clint tried again.

Harry slowly shuffled toward the couch, but at the last second he slid to the floor instead of the couch. Carefully, he rested his throbbing back against the cool leather praying that he was no longer bleeding. The coolness from the leather felt great on his back, his uncle had whipped him a few different times last night and his back felt like it was fire.

Clint frowned at Harry, confused by his actions. "Kid, you can sit on the couch you know."

"This is more comfortable," Harry said hiding his face behind his long hair. "Really, I like sitting on the floor."

Clint stared at the kid for a few more minutes then sighed. "As long as your comfortable then it's ok I guess. I myself feel more comfortable in high places," he pointed to a small hammock that was strung high up in the corner of the room. "Guess we all have our own weird quirks."

Bruce came walking into the room, but froze in his steps. Raising his eyebrow in Harry's direction, he looked over at Clint silently questioning him. Clint just shrugged his shoulders and shook his head no. Sighing, Bruce walked up to Harry and placed a can of coke and a pill on the coffee table in front of him. "This pill is pretty strong and it will probably knock you on your ass, but it will also kill the pain for a few hours."

Harry smiled gratefully and swallowed the pill without even asking what it was. He was in so much pain that he would probably take a potion from Voldemort himself if the snake face bastard told him it would take away the pain he was suffering.

"Jarvis, run the documentary that was done on Tony please," Clint asked, taking a seat on the same couch that Harry was leaning against. He didn't miss how the boy tensed and subtly scooted away from him.

Bruce also didn't miss how Harry shied away from human contact. The boy tried to hide it, but since he was already suspicious about his abusive past, he didn't miss anything.

Harry tried to stay awake as he learned about his father, but his body was finally giving in. He had just learned that his father was a child prodigy that was the youngest to graduate from MIT, when he finally lost the battle. As he was drifting off to sleep he couldn't help but worry that his father was going to hate him because he was stupid. He wasn't a child genius like Tony and he always had below average grades. When he first started school he loved it and brought home high grades, until his uncle Vernon showed him why it wasn't wise to place above Dudley. Since Dudley was the dumbest in the class, he actually had to work hard at being dumber than him.

Clint clicked off the tv and turned to Bruce. They hadn't even been watching for fifteen minutes when the kid crashed. "What do we do with him?"

"Pepper should be up here any minute to get a room ready for him, but for now I will settle him on the couch. Why was he on the floor anyway?"

"The kid looked like the couch was going to attack him when I told him he could sit on it. I don't know, Bruce, but I think this kid has been badly abused."

Bruce tried to hide the growl in his voice, but he failed. "I agree and he's hiding something. Did you see how he panicked when I asked him to take off his shirt? He's in pain Clint and it's not from his broken arm."

"Never in my life have I ever dealt with such horrible people," Pepper moaned walking into the room. When she saw that Harry was sleeping she lowered her voice. "A half a million dollars and not a penny less is what they demanded for custody of the boy. That man said that if I didn't pay then there was others out there that would gladly buy a pretty young boy."

Clint lunged to his feet and started pacing the room. "You don't think he meant..."

"That's exactly what he meant," Bruce growled between clenched teeth. He wished now that he would have let the other guy teach him a lesson. "You could see how much they hated him, I bet it was killing them knowing that Harry was going to place where he was going to be treated right and get a family. If wasn't for the money, they would have sold him to some pimp and never thought about him again."

Pepper was looking at Harry thoughtfully. "He looks so much like Tony, it's kind of scary. The second I walked into the lab and saw him sitting there I knew immediately that he was Tony's son. How bad do you think the abuse was?"

Bruce closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths. "Harry is very skittish, he doesn't make eye contact, he flinched each time his uncle moved, he's skinnier than an anorexic supermodel, and after hearing that comment about selling him for prostitution...I think we are dealing with a severe case of starvation, physical and verbal abuse and a pray to god not sexual abuse."

Pepper fell into a chair looking pale and sick. "Tony is going to flip when he finds out. He may not have known Harry before this, but he's his son, Tony is going to kill them."

"I'll help him," Clint snapped. "That man was such an arrogant pig, and then to demand alone time with Harry before he left, I'm positive that Harry would have walked away with a few new bruises."

"He is very pretty for a boy," Bruce commented studying the sleeping boy. "With his hair that long, his soft features and small size, he could easily pass as a girl."

"Did you see his eyes?" Pepper asked. "I have never seen eyes that color. If that man would have sold him to a pimp... I just can't think about what would have happened to Harry." Pepper wiped at her eyes, she was never one to show weakness, but the thought of Tony's son being used as a sex toy greatly upset her.

Bruce stood up and quietly approached the sleeping boy. He had a feeling that Harry was a light sleeper, but he was hoping that the pain meds he gave him would keep him out for a few hours. As gently as he could he lifted the boy and settled him on the couch. Taking the blanket, he tucked him in and brushed the loose raven hair from his face. The boy really was extremely pretty.

"Did you call Tony?" Bruce asked turning around and retaking his seat across from Harry. For some reason he felt like he needed to watch over the boy as he slept.

"No," pepper chuckled. "I don't think finding out that you are all of a sudden a father of a teenage boy is news you should get over the phone. I will catch Tony as soon as he gets home and tell him in person."

Bruce nodded his head, Tony didn't need a shock like that while at the conference. "I think we need to have a meeting with everyone to discuss how to handle Harry. Harry is very insecure and scared, we need to do everything we can to make him feel at home. I also suspect that he is hurt and hiding it, so we all need to keep an eye on him."

"That's a good idea, I will send a text to Steve and let him know we have to talk. There isn't much we can do about Natasha and Thor until they show up." Pepper got to her feet. "I will place Harry in the room across from Tony's. Let him sleep here for now and when he wakes we will show him his new room."

"If you don't need me, I'm going up to the training room. I need to do something to keep me from tracking that bastard down and putting an arrow between his eyes," Clint snarled heading for the the elevator.

"Jarvis, lower the lights please," Bruce asked. "I'm going to stay here and keep watch over Harry. He is going to wake scared and disoriented and I don't won't him to be alone."