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Moaning, Harry sluggishly brought his hand up and rubbed at his throbbing head. Why did he feel as though his body weighed a ton, and why did he feel as though he had been drugged? With his eyes still shut, he scrunched his face up as he tried to recall what happened.

"He's waking?"

Hearing someone whisper, Harry turned his head towards the voice, his brain still not fully functioning nor allowing him to wake fully.

Rubbing his eyes, Fred sat up from where he had been resting his head on his brother's lap. "This is going to be bad, Georgie," he fretted. "This is going to kill him."

George nodded his head in agreement. He was not looking forward to his little soul mate waking and finding himself back at Hogwarts in the Hospital Wing. Harry was going to be absolutely devastated and it was going break his heart seeing his love in so much pain.

He had never seen Harry as happy as he had been while with his dad. There had been plenty of bumps and snags the past few weeks, but Tony and the rest of the gang had been there for Harry and had supported him through everything. For a brief time, Harry got to experience what it was like to have a loving family...to have a dad.

"We should have fought harder," Fred said, not for the first, or fifteenth time. He blamed himself for Harry being back in the wizarding world. He blamed himself for Harry being ripped from his father's loving arms.

"We did fight hard," George reassured his twin again. "Dumbledore played dirty. We knew that he wanted Harry, but we never expected that he would physically hurt Harry to get his hands back on him. There was nothing more that we could have done, he wasn't going to stop the curse until we surrendered."

Fred felt horrible, more than horrible, he felt as though he was going to be physically sick. Not only had Dumbledore hurt and kidnapped Harry, but he also oblivated Tony. He stole all of Tony's memories of Harry and he would never get them back.

"They'll come for Harry," George said with conviction. "Tony, Bruce, Steve, Nat, Clint, Thor, and Loki. They'll all come for him and they will tear this castle down brick by brick to get to him."

"They're muggles," Fred reminded. "Well except for Thor and Loki. What can muggles do against wizards and witches?"

George looked to his brother with wide, incredulous eyes. "Did you not watch the same videos as me? Did you not see the green monster that Bruce turns into? What about the fact that Tony can fly and shoot lasers? Dumbledore doesn't realize what hornets nest he has poked...the Avengers are very dangerous."

Fred rested back against his brother, he was having a harder time than George shaking off the powerful stunner that Dumbledore had hit them with. He had already been feeling weak from Harry's extreme emotions before being hit with the stunner, so that, combined with the stunner, left him feeling shaky and dizzy.

"Do we have a plan?" Fred asked weakly.

"Right now we continue to do what we have always done ever since we first laid eyes on our beautiful mate. We support Harry, give him a shoulder to cry on, we protect him to the best of our ability, but most of all, we do not allow him out of our sights for even a minute. I don't know how he's going to react when he remembers everything, but I'm terrified that he will hurt himself again."

Fred nodded his head gravely. "Loki isn't here to save him if he takes knife to his wrists again." Trying to shake the image of the love of his life bleeding to death on the bathroom floor, he looked back to his brother. "D-Do you think he will do it again?"

"I think it's a very real possibility," George answered honestly. "Harry is going to be devastated. It's like losing his father all over again, but this time having experienced what a father's love felt like. It's going to kill him."

"I use to think that Dumbledore was this great man, a bit unstable in the head, but great. Why is he doing this to Harry?"

George tossed his arm around his twin's shoulder. "I don't know. I think Dumbledore has had it in his head that Harry is the only one who can defeat Voldemort for fourteen years so he will now do anything to see it happen. He's sacrificing Harry for his 'greater good'. Harry is powerful, but he's also untrained and just a kid. He won't stand a chance against scary snake face."

Fred tensed when Harry's eyes started to flutter open. He wasn't looking forward to Harry remembering what happened. He was going to be in so much pain when it dawned on him that his father wouldn't remember their time together.


Bruce discarded the bloody towel and placed a clean one under Tony's nose. "You need to stop forcing yourself to remember, you're only hurting yourself."

"I have a son," Tony said shakily. "I have to remember him. What kind of father forgets his own damn son? Well, other than my own father that is."

"You're going to get your memories back so stop trying to force them. You're going to bleed to death if you keep this up," Bruce scolded. "Loki should be able to fix that genius brain of yours."

The left corner of Tony's mouth pulled up into a smirk. "Are you flirting with me, Dr. Banner?"

"Not now, Tony," Bruce growled. "Let's get Harry back and then we will discuss what is happening between us."

Tony's face lit up. "Is that your way of admitting that there is an us? I knew that we had a moment the other day before you left, but..."

"Focus, Tony!" Bruce huffed.

Grimacing, Tony rubbed at his head. "I'm sorry, I'm just really having a hard time staying focused. My brain feel like mush."

Smirking, Clint turned to Natasha and held out his hand. Sighing, Natasha reached in her pocket and pulled out two fifty dollar bills then slapped them hard in Clint's hand.

"Told you there was something going on between them," Clint crowed triumphantly as he pocketed his winnings.

"I thought Banner was smart enough to know not to get mixed up with Stark," Natasha grumbled. "Though, the picture I'm getting in my head of the two of them together is pretty damn hot."

Having had enough of being fussed over, Tony snatched the bloody rag from Bruce then jumped to his feet. "Jarvis, replay the encounter earlier with the two wizards." He needed to know exactly what happened, but most of all, he needed to see his son...the son that he couldn't remember. He never wanted to be a father, but now he felt like he was going to drown without the son that he had no memory of. It was strange, he couldn't remember his boy, but he could feel him in his heart.

The team, with the exception of Thor and Loki who they were hoping got the message that they were urgently needed, watched the footage of the confrontation earlier that day. Inhaling sharply, Tony touched the projection of his son, a soft whimper coming from his throat.

"I remember him, but I don't remember him," Tony said, his eyes glued to the image of his son. "It's more like my heart remembers him even though my brain doesn't."

Bruce tossed another clean towel at Tony, his nose bleed getting worse. It would be a waste of his breath and energy to tell the man to stop trying to force himself to remember, he knew that the stubborn fool wouldn't listen to him. Not that he could blame him, he would be doing the same if his memories of Harry had been erased.

"We're going to get him back, Tony," Bruce reassured. And he was going to personally take down Mr. Greasy Big Nose for taking Tony's memories.

Natasha watched the events is disgust. "He's supposed to be the good guy, the light lord, yet Dumbledore held Harry under that curse that caused him pain just to get his way. He doesn't care about Harry or his greater good, all he cares about is that he is right and that events happen the way he has planned them."

"Like a chess master," Clint said thoughtfully. "As far as he's concerned Harry is the only one who can defeat the bad wizard so he will stop at nothing to get Harry back under his control so he will sacrifice himself. The man had Harry's future planned out for him ever since he was a baby."

Tony rubbed tiredly at his face. His head was a mess and he felt sick to his stomach, but that was the least of his problems. He had to rescue his son. "Get ready, we leave in an hour!" he ordered briskly, turning to head to his workshop.

"Ah, Tony, we don't exactly know where we're going," Steve pointed out.

Ignoring the Captain, Tony continued to his workshop to get everything he needed. He was prepared to tear the wizarding world apart and expose them in order to get his son back. Nothing was going to stop him from saving his son...not even his lack of memory of him.


Remus came crashing into the kitchen, his face a sickly pale. "They got him!"

Sirius set the cup of coffee down that he was getting ready to drink. "Damn, Moony, you look like shit. Who got who?"

"Dumbledore," Remus growled. "Dumbledore found Harry and forced him back. Arthur just floo'd, he's on his way to Hogwarts, it seems Fred and George have been with Harry, not at their friend's."

"Shit!" Sirius cursed, clambering to his feet. This was bad. He was positive that Harry didn't return on his own, not after everything Kingsley had told them about Harry's past and about his biological dad.

"Sirius, maybe you shouldn't..."

"Don't finish that sentence, Remus!" Sirius snapped. "I have failed my godson enough. No more!"

"At least go as Padfoot," Remus suggested. "We haven't heard back from Amelia and you don't know who will be at the school."

Despite his top lip curling back into a snarl, Sirius quickly shifted. He couldn't wait to be a free man again, he loved being Paddy, but his godson needed Lord Sirius Black, not a damn dog.


George took Harry's hand into his and gave it a gentle squeeze. "Easy, Harry, Fred and I are here."

Moaning, Harry slowly opened his eyes. "G-George." Grimacing, he rubbed at his sore throat. "What...what's going on?"

"It never ceases to amaze me how you can tell us apart," George said, plastering a fake smile on his face.

Eyebrows drawing together in confusion, Harry looked past George, his eyes going impossibly wide when he recognized Hogwarts hospital wing. "No! No! No!" he cried brokenly. "Please no!"

Fred couldn't stop tears from falling from his eyes as Harry's pain tore at his heart. "It's going to be ok, Harry," he tried to reassure weakly.

A loud sob tore its way out of Harry's raw throat. He was back! He was back at Hogwarts and Snape had oblivated his dad. Rolling onto his side away from Fred and George, he curled up into a tight ball and started sobbing.

George curled up on the bed behind his mate and pulled him back against his muscular chest. "Stay with us, Harry. Please don't lose yourself and hurt yourself again. You have Freddy and myself and we will get you back to your dad. Promise!"

"Please don't try to leave us again," Fred pleaded desperately. "Your dad is the toughest and smartest muggle that I have ever met...he will come for you."

"How?" Harry howled brokenly. "Snape oblivated him."

"Are you forgetting Loki?" George asked. "I know everything seems dark right now, but I promise that it will work out."

Sniffling, Harry turned towards George, his face red and his eyes swollen. "D-Do you think that Loki can reverse the oblivate?"

George didn't want to give his love false hope, but he couldn't bare to see Harry hurting. "You heard Loki on more than one occasion..."

"More like on more than a hundred occasions...a day," Fred snorted.

"He's a powerful god who can do anything. Mortals should bow before him and kiss his bare feet."

Harry tried to smile, but his heart hurt so bad that he was having a hard time just breathing. "I was so happy, George. For the first time in my life I was truly happy and loved. Why does Dumbledore hate me so much?"

"I wish I could answer that for you, Harry, but I can't. Know this though, both Fred and I love you and have loved you for a very, very long time."

"Since the first time we laid eyes on you," Fred winked. "You were just a tiny, bespectacled little thing who looked scared and overwhelmed on the Hogwarts Express, but we knew immediately that you were the only one for us."

Harry's muddled brain was having a hard time processing the twins words. What were they trying to say? "I-I don't understand," he said in a small and confused voice.

George lovingly cupped Harry's cheek. "Do we have to spell it out for you?"

Fred leaned over his brother's back and ran his finger down Harry nose, chuckling when the smaller boy went crosseyed. "I think we do, Georgie. Harry is brilliant, but he is a Gryffindor and Gryffindor's can be a bit thick."

"You're a Gryffindor," Harry reminded weakly, his pulse starting to race. He had never seen Fred and George look at him with such longing...with such intensity.

"Yes, but we should have been Slytherins," Fred admitted. "I think by time we came around the Sorting Hat just tossed us in Gryffindor only because we were Weasleys."

"There has never been a Weasley who wasn't in Gryffindor," George grinned. "But you have to admit, we are more Slytherin than Gryffindor."

Harry eyes darted back and forth between Fred and George's matching faces. "I'm confused," he whined.

"It looks as though we do have to spell it out for him, brother of mine," George sighed dramatically.

Pursing his lips, Fred nodded his head. "I guess we do. How many times do we have to tell our thick little Gryffindor that we are in love with him?"

"And not in a brotherly way," George quickly added when Harry went to open his mouth.

Fred shook his head no. "Indeed not in a brotherly way. Ron is my brother and I love him like a brother, but you, Harry, I want to snog the life out of you."

George wagged his bushy orange eyebrows up and down. "We are soul mates, Harry, even Loki said so."

"Not that we needed a snarky god to tell us that. We have been in love with you ever since we laid eyes on you."

Harry started to slowly shake his head no. "You-You can't love me...you can't. I'm no good. You deserve..."

George silenced his little love by giving him a very quick peck on the lips. It was so quick that for a second Harry thought that he imagined it. George had kissed him before, on the head or the cheeks, but he had never kissed him on the lips like that.

"No, we don't deserve you," George admitted, "but that's only because you are way too good for us."

"We are pranksters, mischief makers to the extreme," Fred added with a smirk, "but you are compassionate, caring, as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside...you are our everything, Harry James Potter. Please don't tell us that you're not good enough for us, it hurts us when you put yourself down."

Harry could feel himself start to hyperventilate. He had been in love with the twins for years, but he knew that he would never be good enough, never be clean enough, to be with them. He was damaged beyond repair and they deserved someone as fun loving and as full of life as them.

They didn't know. Fred and George didn't know that he was a dirty slut who had been sucking cock and taking it up the ass since he had been six years old.

Feeling his stomach lurch, Harry rolled to the opposite side of the bed and started to violently throw up. He didn't want to tell Fred and George about his uncle and the other men. They would leave him, and he didn't think he could function without them. He had already lost his dad and Bruce, he couldn't lose the twins too. He had a terrible feeling that they had suspected what had happened to him, that he had been sexually abused, but as long as they were just friends he hadn't been too worried about it.

"That's not the reaction that I had been hoping for," George frowned.

"We shouldn't have sprung this on him," Fred fretted as he rubbed Harry's back with one hand and held his hair out of the way with the other.

George agreed with his brother, he had just wanted Harry to realize that he was wanted and loved by more than just his father. He didn't want Harry to feel that he had nothing left to live for.

Madam Pomfrey came bustling into the room with an angry scowl on her face. "You were not to upset him," she snapped. "I only let the two of you stay because I had thought that you would keep him calm."

"Keep him calm!" Fred snapped. "He was just ripped away from his loving father, how the hell were we supposed to keep him calm after that?"

"You have a point," Madam Pomfrey conceded. She had been horrified when Albus had brought one of her favorite patients in suffering from a horrible curse...a curse that was very similar to the Cruciatus Curse. She had been even more horrified when she learned that it had been Albus himself who had held the boy under the curse for a dangerous amount of time.

Madam Pomfrey went to grab Harry's shoulder so she could ease him back onto the bed and give him a calming drought, when George grabbed her by the wrist. "Mr. Weasley?"

"Unless you want his magic to lash out and send you flying across the room, I wouldn't touch him when he's like this," George warned, holding his hand out for the potion.

Pursing her lips, Madam Pomfrey reluctantly handed the potion over. She didn't like others, especially kids, telling her how to do her job, but she knew that the terror twins were extremely close to Harry and were better able to help him. The kids in this school thought her stupid, thought that she didn't know when they snuck into her hospital wing at all hours of the night to visit their friends or to try to knick potions, but she always knew. The Weasley twins had been sneaking in to be with young Harry ever since his first visit to her, but she never sent them packing because the medical wards she placed on him showed that their presence helped keep him calm.

Fred climbed up onto the bed and rested his back against the headboard. Nodding his head, he took the potion from his twin and popped the cork out.

"Alright, love, let us take care of you," George soothed and he slowly started to pull Harry back from the edge of the bed. He was no longer vomiting, but he was trembling horribly and sobbing. "It's just the handsome duo of Fred and George here to make you feel better."

Feeling numb, Harry allowed George to sit him up and rearrange him so he was resting his back against Fred's chest. This was normal, this was what he was use to. Fred and George had been taking care of him like this for years...this was what he needed.

Fred wrapped his right arm around Harry's chest and rested his palm over his racing heart. With his other hand, he held the potion to his mate's pale lips. "Please drink this, Harry."

Crying, Harry turned his head away from the potion. "I'm not good. I'm not clean. I love you, but you deserve better."

Fred's heart soared at hearing Harry proclaim that he loved him, but it was also breaking into a million pieces at feeling how much pain Harry was in. "Our noble little mate," he whispered soothingly in his ear. "Georgie and I are stubborn asses, you won't be able to get rid of us that easily. Take the calming drought so we can put our heads together and come up with a plan on how to get the hell out of here. Tony would want you to stay strong and to fight until he could get to you."

Going limp, Harry gave in and allowed Fred to tip the putrid potion into his mouth. Fred was right, his dad wouldn't want him to give up, he would want him to do whatever he had to do to in order get back to him.

Was it worth it though if his dad would never remember him again?

"Mr. Potter, how are you feeling now?" Madam Pomfrey asked.

Harry opened his mouth to respond how he always responded when asked that question, with his typical, fine, but instead, "mad" came out. After a minute of processing what he said, his eyes narrowed and he looked up at the nurse. "Who the hell does Dumbledore think he is taking me away from my dad? What right did he have to do that?"

Madam Pomfrey was a bit taken aback by the fierce look in her young charge's eyes. She had also never heard Harry curse before. That look alone spoke of how badly Albus messed up. The old fool may not know it yet, but he lost the Potter boy.

Fred squeezed his love just a little tighter and whispered in his ear when he felt his mate's magic react to his fear and anger. "Easy, love, save it for Dumbledore and Snape. Madam Pomfrey is only trying to help you. Whatever that curse was Dumbledore held under was pretty nasty."

Harry took a couple of deep breaths and gave Madam Pomfrey a weak smile. "Honestly, I feel like shit and everything hurts...even my hair."

"Well that's a first," Madam Pomfrey grinned. "My most frequent patient actually admitting that he is pain." Fondly shaking her head, she handed the Weasley boy, she wasn't sure which one it was on the bed with Potter, a pain potion.

Making a god awful face, Harry swallowed the potion after Fred uncorked it, then he gingerly sat up. What was he going to do now? Would Bruce and the rest of the gang be able to help his dad remember him when they got home? Could Loki reverse the oblivate?

"Can I go now?" Harry asked hopefully. He needed to go, he needed to do something. He needed to hide from the voice in his head that was screaming at him to cut himself. All he really wanted to do was cut himself then curl up in a ball and die. Magic had taken his dad and Lily away from him, magic had taken any love the Dursleys could have had for him away from him, and now magic had taken his dad Tony away from him.

"Don't, Harry," Fred whimpered. The despair and hopelessness rolling off of his mate was physically hurting him.

"The Headmaster doesn't want you to leave," Madam Pomfrey tried to explain gently.

"Fuck Dumbledore!" Harry roared, his face turning purple. "He took everything away from me! He took away my dad, the only person to ever love me. I want nothing to do with the bastard."

"Just let us know how you feel, Harry," George chuckled nervously. "Don't hold anything back."

Taking a deep breath, Madam Pomfrey inclined her heard. She didn't agree with what the Headmaster was doing, it was cruel to Harry to take away the father that he had always dreamt of having. "The Headmaster ordered me to keep you here and in bed, but I all of a sudden have the need to use the bathroom. Excuse me, gentlemen."

George counted to fifty after Madam Pomfrey purposely left them alone before ripping the blanket off of Harry. "I always liked that witch," he chuckled. "I believe that she was a Slytherin. So, where are we going, lovely Harry?"

Harry quickly scrambled out of bed, but his legs gave out on him the second his feet hit the cold stone floor.

George was quick to react, catching Harry and easily scooping him up. "If you wanted to be in my arms, doll, all you had to do was say so," he winked.

Blushing, Harry gave a half hearted struggle to get down. He was embarrassed to have George holding him as though he was a girl, but he also felt safe and cared for in his arms. "I can walk you know?"

"No, I don't know," George snickered. "Now tell me, where are we going?"

Harry looked around the room as though he was expecting the answer to just pop out. "Home," he said brokenly. That was the only place he wanted to go...he wanted his dad.

George closed his eyes against the pain that that one word out of Harry's mouth caused, and he wasn't even an empathy like his twin. "That's going to be one hell of a broom ride," he said, trying to lighten the mood.

"Back to Sirius'?" Fred suggested. He was still feeling lightheaded and a bit unsteady on his feet, but it wasn't anything that he couldn't deal with. He would do anything for Harry.

"Nah, we can't," George frowned. "It's under the Fidelius Charm, remember?"

"Right," Fred sighed. "We could take the secret passageway to the Three Broomsticks then floo to Lee's."

"Or you can return Mr. Potter to his bed," Dumbledore ordered, the twinkling in his eyes missing.

Harry didn't know if he wanted to run and hide, or fly out of George's arms and attack the man that destroyed his life. Albus Dumbledore was supposed to be this great, good wizard, but he was no better than Voldemort as far as he was concerned.

"Headmaster," George said tightly, "I was just going to escort Harry here to Gryffindor Tower."

"It's summer vacation, Mr. Weasley, the tower is closed. Please return Harry to his bed, he's not yet healed enough to be up and about."

"Yeah, thanks to you," Fred mumbled.

George didn't return Harry to his bed, but held him tighter. "Why won't you let Harry be happy?"

"It's not that simple," Dumbledore sighed sadly. "There are things you don't know. Things you won't und..."

"Then tell me!" Harry cried as he struggled to get out of George's arms. He was still weak and unsteady on his feet, but he was also no damsel that needed to be held and rescued. "Tell me what I don't know or what I won't understand," he demanded.

Dumbledore was a bit taken aback by the anger in Harry's voice, the boy had always been on the quiet and meek side. "My boy, please understand and..."

"I'm not your boy!" Harry hissed. "I'm not your anything. You had no right to kidnap me from my father."

"Now, my bo...Harry," Dumbledore corrected. "I had every right to remove you. Not only do we not know for certain if that muggle is your father, but I am also your magical guardian. You're place is here in the wizarding world, not in muggle New York City."

"Oh, so now my place is in the wizarding world!" Harry spat. "I grew up in the muggle world being raised by muggles who despised magic and beat me for it everyday. When I came to you at the end of my first year begging to stay, you smiled at me with those damn creepy, twinkling eyes of yours and you happily shipped me back to my muggle relatives. Now though, when it's convenient for you, my place is here in the wizarding world. Well fuck you!"

"Mr. Potter," Dumbledore scolded, completely in shock over the young boy's language. "You will not talk to me like that. You will show me some respect!"

"Respect!" Harry laughed madly. "You held me under a curse that hurt as bad as the Cruciotus Curse while your lap dog oblivated my father. I will never, ever again respect you. You're no better than Voldemort!"

Fred and George exchanged looks, they had never seen Harry this angry before. His magic was so thick in the air that they could taste it. They also noticed that Harry's magic felt different, it felt more like Loki's.

"I'm sorry that you feel that way," Dumbledore said sadly. "But I must do what I must for the greater good. You, Harry, are the only one who can defeat the Dark Lord, it is your destiny."

"My destiny!" Harry spat. "Fuck you and your greater good, and fuck my supposed destiny. You must truly be mad if you think that I will fight for you after what you did? I don't care about you, your greater good, or the wizarding world. Voldemort can have it for all I care. The wizarding world never did anything for me, why should I sacrifice myself for it?"

Dumbledore was shocked over what was coming out of Harry Potter's mouth. He was even more shocked over the foreign magic that was pouring off of him. Harry's magic had always felt a bit different, but now it was almost unrecognizable. "What has been done to you, my dear boy?" he asked softly in bewilderment. "This isn't the Harry Potter I have known for the past four years speaking. This isn't James and Lily's boy."

Hiding his trembling hands behind his back, Harry shook his head no. "You're right, I'm not James and Lily's boy, I'm James and Tony Stark's boy. I am, Headmaster, what you made me. You left me with muggles knowing that I wouldn't be loved and probably knowing that I would be abused."

"Every year you set me up to test me, to see if I was strong enough and smart enough to defeat Voldemort."

Laughing humorlessly, Harry looked at the Headmaster's with dead eyes. "I'm not the same boy who left here the end of term, that boy died. That boy was desperate for love and approval from the wizarding world and would have done anything for them. That boy had been physically, mentally and sexually abused by his relatives for as far back as he could remember. That boy wore one hell of a mask so everyone around him couldn't see how much pain he was in. That's the boy you knew for four years, Headmaster, and I'm sorry to tell you this, but he died the day he slit his wrists on the bathroom floor and bled to death."

"Harry," George whispered, reaching out to take his mate's trembling hand. "You don't have to tell him anything."

Harry smiled warmly up at George. "You're right, I don't, that's why I'm going to show him." Not knowing how he did it the first time with Loki, and not knowing if it would even work, Harry turned to Dumbledore and pushing as hard as he could with his magic into the old man's head. He wanted him to see...he wanted him to see everything. He wanted him to see the neglect, the abuse, the starving, the hate, the rapes he endured at the hands of countless men, all the times he cut himself, all he had suffered while attending Hogwarts, him finding that he had a biological father and the family that he found in the Avengers, all the highs and lows that he went through while in America, and finally, he showed him how he took a knife to his wrists and cut deep enough to end his life...deep enough that there would have been no saving him had Loki not been there."

Dumbledore fell to his knees when Harry brutally tore through his mind shields, ripping them apart as though they were nothing more than thin tissues. Images started to fly at him...images that you would expect to see at a Death Eater party, not at a home of muggles in a nice suburban neighborhood.

He wanted to yell, to beg for Harry to stop, but he was powerless against the boy's magic and all he could do was watch...watch and live the life that he had condemned the poor boy to.

Severus rushed to the Potter brat to break the connection, but with a triumphant smirk, one of the Weasley twins erected a shield around Harry, himself, and his identical partner in crime. "Potter, stop!" he ordered. "You're going to kill him."

Harry was too far gone, he couldn't see or hear anything that was going on around him, all he could see and hear where the images he was forcing his Headmaster to watch. For the first time he truly wanted to hurt someone, to make them suffer as he had suffered. Albus Dumbledore had left him with those monsters, monsters that he wasn't even biologically related to, and he never once checked in on him.

He was no longer the stupid, naive, little boy that stepped off the Hogwarts Express at the age of eleven all wide eyed and in awe of the new and magical world he had found himself in. He knew now that Dumbledore had planned out his life, from being neglected, to defeating Voldemort. Dumbledore wouldn't have been able to mold him into the perfect, little, sacrificing weapon had he grown up loved and pampered. No, Dumbledore needed him to be starved for positive attention so he could mold him into the savior that the wizarding world needed and the savior who would willingly give his life for them.

George caught Harry when his knees gave out on him. Blood dripping from his nose, his eyes rolled to the back of his head and Harry started seizing.

Dumbledore couldn't breath, it felt as though his heart was being squeezed and his lungs refused to work. Head clearing from the mind rape he had just experienced, he looked down to see blood coating his beard. Vision fading, he slumped to his side and passed out.

"Severus, you see to Harry," Madam Pomfrey barked. Out of the two, Dumbledore looked to be in worse shape, she could see his face turning blue from a distance.

"The brat did this, he deserves to suffer," Severus growled, refusing to help Potter.

"Dammit, Severus. Now!" Madam Pomfrey ordered. She could only see to one and they both needed help, Harry was seizing and Dumbledore wasn't breathing.

Top lip curling back in his disgust at Snape seeing to his mate, George dropped the shield and let the bastard pass. He didn't know what was wrong with Harry, but he knew that he needed help.


"The brat should be arrested for using Legilimency against the Headmaster," Severus spat. "That was the most brutal attack I have ever witnessed."

"Oh, like you haven't walked through students minds against their will, Severus," Professor McGonagall snapped in disgust.

"I never gave them a heart attack!" Severus growled. "He almost killed Albus."

"And Albus had it coming to him," Professor McGonagall cried. "He cursed Potter, had you erase his father's memories, then he kidnapped Potter and drug him back here against his will. Do I even have to bring up him leaving Harry with those dreadful muggles all those years ago? I told him then that they were the worst sort, but he wouldn't listen to me. Albus is not innocent in this."

"You don't know the half of it," Fred mumbled from where he was standing protectively at Harry's bedside with his twin.

"Then tell us," Professor McGonagall cried in exasperation. "I can't help if I don't know all the details."

Shaking his head, Fred turned his back on the woman. "You can't help anyway."

"Not that you would," George added.

"And just what is that supposed to me, Mr. Weasley?" Professor McGonagall cried in a thick Scottish accent that tended to get thicker the angrier she got.

"It doesn't matter," George grumbled. "This will all be over soon."

Minerva threw her hands up in the air in frustration. "Fine, don't tell me anything." Turning back to the man unconscious on the bad, she pursed her lips tightly. "Will he survive?"

"He was very lucky," Madam Pomfrey admitted. "Had this happened anywhere but here, in my Hospital Wing, he would have died. I don't know what Potter showed him, but it was bad enough to give him a heart attack."

"And Harry?" Fred asked nervously.

"He's exhausted his core." Madam Pomfrey explained. "He wasn't yet healed from the curse that the Headmaster put him under when he pulled this little stunt. He'll be fine after he sleeps and eats something."

Sighing, Professor McGonagall pinched the bridge of her nose. "Why don't we all get some rest. Boys, I think it's time you return home."

"Like hell!" George spat, crossing his arms over his chest and glaring defiantly at his Head of House.

Fred mimicked his twin's posture. "We won't be leaving Harry's side so don't even try to make us. He's our responsibility until his father gets here."

"His father is a worthless muggle who has no memory of him," Severus taunted. "He won't be coming for the brat."

George couldn't help laughing. "Oh, you have no idea what's coming, but you will be finding out soon enough how worthless Tony Stark is."

Severus didn't understand why the Weasley brat's warning sent a shiver of dread down his spine. His words, combined with the muggle's before he oblivated him and the look in his eyes, left him feeling strangely unsettled. The man was just a muggle, why would he fear him?