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"Don't touch it!" Tony repeated for the fifth time as he placed the wrench down and picked up a hammer. Checking the time, he cursed when he saw that he only an hour left to finish his project. "If you keep it up, you're going to be put in time out with Dum-E."

Seeing a long, crooked brown finger creep into his line of vision again, Tony closed his eyes and counted to ten. What had he been thinking when he handed his home address over to that deranged, frying pan wielding, elf? It was a good thing he was rather fond of the odd creature, Dobby had practically moved in. Hell, for all he knew the creature had moved in. Every time he turned around Dobby was there.

"Dobby, what did I say?"

"You is telling Dobby not to touch." Dobby said in a high pitched voice.

Tony stared down at the creature with one eyebrow raised. "And, what were you going to do?"

"Dobby was going to touch." Dobby answered honestly. "But Dobby is thinking that the color is wrong."

Tony eyed up the miniature version of his Iron Man suit. "What's wrong with the color, it looks just like mine?"

"But Harry is Harry, sir, not Harry's father." Dobby squeaked.

Frowning, Tony placed the hammer back down on the bench. "Sorry, wee buddy, but there's no time to change the color now."

Cocking his head to the side, Dobby quickly reached out and touched the suit. Stepping back, he clapped his hands excitedly as he jumped up and down. "Dobby has made it right. Dobby has made the metal suit perfect for his Harry best friend."

Pursing his lips, Tony walked around the suit as he critically examined it. With a loud whistle, he affectionately tugged on the little elf's ears. "You did good, wee buddy. You're right, it is perfect for Harry now."

Dobby beamed up at Tony with pure admiration. "Dobby is so happy that you's is Harry Potter's daddy. Dobby's best friend is so happy now."

"I'm pretty happy myself, wee buddy. I love my son more than I ever knew was possible to love someone."

"Is it party time yet, Harry's daddy?" Dobby asked excitedly.

Smiling, Tony gave the floppy ear one last gentle tug. "JARVIS, ETA on Harry."

"Sir, young Harry will be here in approximately thirty minutes." JARVIS answered.

"Hi, JARVIS!" Dobby called out loudly, his high pitched voice higher than normal.

"Hello there, Master Dobby." The AI answered back.

Smiling, Tony shook his head. Every time Dobby heard JARVIS' voice he got excited and had to say hi. "Come, wee buddy, lets make sure everything is ready for Harry's surprise birthday party."

Entering the common room that was full of people, balloons, streamers and gifts, Tony wasn't surprised to find Arthur Weasley plugging and unplugging one of the lights. "Arthur, what did I say about touching things, especially electrical sockets?"

Blushing, Arthur plugged the light back in then stepped away from it. "You told me not to touch, that I could get electruded."

Tony had a moment of deja vu. Did he not just go through this with Dobby? "Electrocuted." He corrected patiently. "You have to be careful with electric, Arthur, it can kill you." The wizard was like a kid at Disney World and the simplest things entertained him, like the elevator. Arthur must have ridden the elevator two dozen times already.

"Really!" Arthur asked, more excited than scared.

"Arthur, don't touch." Tony reminded again.

"Did you get the suit finished?" Bruce asked from where he was placing some snacks on a table.

"I did, and our favorite little opinionated elf put the finishing touches on it. It's damn good if I may say so myself. Now, give me a kiss as a reward." Tony leaned in and puckered up.

"Reward, huh?" Bruce smirked. "I haven't seen it yet, you're not getting a reward."

"Would you like to see it?" Tony asked saucily. "We have another fifteen minutes before Harry gets here and I would just love to show it to you."

"Hey, doc!" Clint yelled from across the room. "I don't think it's Harry's suit he's offering to show you."

Fenrir, who had been talking to Clint, tossed his head back and started howling with laughter.

Bruce really liked Tony, but he was scared to start a relationship with him. The only thing Tony has ever taken seriously in his life was Harry, and if this relationship failed, Harry would be the one getting hurt. Harry may not be a small child who wouldn't understand what was going on if things didn't work out, but Harry needed both him and Tony and if the relationship ended ugly, he would have to leave. Harry would be devastated if he moved out.

After Tony walked away with a small pout since he didn't get his reward kiss, Pepper approached Bruce. "I have known Tony for a very long time and ninety percent of the time I was the one ushering his one night stands out the door. I know Tony better than he knows himself, and what he's feeling for you isn't just another one night stand. Tony has genuine feelings for you, Bruce, don't miss your chance at happiness because you're scared."

"If it was just me, Pepper, I would have given in to him weeks ago, but this isn't just about Tony and I. Harry has been through so much and our focus has to be on his recovery. If things were to go south between Tony and I, I would have to move out and that would hurt Harry. I just can't take that risk."

"Have you talked to Tony about this, maybe Harry? Harry will be hurt if he finds out that you're holding back because of him. He loves the two of you so much and I know he wants you and Tony to get together."

"I'll consider talking to him, but not today, today is his birthday."


Frowning, Neville looked at Ron who was standing shoulder shoulder to him. "Why don't they talk back?"

Reaching out, Ron poked the large screen with his finger a few times. "It's not a talking portrait, Nev, I believe it's called a tevalision."

"Television." Hermione corrected with a giggle. "And Ron's right, it's not a moving or talking portrait. These people are acting, they're putting on a show. There are thousands of different shows and movies to watch with new ones coming out everyday."

"Why?" Neville asked.

"Well, for entertainment." Hermione explained. "Oh, and for learning." Grabbing the remote, she started quickly clicking through the channels until she found a DIY on gardening.

Neville's eyes lit up and a soft smile appeared on his face. "They're talking about plants and flowers." He said excitedly as he moved closer to the large television. "This is incredible."

Ron rolled his eyes. "Well we just lost Neville." Looking around, he sighed wistfully. "I can't believe Harry lives here. This place is amazing. Do you think Harry's dad is richer than Draco Malfoy's dad?"

"Ron, Harry's dad is Tony Stark, he's probably the richest person on the planet. He's probably also the smartest person on the planet too. The man is a genius." Hermione explained in awe.

"Why don't you just marry the guy." Ron snickered.

"Ron, how old are you?" Hermione asked in exasperation.

Natasha threw her arm around the bushy haired witch. "Sweetie, men never grow up. See, when boys hit around the age of twelve, they start thinking with their penises and their poor brains succumb to the testosterone overload and withers away and dies. That leaves them forever stuck in a preteen, immature state of mind."

"Ouch, Nat, that hurts?" Clint pouted dramatically.

"The truth can hurt." Natasha smirked triumphantly.

"You're hot!" Ron blurted out. Eyes going wide, he buried his face in his hands. "I can't believe I said that out loud."

Natasha pointed to the embarrassed red head. "That's my point being made. Thinking with his penis."

"Awe, come on, Nat, cut the boy a little slack. He comes from a world where the girls wear robes all the time. He probably has never seen a woman dressed all in skintight leather before." Clint defended.

Face red, Ron nodded his head. "Leather is awesome!"

Next to him, Neville vigorously nodded his head in agreement.


This wasn't Sirius' first time in the muggle world, he had thrived on sneaking out as a kid just to piss off his parents, but the last time he got to explore the muggle world was before he was sent to Azkaban. He couldn't believe how different everything was now, how much more advanced they were. He would never admit it out loud, but Voldemort was right about muggles being dangerous.

"Where's my pup and when will he get here?" Sirius asked loudly.

Tony moved to the center of the room and raised his hand in the air and whistled loudly to get everyone's attention. "Listen up everyone, Harry will be here any minute. Earlier today the Captain and the demons took Harry to the American Museum of Natural History. Now, even though this is a surprise party, there will be no jumping out and yelling. He will be surprised enough seeing everyone here without setting off a panic attack by scaring the shit out of him."

"Sir, young Harry is in the elevator making his way up." JARVIS interrupted.

"Show time!" Tony yelled. He was excited, he knew that his son was going to be thrilled seeing all his friends from the Wizarding World. It had been two weeks since the fiasco in the Wizarding World, and despite being free and no longer having to look over his shoulder, his son was still struggling. He still suffered from nightmares, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, depression, and a slew of other shit that came with years of extreme abuse. Just last night Harry had woken him up at two in the morning with a bloody arm. Harry had managed to stop himself before he cut too deep or too far, but he had still taken a knife to his arm. He hadn't yelled at him or told him that he was disappointed in him, especially after finding out why he cut himself, he had just cleaned him up, thanked him for coming to him, then put him in bed with him then stayed up the rest of the night watching as he slept.

He hadn't been expecting a miraculous recovery just because the Dursleys were locked away and Dumbledore was dead, but it still killed him watching his son battle his numerous demons. He knew that his son was in for years and years of therapy to help him deal with his past, especially the rapes, and sadly all he could do was be there for him and hold him when he needed him.

He was so proud that Harry came to him last night after cutting, it was the first time he had cut since before the old wizard had kidnapped him, but it was also the first time he came to him voluntarily after cutting. He wished that he would have come to him before he cut, but it was still a step in the right direction. Unfortunately he knew with his son his recovery was going to be one step forward, then two steps back. He felt absolutely helpless because he wanted to take all his pain away now, but all he could do was support him and help pick him back up when he falls.


Yawning, Harry leaned into George as he looked up at Steve. "Thanks again for taking me to the museum, it was a lot of fun."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, kid. I admit, I had a great time too. Other than jogging, I don't get out that much. This was my first trip to the museum, I'm glad you picked it for your birthday outing.

In truth, Harry hadn't wanted to go anywhere for his birthday, but he was glad now that his dad had insisted. Like with Steve, he didn't get out much. The city was so big and there were so many people that it made him anxious and scared. The only place where he felt safe was the tower, but he knew that it wasn't healthy to stay holed up at home all the time. It would be so easy for him to just never leave the tower, and that scared him. He didn't want to be one of those people that never left their homes because they were too scared.

As fun as the day was with Steve and the twins, he wished that his dad would have come with them too. He wasn't stupid though, he knew that his dad wanted him out of the tower so he could set up some birthday surprise. He had told his dad that he didn't need party, but when his dad just shook his head and smirked, he knew that he was planning something. He also knew that it wasn't going to be something as simple as a pizza party and a movie, his dad didn't do simple. He didn't even think his dad knew the definition of the word simple.

George carefully brushed the inside of his mate's arm where he knew a fresh cut was hiding under a glamour. It saddened him that Harry had taken a knife to himself again last night, but the therapist had told them that Harry would have bad days and that he wouldn't be able to stop cutting overnight. When he asked his mate why he cut himself last night, he almost threw up when Harry answered. The first time Vernon Dursley had given him to another man had been on his eighth birthday. After that, the man made sure to make every birthday a living hell for Harry.

Tensing, Harry moved his arm behind his back. George touching his arm didn't hurt, he just didn't want him touching it. Last night had been bad, but every night before his birthday had been bad for him. Every year on his birthday Vernon had a new hell planned for him and knowing that made the day before unbearable. Everyday with Vernon was hell, but he always went out of his way to be extra creative on his birthday. He was pretty sure that's why his dad insisted he go out today. He didn't want him sitting around reliving his past birthdays.

Making him leave the tower had been smart on his dad's part because he probably would have sat around all day jumpy and anxious as he suffered flashbacks. Once he got in the museum, he hadn't given his past birthdays a second thought. There had just been so much to see and do, it had been great.

Relaxing once again, Harry looked back up at Steve. "When these doors open, a bunch of people aren't going to jump out yelling surprise, are they? I don't want to ruin anything, I just don't want to have a heart attack."

Steve didn't want to give anything away, but he could see the worry in Harry's eyes. "There will be no jumping out and yelling, but you can expect to see a few familiar faces."

Harry breathed a huge sigh of relief. "Thanks for the heads up, Cap. I don't handle surprises all that well...especially on my birthday."

Steve smiled softly then ruffled Harry's hair. "Your father just wants you to have the best birthday, not send you into a panic attack. His number one rule was no jumping at you and yelling surprise."

Grimacing, Fred looked over his mate's head to his twin. In a few seconds the elevators doors will be opening up to their mother. Their mother that they hadn't seen since they left the Wizarding World with Harry and dropped out of school. She was going to skin them alive, especially since after the third howler from her they had Loki ward the tower against howlers.

George grimaced back at his brother. Despite their physical training with Steve, Natasha and Clint, and the magical training with Loki, he knew that they were dead. Their only saving grace, and it would only save their asses if their mom gave them time to talk before decapitating them, was that they had already taken their NEWTS through MACUSA and had passed with all O's. MACUSA had even offered them a job, but with Tony's backing they were in the process of opening their own joke shop. He didn't know who was more excited over the joke shop, him and his brother, or Tony.

Harry took a deep breath when the elevator was one floor away from their stop. He was nervous because he didn't know what was going to happen, but he was also excited to see who was here. He hoped Sirius and Remus were here, he really missed them. They had exchanged a couple letters, but it just wasn't the same.


"Remember, no yelling surprise!" Tony reminded when he saw that the elevator had stopped. "And, Arthur, leave the damn lights alone!" He yelled when the lights flickered again.

Harry was shocked when the elevator door opened and he saw almost everyone he cared about from the Wizarding World standing around with huge smiles on their faces. All the Weasleys were here, including Bill and Charlie, Hermione, Neville, Dean, Seamus, Lee, Remus, Sirius, and even Fenrir. How had his dad managed to get everyone here?

"Happy birthday, kiddo!" Tony said with a huge grin on his face.

"Wow!" Harry gasped. "I can't believe that you are all here." Looking at all the faces, he was surprised to find that even Agent Coulson was here. He figured Pepper or Steve invited him since his dad was always moaning about the agent.

"We got to ride in an areaoplane." Arthur called excitedly.

"Happy birthday, dear." Molly said as she pulled Harry into a hug. Looking over the birthday boy's head, she glared at her twin boys.

Fred gulped fearfully. That look wasn't good, that was the look his mom got before going out back and butchering one of the chickens.

Harry couldn't stop grinning. "Mrs. Weasley, thank you so much for coming."

"Of course we would come, dear, it's your birthday. Getting to skin my boys alive is just an added bonus."

"Harry, this place is wicked!" Ron cried. "I heard you even have a pool."

"Ron! Hermione!" Harry cried excitedly.


Tony watched proudly with his heart full of love as his son goofed around with his friends laughing and having a great time. Just seeing his son this carefree and happy was worth all the hell he had to go through to get so many foreign witches and wizards over on such short notice. MACUSA was very strict and they didn't like bending their rules. He didn't like admitting failure, but he may not have been able to pull it off if S.H.I. and Agent Coulson hadn't stepped in and pulled a few strings.

"Our little boy is growing up." Loki sniffed as he wiped away fake tears from his eyes.

"He cut again last night." Tony said gravely.

Loki wasn't at the tower last night but he had felt when Harry cut his arm. "I know, and it won't be the last. I wish I could make him forget his past, which I can, but it will change who he is. He's also magically strong enough that he could uncover those memories causing even more damage. If he were to get all those memories back at once it would cause him to go insane."

"Just tell me that he's going to be okay?"

"I don't doubt for a second that he will be okay." Loki answered honestly. "He still has one hell of a mountain to conquer, but conquer it he will. He's of our blood and of my magic, there's nothing that can stop him."

"Don't forget his super hero support system." Clint added as he joined the conversation. "Harry's going to stumble and fall, but we will all be there to help him back up. We're a family."

"Yeah, we are." Tony agreed. He never really had a family, even when his parents were alive. His mom was great, but he was always away at school and when he was home she was always traveling with his dad. His dad always cared more about work and finding Captain America, he never had time for him. He was sure that his dad loved him in his own way, but he was never good at showing it. He was never going to allow Harry to doubt his love for a second. He was going to tell him everyday, multiple times a day, that he loved him. Harry would always come first in his life...always.

Tony watched as his son blushed a bright red when Fred leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. "Guess I can't put a stop to that for at least another twenty years." He had only been a father for two months, he wasn't ready for boyfriend drama.

"Those two demons would rather cut off their own heads than hurt Harry." Loki said knowingly. "They won't push him to give more than what he is ready to give. They know what he's been through and they know it's going to be years before Harry is ready for any kind of sexual relationship. You may see cuddling and a few kisses, but it won't go past that for a long time."

"I admit, I like the demons." Tony admitted grudgingly. "Their minds are a scary place though. That joke shop of theirs is going to make millions."

Loki chuckled. "Yes, we have been having fun testing products out on my brother."

Clint started choking on his pizza when he spotted Thor with glittery pink streaks through his hair talking with Remus Lupin. "Please tell me that is permanent?"

Loki snorted. "Sadly, no. It's just a charm that last forty eight hours."

"What a dangerous combination." Clint said shaking his head. "You, the demons, and Tony. The world doesn't stand a chance."

"My mage is pretty devious too." Loki added proudly. "He created Balding Bubble Gum. It's a gum that while you're chewing it, it makes you look bald to everyone who sees you. If you look in the mirror, you will see hair, while everyone will see a bald head."

"That'll will go over great with the school kids." Clint chuckled.

"My kiddo has a lot of ideas for the joke shop." Tony piped in. "But his passion lies in baking. He hasn't said anything yet, but I can see him opening his own bakery in the future. The boy has a gift."

"Excuse me." Molly Weasley said as she joined the group of men. "I'm not trying to be nosey, but as a mother and as someone who sees Harry as another son, I would like to know what you're going to do about his schooling? I understand that you're very rich, but Harry still needs an education and a career. Hogwarts is a wonderful school and Harry has always felt at home there."

Tony's first instinct was to snap at the woman and tell her to mind his own damn business, but he swallowed down the words that wanted to come out. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley seemed like great people, but they had ignored the obvious signs of abuse in his son. Granted, they have their hands full with their large horde of children, especially the demon twins, but being parents they should have noticed that there was something wrong. Hell, he wasn't a parent and he knew immediately that his son had been abused."

"With all due respect, mam, Harry is my son. Coming from a multi-millionaire and I genius, I understand how important an education is, but I care more about my son's mental health than his education. It was his decision not to return to Hogwarts, not mine. Did I want him to return? Hell no, but I would have respected his decision. What Harry needs more in his life right now is family, love, safety, and stability. He never felt safe at Hogwarts, how could he when he had an old man trying to manipulate him and a dark lord trying to kill him?"

"Harry has decided to be homeschooled, both in his muggle studies, and his magical studies. If it takes him until he's twenty to graduate, then so be it. He has a lot to overcome and all we can do is take one step at a time."

"I know that my son has a bright future ahead of him, and no matter what he decides to do with his life I'm going to be proud of him. Hell, I'm already proud of him."

"You should be proud of your boys too. I know you're upset with them for dropping out of school, but they were the only ones who were able to look past that scar on my son's forehead and his famous name to see what was really going on. They stood by him, they helped him, and when my son disappeared, they were the ones who went looking for him and found him. They left their homes and traveled to a foreign county just to make sure Harry was safe. Those boys are caring and selfless and they deserve your praise, not your screeching at them through a letter. Maybe instead of screaming how disappointed you are in them, you should be asking them what their plans are now? Those boys are brilliant. Did you know that they took their NEWTS and scored straight O's?"

Red faced, Molly just stood there in shock with her mouth hanging open. Not only was she not use to being talked to like that, but she also hadn't known that her boys taken their NEWTS. "A-All O's!" She stuttered in disbelief. She knew her boys were smart, but they were always too busy pranking to care much for their studies. She hadn't talked to her boys yet because she didn't want to ruin Harry's party by causing a scene, she had planned on cornering them in the morning seeing as they weren't leaving until tomorrow afternoon.

Tony found it sad that this woman really didn't know her twin boys. She was a good and loving mother, but she had spent years trying to change her boys, mold them into something she believed they should be, instead of embracing who they were. She only saw their pranking and mischief making, not the geniuses behind those pranks. He had only know the boys a short time but it hadn't surprised him when they passed their test with flying colors.

"Your boys have been on pins and needles all night waiting for you to skin them alive. Please go put them out of their misery so they can enjoy the rest of the party. You raised good boys, but they're also headstrong and independent and madly in love with my son. If you hurt them, you will have me to deal with.

Still feeling shaky, Molly nodded her head then went to go find her twin boys. Right now she was feeling about two inches tall, and she probably deserved it. Arthur was always telling her that the twins were smart and to not crush their dreams of opening a joke shop, but she had wanted them to have good, respectable Ministry jobs. She knew what it was like to be poor and she wanted more for her boys.

"Well that wasn't harsh." Bruce snickered.

Tony carelessly shrugged his shoulders. "I'm going to be stuck with that woman as a mother-in-law, better to get it all out now. I'm not going to be like everyone else and tip toe around her."


"Man, I can't believe that you're not returning to Hogwarts." Ron pouted. "It's not going to be the same without you. I'm going to be stuck with just Hermione."

Harry was having a hard time not staring at Fred and George. Mrs. Weasley had pulled them aside twenty minutes ago and was still talking to them. He prayed that she wasn't yelling at them for following him to America, he didn't want Mrs. Weasley to hate him because her son's ran away and dropped out of school because of him.

"Ron, don't be mean to Hermione." Harry said gently. "She's a good friend and she really likes you, she also has trouble making friends and your all she has." He was afraid that without him there to be a buffer, that Ron and Hermione would drift apart...or tear each other's throats out.

"I just wish you were returning, but I guess if I lived in a place like this I wouldn't want to return either." Ron said a bit enviously.

Harry took a deep breath and stomped down his rising temper. He knew that Ron didn't mean anything by hit, he just tended to blurt shit out without thinking about it. "Ron, I'm not returning to Hogwarts because I'm seriously fucked up, and because too much bad has happened to me there. I'm also not ready to leave my dad. Even if my dad was poor and living in a rundown shack somewhere, I wouldn't want to leave him. Ron, I never had a dad before, and I'm not ready to give him up after just three months of having him. Right now I just need to do what's best for me, and staying here with him is what's best."

Ron looked sadly down at his hands. "Sorry, man, I didn't mean to upset you. I know what having a dad means to you, I'm just going to miss my best friend."

"I'm going to miss you too." Harry smiled sadly. "But you can visit me during the holidays and the summer."

"Yeah, that sounds fun." Ron said perking up a bit.

Hermione took a seat on the couch next to Harry, but she was staring off across the room. "He's so dreamy." Sighing loudly, she blushed a bright red when she saw that Ron and Harry were staring at her.

"Who's dreamy?" Ron grumbled with a scowl on his face.

"Captain Steve Rogers." Hermione said in an airy voice. "I just got done talking to him, and not only is he drop dead gorgeous, but he's also a gentleman."

Fred squeezed himself in between Harry and Hermione. The space was so small that he ended up sitting half in Harry's lap. "Sorry, Mione, but the Captain is already spoken for. It seems our Head of House has been in love with him ever since she was a pimply faced teenager."

"Professor McGonagall?" Hermione gasped.

"How?" Ron asked dumbfounded. "He's like really young, and McGonagall is like over a hundred and twenty. That's gross."

"I don't think she's that old, Ronald." Hermione chastised. "And Captain Rogers is older than what he looks. He was frozen in ice for over seventy years and that stopped him from aging. I don't know how old Professor McGonagall is, but I'm guessing they're around the same age."

At seeing how confused Ron looked, Harry started laughing. "Look, after the party I'll have JARVIS play the documentaries on my dad and the Avengers."

"Oh, that sounds wonderful." Hermione gushed.

"I wanted to go swimming." Ron whined.

Fred gripped his mate's hand when he felt a spike of fear and panic. He knew that Harry was so scared of the pool that he didn't even like sitting poolside while everyone else swam. "The pool here is wicked awesome, but Georgie and I used it to test out our new Swamp Bombs. Instead of a crystal clear pool, it's now an indoor, smelly swamp."

Harry gave Fred a grateful smile. Fred was totally lying, but it gave him a great excuse on why they couldn't go swimming. "Is everything good with your mom?"

Smiling, Fred leaned in and kissed his mate on his forehead. His grin widened when he felt a spike of desire and longing shoot through Harry. "Everything is actually great. It seems your dad talked to her and put her in her place. She's still not overly thrilled with us opening a joke shop, especially after we told her MACUSA offered us jobs, but she'll get over it. Dad's excited though, he can't wait until the shop opens."

"Your dad's great." Harry said, having always liked the man. He was a man so he was never really comfortable around him, but Mr. Weasley had always been warm and welcoming towards him. Mrs. Weasley had always been warm and welcoming too, but her loud voice and more aggressive nature always made him a bit anxious.

Fred smiled wistfully. He was going to miss his family, but he belonged with Harry, no questions asked.


Dobby was jumping up and down on the couch in front of Tony. "Is it times, sir? Is it times

to give my Harry Potter, my best friend his birthday gift?"

Tony was quick to reach out and catch Dobby when his foot slipped. "Wee Buddy, you have to be careful." Having Dobby around was worse than having a toddler.

"Dobby is just excited, sirs." Dobby squeaked from where he was hanging from Tony's arms.

Shaking his head in exasperation, Tony placed the elf back on his feet. "If I could please have everyone's attention!" He called loudly.

Tony waited until all the noise died down and all the attention was on him. "First off, I would like to wish a very happy fifteenth birthday to my son. Son! Wow, that's a word I thought would never come out of my mouth. I'm sure those here who know me would agree that I was the last person that should ever become a parent. I drank too much, partied too much, and did too much of something else that goes with drinking and partying but there are too many underage ears here to talk about."

Fenrir let out a loud wolf whistle. "You go, man of metal!"

Chuckling, Tony continued. "My summer started off simple, there were just three things I wanted to accomplish. I wanted to make a few more millions, tinker around in my workshop, and charm the pants off the good doctor. Two of those three things I have accomplished, Bruce is still playing hard to get."

"Tony!" Bruce growled, his eyes flashing green.

"Well, all those plans went out the window when Harry walked into my kitchen and interrupted my blueberry muffin orgasm."

Closing his eyes, Harry pinched the bridge of his nose. "I can't believe he just said blueberry muffin orgasm."

"Knowing that I would make a shit father, just like my father before me, I had been very careful with my...well, we will call it my DNA. I'm a genius, I'm not bragging, it's true, so when I laid eyes on Harry I knew immediately that he was mine. I didn't need any official DNA tests to tell me that I was now a father."

"I'm going to let you all in on a little secret." Tony chuckled as he smiled lovingly at his son. "Two months ago, Tony Stark's biggest fear was finding out that he had a kid, that he was a father. I have fearlessly fought villains and alien monsters, but the thought of being a dad terrified me to the bone. When I saw Harry standing in front of me, a miniature version of myself, covered in bruises and with his arm in a cast, the only thing I felt was an overwhelming need to protect. I was shocked of course, but there was no fear."

"I always thought that those parents who said they fell in love with their babies the second they held them were full of shit, but I fell in love with my son instantly." Tony wiped away a tear that escaped his eye. "Having Harry in my life, even this short amount of time, has made me a better person. I now couldn't imagine my life without him in it. I have never loved anyone the way I love my son."

"Harry is an amazing young man and I could easily stand here for the next hour rambling on about how incredible he is, but I have a feeling that you all have seen that for yourselves. Instead, I'm going to put him out of his misery and give him his birthday present." Tony held his hand out for his son to join him.

Flushed red with embarrassment, Harry shyly joined his dad. "You have already done so much for me, you didn't have to get me anything."

"Kiddo, I have missed out on fourteen birthdays, of course I had to get you something. JARVIS, launch the Iron Wizard 1."

Everyone gasped, and Molly screamed, when a suit made of metal came flying through the window and landed right in front of Harry. "Hope you like it, Dobby and I finished it right before you got home."

"Dobby is picking the color!" Dobby proclaimed excitedly.

Harry was speechless. He had messed around with his dad in the shop a few times and had made a gauntlet and a helmet, but this was a finished Iron Man suit. "This..this is for me?"

"Tony, there better be no firearms or lasers on that damn thing!" Pepper scolded.

Tony chuckled nervously. "Come on, Pep, I wouldn't put lasers on my son's suit."

Pepper knew Tony too well to fall for his evasiveness. "And firearms?"

"Define firearms?"

"Tony, I swear..." Pepper hissed.

Tony held his hands up in surrender. "JARVIS", fire at will."

Everyone screamed and ran for cover when the Iron Wizard started spraying the room with hundreds of Nerf darts. Right when they thought it was safe to come out from cover, a rocket launcher appeared on the Iron Wizard's shoulder. A large custom made Nerf rocket shot out of it and hit Sirius right between the eyes.

Fenrir bent over laughing at the downed wizard. "This is the best!"

Harry, who had taken cover behind his dad, stepped around him and approached his Iron Wizard suit. "Can I touch it?"

"Of course, it's yours."

"Wicked!" Harry said as he ran his hands over the black metal suit with emerald green accents. Smiling softly, he hands lingered over the crossed wands on the chest piece. It was so different than his dad's red and gold suit, but it suited him. "I love it."

Bruce didn't want to rain on the birthday, but he was concerned for Harry's safety. "Tony, is it safe?"

"Of course!" Tony scoffed. "I wouldn't do anything to hurt my son. Right now it's on a training wheel setting, JARVIS or myself will have complete control over the suit until I feel that Harry is ready. Even then his control will unlock in stages."

Harry turned to his dad with his eyes sparkling. "When can I try it?"

"Right now!" Tony answered as his own Iron Man suit started covering his body.

Harry didn't hesitate to step into his suit when the front opened up. "Not scared are you, kiddo?" His dad asked over the speaker.

"Hell no!" Harry cried, unable to contain his excitement. "I want to see how fast this thing can go."

Bruce was just getting ready to yell for them to be careful when they both shot off out the window. "JARVIS, watch over Harry."

"Of course, sir." JARVIS answered.


Feeling exhilarated, yet exhausted, Harry landed on the roof of Stark Tower with his father at his side. For over two hours they flew over the city, his dad showing him what his suit was capable off. His suit was incredible and he couldn't wait until he could take over control.

Tony waited until both suits were completely off both him and his son before pulling Harry into a hug. "That was the best time I have ever had."

"That was a hundred times better than flying on a broomstick." Harry said as he hugged his dad back.

"I'm sure it was a hell of a lot more comfortable too."

Harry clung tighter to his father. "Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I know it can't be easy being saddled with a kid as messed up as me."

"I wish I would have been saddled with you years ago, kiddo." Tony admitted truthfully. "I meant everything I said earlier, son, you have made my life better and I love you so damn much. I wish that I could turn back time and raise you from a baby, or take away all your pain and suffering, but sadly I can't. I'm here for you though, kiddo, I'm not going anywhere. My love for you is not conditional, there's nothing that you can say or do that will make me stop loving you."

"Please don't say that you're messed up, Harry, because you're not. You have been hurt in the most horrific way, but that doesn't make you messed up. I was sad when you woke me last night after cutting, but I was thrilled that you came to me after. I'm praying that soon you will come to me before cutting. I'm not going to judge you for having to do what you have to do to deal with your past, but it does scare me. The fear of you cutting too deep is always at the forefront of my mind."

Harry wished that he could reassure his dad that he would never cut again, or at least come to him before cutting, but if he did he would be lying. When he cut, he normally wasn't in the right state of mind to be able to think about going to his dad first.

Tony could see his son struggling. "Hey, I'm not looking for promises, I'm not even going to ask you not to cut, but I am going to keep reminding you over and over again that I'm here for you. If you need to cry, I have a shoulder, if you need to rage, we'll hit the ring, and if you need to cut, I'll patch you up. You tell me what you need from me and I will give it to you."

"I just need you, dad, always and forever."

Tony allowed his tears to fall unchecked onto his son's head. "Do you want to head back to the party?"

Still in his dad's arms, Harry shook his head no. "Can we stay here a bit longer, just the two of us?"

Tony wrapped his arms tighter around his son. "I would like that, kiddo. I would like that a lot."