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Chapter 10 Love's first kiss

Kuroko did not know what to do, why couldn't he believe that even when he found out that Akashi was being serious this whole time, he still could not smile, cry, or use any of his emotions. It was tearing him up on the inside. Why did it have to happen like this. Why did Kuroko have to lock his heart away. It was making him angry, which he could not express, that just made it even worse. Why cant he express what he wanted to. It was not fair. Why? Just why?

Akashi looked over to Kuroko and saw that in his eyes that they were watering up. Akashi did know if this was a good thing or a bad one. Was Kuroko happy? Was he sad? Did he not like Akashi back and feel bad about leading Akashi on? There were so many question that Akashi had, but he knew that not one did he have the courage to ask. Akashi was mad at himself. Why was he suddenly scared? He did see Kuroko smile at him. So why was he second guesting him now? Akashi trusts Kuroko. Maybe it was something to do with his heart that he locked up. Maybe it was that Kuroko's heart, and even though he told him how he feels, it was not enough.

Akashi decided that he would continue the date like nothing happened. Maybe he would surprise Kuroko in an hour or so.

Akashi looked at his watch and saw that it was 8:30. That meant that Akashi could have Kuroko out for another hour and then drive them to Kuroko house. Akashi looked over to Kuroko to see that he was beating himself up. Akashi now knew that Kuroko heart was locked up and that he did love him back. Akashi was sure of this, why else would Kuroko be beating himself up over something he can't control. Akashi knew that if he was to tell Kuroko what he thought then Kuroko would just feel worse and he would totally ignore Akashi. So Akashi decided to go along with his plans.

Akashi looked at Kuroko and started to tug him to the next game. If Akashi wanted his plan to work he was going to have to get Kuroko to have fun again. Which is why they were heading to the next game. Once they got there Akashi looked up to see what game it was that he had lead them to.

It turns out that Akashi had happened to lead them right to the water gun game. In this game you had to use your water gun to get a large amount of water into the clowns mouth before the other, when your bloon blow up then you are the winner. Most people went to these games, because there was more of a chance that you would win this game then most of the other ones.

Akashi took Kuroko up to the booth and put enough money for the both of them. Akashi knew that a little bit of a challenge would be good for the both of them. They both needed it to get earier's events off of their minds.

As soon as the bell went off they were firing their guns at the clown's mouth. It was harder then it looked. If they were distracted for even a millisecond the gun would go off balance and you were shooting the water on the ground. It was not even three minutes before a victor emerged. Akashi looked up to see if it was him or Kuroko who won. As it turns out it was Kuroko who won. Kuroko looked at the prizes and saw one that caught his eye. It was a basketball, it was red and a light sky blue.

To Kuroko this fair was getting weird. First they have the dragon, then a mini Akashi, a whole array of Akashi based items, and now there is a basketball that has the same colors as their hair. It was hard to find things that looked like Kuroko's hair let alone there being a ball that happens to be the same shade as both of their hair. It was creeping Kuroko out, but he was happy that Akashi seemed to know what Kuroko what him to know.

Kuroko could tell because Akashi was acting like nothing happened. Kuroko was a little bit upset that Akashi did not say anything more on the subject, but Kuroko figured that it was for the best of them both. Kuroko did not want to be reminded about how he could not cry out how much he loved Akashi, how he could not cry in happiness, and then sadness when he realized that he could not express his emotions. It made Kuroko mad, but again it was not like he could express that.

Kuroko shook off those thoughts, he needed to think about the date and having a good time with Akashi.

"Tetsuya, how about we go to one more game and then go back to the car to put all the prizes in there and then come back for one last ride. Does that sound good to you?" Akashi asked Kuroko. Kuroko looked at Akashi and he knew that it was a good idea. Kuroko did not even know what time it was but he knew that Akashi did. If he was suggesting this plan then that meant that it was getting pretty late.

"Yes, that sounds like a good idea. What game should we play then Akashi?" Kuroko asked Akashi. Kuroko truly did not know what other games there were that they could play, he also did not know if he could hold anymore plushies.

"Well... we could play bloon darts. I think that it might be fun." Akashi said. This sounded like a good idea to Kuroko so he just nodded his head in agreement.

As they started to walk to the bloon dart booth, Kuroko saw that it was starting to get dark. At first Kuroko could not tell because inside the fair there was a lot of light. Kuroko figured it was so people did not fall and that they could still play the game.

Kuroko looked at the Ferris wheel as they passed it. It was very high in the sky. Kuroko realized that it was darker by the Ferris wheel then any other place in the fair. Kuroko decided that the reason was that it was so couples and others who went on it would be able to see that sights without the light blinding out the sights.

They finally got to the bloon dart booth. They had a little trouble trying to find it, so they ended up walking for a good ten minutes. They found out that it was on the other side of the Ferris wheel that they had walked past earlier.

They bought five dart each and started to throw them. Akashi hit all of the bloons with his darts, while Kuroko ended up popping six open. How this happened was Kuroko threw the dart one time and it hit the bloon enough to pop it, but not enough for it to get stuck in the board. It ended up hitting another bloon and popping it.

Kuroko looked at what there was for prizes and saw something he never thought that he would see in a fair, a coupon. But not just any coupon it was a coupon for a weeks worth's of milkshakes at Maji's. He had to pop six bloons the get it to. This made Kuroko's eyes sparkle.

Akashi looked over to Kuroko to see what he was going to pick when he saw that Kuroko's eyes were sparkling like never before. Akashi wanted to see why, and he was not surprised anymore. He saw the coupon and how many bloons he needed. Akashi was happy that he could get something else and not have to buy more darts. Don't get Akashi wrong he would do it for Kuroko, but he was starting to run low on the money that he bought and he did not want to have to tell Kuroko that he could not win Kuroko that coupon.

Akashi looked at the prizes that he could possibly get, and he saw them. They were a pair of red, sharp looking scissors. Akashi could not believe it. They were some of the nicest scissors he had seen in a while. Akashi knew that it was awesome that he could get the scissors because they are for five popped bloons.

Akashi and Kuroko got the prizes that they wanted, and both were super happy with them. Everyone around the couple were creeped out or ran from them. Kuroko was scary because his eyes were sparkling, but if you even looked at the coupon he glare at you, and Akashi was snipping his scissors over and over again.

They finally got to the car after ten minutes. Lucky they did not get lost this time, it only took that long because they were pretty much on the other side of grounds that the fair was on. They also had stopped at the first booth that they went to to pick up their game systems, before they had got to the car. They carefully made sure that both of their things were separated so that way they were able to tell who's things were who's. Kuroko and Akashi both put their scissors and coupon in the glove box so no one stole them. Kuroko and Akashi both agreed that these were the most important things in their haul.

After the left the car Akashi lead Kuroko to the ride he wanted to go on before they left. Kuroko was pretty sure that it was either a roller coaster or the Ferris wheel. The only ride that they have not gone on was the Ferris wheel. So Kuroko was pretty sure that, that was where they were going.

After about another ten minutes they reached the Ferris wheel. Kuroko looked up at the Ferris wheel. He could tell that it was even taller then he thought up close.

They got to the front of the line in no time. There were lots of carts that held people. Kuroko looked over to Akashi and saw that he had a determined look on his face. Kuroko thought for a second and thought that Akashi was scared of highs. It would make sense as to why they were here last.

They got on the cart that was going to spin them in a slow circle.

They were at the top with the cart stopped spinning Kuroko knew that it was so that way the people riding could look at the city that was below.

Kuroko looked out the window of the cart and saw the city full of lights. It was so much prettier during night then during the day.

Kuroko stole a quick look to Akashi to see how he was holding up. When he did he saw that Akashi was staring at him with another look of determination.

"Akashi, why are you looking at me like that? You should really look outside it is so beautiful." Kuroko said. All he wanted Akashi to do was look outside at the city.

"Tetsuya." Was all that Akashi said but it was in a low seductive voice. Kuroko looked at Akashi with a small blush on the outside, but on the inside he was a puddle.

Kuroko just looked at Akashi. He did not know what to think. All Akashi was doing was staring at him but Kuroko felt as though Akashi was touching him all over his body. It sent a shiver up Kuroko's spine.

Kuroko looked up at Akashi once more only to notice that he was sitting next to him, instead of across like they were just a minute ago.

Akashi was leaning in more and more by the second. Kuroko lent in a little bit without noticing it.

It happened then they kissed. Their lips pressed together and Kuroko felt this fuzzy feeling in his chest.

To Akashi, he could not get enough of Kuroko's lips. They were a little chapped, but soft.

Akashi pulled back for a minute to see Kuroko's face. When he did he almost cried for joy. Kuroko was showing emotion.

Before Kuroko even got to have a reaction about his emotions being back, Akashi pulled him into another kiss. This one was not as sweet and innocent. This one was full of emotion from both of them. They did not even realize when their tongues got involved. Soon they were full on making out. They were so happy to just have each other. They were finally a couple. Kuroko was showing his emotions again, and Akashi got to grope Kuroko's butt. It was a win all round. They were so happy that they did not realize that they had gone around in the big circle three times and they were letting people off and on with the new passengers. When the person got to them the people started to blush along with the people in the line that could see what was going on. The worker started to speak with got them to come out of their own little world.

" E-excuse me. You need to s-stop so that way others can go on the ride." As soon as the worker started to talk Kuroko pulled away and started to fix himself. Akashi only glare at the worker. It was Kuroko who said sorry and grabbed Akashi so they could leave.

"So Tetsuya, will you be my lover? I would say boyfriend but I feel that the term is to overused and not right for our relationship." Akashi said, and Kuroko had to agree. They were anything but normal and they both knew that this relationship was going to be filled with fights sometimes, but they could not see each other with anyone else.

"The answer to you question is yes Akashi. I will always be yours and you will be mine." Kuroko said before they drove off the Akashi's house, where Kuroko was spending the night.

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