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Face in a sneer, Severus looked down his long hooked nose at the man claiming to be the god Loki. "Do you honestly expect us to believe that you are Loki, the god of mischief?" He scoffed. "You're just another one of Black's pranks."

Eyes gleaming, Loki gave the greasy man a slow smile. Yes, this was the bastard that took Stark's memories, he recognized the magic. Like the man, his magic had a greasy, disgusting film to it. He was decently powerful, not as powerful as the crazed old man, but he was more powerful than the other three adult men in the room. Though, the man in tattered robes felt curious to him and he was anxious to feel out his magic more. He wasn't certain, but the man didn't feel entirely human to him...there was a wildness to him.

Dumbledore's eyes flickered to his professor and right hand man. "Severus, can't you feel his magic? His magic is unlike anything I have ever felt before. He's not of this world."

Hearing the excitement in his headmaster's voice disgusted Harry. Even if he believed the prophecy, he wouldn't want to help just because Dumbledore was a selfish, self-centered dick. The man basically admitted to sitting back and watching as innocent people were tortured and murdered all because he believed in a prophecy. All because he believed that he was the only one who could defeat Voldemort. He wouldn't be surprised if Dumbledore had led Voldemort to his parents house that Halloween night.

"I can see why, my little mage, you wish to never return to this school and these people." Loki said silkily. "They are not worthy of you. You are so much more than them, so much more powerful."

"Potter!" Severus spat in disgust. "Potter is a below average student who is only getting by on his fame. He is nothing...just like his father!"

Loki's eyes narrowed in anger. "You better watch, mortal scum, how you talk about my mage...my blood. I am not the type of god you want to piss off."

"I would heed his warning, professor." George warned. "That really is Loki."

"And if you think our pranks our bad." Fred added. "Just wait until you see what kind of pranks he can do. He is the king of pranks."

"King!" Loki scoffed. "I am a god, not a king. Have you learned nothing from me, my flame haired minion?"

Arthur turned to look at his son in disbelief. "You personally know Loki?" He asked in awe and fear.

Grinning sheepishly, Fred rubbed the back of his neck. "Uhm, yeah, Loki kind of took George and I under his wing. We have a lot in common."

Harry made a loud snorting noise. "Kind of! The three of you have reeked havoc on the tower. Clint has threatened to put a bolt between your eyes the next time you play a prank on him, and I believe that he will actually do it."

"You would think a man as obsessed with birds as he is would enjoy squawking like a bird for twenty four hours." George pointed out innocently.

"Thought we were doing him a favor." Fred mock pouted.

Groaning, Arthur rubbed tiredly at his face. "Just wait until your mother hears who you have been hanging out with. She can't blame me for this, her brothers were almost as bad as the two of you. This is her blood's doing, not mine. Weasleys have always walked the straight and narrow."

"Well, that explains Percy." George snorted.

Severus didn't know what to believe. He had enjoyed reading Norse mythology as a kid, and he had read all about Loki, but Loki was just that...a myth. Dumbledore had a point though, the man professing to be the god Loki was extremely powerful and he had never felt magic like his before. Still, even if he was Loki, there was no way the brat Potter was related to him.

"Are you really Loki?" Sirius asked skeptically. Kingsley had told him that Harry's dad was in tight with two gods, but it was still hard to believe.

"Are you really an idiot?" Loki shot back.

For the first time since Dumbledore kidnapped him from his dad, Harry started laughing. He didn't even think what Loki said was that funny, he was just relieved and happy that his dad remembered him and was on his way to help him. He was flying all the way from America and was planning on taking on the Wizarding World just for him. Knowing that he was loved so much felt...well, there wasn't a word to describe how he felt.

"It wasn't that funny." Sirius protested childishly.

Ignoring his godfather, Harry turned back to Loki. "So what now? What's the plan?"

Dumbledore cleared his throat. "The plan hasn't changed, my boy. You will remain here, return to school for your fifth year, learn magic, then fight Voldemort when the time comes. Only now you will have Loki at your side."

Loki shook his head in disbelief. "Are all mortals this stupid? Does he have something wrong with his brain, is that why he isn't comprehending anything? Does he have one of those old people diseases where they forget stuff? We don't have illnesses like that on Asgard."

"No old people diseases for him, he just thinks he's a god too." Harry said. "He thinks he knows all and sees all, and he's never, ever wrong. Even now knowing what he knows of my childhood, he doesn't feel true regret. He feels bad that I was abused and molested, but he would do it over again if he had the chance to turn back time. The only thing he would do different is make sure that I never found out about my dad."

"That's not true, my boy." Dumbledore said gravely. "Had I know I would have removed you immediately."

Loki was watching the man's facial expressions as he talked and reading his magic. It was impossible for mortals to lie to him, especially magic users. Mortals may lie, but magic never does. "Which is why you never allowed him to tell you about the abuse." He pointed out knowingly. "You would always cut him off and send him on his way. As long as you didn't hear the words, then in your book it didn't happen."

Furious, Sirius turned to Dumbledore. "You bastard!" He roared. "You knew, didn't you? You knew Harry was being hurt."

Severus took a step back from his mentor. "You told me you had placed wards around the home to alert you if Harry was sick or hurt."

"I-I didn't want you to worry, Severus. I knew how much you loved Lily and how badly you were grieving her death. I had assumed that Harry would be safe with his aunt and uncle so I didn't bother with the monitoring wards. I did have Mrs. Figg watching over him though. She would have notified me immediately if there had been a problem."

Harry couldn't believe it. Each time Dumbledore opened his mouth another lie or deception was discovered. "Crazy Mrs. Figg? Cat loving, crazy Mrs. Figg was working for you? The only thing Mrs. Figg was aware of or could be bothered with were her damn cats. Vernon could have fucked me on her front lawn and she wouldn't have noticed."

Harry's eyes widened and his heart stopped beating when it dawned on him what he said. Looking around the room, his stomach turned when he saw the looks of horror on Sirius', Remus', and Mr. Weasley's faces. He knew that Fred and George pretty much knew what happened to him, but he still never talked about it with them.

"Oh, Harry." Arthur whimpered, all color draining from his face. This was the secret that Remus couldn't tell him earlier. Harry had not only been physically abused, but he had also been sexually abused.

Shaking his head, Harry looked pleadingly to Loki. The last thing he wanted was to talk about what happened to him, especially not with Mr. Weasley. "My dad?" He asked desperately.

Loki let his magic flood the room, it was a warning to all to not pressure his mage into talking about his past. "Well, child, I could easily annihilate the old man and big nosed pet, but then I would be taking all the fun away from your dad. He missed out on getting his revenge on the fat whale, I'm not going to let him miss out on getting revenge on these two. They walked into your father's home, a home that he tried to make safe for you, they attacked him, tortured you, erased his memories of you, then kidnapped you. He needs to get his payback."

Harry exhaled loudly as he brought a trembling hand up to rub his eyes. "I'm so damn tired. I just want this to end. I want to go home and never lay eyes on Dumbledore or Voldemort again. Why me? When does it stop?" He was losing steam fast, his adrenaline wearing out. He had been so mad and scared that all he wanted to do was lash out and hurt someone, but now all he wanted to do was crawl in a hole and cry. He wanted his dad, but at least he had Loki. They may have gotten off to a rough start, but he now trusted the trickster. Loki had saved his life after all...even before he knew that they were family.

Dumbledore didn't know what he was going to do. Somehow he had lost control of the situation and control of Harry. He honestly never meant for the boy to be hurt so badly, he had just wanted him to be desperate for approval and love. He needed Harry to be willing to sacrifice himself for those he cared about, to become a hero. He didn't want the boy to die when facing the Dark Lord, he just wanted him willing to do anything to defeat him, even give his life if needed.

As much as having Loki on their side was a bonus, it was also a hinderance. Loki's presence made Harry bolder, more confident. Harry Potter three months ago would have never stood up to him and talked back. Harry Potter three months ago was meek and malleable. He wasn't sure how to handle this Harry Potter. How to manipulate him.

"I think." Dumbledore started off wearily. "That we all need to step back, take a breather, and reevaluate everything. I'm not the bad guy here, Voldemort is. I know you're upset with me now, Harry, but I have only been acting in the best interest of the greater good. I think of you as a grandson, your happiness means the world to me."

Fred brought his hand up to his mouth and pretended to cough. "Bullshit."

Harry walked to the bed and slumped down. "Just, no more. I'm tired of talking and lies. There is nothing you can say or do that will make me change my mind. I'm not remaining in the Wizarding World and I'm not fighting Voldemort. You're powerful, headmaster, and the ministry is full of trained aurors. It's their job to handle dark wizards, not mine. I'm just going to sit here and wait for my dad to come and kick your ass. You messed with the wrong damn muggle."


Bruce was getting concerned over Tony's continuing silence. Ever since they boarded the plane, the normally talkative and smart ass genius, had barely said two words. He knew he had a lot on his mind, but a quiet Tony Stark was scary. God only knew what was brewing in his amazing mind of his.

"Am I the only one here who still finds it odd that we are trusting Loki?" Clint asked from where he was laying sprawled out on a leather couch. It was good traveling on a private jet.

Natasha grunted in agreement. "Weren't we trying to kill him a year ago?"

Thor looked up from the Rubix Cube he had been frustratingly trying to solve. "That was not my brother. Well, not fully him anyway. He was being controlled by a being much more powerful than him."

"Yeah, that still doesn't excuse him." Clint snarked back. "Are you telling me that your brother doesn't have a dark streak, doesn't dream of universal domination? Are you trying to tell me that he didn't play mean pranks on you when you were growing up?"

Thor frowned. "Well, Loki has always been high spirited, and his childhood pranks were nothing more than him showing off his magical skills. Loki didn't have it easy growing up on Asgard, everyone treated him differently and mocked him. He wasn't like our father or myself. He wasn't a warrior. His strength lies in his magic and cunning, not in his fists."

"He saved my son's life." Tony spoke softly, the first words out of his mouth in over two hours. "He also returned my memories. We all have done things that we regret, Loki is no different. Yes he has killed innocents, but who here hasn't? I created war weapons...weapons that killed thousands of people. I'm no saint, not even close to it."

"Are you defending Loki?"

Tony lifted his drink and allowed the liquor to burn his throat before answering Legalos. "I'm not defending Loki, I'm just stating facts. I wouldn't trust Loki with the remote to my tv, but I do trust him with my son's life."

"It's pretty amazing how much one small boy has changed us all, Loki included." Bruce pointed out.

"Changed us all for the better." Tony added wistfully. For the past two hours he had been mentally replaying and savoring every memory he had of his son, even the not so good ones. He would gladly take bad memories of his son over no memories at all. Not that he had a lot of bad memories of Harry. By bad memories he meant those of Harry when he thought he was dying from blood poisoning, learning of his abuse and sexual assaults, and finding him bleeding to death on the bathroom floor. There were more, but those were the worst.

"I knew he was your son the second I saw his face." Bruce grinned. "I didn't need the DNA tests to prove it. I was prepared to lie, to say that he was yours in order to get him away from those vile people claiming to be his relatives, but the second he removed his hoodie I knew I wouldn't have to. Even Pepper knew he was yours before the tests confirmed it."

Tony grinned when he thought back to his first encounter with his son. "I thought I was looking at my past self when I first saw him walking into my kitchen. I never wanted kids, the thought of them actually turned my stomach, but the second it sunk in that he was my son, I wanted him more than anything I have ever wanted before. I was scared, but I wanted him and I wanted to protect him and make him happy."

"I thought you'd fuck up." Natasha admitted without shame. "You were the last person I would ever expect to be a good father, but you proved me wrong. Being Harry's father hasn't been easy, he came with a shit ton load of bad baggage, but you have stood by his side without stumbling or faltering. It pains me to admit this, but Harry couldn't ask for a better father."

Bruce chuckled at the dumbfounded look on Tony's face. "I had my doubts too, but seeing you with Harry..."

"Turns you on?" Clint interrupted with a cocky grin.

Bruce glared at Clint while Tony gave him a wink. Bruce really was falling hard for Tony, and it was pretty much true, he never would have developed feelings for Tony if it hadn't been for Harry. Harry brought out a Tony Stark that he didn't know existed, a Tony Stark that did turn him on. Who knew that daddy Tony would be his weakness?

With a loud growl, Thor crushed the Rubix Cube in his large fist. "Stupid, impossible, demon created game!"


Loki was amazed and in awe. With childlike excitement on his face, he looked down at the small creature. "Do the finger snap thing again."

Dobby's ears started vibrating. "But great, master Loki sir, Dobby is already doing it thirteen times."

"Please, just once more." Loki begged excitedly.

From his bed where he was eating his dinner, Harry couldn't stifle his giggle. "It's alright, Dobby, Loki has just never seen a house elf before. Just humor him one more time."

"Your magic is so fascinating." Loki grinned. "I'm trying to figure out how it works, but it's unlike any magic I have ever encountered before.".

"That is because you is not being a house elf like Dobby, great sir." Dobby squeaked. "House elves have special magic." With a snap of his fingers, Dobby made the chair that the strange god was sitting on disappear. With another finger snap, he made the chair reappear on a bed across the room.

"Fantastic!" Loki crowed from where he was sprawled out on the stone floor. "I need to get me a house elf."

With a loud squeak, Dobby disappeared.

"I think you freaked Dobby out." Harry chuckled. "And that's saying something seeing as Dobby isn't exactly right in the head."

Getting to his feet and dusting his clothes off, Loki conjured another chair to sit on. "I never realized that Midgard had such fascinating creatures. The scruffy man from earlier, where did he go? I wanted to ask him about his magic?"

"Scruffy man from earlier?"

"Yes, the man that was here earlier in ratty robes."

"I think he means Remus." Fred pointed out.

Loki tilted his head back and started chuckling. "I get it now...Remus. I wonder, was he named that before, of after?"

"I'm feeling confused again." Harry pouted. "What are you talking about?"

"This Remus fellow, he's a werewolf, correct?"

Harry nodded his head. "How did you know?"

"It was his magic, though I hadn't realized it until you said his name was Remus. I knew there was something not human about him, something wild, but I have never met a werewolf from Midgard before so I didn't recognize that he suffered from lycanthropy."

Harry shrugged his shoulders. "What does that have to do with his name?"

"Do you know the story of Remus and Romulus?"

Harry thought that the names sounded familiar, he vaguely remembered reading something about them in a history book. "Refresh my memory."

"Well, to make a long story short, Remus and Romulus were twins that were abandoned and then nursed by a she-wolf. Don't you find it curious that your friend Remus has the same name as a man that had been taken in by a wolf? I wonder if his name was Remus from birth and was just destined to become a werewolf? Odd that, don't you think?"

Harry remembered now, he remembered that Rome was supposedly named after Romulus. Or was it both Remus and Romulus? He couldn't remember, but now he understood why Loki found Remus' name so funny. "How do you know about Remus and Romulus?" He found it strange, especially since Loki didn't know much about earth stuff.

Shrugging his shoulders, Loki's cheeks flushed in embarrassment. "I like to read about myself when I visit. Midgard has an endless supply of books and I like to read what is written about me. I came across the story of Remus and Romulus when searching for stories about my life and adventures and found them interesting."

"Oh, that's great." Harry laughed. "I can picture you now searching through libraries and bookstores looking for any mention of the great and powerful Loki. I bet the library here has something on you."

Loki looked thoughtfully to the door. "Do you think so? It would be interesting to see if magic users portray me differently than non magic users." He didn't want to leave his mage, but he was very curious now.

Rolling his eyes, Harry jerked his head towards the door. "Go and look, but you're taking George with you. You may be a trickster, but so is Hogwarts. I don't need to worry about you roaming the halls lost."

Loki jumped to his feet. "I won't be long, but I will know if you have need of me. Get some rest."


Harry turned onto his side so he was facing Fred. They were once again sharing the same bed, and thankfully he wasn't feeling uncomfortable with the close contact. He had slept plenty of times in the same bed as Fred and George, but that was before he knew that they liked him. "What do you think is going happen when my dad gets here?"

Reaching out with just a finger, Fred started tracing the back of his mate's hand. "I think all hell is going to break loose." He admitted honestly. "I'll be surprised if Hogwarts is still standing when this is through...especially if Bruce loses it and tuns into the green guy."

Biting his bottom lip, Harry tried not to focus on Fred touching him. He liked it...he liked it a hell of a lot. Fred touching him was extremely distracting. "I can't believe how much I miss them, it's not as though I have known them that long."

"You don't have to know someone a long time to get attached or fall in love." Fred was speaking from experience, he had fallen in love with Harry instantly. From the moment he laid eyes on the tiny little firsty, who was wearing clothes that were three sizes too big and taped up glasses, and was struggling to get his trunk that probably weighed more than him in the overhead compartment, he had been done. He knew then and there that Harry was it for him.

Harry unconsciously scooted a little closer to Fred, seeking his warmth and protection. "Has it always felt this way for you and George?"

Fred was having a hell of a time not staring at his mate's plump lips. Merlin, he wanted to taste Harry so damn bad. "What feeling are you talking about?"

"It's hard to explain." Harry said chewing on his bottom lip. He didn't realize that his teeth gnawing on his lip was driving Fred insane. "All my life I have been on my own, I only had myself to depend on. Now, I not only have a dad, but I have a team of superheroes that care about me. This feeling of knowing that I have someone out there, especially a dad, that is worried about me and will do anything to protect me, it's..." Unable to find the right word, Harry stopped talking.

Fred grinned knowingly at Harry's loss of words. "I must admit, always having loving parent and siblings I sometimes have taken them for granted. We may fight each other and pull pranks, and Merlin knows mom has perfected sending howlers, but despite all that, we have each other's backs. No matter how much a git Ronnie can be, if someone messed with him he would have George and I to back him up. You, Harry, you have never had that. It has to be a bit overwhelming."

"Overwhelming in a good way." Harry clarified. "Overwhelming in a great way actually. I just wish I knew how to describe how I was feeling. I have a dad, a real dad, not just one I made up while laying in my cupboard cold, lonely, and in pain. Tony is real flesh and blood and he loves me. There are no words that can describe how I feel right now."

Every time Harry brought up his childhood it broke something in Fred. He has had multiple nightmares over the years over Harry and his abuse. He wished that there was a time turner powerful enough to send him back to when Harry was a baby so he could snatch him off the Dursley's doorstep and give him the life he deserved.

"Harry, can I kiss you?" Fred asked shyly. "Just a small kiss, nothing more."

Harry's heart skipped a few beats before he slowly nodded his head. He would be lying if he said he didn't want Fred to kiss him.

Fred's smile was blinding. "I want you to keep your eyes open. I want you to see that it's me, that it's my lips on yours."

Harry licked his lips nervously. He could do this, he wanted to do this. It was just a kiss, nothing more. It was just Fred and he trusted Fred.

Fred leaned in very slowly, he wanted to give Harry plenty of time to change his mind. He desperately wanted to kiss him, but he would never force him.

Harry inhaled sharply when Fred's lips made contact with his. Fred's lips were surprisingly soft, and Fred was being so gentle, unlike all the men that had raped him, that it was easy to separate Fred from them. This kiss didn't scare him at all.

Fred lips only lingered for a few seconds and he kept his tongue in his mouth. He had all the time in the world, he wasn't going to push Harry. Still, the kiss had been amazing. Pulling back, he looked into his mate's eyes with a goofy grin on his face. "That was perfect."

Harry could feel the heat on his cheeks. "Yeah it was." He agreed. "Maybe we can try that again later."

Fred gave the younger boy a wink. "It will be my pleasure."


"Ingenious!" Loki hollered over another wailing book.

George scowled at the god, his hands covering his ears. Loki, in all his childish immaturity, had ten books from the restricted section lined up on the table, all screaming loud enough to bust an eardrum. "Knock it off, will ya!"

Still grinning, Loki waved his hand over the books, silencing them all instantly. "I never knew magic users here were so creative. A book that screams when being read by someone not allowed, it's hilarious!"

"Wait until you discover The Monster Book of Monsters." George smirked.

"This school is far more entertaining than what I was expecting. I may have to hang around and do some exploring. House elves, talking portraits, screaming books, why have I waited this long to visit the Wizarding World?"

"You visit Earth often?"

"Earth, despite being full of weak mortals, has always intrigued me. At an early age I discovered all the secret ways off Asgard to other realms, Earth was my favorite realm to visit."

"And you never knew you fathered a child with with someone from Earth?"

Loki gave the teen a sly grin. "I may look to only be in my twenties, but I am over a thousand years old. I have slept with more women, men, and creatures, than I could possibly remember. I didn't even know it was possible for me to father a child with a mortal woman."

"It's a shame you didn't know about Harry earlier." George said sadly. "You could have raised him yourself."

"I would have liked that, but I'm afraid Odin would have never allowed me to bring Harry to Asgard. Still, I would have seen him safe and happy with Tony and I would have been a part of his life. If I thought it would help him, I would erase every bad memory Harry has of his childhood, but I'm afraid it would do more harm than good. Even though Harry has suffered, his suffering has made him who he is, take away that suffering and who knows who we will be left with."

George nodded his head grimly. "I get it, I do, but it still hurts to see him in so much pain."

"He is in pain, a great deal so, but he is healing. Once the mess here is taken care of and he's back with his father, he will heal even more. It won't be easy, but Harry will someday be able to move on and heal from his past and have a full relationship with you and your brother."

Shaking his head, Loki smirked. "Right now as we speak your brother and my mage are kissing."

George lunged to his feet, his chair tipping behind him. "What!" He cried in disbelief. "They're kissing without me?"

Picking up another screaming book, Loki laughed as the young man sprinted from the library.


"It's a stupid plan and one that will see us dead." Severus sneered.

Staring out his window, Dumbledore stroked his beard thoughtfully. "I am afraid if we don't act drastically, we will lose both Harry and Loki."

"You can't lose something you don't have. You messed up with Potter, he'll never willingly help you."

Sighing, Dumbledore turned away from the window then took his seat behind his desk. "You would think that an old man would learn from his mistakes, but I fear I have wronged young Harry, just as I wronged Tom all those years ago. I knew that he wasn't happy in the orphanage and I knew that he was being neglected and abused, but I still sent him back every summer. I was just so afraid of his heritage and power. I knew he was dark the moment I laid eyes on him."

Severus knew the history of Tom Marvolo Riddle and he laid part of the blame on Tom becoming a dark wizard on Dumbledore. "Maybe, instead of treating him like a dark wizard at the age of eleven and sending him to a home where you knew he was being treated poorly, you should have taken him under you wing and shown him that there was another way. Shown him that there were people who cared."

"It's in the past now." Dumbledore said with a wave of his hand.

Severus wanted to curse the old man. "It may be in the past, but we are still suffering today because of your actions. As if your treatment of Tom Riddle wasn't bad enough, you go and do it again with the Potter brat, but this time only worse. If anyone has a right to become a dark lord and want to see the extinction of muggles, it's that boy."

Dumbledore bowed his head. "You are right, but I can't go back and change the past."

"Would you?"

Dumbledore's head snapped back up. "Excuse me, Severus?"

"Would you change the past? If you could do it over again, would you take infant Harry and place him in a loving home here in the Wizarding World?"

"I have only ever wanted the best for the boy, but you must understand, the Wizarding World wasn't safe for Harry back then. The survival of not only our world, but also the muggle world, rested in that boy's hands. I had to weigh the good and the bad, and sadly one boy's suffering does not outweigh the suffering of the rest of the world."

Severus felt disgusted and dirty. "Even knowing what you know now, knowing that a child would be abused and raped, if given the chance to do it over again, you would still leave Harry on those monster's doorstep."

"You misunderstand me." Dumbledore quickly protested. "If I had the chance to do it over again, I would see that Harry wouldn't be abused to the extent he was. I would place safe-guards, wards, around the home."

Severus couldn't believe what he was hearing. After everything the man witnessed, he would still send Harry to live with the Dursleys. He wanted to walk out, to never look back, but unfortunately he couldn't do that, at least not while the Dark Lord was still alive. As long as the Dark Mark marred his arm, he would never be free to live his own life. The Dark Lord would always be able to find him.

Severus clenched his teeth to keep from cursing the old man. "Back to your plan." He said in an attempt to change the subject. "Loki is a god, it will not work."

"The loyalty potion is very strong, my boy, I trust that it will work on both Harry and Loki. I don't like doing this, but we need the both of them in order to win this war."

Severus shook his head. "This is insanity."

"No, Severus, this is war."


Note : Ok, so for this fic I'm not going to delve into Loki having other children.