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Chapter 9 The date part 2

Akashi and Kuroko headed to another game booth. This time it was the game where you knock down all the milk bottles in order to get a prize. They both bought three balls each, with a lot of fighting from Kuroko in order to pay for his own balls, and started to aim for the milk bottles.

Kuroko wanted to win this game without using his emperor eye. He took the time to carefully line up the ball with the middle of the bottom to milk bottles. Kuroko finally did and he ended up knocking them all down. Kuroko was very happy, for his prize Kuroko chose a light sky blue dragon. Kuroko then while blushing gave it to Akashi. Even if this was a joke Kuroko want Akashi to have something that would remind him of him for at least the time it takes him to throw it away or to give it to someone else.

Akashi was looking at Kuroko when he gave him the light sky blue dragon. Akashi was very happy that Kuroko thought to give him something. Akashi was even more happy when he spotted to blush on his face. To Akashi that was a sure sign that Kuroko was starting to show more feelings and that there was a possibly that Kuroko could like him as well. Akashi was starting to think more and more that Kuroko actually liked him and that in the beginning of the finals between their two teams that Akashi made a huge mistake. That he was the one that made Kuroko lock his heart away. He was the one that made them go through this whole mess this time. Even thought Akashi had made a promise to himself that he would never hurt Kuroko, that he would only be by his side to protect him from all the bad things in life. Yet here Akashi is making everything worse. At least Akashi knew that he could bring Kuroko back to the way that he need to be, himself. Even if he does not show many emotions to a lot of people Akashi was someone different. Even when Kuroko did not show anyone his emotions, even when he did not show himself to them half the time, he always did for Akashi. He always show Akashi the hurt when someone would bully him, he would show Akashi the pain when it was the anniversary of his parents death, he would come to Akashi when his grandma forgot about his birthday, and he even came to Akashi when he join the high school basketball team and made a lot of friends from it.

Akashi knew more about Kuroko then even Kuroko knew about himself sometimes. It scared Kuroko when Akashi had told him once, but then he got over it because Kuroko knew more about Akashi then Akashi knew himself. To the red head it was weird. They were always closer then even the bestest of friends, but Kuroko and Akashi did not care one bit. They only care for each other.

Kuroko saw that Akashi was spacing out a little bit and decided to tap him on the shoulder. When he did he saw the Akashi jumped just a little bit, in fact it was so small that if anyone else other then Kuroko was to see it then they would not have noticed.

"Come on Tetsuya, let's go over to the shooting game, it looks like fun. Maybe we will get another prize." Akashi said to Kuroko after a few seconds.

Kuroko followed Akashi after he said that to the shooting game that was only a little bit away. The prizes for this games were cute. There was a little plush that looked a little bit like Akashi with a crown and a red cape with fur outlining the cape. Akashi and Kuroko both saw this and both thought the same thing "I have to win this!" both of them wanted this item for different reasons, Kuroko because he wanted to have it to remember Akashi forever, and Akashi wanted it to give to Kuroko for the same reason that he wanted it.

They both were determined to win the prize. There was only one left. Kuroko and Akashi both paid the amount it said for them to play the game. They had unlimited amount of shots but for them to be able the get the mini Akashi doll they needed to get 3000 points within 60 seconds. There were points that were only worth ten points and then there was fifty points and one hundred points. The hundred point targets were the smallest. This game was a hard one. Both knew that this was going to be a challenge, but that is the way they wanted it to be. They both knew that they were going to have to concentrate as much as they could so that way they could get the points that they needed for the doll.

Kuroko and Akashi took aim and they fired. For the next minute there was nothing but the sounds of a gun shooting and the dings of targets getting hit. Kuroko was aiming at anything that was close and that he knew for sure he was going to hit, which was mostly ten and fifty point targets though he did get a few hundred targets. Akashi on the other hand was shooting at the hundred point targets, sometimes he would hit a few fifty point targets but he mostly stuck with the hundred point targets. After the game was finally finished they looked up at their scores and saw that a crowd of people were around them looking at them with a mixture of envy and awe. Kuroko finally stopped looking at all the people and saw that his score was just short of the score he needed. He was really close, he had only needed to hit a ten point target and he would have had enough point to get the mini Akashi. Kuroko was upset by this but then he looked at the other prizes and saw that they had a penguin holding a pair of scissors. The weird part was as Kuroko looked around the booth there were a lot of things that reminded him of Akashi. To Kuroko this was honestly kind of creepy. Then again it could be that Kuroko is completely love struck.

Akashi looked up at his score that he had got with all his shots and saw that he had only made the amount with a hundred points extra. Akashi was very happy that he won this for Kuroko, part of the reason that he was so determined to win this prize for Kuroko was because Kuroko had given Akashi a prize that was a dragon that was the same color as Kuroko's hair. Akashi knew that he would need to get something for Kuroko, as Akashi being Akashi he was not going to be out done by Kuroko. He wanted to give Kuroko something that at least was as red as his hair and had either two red eyes or even better one red eye and one that is gold. When they had gotten to the shooting game Akashi saw something that liked just like him, he knew that it would be perfect. While Akashi was looking he looked over the Kuroko and saw that he was looking at the same plush that he was. Part of Akashi was upset that he was going to win it, but then the other part was saying that it was going to be fine since he was just going to give the plush to Kuroko.
The man at the booth looked at their score and told Akashi to chose anything he wanted, of course he when for the mini Akashi plush. Kuroko looked at the man who was waiting for him to make his choice, what Kuroko chose was a penguin plushie that had a little pair of red scissors. They both got their prizes from the man, they both looked at each other. After a few seconds of staring at each other Akashi moved first and handed Kuroko the mini Akashi plush that was in his arms at the moment.

"Here Tetsuya, I want you to have this so that you will always remember this day. For day, weeks, months, and hopeful years to come." After Akashi said this line Kuroko could do nothing but blush. Not only because of the line but also because of the plush that looked just like Akashi. Kuroko was very happy and before Kuroko even knew what he was doing he was smiling. Akashi and Kuroko both looked deep into each others eyes and Kuroko knew that Akashi was not make a joke or a punishment out of this whole date, Akashi was for real. This made Kuroko so happy, Kuroko did not know what to do he wanted to cry out in happiness, but he found that he could not. Before he knew it he was not smiling anymore. Kuroko thought that his heart was open, it should have been, but Kuroko did not know what was wrong.

Why? WHY? WHY?!

I am suppose to be able to use emotions, I can see that he really likes me. This was the reason for my heart being locked, so why is it still closed?


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I just want to show Akashi how happy he has made me, I want to show him the love I have for him, but I cant do that without the emotions that are needed.

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