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The ball was tipped off. That is when it all started everyone was moving to get the ball from Kagami who was the one to get the ball for our team. The person who is a copy cat of my ability takes the ball from Kagami and passes it to another team member of his and that person makes a slam dunk. I do not know any of there names and I don't not care right now my only goal is to take down Akashi, so knowing people's names be damned.

I went to the basket that the ball was going through. I got ready to do a super pass and pass the ball to Kagami. I got it speeding to him, but it was stopped by Akashi. If that was not enough, he stopped it very easily. He had stopped it like it was one of my normal passes.

" Is that all you have. I really expected more from you. I know that you have an emperor eye, why don't you use it? Or is it that you cant because you can only use it for a minute or so. HAHA! You think you can beat me but we both know that you can never beat me. Even with your emperor eye." Akashi said in a mocking sneer.

"If that is what you think Akashi-kun, but you should know the best out of everyone, I am unpredictable. I am the only person you can not tell what I am going to do next. You might act like you know that I have low stamina, but we both know that the emperor eye fixes that. So do you really think that you will win or is that you just being ignorant. I know how you are and you are smart, but we both know who is better then the other." I said with a calm yet playful tone just to annoy him.

"oh is that what you think Kuroko. We both know that I am smarter, stronger, and faster than anyone in least Japan if not the world." Akashi said smugly.

"Whatever Akashi-kun thinks, but you really should pay more attention to the game and not talking to me. Otherwise you will be surprised to find that the ball has been stolen from right under you nose."I said as I toke the ball from him when he was not paying attention anymore.

I toke the ball and ran a little bit and passed it to Kagami. Kagami caught the ball and went for a slam dunk. He almost got there but my copy cat toke the ball from him.

That fucking copy cat is going to be the first to suffer from the emperor eye.

Meanwhile on the bench the three first years and Riko

"Is it just me or is Kuroko starting to get scary." One of the first years asked

"I think so to. Did you see one of his eyes turned purple when they lined up for the tip off. It also happened just now when Kuroko's copy cat stole the ball from Kagami." the other first year said while the other two nodded in agreement with him.

"So wait, you are saying that Kuroko is basically hiding something that can change the game? I am going to kill him after the game." Riko said with flames blazing behind her.

"Maybe he had a good reason" All of the first years said in unison.

"Now that I think about it, he never does anything without a reason. I am going to call a break so we can hear for ourselves what is going on." Riko said as she started to head to the game-box to call a timeout.

Back to the game

I was trying my best to not go into my emperor eye because I wanted to explain to my team about it first. Just when I thought that it was going to useless to try and hind my eye anymore Riko-san called for a timeout, which could not have come at a better time.

"There will be a short 5 minute break that was called by Serin. Go to your teams." the referee said to everyone who was currently in the middle of the game. I look over to the clock and see that it was almost the second quarter.

I head over to the bench where the coach and the rest of the team already are. When I got there I decided that it was time to tell everyone what is going on with me today.

"Kuroko what the hell is going on with you. Me and the other first years saw the purple eye and we saw your killer intent towards the copy cat. Please tell us what is going on. We are your team and deserve to know." Riko said in a pleading voice. Who could blame her though, I mean that if you just suddenly change your attitude it is going to upset people.

"What is going on is that I have an emperor eye. That little dick head of a copy cat is replacement that Sei-kun is trying to use to get his mind off of me. I will not tell you why it is something between me and Sei-kun, and we are both being stubborn about it. Anyway That little fucker is going to regret being a copy cat and thinking that he can out do the original. Anyway getting away from those thoughts, I am the only one who can defeat him he does not know my power, but he does know everyone else. Please leave this up to me." I said but when I looked around everyone was looking at me like I grew a second head. It probably was from the curse words and the fact that I had my emperor eye out.

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