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Tony's middle finger on his right hand was twitching in agitation and it was taking everything in him to not call his Iron Man suit and incinerate the cocky bastard sitting in front of him. Looking to Bruce and his slightly green eyes, he could see that he too was having a hard time controlling his anger. If the man didn't shut his fucking trap soon, then the Hulk was going to happily do it for him.

"He did attempt to kill himself after all."

Feeling his left eye start to twitch now, Tony looked to Agent. "You have thirty seconds to get this man out of my sight and out of my Tower before I let the Hulk personally escort him out."

"Tony, you don't have to agree with everything the doctor is saying, but at least listen to him," Coulson said patiently.

"He wants to have my son committed!" Tony raged. "How is that helping him?"

"Hospitalizing someone after they attempted suicide is common procedure," the doctor defended.

"My son tried to kill himself because he was afraid that I was going to kick him out. How do you think he will feel if I have him committed?" Tony hissed angrily.

"Mr. Stark..."

"Is right," Coulson interrupted the doctor. "Hospitalizing Harry is out of the question. Taking him away from Tony and the others will only damage him more."

"The boy needs to be under constant surveillance."

"Don't call him that," Thor growled, gripping the handle to his hammer tightly. "He doesn't like to be called boy."

Sighing, the doctor pinched the bridge of his nose. "What then, Mr. stark, do you suggest I do for your son?"

"I suggest that you take a flying leap off the top of my Tower," Tony said petulantly. He couldn't believe that the bastard wanted to take his son away from him.

"Why don't you start off by seeing him here a couple times a week," Bruce suggested, wanting to get back to Harry. The twins and Loki were sitting with him while they were having this meeting with one of SHIELD'S best psychiatrist, but it didn't feel right being away from him when he was still in a bad way. Loki's sleep spell had worn off hours ago and he could wake any minute.

"He needs to be seen more than a couple times a week," the doctor explained. "With cases as extreme as his, he needs to have daily session at the least. Multiple sessions would be even better."

"Then you can bring your ass to the tower daily for sessions," Tony snapped. "I'm not allowing anyone to remove my child from my care."


"Twice in a single day is a rarity and a little scary," Coulson chuckled, "but once again I agree with Tony. You will be excused to treat Harry here daily until you feel that he is improving."

The doctor reluctantly inclined his head. "He will still need watching around the clock and all knives and sharp objects locked away. This isn't just because of the suicide attempt, he has also been cutting for years."

Tony could understand that, but at the same time he didn't want Harry to think that he didn't trust him...even if he currently didn't. Harry also had an obsessive need to cook for them so he would need to have access to the knives in order to do that. He didn't want to treat Harry like a toddler by putting a lock on the knife drawer, but it was the only solution he could think of. He would just have to make it so Jarvis could unlock it when Harry was cooking. He was also going to have to talk to Loki and see if he had any suggestions on how to keep his son from blocking Jarvis from monitoring him. If he couldn't find a way, then he was going to have to glue his son to his side until he felt that he could once again trust him.

"I will see to that right away," Tony said tiredly. He was still weak and shaky from his extreme blood loss and from not being able to sleep. Every Time he shut his eyes he saw his son's bleeding and dying body on the bathroom floor. It would be a long time before he could get that imagine out of his head...if ever.

Coulson waited until the doctor left before breaking more bad news to Stark. "We have had reports that several foreign wizards and witches have been portkeying to the US the past two days. Right now they have been keeping themselves to the west coast, but it's only a matter of time before they start searching here."

Groaning, Tony rubbed at his swollen and bloodshot eyes. "You think it's that Dumbledoo fellow?"

"Dumbledore," Coulson corrected. "Albus Dumbledore. Don't take this lightly, Tony, Albus Dumbledore is a very powerful wizard."

"Not as powerful as Loki," Clint pointed out awkwardly. He still didn't like the god, but he would forever be in debt to him for saving his honorary nephew.

"There is that," Coulson conceded, "but please don't underestimate the man. Not only is he powerful, but he is very manipulative."

"Is he evil?" Steve asked thoughtfully.

"Not evil, no, but he's all about the 'Greater Good', even if that means sacrificing innocents. Fury's brother told him that Dumbledore knew of Harry's abuse, not how bad it was, but he knew that he wasn't being treated right."

"And he just left him there?" Tony growled.

Coulson sadly nodded his head. "Harry is very powerful and he didn't want one of the dark families getting their hands on him and raising him up to be the next Dark Lord. He felt that it was in the 'Greater Good's' best interest to leave Harry with his relatives despite the abuse. What's one little boy being beat and starved when it came to the safety of the rest of the Wizarding World?"

"I'm going to kill him!" Tony roared, jumping to his feet, only to collapse weakly back onto the couch.

"Take it easy, Tony," Bruce reprimanded. "You're not going to be able to protect Harry if you keep going the way you're going. All of us here in the tower love that boy and we will die fighting to protect him. You don't have to kill yourself before the fight even starts."

"Well said!" Thor cheered.


Tony was sitting anxiously at his son's bedside, Loki had been monitoring him and he just informed him that he was waking. He had no clue what he was going to say to him or how to handle him, but he figured that a bone crushing hug was a good place to start.

Looking around, he was relieved to see that just the twins, Bruce and Loki were left in the room. Everyone else had understood when he asked them to leave. They were all family, but he didn't want to overwhelm his son. Even though he still didn't trust the trickster god a hundred percent, he trusted that he cared for Harry and only wanted to help him. He planned on being by his son's side to help him during his recovery, but if he started losing it again, he was going to need Loki's help. With just a thought he could put his son asleep, that was much easier than pills and shots to help calm him.

Seeing his son's finger twitching, Tony reached out with a trembling hand and squeezed his son's hand. Glancing to Loki and giving a slight nod of his head, he closed his eyes and took a deep and calming breath. "Harry, it's time to wake up," he said gently, not wanting to startle his son. He figured warning him that he was there was better than him opening his eyes and finding him hovering over him.

Whimpering, Harry tried to fight his way out of the blackness when he heard his dad's voice. Why did he feel so weak? Feeling a warm hand on his, he gave a tentative squeeze back.

"That's it, little chef," Tony encouraged. "It's time to wake up."

Fred gripped his brother's hand tightly when he felt the first waves of self-loathing and fear roll off of Harry. "He's remembering," he warned, his voice cracking. These past few days had been the worst in his entire life. To think, if it hadn't been for Loki, his Harry would be dead and gone right now.

Breathing was getting harder for Harry. Everything was coming back to him...everything! He was supposed to be with his dad James right now and Lily. He knew that he had cut deep enough to succeed, why then was his dad waking him up? He didn't want to wake up, he never wanted to wake up again. Why the hell couldn't he do anything right? He was supposed to be dead.

Rolling his eyes, Loki stepped forward. "Did you honestly think that I would allow you to die?" he said with a false air of arrogance. The last thing he was feeling right now was arrogant. He was too worried about the little Mage that he had grown exceptionally fond of. He had been monitoring the child's thoughts so he knew what he had been thinking.

Unwilling to open his eyes and see the disappoint and disgust on his father's face, Harry started crying. What was going to happen to him now? Why save him to only send him away? It would have been far kinder to let him crossover and be with his dad James.

Sliding onto the bed, Tony gathered his son up and placed him on his lap. With tears of his own falling, he tightly wrapped his arms around his son and hugged him for dear life. "Now listen here, Harry. I am never, ever, ever going to kick you out...ever. You are my son and I'm never going ask or demand you to leave my tower. There is nothing in this world that would make me feel differently."

Despite his fear of rejection, Harry clung tightly to his dad. He had thought for sure that he would never feel this again. The feel of love and safety that he had only ever felt in his dad's arms. "Y-You don't know!" he wailed. "You d-don't know what a freak I a-am. You should have l-let me d-die."

Tony raised his hand stopping the twins from saying anything. He knew they felt guilty as all hell for betraying their friend and spilling his secret, but they had done the right thing. His son had been cracking under the weight and guilt of his secrets, at least this way everything was out in the open and they could start the healing process.

"Son, I know everything," Tony said, breaking the news as gently to him as he could. "I know that you're a powerful little wizard and I know that James was your mother, not Lily. I was shocked when Agent Coulson told me about the Wizarding World and The-Boy-Who-Lived, but I wasn't angry or disgusted. I don't think you're a freak, Harry, I think you're amazing. I'm proud to be your old man."

Harry felt his heart stop beating and white hot fear flood his body. His fear was so strong that it was physically painful for him. This couldn't be happening. His dad couldn't know the truth. This was worse then him finding out what his uncle had forced him to do and seeing those horrible pictures.

Tony gripped his son even tighter when he felt him shaking uncontrollably. "Hey, mini me, this is where you tell me that I'm not an old man but your devastatingly handsome, too you to be a father, father. I'll have you know, despite what you have put me through the past few days, my beautiful hair is still just as luscious and as dark as it's always been. Not a single white hair anywhere."

Tony deflated some and looked to Bruce for help when Harry just continued to shake and cry and refused to talk or look at him. This was going worse than what he had expected. Harry screaming and cursing at him would have been easier to handle than this.

Bruce approached the bed with a determined look on his face. "Don't fight me on this," he whispered to Tony, right before he took Harry from his arms and sat him up on the bed. Gently taking his face in his hands, he forced the boy he had come to love like a son to look at him. "Harry, that is enough," he ordered sternly. "We know the truth, we know everything and we're not kicking you out. If you want to see yourself as a freak, fine, but then you have to admit that the rest of us our freaks, too. Your father has a flashlight stuck in his chest, Steve is like a hundred years old but looks like he's twenty, Thor plays with lightning bolts and carries a hammer that only he can pick up, Clint thinks he's a bird, Natasha is just scary, Loki is magical like you, I turn into a giant green monster and Fred and George are...well, they're Fred and George. There is something different and odd about everyone in this tower and that's what makes us a unique family."

Harry didn't want to look at Bruce but the man wouldn't let go of his face. Chest heaving from panic, his mouth dropped open in shock when Bruce said that they weren't going to kick him out. He had been expecting harsh and hateful words, he didn't know how to respond to what he was hearing from Bruce.

Bruce sighed when he saw that his words were finally sinking in. Harry may be more adorable than his father, but he was just as stubborn. "I love you, Harry," he said slowly, stressing the word love. "Your father loves you, Steve loves you, Clint and Natasha love you, Pepper loves you, Thor and Loki love you and even the Demonic Duo loves you. Everyone here loves you. Just because you have magic isn't going to change that. I'm sorry to tell you this, but you are stuck with us."

With a loud sob, Harry threw himself at Bruce. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry," he cried loudly, clawing desperately at Bruce's back and shoulders. "I was so scared."

"Shhh, I know you were," Bruce coo'd. "But you have to understand that what you did was very, very wrong. You have put everyone through hell and back these past few days. Harry, you killed yourself. If it hadn't been for Loki, you would be dead right now."

"I'm so sorry," Harry continued to sob, clinging desperately to Bruce.

It was killing Tony seeing his son this way, but at least Bruce was getting through to him. Harry had to see how serious the situation was. "Do you have any idea what it did to me, to us, when we found you covered in blood and dying on the bathroom floor? Dammit, Harry, you don't get to walk into to our lives, force us to fall in love with you then kill yourself."

Harry reluctantly pulled away from Bruce so he could look at his dad. When he saw that he was crying too and extremely sickly looking, he threw himself at him at started crying harder. "I'm sorry, please don't hate me. I love you so much."

"I don't hate you," Tony reassured, rubbing his son's back. "I could never hate you. I'm upset and hurt that you tried to kill yourself and it's going to be a hell of a long time before I can trust you again, but I still love you."

Tony continued to quietly hold and rub his son's back until he tired himself out crying. He didn't want to keep scolding and lecturing him, but at the same time he wanted him to see how serious the situation was. Picking up his delicate and too thin wrist, he looked down at it and marveled at how smooth and flawless it was. Magic could do some incredible things. "Harry, I hope you understand, that until we can trust you again, someone is going to be stuck to your side like white on rice. You will also being seeing a doctor everyday to talk about your past and anything else that you need to talk about."

With his face still buried in his dad's neck, Harry shook his head no. "I don't wanna see a doctor or talk. I promise that I won't ever try to kill myself again."

"This is not up for debate," Tony said firmly but gently. "You will be seeing a doctor and getting help. You need help, Harry, help that I can't give you."

"P-Please," Harry whined. "Please don't make me."

Once again Bruce grabbed Harry's face and forced him to look at him. "Harry, your father almost died trying to save you. He was fully prepared to die for you."

"What?" Harry cried, turning to look at his dad with wide, fearful eyes.

"Bruce, don't," Tony growled.

"No, the green man is right," Loki said flatly. "Harry has to hear this."

Chest heaving, Harry looked between the three men. "Please, what happened?" He could see that his dad looked bad, but he figured that it was just because he had been worried.

"I healed your wounds, but there was nothing that I could do about the blood loss," Loki explained. "More than half of your blood was on the bathroom floor. Even with the wounds healed, you still would have died if your father hadn't given you his blood."

"Your dad refused to stop the transfusion until you were stable," Bruce said gravely. "He gave too much. You almost lost your dad because he was prepared to give you every drop of blood that he had in his body. He is feeling better now, but he is still very weak."

Harry grabbed at his chest, it felt like his heart was being ripped out. He couldn't believe that his dad had done that, that he was willing to die to save him. On the verge of hyperventilating, he threw himself back into his dad's arms. "I'm sorry. Please, I'll do anything, even see the doctor, just don't ever leave me."

Tony had been upset at first when Bruce brought up him almost dying, but now he was glad that he did. It seemed that this was the kick in the butt that his son had needed. "I'm going to be fine, Harry, don't worry about me. I want you to focus on getting better. Can you do that for me."

Harry nodded his head. "Anything. I'll do anything for you."


"Your quiet contemplating is freaking me the hell out," Tony grumbled, sitting across the table from Loki. He had reluctantly allowed Bruce to sit in the bathroom with Harry while he showered and now here he was, stuck in the kitchen with Loki. "What is on your mind?"

"Your son," Loki answered with a thoughtful frown.

"What about my son?" Tony asked, sitting up straighter.

"From the moment I stepped foot in your tower his magic has felt familiar to me."

"What the hell does that mean?" Tony asked wearily.

Crossing his arms, Loki leaned back in his hard chair and regarded the man in front of him. "His magic just doesn't feel familiar, but it feels like mine. Your child is very powerful, more so than any wizards or witches here on this pitiful planet."

Tony narrowed his eyes at the god. "What are you trying to say?"

Smirking, Loki shrugged his shoulders. "Man of Iron, I have been visiting Midgard for centuries. I may not particularly like you humans, but that does not mean that I have not found sexual pleasure at your hands."

Tony started gagging. "Please, spare me the details. I feel sick enough as it is."

"As you wish," Loki smirked. "What I was trying to say, is that it is possible that young Harry is a descendent of mine."

Tony started choking on the mouthful of soda he had just taken. "Shut the fuck up, Reindeer Games, there is no way my son is related to you."

Loki started to drum his fingers on the kitchen table as he thought. "Deny it all you want, the child resembles me...he even has my eyes."

Tony opened his mouth the deny it, but he found himself choking on his words. It was true, Harry had the exact same color green eyes that Loki had. He had never seen such eye color before, especially not in anyone in his family. His eyes were brown and he remembered James having hazel eyes.

"I did not think that Asgardians could reproduce with Midgard humans, but perhaps it is possible with the magic users," Loki wondered. It would explain why he was able to give Harry some of his blood while he was healing him. The two different magics should have clashed during the transfusion, but Harry's magic had welcomed his magic like a long lost family member. Harry's magic had also always been receptive to his magic, welcoming him in whenever he used it on the child.

Tony didn't like this, he didn't like the idea that his his son could possibly be related to a monster like Loki. The God may have changed some since he attacked earth, but he still didn't trust him. "Is there a way you can find out?"

"There is a ritual I can perform, but it will require Harry's blood. Not a lot," Loki quickly added when he saw that Stark was getting ready to protest, "just a few drops at the most."

"Fine," Tony growled, "but not today. Harry has lost enough blood. Give him time to heal."

Loki bowed his head in acceptance. He was getting excited at the prospect of the little Mage being related to him. Hell, he could be the child's great-grandfather or something. The more he thought about it, the more positive he started to feel that Harry was his. Not only was their magic alike, but the boy looked a hell of a like like him too. He couldn't wait to unravel the truth.


Harry had only managed two steps out of his bathroom before he was wrapped in two identical sets of strong arms. "Merlin, Harry, if you ever put us through that again I'm going to..." Clinging desperately to the boy he loved, Fred started crying.

"Dammit, Harry, what the hell were you thinking?" George scolded, clinging just as desperately to Harry as his twin was.

Feeling his legs go weak, Harry sank to the floor, the twins following him down. He felt like the worst friend ever, he had never seen the twins this upset before. He had never seen or heard Fred cry this hard and it was killing him. It was all his fault. All their pain and suffering was all his fault.

Face red from crying, Fred pulled back so he could look Harry in the eyes. "Promise me, Harry. Promise me that you will never try to kill yourself again? If you do, I swear on my magic that I will follow you. I can't live in this world without you."

"I promise, Fred," Harry sobbed. "Please, please stay my friend. I'm sorry for being so scared and selfish."

"You can't get rid of us that easily," George joked weakly. "Don't you understand, Harry, Freddie and I love you."

"I love you, too," Harry said with a watery smile.

Bruce shook his head at poor, clueless, little Harry. He felt bad for the twins, it wasn't going to be easy convincing Harry that he was worthy enough to be loved by them. Then there was his past, he had a hard time seeing Harry being able to handle a sexual relationship. It was going to be a very long, hard road for the three of them.

"We're never leaving your side. Ever!" Fred proclaimed hotly. "I swear, if I didn't love you so much I'd beat some sense into you."

Even though Harry knew that Fred was joking, he still flinched at being threatened. Deep down he knew that Fred would never hurt him, but his past was impossible to forget.

Glaring at his brother, George started rubbing Harry's back. "Fred didn't mean it like that. You just scared the living shit out of us. We had to watch as you bled to death. Put yourself in our shoes."

At seeing how upset Harry was getting, Bruce loudly cleared his throat. "Alright, what's done is done. We need to move on from this, but we also need to learn from it. Harry," he said, turning to the teen, "until we can trust you again, someone will be with you around the clock."

Lowering his head in shame, Harry nodded his head. He didn't like it, but he understood why they were doing it. He would do the same thing if someone he loved tried to kill themselves.

"Enough with the heavy," Bruce sighed. "Let's get to the kitchen and get something to eat. I think your father wants to discuss training the three of you."

"Training?" Harry asked warily.

"He wants you three prepared for when your kind come looking for you, Harry," Bruce explained, his eyes flashing green. Just the thought of someone taking Harry pissed off the other guy.

Scowling, Harry followed Bruce out into the hall. "Guns, bows, and giant green monsters won't be able to stop Headmaster Dumbledore or Voldemort. With just a wave of his wand, Dumbledore can make it so you forget that I ever existed."

Bruce growled softly at hearing that. How were they supposed to fight magic? Loki was powerful, but Odin had bound most of his magic. He probably wouldn't be powerful enough to fight off a group of determined wizards. "Still, it can't hurt to learn how to defend yourselves without magic."

"I'm all for it," Fred said excitedly.

"Especially if training gives me a rocking body like Thor's or Steve's," George joked, poking Harry in the side and giving him a wink.

Blushing, Harry looked down at the floor. He remembered how sexy George looked the other morning when he saw him in bed shirtless. He liked him as is, he didn't need all those extra bulky muscles. George was perfect.

Raising his eyebrows, Fred peeked at Harry when he started to feel desire coming from him. Seeing that he was subtly checking out George, he grinned and nudged his brother to get his attention. Tilting his head in Harry's direction, he telepathically told him what he was feeling from him.

Smirking, George threw his arm around Harry's shoulder. "How about it, Harry, do you think my sexy body needs improving?"

"S-Stop," Harry stuttered bashfully.

"Leave him alone, boys," Bruce chuckled, coming to Harry's rescue and shoving George's arm off of him. Harry had enough to deal with, he didn't need the demonic duo teasing him and flirting with him. He wasn't even fifteen yet, way too young to be dating in his opinion.

Heart pounding in his chest, Harry stopped right outside the kitchen doors. "Is everyone else in there?" he asked nervously. He wasn't sure if he was ready to see everyone yet, not after his attempted suicide. He was ashamed for putting them through all that fear and pain.

"Jarvis, who's in the kitchen?" Bruce asked the AI.

"Just Mr. Stark and Loki," Jarvis answered.

"Are you alright, Harry?" Bruce asked, carefully watching the boy.

Taking a deep breath and holing it, Harry nodded his head. "Yeah, I'm good. I just don't think I'm ready for everyone at once."

"Understandable," Bruce agreed, "but Harry, everyone here loves you. You may have scared twenty five years of everyone's life, even the gods, but they don't think any less of you for it. All they want to do now is help you."

Letting Bruce's words sink in, Harry thoughtfully followed the man into the kitchen. Immediately his father was there wrapping his arms around him and clinging to him.

"What took you so long?" Tony complained, checking his son over from head to toe. He knew that Bruce would never allow him to cut himself, but he was going to be a neurotic mess for a while. One does not simply recover from having their son bleed to death in their arms in only a day. He figured that he had months of stalking Harry until he could start letting up his guard.

"Relax, Tony," Bruce sighed. "Everything is fine."

Tony wanted to rant that everything was not fine, but he wisely kept his mouth shut. "Food!" he cried, throwing his arms up in the air. "How does Chinese sound? I had Jarvis order a little of everything off of the menu. It should be here in about ten minutes."

"Sounds interesting," Fred said, rubbing his hands together. "Georgia and I have never had Chinese before?"

"Astounding," Tony said, studying the boys closely. "It's like you guys have stepped out of the Dark Ages or something. I only have like a million questions for you."

Harry fidgeted uncomfortably in his seat. He didn't like talking about magic with his dad, just because him and the other Avengers knew the truth, didn't mean that he now all of a sudden liked his magic.

Eyes darkening, Loki released his magic, watching as the young Mage shivered when it caressed his body. "No more fearing your magic," he hissed. "It's a gift and you will learn to respect and love it. It is every bit a part of you as your heart and soul. Now that you are healed of all your physical ailments, I will start to seriously train you. Your red haired demons, too," he added when he saw them raise their hands out of the corner of his eye. "You are too powerful to go untrained."

"I agree with Reindeer Games," Tony said, taking a seat next to his son and grabbing his cold and trembling hands. "You're magic is nothing to be ashamed of."

"But you said you hated magic!," Harry cried. "That day when I was attacked in the bathroom. You said you hated magic right before Loki healed me."

Sighing, Tony gave his son's hand a squeeze. "I didn't mean that I hated magic, I meant that I hated that crazed, psychotic, egotistical, god sitting across from us."

Grinning cheekily, Loki waved at the Mage. "Told you it was just me he hated."

"What about Clint?" Harry asked desperately. "After what Loki did, he's terrified of magic."

"It's not magic that I'm scared of," Clint said, taking a seat on the opposite side of Harry. He had entered the kitchen just a few seconds ago, long enough to hear Harry bring his name up. "I'm scared of losing control. Loki took over my mind completely and made me do horrible things. I also don't like when I can't defend myself and magic I'm pretty powerless against."

"So you don't hate me because I'm like Loki?" Harry asked in a small and vulnerable voice.

Looking at the God in question, Clint rolled his eyes and scrunched his face up. "You could never be like him. You don't have a mean bone in your body."

Relieved, Harry threw himself at the archer. After his dad, Clint had been the person he was most scared of hating him because of his magic. Everyone here meant the world to him, he couldn't handle it if they hated him.

Clint was shocked to find himself with a lap full of Stark Junior. Harry didn't like to be touched, so it was big that he was willingly hugging him. "Kid, you're as good as my nephew or little brother. I could never hate you."

Rubbing at his moist eyes, Tony mouthed 'thank you' to both Clint and Loki. What Harry needed now was a shit load of support and love from everyone in the tower. They had their work cut out for them with Harry, and that wasn't even counting the wizards that were hunting his son down, but he knew that the Avengers had both his son's and his back. The wizards would have to tear his tower down brick by brick and take out his team before getting to a his son, and if Loki couldn't beat the Avengers, then no common earth wizards could. They were an unstoppable force.