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"Come on, Harry, say yes," Peter whined as he bumped his foot against his friend's.

Pursing his lips as he thought about his friend's offer, Harry magically changed the stars that were slowly rotating above their heads from white to red. They were currently in his darkened room laying on his bed together talking and watching the stars he had magicked onto his ceiling. "I don't know, Peter, I won't know anyone there."

Peter shrugged his shoulders. "So, I'm sure they'll be plenty of people at the party that I won't know either. I hate to admit this, but I'm not exactly popular."

"Science nerd?" Harry asked with a snort.

"Yup!" Peter said, loudly popping the P. "The fact that I'm always disappearing to play secret super hero doesn't help either."

Harry chuckled. "If you come clean about being Spider-Man, I'm sure you will become the most popular kid in school,"

"Possibly," Peter grinned, "but then Aunt May will kill me and then that will be the end of my popularity."

"Guess you can't be very popular dead," Harry agreed with a smile. "Still, I'm not very good with people, especially in a large crowd. If this kid is such a dick, why do you even want to go to his party in the first place?"

Peter shrugged his shoulders. "Eugene is a dick, he has been tormenting me for years, but a party is a party and I'm only a teenager once. Besides, a dick he may be, but he's also a rich dick. I heard he has an indoor pool."

"Bet my dad is richer, and we also have an indoor pool," Harry said matter of factly, trying not to brag. "And trying to talk me into going to a party by using a pool, isn't going to work. You know I hate the water."

Peter winced, he had forgotten about that. "Sorry! If you come to the party, Harry, you'll get to meet my friends Ned and MJ."

Smirking, Harry rolled onto his side then poked Peter on his chest. "The MJ?" He teased. "The MJ that you're madly in love with?"

"I don't love her," Peter grumbled. "I just really, really like her."

"Youuuuu love her!" Harry sang childishly. "Peter and MJ sitting in a tree..."

Peter slapped his hand over his friend's mouth. "Shut up, Harry!" He laughed. "MJ is pretty awesome, and if you come to the party you'll get to meet her and see why."

Peeling Peter's fingers off his lips, Harry let out a loud sigh. "I don't know, Peter, I'm not comfortable leaving the tower."

Peter knew that his friend had been hurt, he didn't know any details, but whatever happened to him had been bad. Like, extremely bad. He also pieced together that Tony had only recently learned of his son's existence. "I won't pressure you, Harry, but if you go, I promise that I'll stay at your side, and if you decide you want to leave, then we'll leave."

"I'll think about it," Harry said somewhat nervously. A part of him wanted to go, but a bigger part of his was terrified. A high school party with a bunch of muggle kids he didn't know, he didn't think it was such a good idea. Hell, he didn't even know if his dad would allow him to go anyway.

Peter grinned. "Don't stress about it, Harry. I won't be upset if you don't go."

Harry yawned tiredly. "I'm meeting with Sam on Friday, I'll talk to him about it." His sessions with Sam we're going great. They were so great that he stopped seeing SHIELD doctors and was only seeing Sam. Sam didn't look down on him like some of the SHIELD doctors tended to do, Sam listened to him and understood him. Talking to Sam wasn't like talking to a psychiatrist, it was more like talking to an older brother who truly wanted to help you. It helped that their meetings weren't in an office or in some other stuffy environment. Sometimes they talked while walking the streets of the city or in Central Park, and sometimes they talked while working out or eating pizza at the pizzeria down the street. Sam always made sure that wherever they talked he was comfortable and relaxed.

"Are you still coming for Thanksgiving?" Harry asked wanting to change the subject.

"Yeah, Aunt May has to work. It sucks, but at least I get to eat your cooking."

Harry laughed. "You only like me for my cooking."

"You know what they say. A way to a man's heart is through his stomach," Peter said with a smirk.

"Except you're not a man, you're a bug," Harry snorted.

"Spider, Harry!" Peter cried indignantly. "I'm a spider! And spiders have very big appetites."

"Oh I know," Harry said with a visible shudder. "My friend Ron and I once almost got eaten by a giant spider and his children. His name was Aragog and he was an Acromantula."

"Acromantulas are just a myth, they're not real."

Shaking his head, Harry climbed out of bed and to his trunk. Digging through it, he pulled out his copy of, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. "Here, I think you will enjoy reading this. Every creature listed in this is real, including acromantulas."

Peter took the book with wide eyes. "Is this a book from the wizarding world?"

"Yup! It's actually one of my school books."

Peter eyes lit up with excitement. "That's it, I'm crashing here tonight."

Yawning again, Harry fell face first on to the bed. "Whatever, just read quietly."

Peter cracked the book open already knowing that he wasn't going to be getting any sleep. Harry had talked about dragons before and a few other creatures, but this was the first magical book he has had a chance to read. He still couldn't believe that there was an entire world hidden out there and he wanted to learn everything he could about it. "Nifflers?" He mumbled as he started flipping through the book.


"Freddie dear, are you seeing what I'm seeing?"

Standing at the foot of Harry's bed, Fred crossed his arms, a scowl on his face. "If you're seeing another man in bed with our sweet Harry, then yes, I'm seeing what you're seeing."

George's scowl was similar to his brother's except there was a bit more fire in his eyes. "Shame that, I really didn't want to get blood on my new dragon hide boots."

"Ah, see that's the beauty with dragon hide boots, brother mine, blood will wash out of them easily."

"Should we wake them?" George asked as he fingered his wand, his anger spiking.

"Just the scum who is spooning our mate," Fred growled. "Harry looks too sweet and peaceful to wake. Besides, you know how much he despises violence and blood."

George inclined his head. "I'll cast I silencing charm over Harry because by the time we are finished with lover boy, there is going to be a lot of blood."

One minute Peter was warm and comfortable and dreaming about bowtruckles and hippogriffs, and the next he was being wrenched into the air upside down by his ankles. "What the hell?" He cried as he struggled to right himself.

Tapping his wand against his leg in agitation, George stepped in front of the bastard he had caught in bed with his boyfriend, spooning him from behind. "Language," George tsked.

"Who are you?" Peter asked, still struggling to right himself. He didn't know what was going on or who this guy was, but he needed to get his bearings so he could protect Harry. Looking to the bed, he was relieved to see that his friend was still sleeping soundly.

"Don't look at him!" Fred snarled, stepping next to his brother. "I'll pluck your damn eyes out for looking at our Harry."

"Speaking of our Harry," George hissed, stressing the word our, "What the hell were you doing in bed with him?"

"Look, I don't know who you guys are, but you better put me down before you make me angry...and trust me, you won't like me when I'm angry."

Fred and George threw their heads back laughing. "Ah kid, you don't scare us. What do you weigh, like fifty pounds soaking wet?" George asked. "Now, any last words..."

"Before we chop off your hands and use them as Christmas ornaments?" Fred finished. "You touched our Harry, it's time to be punished."

"The two of you are insane!" Peter cried, losing his patience. He didn't want to give away that he was Spider-Man, but he wasn't going to let these psychotic twins cut off his hands. The concerning thing was, he could tell that they weren't joking. Whoever they were, they honestly wanted to hurt him for being in bed with Harry.

"Oh, kid, you have no idea how truly insane we are," Fred chuckled darkly as he poked the kid in the chest with his wand.

Peter's eyes landed on the wand, recognizing what it was immediately. "Hey, you're a wizard like Harry, right? Guess that explains how I'm dangling upside down. It's all good, dude, Harry and I are good friends."

"How good?" Fred asked, poking the boy harder in the chest with his wand.

Eyes narrowing, Peter knocked the wand away from his chest. "You know what, I'm about tired of the two of you. Let me down so we can talk like civilized people."

"Us, civilized?" George scoffed. "Any chance of us being civilized went out the window when we caught you spooning our mate."

Peter had no clue what they were talking about. Mate? Fed up with their shit, he shot a web to Harry's trunk, picking it up and slamming it into the back of the twin who had been poking him with his wand.

Fred went down hard when Harry's trunk slammed into his back. Enraged, George shot a stunning spell at the bastard who dared to hit his brother, but even upside down, Peter's enhanced reflexes were too fast for the spell to hit.

Peter needed a way to get down, he was too vulnerable just hanging upside down. This time shooting two webs, he snatched both the twins wands out of their hands then stuck them to the ceiling. Luckily he had quick reflexes because as soon as he did that the spell holding him broke and he fell to the ground, doing a front flip and landing on his feet.

George gaped at his empty hand then his eyes flicked up to the ceiling where his wand was out of his reach. "What the hell, how did you do that?"

"Look, I don't know what your deal is, but..." Peter was cut short when a fist impacted with his nose.

"Too bad for you we know how to fight!" Fred crowed triumphantly.

"That's it! Peter snapped. "No more Mr. Nice Spider." With the flick of his wrists, he wrapped the twins in his webbing then stuck them to the ceiling. Hesitating for a second, he decided to also gag them. The way they talked, finishing each other's sentences, was giving him a migraine.

A slow clapping from the door caught everyone's attention. "Very good, kid," Clint praised. "You have no idea how many times I have wished to gag the demon twins."

"You know them, Mr Barton?"

"Jesus, kid, never call me that again. It's just Clint or Hawkeye. To answer your question, yes, I know them." Looking up, Clint winked at the red faced, struggling twins.

""Clint?" Harry mumbled sleepy, sitting up and rubbing his eyes. Eyes widening at seeing Clint, he launched out of bed. "Is everything alright? Are you hurting? Do you need anything? Are you hungry?"

"Breathe, Harry, I'm fine," Clint reassured. "I just heard a commotion coming from your room so I came to check it out."

Harry's eyebrows drew together in confusion. "A commotion? I don't understand, Peter and I were sleeping, there wasn't a commotion."

Laughing, Clint looked up at the ceiling. "You were sleeping in the same bed as Peter, that explains them I guess."

"What?" Looking up, Harry gasped when he spotted Fred and George stuck to the ceiling wrapped like burritos in Peter's webbing. They weren't just wrapped up, they were also gagged.

"Let me set the scene," Clint said, stepping into the room with a shit eating grin on his face. "Our identical terrors return to the tower after being away from the love of their lives for days, all excited and wishing to surprise him. Despite it being almost four in the morning, they decide to sneak into their mate's room, knowing that by doing so they are breaking the rules set by their mate's very protective, and very dangerous daddy. Quietly creeping into his room, they expect to find their little love all snuggled toasty in bed dreaming of his red headed mates, but instead they find their mate, who is only fifteen years old, in bed with another man happily being the little spoon. Instead of acting rationally, the twin terrors decide to attack the big spoon, but only after making it so their mate couldn't hear the commotion. Cocky, the twins think they can easily take on the big spoon so they magically lift him into the air by his ankles and dangle him upside down. Oh, but little did the terrors know, that the big spoon wasn't an ordinary big spoon. No, the big spoon is actually a ladle."

Snorting, Harry collapsed onto his bed in a fit of giggles. "Ladle!" He gasped between giggles.

"The ladle," Clint continued with a chuckle, "tried talking with the terrors, but the terrors didn't want to listen to the ladle. The terrors wanted to bend and reshape the ladle for daring spoon their little spoon. Fed up with their taunting, the ladle fought back. The terrors hadn't expected the ladle to be a super ladle, and before they knew it, they were trussed up like a pig at a luau and plastered to the ceiling."

Harry was laughing so hard he had tears rolling down his cheeks. "Oh my god, ladle, luau pig! Stop, I can't take it."

Peter squinted his eyes at Clint. "That was a pretty accurate description for someone who just heard a commotion."

Clint carefully shrugged his shoulders, mindful of his bullet wound. "So I saw the entire thing, sue me. I was bored and couldn't sleep, I was hoping for some entertainment."

Rolling onto his back, Harry looked up at the twins, his face flushed from his laughter. "I can't believe you guys thought I was cheating on you with Peter. What the hell, I thought you guys knew me better than that?"

Mumbling could be heard coming from the twins, but Clint ignored them. "Ah, young one, love can be stupid sometimes. I don't think they thought you were cheating on them, which is why they didn't wake you, I think they thought Peter was taking advantage of you."

"I'm not that gullible," Harry grumbled, "and Peter is just a really good friend. He fell asleep reading one of my old school books." Looking back up, Harry glared at the twins. "I should leave you up there until morning."

Peter was looking between Harry and the twins he stuck to the ceiling. "Wait, they're your boyfriends? You have two boyfriends...that are identical? You're gay?"

All the color drained from Harry's face. "I-I..."

"Would you have a problem with it if Harry was gay?" Clint asked tightly. He could tell by the look on Harry's face that he was terrified he was about to lose Peter as a friend. Technically Harry wasn't dating the twins. They were mates, but with Harry past he wasn't ready for any kind of relationship just yet.

"What? No, I don't care if Harry's gay!" Peter cried. "I just don't understand why he'd want to be with those two morons." He said, pointing to Fred and George, who were looking to Harry in concern.

Harry took a deep breath, all of a sudden feeling that he could breath easier. He really liked Peter and it would have devastated him to lose him as a friend. "Fred and George really aren't my boyfriends yet, at least not officially. We're mates, destined mates, but I'm not ready for anything physical yet. I-I don't know if I ever will be. I love them and I couldn't live without them, but because of my past and my issues, our relationship is complicated."

"Harry, you're my friend, you don't have to explain anything to me." Peter reassured. "I'm going to want you as my friend regardless of who you date, even if they are Thing 1 and Thing 2."

"You're a good kid, Peter," Tony said proudly as he entered his son's room. "Your Aunt May has done a good job raising you."

"Wow, thank you, Mr. Stark." Peter said, grinning from ear to ear.

With a loud sigh, Tony looked up. "Now what am I going to do with the two of you?"

"Whatever you decide, can we at least keep the gags on them?" Clint asked hopefully.

"I'm tired," Harry said, crawling back under his covers. "You can do what you want with them, I'm mad at them. Peter, you up for a few more hours of sleep?"

Looking up, Peter smirked evilly at the twins. "Sure!" Doing a handstand on the foot of the bed, he walked on his hands across the mattress until he got to Harry. "So, do you want to be the ladle this time?"

"Oh my god!" Harry giggled. "I'll never be able to look at a ladle the same way again."

"Guess that means I get the honors of unsticking the two of you," Tony grumbled, looking to Fred and George. "After I cut you down, you are to go straight to your rooms. I don't want to hear a peep from you, and don't you dare try to talk to my son. By not trusting him you hurt him."


Fred and George sat at the table staring forlornly down at their breakfast. "At least he fed us, Fred."

"Yeah, thought we'd be eating dog food to go with the dog house we are in."

Harry slammed his glass of orange juice down on the table, juice sloshing over his hand. "I would never use food as a punishment!" He hissed, both angry and hurt.

Natasha shook her head at the twins. "Someone take the shovel out of their stupid hands before they dig a hole too deep to be able to climb out of."

Snickering, Clint shifted in his chair trying to find a comfortable position. The wound in his gut was really aching this morning, but he wasn't going to miss the morning fireworks for anything. "Just don't let Harry at the shovel, he may beat them over the head with it."

Harry looked up from his barely touched eggs when he felt a bump to his foot. Looking to Peter, he saw the other boy giving him a smile and a thumbs up. "Is your breakfast okay?"

"It's delicious, Harry," Peter said sincerely. "I honestly don't know how the team stays so fit with your cooking."

"Extra hours in the gym," Clint smirked. "But his cooking is totally worth it."

Harry pointed his fork at Clint, his eyes filled with concern. "No gym for you for a couple weeks," he scolded. "You're hurting today, don't deny it."

"I have had worse, kid," Clint said trying to give Harry a reassuring smile. Unfortunately it wasn't working. He could tell by the look in Harry's eyes that he was seconds away from mothering him back to bed.

"We're really sorry, Harry," Fred said softly.

"Yeah, we totally overreacted this morning," George added. "Please don't be mad."

"I'm not mad," Harry sighed tiredly. "At least not over what happened with Peter this morning," he added when he heard his father clearing his throat. "I'm just really hurt over this morning. I can't believe you thought I would cheat on you. Everything could had been cleared up without violence had you just woken me up and asked me what was going on. I met Peter a little over a week ago, he's training to be part of the team and we just clicked. He's become a good friend, someone I really care about. Thank Merlin he's not easy to scare off. Had you scared him off, I would have cut off your ears."

"But you are mad," Fred pointed out. "I'm an empath, remember."

"The food comment made me mad," Harry said, looking back down at his plate. There was no way he could eat now, not with the way his stomach was rebelling. "You...you know my past, you know how I was denied food. I-I would never withhold food from anyone, no matter how mad I was. I thought you knew me better." Getting up from the table, Harry left the kitchen without looking back.

Leaning across the table, Natasha slapped both boys upside their heads. "You two are fucking idiots!"

"We know," Fred and a George said at the same time.

"We didn't mean to hurt Harry or make him mad," Fred said sheepishly. "We were just shocked when we found another man in bed with Harry."

"Peter is sixteen, he's not a man." Clint said, rolling his eyes.

"Hey!" Peter cried.

"The word man is in his name," Tony said, giving Peter a wink. "He's Spider-Man, not Spider-Teen."

"I'm a man," Peter said in a huff.

"Your voice hasn't even hit puberty yet, kid." Clint teased.

"Whether Peter is a man or not, isn't the issue," Tony said, sending the twins a death glare. "You know my rules, you know you're not supposed to be in my son's room at night unless there is an emergency."

"A stranger in his bed isn't an emergency?" George asked petulantly.

"Had you not broken one of my rules, you would have never known that Peter was in my son's bed."

"So he's allowed in Harry's room when he's sleeping but we're not?"

Tony shook his head. Looking to Peter, he raised an eyebrow. "Are you in love with my son?"

"Ah, not like that, Mr. Stark," Peter squeaked out. "Harry's awesome, don't get me wrong, but I already have my eye on a girl. I really like Harry as a friend though, I can be myself around him and not hide anything."

"That's why Peter is allowed in my son's room at night. That, and Peter is a good kid, he's not the sneaky, cunning, devious, Satan worshipping demons that the two of you are."

"What? We don't worship Satan!" Fred and George cried indignity.

"We are sneaky, cunning and devious though." Fred added, wagging his eyebrows up and down.

"One word, Loki!" Clint said.

"He's got us there, brother of mine," George grinned. "We do worship him."

"I can be sneaky," Peter pouted. "No one knows I'm Spider-Man."

"Kid, it took me less than twenty minutes to discover Spider-Man's true identity." Tony said, getting to his feet. "Now I'm going to go check on my son while you three boys get to know each other."

Peter slumped back in his chair looking defeated. "Well not everyone is Tony Stark. I'm sneaky. I can be sneaky."

"Of course you can, little spidey boy," Clint coo'd. "You can be anything you want to be when you grow up!"


It didn't take long for Tony to track his son down, he hadn't even asked JARVIS for help. When Harry was stressed, his favorite place to go to get away from everyone was his workshop. "What are we building?"

Harry didn't look up from where he was banging on a piece of metal with a hammer. "Not building, just beating."

"Beating is good. Better the metal than your twins."

"I can't believe that they would believe, even a second, that I would use food as a punishment. I'm not like those people I use to live with. I'm not like..."

At seeing tears, Tony pulled his son into a hug. "Kiddo, I don't think they honestly thought you would not feed them. I think it was just a stupid comment made to break the tension. Those idiots are always joking around."

"Food isn't a joke," Harry sniffed. "I know what it feels like to watch others eat while you're so hungry you'd eat anything...even dog food. I've done that before, dad, I have eaten dog food. I was so hungry, hadn't eaten for days, and Aunt Marge was visiting with her dog Ripper. I knew it was wrong, that dog food wasn't meant for humans, but it was sitting there in the dish and no one was around. My uncle always knew when I took food, it was like a sixth sense he had, but he hated Ripper so I knew he wouldn't notice. It wasn't just the one time either. I stole food from Ripper whenever I could. Aunt Marge always fed him table scraps so he barely touched his dog food."

"Jesus, kid, I'm so sorry." Tony now understood why the twins comments upset his son so much.

"I-I never told anyone about the dog food, not even Sam. Dad, do you think Sam will be able to see me today?" It wasn't his normal day to see him, but Sam always made him feel better. He knew when he talked about his past to his dad that it hurt his dad. He hated seeing the sadness and pain in his dad's eyes. He knew his dad felt guilty and blamed himself, but his dad hadn't even known of existence. It was easier talking to Sam, there wasn't so much emotion involved talking with Sam.

"JARVIS, see if Sam's available for a code red."

"Code red? Harry asked. "That sounds bad."

"It's not kiddo. It's just a way for Sam to know that something triggered you and that you'd like to talk to him as soon as he's available."

"Sir, Mr. Wilson was already in the Tower working out with Captain Rogers. He will be available as soon as he showers. I'll let you know when he's ready."

"Thank you, JARVIS." Tony said, his voice rough with emotion.

"I don't want to interrupt his workout," Harry said in a small voice.

"He was already heading to the showers when I contacted him," JARVIS reassured.

"Speaking of, why don't you get a shower too," Tony suggested. "I'm sure Sam will be taking you out to talk."

Sniffling, Harry rubbed at his eyes. "Thanks, dad. Do you think you can keep the twins away from me, at least until after I have talked to Sam? I just need some time and I don't have the energy to deal with them."

With his arm draped over his son's shoulder, Tony steered him out of the workshop. "Of course, kiddo, I'm sure I can find something to torture...I mean, I'm sure I can find something for them to do." He knew that the twins hadn't meant to trigger Harry, that it had just been a stupid comment meant in jest, but if Harry ended up cutting over it he was going to skin those demons alive.


"We have been out for a while, Harry, are you warm enough?" Sam asked in concern as he sipped at his coffee. There wasn't much to Harry and it was uncommonly cold for this time of year.

Harry was freezing, but he wasn't going to admit that. He wasn't ready to go back to the Tower, he was enjoying wandering the streets of the city where no one knew him or even cared about him. Wrapping his frozen hands around his hot chocolate, he nodded his head. "I'm good. Don't forget my old school was in Scotland, I'm use to the cold."

Looking down at his watch, Sam pursed his lips thoughtfully. "Do you have anything planned for the next hour or two, I'd like to take you somewhere?"

"I'm not ready to go home yet," Harry answered truthfully. Sam had reassured him that he wasn't overreacting to Fred and George's comments, that it had triggered a traumatic event in his life, but he still wasn't ready to confront the twins. The twins would want to know why he got so upset, but he wasn't ready to talk about the dog food incidents with them. He was no longer mad at them, he knew they hadn't hurt him on purpose, he just still needed more time.

Harry followed Sam about a mile when the turned down a street that had a line of people standing outside a building. The people were hunched over in an attempt to get warm, most only wearing thin coats, some none at all. There were men, women, and children of all ages standing outside the building, most of them dirty looking, as though they hadn't showered or changed their clothes in a long time. "Where are we, Sam?" He asked, feeling uncomfortable in his expensive clothes and thick warm jacket. He didn't like flaunting that his dad was insanely rich, and he felt bad that he had a nice coat, hat, scarf and gloves while these people looked like they had nothing and were freezing.

"What are we doing here, Sam?" Harry asked unsurely as he tried to hide himself behind Sam's much larger body.

"This is a soup kitchen, Harry. It's a place where homeless people, or people struggling financially, can come and get a free meal. I figured you'd like to volunteer an hour or two of your time helping out. My friend runs this place and she's always looking for help."

Harry looked up at Sam, his eyes clouded with uncertainty. "I-I don't know. What will I be doing?"

Sam smiled down at the boy. "Whatever needs to be done. Whatever you feel comfortable doing. There's cooking, serving, cleaning, entertaining the kids, or you can just wander around the room and talk to people. The soup kitchen isn't just about eating, it's also a place where people who are feeling lost and hopeless can come and escape the real world for a few hours. A place where they can feel cared for and loved. Here everyone is treated equal, no matter skin color or what language they speak."

Chewing on his bottom lip, Harry looked back to the line of people. Not too long ago that was him. He may have had a roof over his head with the Dursley's, but he hadn't had love or food or anything else for that matter. He did get a little of that while at Hogwarts, but he had only attended Hogwarts for a few years, and he had to return home every summer. He would have loved to have found a place like this growing up, a place where he could find refuge for a few hours and fill his tummy. "Yeah, I think I'd like to help out. Are you going to stay?" He didn't know if he could stay without Sam, he wasn't ready to be on his own yet.

"Of course, kid." Sam answered leading the way into the building. Tony would have his ass if he left his son in this part of town. Hell, Tony would have his ass if he left his son anywhere alone.


"Sir, young Harry is home," JARVIS announced.

"About damn time," Tony grumbled, putting his book down and getting to his feet. "Didn't give Sam permission to kidnap my son for five hours." He knew Harry was safe, Sam had texted him every hour to let him know that Harry was doing good and just needed a bit more time, but he hadn't expected him to be gone all day. He wasn't mad, he just had to deal with his son's damn mates moping and whining all day. Even Clint had disappeared to his room so he wouldn't have to listen to their pathetic whining.

Tony was shocked when Harry came bursting out of the elevator with a smile on his red, flushed looking face and his eyes shining with excitement. That wasn't all, his son was also wearing Sam's leather coat which was easily three sizes too big for him. "Were you mobbed?" He asked in a panic as he grabbed his son by the hand and started inspecting him.

"It was amazing, dad!" Harry said excitedly as he tried to wiggle out of his dad's hands.

Tony frowned. "Being mobbed was amazing?"

"What?" Harry asked. "I wasn't mobbed. Why would you think that I was mobbed?"

Tony pointed to the leather jacket his son was wearing. "Your coat is missing as well as your hat, gloves and scarf. What else am I supposed to think when you come home wearing someone else's coat and face unnaturally red?"

"My face is red because it's freaking cold outside?" Harry laughed. "And I'm wearing Sam's coat because I gave mine away. I told Sam that I didn't need his coat since we were taking a taxi home, but he insisted."

"You gave your coat away?" Tony asked slowly trying to figure out what the hell was going.

"And my scarf, gloves and hat. It was amazing, dad."

Tony ran his hand through his hair. "I'm confused. Back up and start at the beginning."

"I took Harry to a soup kitchen a friend of mine runs."

"I volunteered!" Harry interrupted, a massive grin on his face. "I was nervous at first, there were so many people, even little kids, but once I got working and talking to people, it was..."

"Amazing?" Tony said proudly.

"Yeah, it was amazing. The people being homeless wasn't amazing, but being able to help them, to give back to the community, that was amazing. I got to talk to so many different people, some even from different countries. I mean, not everyone was pleasant, there were some grumpy people, and I can't really blame them, but most everyone was really nice. There was this one kid, Joey, he was only thirteen, and he had a notebook full of his drawings. Dad, they were incredible! I had noticed when he first came in with his dad, who had been a soldier, that his coat had a lot of holes in it. I offered him mine, but he said it wouldn't be right to take my coat for nothing. So I asked him if he'd trade one of his pictures for my coat." Digging into one of Sam's coat pockets, he pulled out a carefully rolled piece of paper. "Look at this dad, isn't it good?"

Tony took the paper, even though he didn't want to take his eyes off of his son. He didn't think he's ever seen Harry this excited over something. Looking at the paper, he was surprised to find that it was a drawing, an amazing drawing at that, of the Avengers. "This really is good. This Joey kid has a gift."

"I know, right?" Harry cried. "He's going to be back at the soup kitchen on Friday, is it okay if I buy him some art supplies?"

"Of course, I can take you to one of those stores that sell that kind of stuff?" Tony had no idea what kind of stores sold art stuff, but Pepper would know.

"A craft store, dad." Harry giggled.

"So you plan on volunteering again Friday?"

"If that's okay with you?" Harry asked unsurely.

"I can pick him up and take him," Sam offered.

"It's fine with me," Tony quickly reassured.

Scratching the back of his neck, Harry gave his father a sheepish grin. "I, uhm, I may have offered to bake some pies for their Thanksgiving dinner. I figured I'm going to be making a bunch for us so what's a few more? I can make them the night before and drop them off early in the morning. It won't interfere with my cooking dinner here, I swear."

Tony hated that his son went from excited to unsure in a span of a few seconds all because he was scared that he was going to get mad because he offered to bake some pies for the homeless. "I think it's a wonderful idea. When you go to cook them, let me know so I can help."

Harry threw his head back howling with laughter. "Oh my god, dad, I want to feed the homeless, not kill them."

"Ouch, kid, that's rude." Tony fake pouted. "True, but rude."

"Is it alright if I go tell Fred and a George about everything?"

"Please, they have been driving me crazy since you left."

Wiggling out of Sam's jacket, Harry handed it back to him. "Thank you so much for today, Sam." Lunging forward, he quickly hugged the man before taking off to find the twins.

Sam shook his head fondly. "That is one amazing kid you've got there, Stark. If I hadn't stopped him, he probably would have come home naked."

"Sam, I don't know how to thank you for today. When he left here this morning, I thought for sure he'd be cutting tonight."

"I admit, I was worried about that too. He was really struggling earlier, but fifteen minutes into working at the soup kitchen and he was a different person. Because of his past, he could really connect with the people there, especially the kids. The staff loved him too, he's such a hard worker."

Tony grinned when he heard laughter coming from his son's room. "I'm relieved to hear that everything is okay with him and his demons. I couldn't take another hour of their moping."

"Tony, I hope it's alright, but Harry was concerned about giving the people at the shelter your last name so he gave them Potter. He said you worry about it getting out that you have a son?"

Tony sighed. "I know I can't keep the press from him forever, but I do worry about the wrong people finding out about him. I have made a lot of dangerous enemies, especially since joining SHIELD. I'm also terrified of the press digging up his past, he'd be devastated if what he went through ended up plastered all over the media. He's doing so good, he doesn't need that."

"Look, Tony, I know I haven't been seeing Harry long, but you can count me in to stand by your side to help protect that boy."

"Thanks, Sam," Tony said sincerely. "You have really helped my son a lot. I was surprised, yet pleased, when he asked on his own to see you today. I'm glad he's found someone he's comfortable talking with. Those SHIELD doctors weren't helpful at all. Hell, half of the time they made it worse."

"Don't hesitate to call me day or night if Harry needs me. I mean it. That kid is amazing and I have come to really care for him."

Tony still had a smile on his face after Sam left. He could still hear his son talking excitedly and laughing with his twins. It was an amazing sound to him, one he wished he could hear every minute of his son's life.

Clint came walking into the room, his hand pressed against his middle with a slight grimace on his face. "Glad to hear all is well in teenager town."

Noticing how pale Clint looked, Tony rushed to his side. "What are you doing up? You look like shit."

Clint pointed to the pill bottle on the coffee table. "Left my pain pills out here."

"You could have asked JARVIS to get me to bring them to you." Tony scolded as he helped his friend to the couch.

"It's alright, I was tired of looking at the walls in my bedroom anyway. Any news from the doctor?"

Tony shook his head. "I thought he would have contacted someone by now. I'm trying not to get worried, but..."

"I'm sure Bruce is fine, he has the biggest, badass bodyguard on the planet. You know how he gets when he's researching, he probably forgot what day it was. He'll make it back for Harry's first Thanksgiving. He promised."

"I hope so," Tony said, his forehead creased in concern.

Clint smirked. "Yeah, I don't think it's just Harry who is missing Bruce."

Clint wasn't wrong, Harry wasn't the only one missing Bruce. He didn't want to admit it, but he was missing the hell out of the good doctor. Their relationship was still rocky, but he really wanted it to work.

"There's still a few more days before Thanksgiving, everything will work out." Clint reassured. He knew everything was going to work out because Natasha had secretly left earlier that day to track Bruce down and drag him home. They weren't going to let anyone ruin Harry's first Thanksgiving.