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Oliver's Love Story

The Whispering Woods. These woods are home to very few. There is a large manor in the middle of these woods, home to the one large family. They are the Grays. The Grays are a mixed family. Only three of them are "original" Grays. Oliver, the mysterious one. Alina, the quiet and secretive one. And Vincent, the oldest and most serious. The others are misfits and runaways. However, they're all excepted by the originals. There are many, I can't name the all right now. Because this story focuses on one.

This is about Alina. And the man she met the one night she shouldn't have ever gone out.

2:00 AM in Whispering Woods

For some strange reason, Alina needed to take a walk. She grabbed her coat even though it wasn't that cold. She needed something to cover the scars. Her mind was racing with her boyfriend, Kyle, away from her. She was having trouble keeping up with her school work, and memories of her parents weren't helping. She wished her parents could be there to help her. Maybe her dad could joke about how her boyfriend wasn't worth the tears she was shedding, and her mom could sing her a lullaby. She didn't care if it was childish, she was worried by the fact that Kyle had basically just disappeared into thin air. She stomped down the steps in her combat boots and was almost down the stairs when she was confronted by her brother, Vincent.

"Where are you going at this hour?" He asked sternly. His arms were crossed against his broad chest to assert his authority and serious, but Alina never gave into her brother's 'protective crap'.

"Out." She said reaching for the door. She was stopped by his hand grabbing her arm. She held back the scream she wanted to let out when he squeezed her fresh scar. Please don't let any blood spill out... She thought. She couldn't even imagine what her brother's would think of her if they knew she cut.

"Why so late?" He said staring straight in her eyes. He didn't know Kyle wasn't around at the moment, so his suspicions led him to think she was sneaking out for him.

"Maybe she's sneaking out to see her boyfriend," her brother Matthew, a taken in Gray. He was only on the couch because he couldn't sleep. So his solution was some old video games and light humor. Other than her two brothers right here, her siblings were asleep and quiet.

"Shut up Matt, I'm just taking a walk." She finally forced her way out of the door and down a path to as far she could get away from the nearly silent house. She knew silence could truly make someone insane. Sometimes, its good to get away. She walked as far from her front porch as possible before she couldn't bear the throbbing pain she felt on her wrist. The only pain worse than actually cutting yourself, is touching those scars. Unfortunately, she soon lost the way back and sat in the middle of the woods... Very, very confused. She pulled off one of her socks and wrapped the scars up.

And now, like a hungry shark, an evil man sniffed out the blood of the young girl. His name was Oliver Kirkland. The only other person to live in these woods. A very humble looking man from Britain. But he wasn't as innocent as his pouty blue-pink eyes, blond shaggy hair, and thin demeanor gave off. He was a murderer, and a successful and skilled one at that. Only 20 years of age, yet still successful. He had killed many young girls. Similar to the one who was walking alone at 2:00 AM. Little did he know something was different about her.

He decided to approach her, she seemed like a target of value. "Hello girl!" He said popping up behind her. He was curious about her bleeding wrist, but he couldn't ask any questions. Having a conversation with her would be like naming the pig you're planning to eat for dinner.

She jumped at first but then responded. "Hi." She had to admit, he was handsome. Not buff, maybe even a little scrawny. But his feautures worked well on his slm figure. She slowly felt a bit of social tension fall from her thin shoulders.

He grinned and took out a basket with a fresh batch of his signature, deadly cupcakes. "Would you like to try a cupcake?" He asked calmly. This was his signature recipe, eggs, milk, flour. Some cocoa and of course, cursed rat poison. Very simple, and delicious, or at least he had been told by his victims.

Though she was hungry, the girl refused. "No thanks." She was smarter than to just take food from anyone. That's probably why she was never the kind to trick or treat. She began walking away but he stopped her again.

"Please, this is a fresh batch that I made myself and I need a taste tester!" He took in a whiff of the warm steam still hovering on the cupcake.

"Well why don't you try it yourself?" Alina said in her stubborn tone. She pushed the cupcake out of her way, then bent down to slide on her shoe. But when she came back up, there was the chocolate pastry again.

"I already did. I think they're delicious! But I need a second opinion." He said, pressing the cupcake against her lips. The whipped topping slightly coated her lips. Luckily, that wasn't where the poison was. She took the cupcake from his hands and sniffed it. It made her mouth water. But she was a clever girl.

"Ok, I will try one of these, if you take a bite first." She said mimicking his gesture and pressing the cupcake to his lips.

"B-but I told you, I already tried one!" A nervous sweat dripped down his neck. His lips were coated too now with the fluffy, vanilla frosting.

"Well if thats so, then you wouldn't mind taking a small bite!" She said placing the cupcake in his hand. He gulped and took the cupcake to his mouth. He opened his mouth and then quickly shut it. He threw the unbitten cupcake on the ground and yelled, or grunted more so.

"Alright I can't! You obviously saw I'm a murderer, planning you as my next victim!" Oliver his head. He didn't know why he gave it all away, but this isn't his first break down.

Alina looked shocked and scared. She backed away slowly against a tree, guessing the man would still want to kill her. And even though every bone in her small body was telling her to run, she stood in her same spot, motionless. After a few silent and frozen seconds, she began to wonder. She was curious why this man wasn't running from her? Or at her for that matter. He just stood there angrily and sadly. Like he had failed someone by not killing her. This man... intrigued the 18 year old girl. So all she could say is...

"Why me?" Her voice was hushed but steady. Her whole body was still stopped.

"Why you what kid?" He finally looked up at her again. His face was an angry shade of pink, but that color seemed to fade when he looked at her again. She somehow... calmed him.

"Why did you choose me to kill? No wait! Why do you kill in the first place?" She said crawling over to the man who was sitting on the ground. Curiousity was now starting to get the best of her.

"Why do you care, kid?" He asked looking at her, getting frustrated once again. He hated talking about killing, even though he was a murderer.

"My name's Alina!" She said sternly, "And I just want to know!" She sensed that even though he was an angry killer, for some reason he wouldn't hurt her.

"First of all, why would you tell the murderer your name? Second..." He paused and sighed. "It's all I know..."

"All you know?" Alina said quietly and confused.

"Yes, ever since I was a child, I was taught by my younger, much better brother, that murder is how you get what you want in life. You kill the owner of a store to get his money. A chef to eat his food. A man to take his house or wife. It's all I know." Oliver began to tear up but wouldn't let the girl see him cry. He didn't want her sympathy. He wanted much more than that. He wanted some pride, maybe some confidence. He looked for it in murder but it never seemed to work.

"I see, well I can help you, just talk your feelings out." She listening intently. She even rubbed his arm slowly to comfort him. And it was working, but Oliver knew it was wrong.

"Kid" He pushed her arm away to resist any warm feeling he got from her.


"Whatever, shouldn't you be running away, as you can see, I'm in no mood to talk." He stood up and started his walk away.

"But if you do talk I can help you," She said staring sweetly into his eyes.

He looked away quickly, "no you can't." His face was gaining color again, but not of frustration this time.

"Yes I can!"

He felt like he was speaking to a child, "No you can't, now leave me alone"

"But I can!" She pouted like a little girl. He had enough. he had to get her away from him. He grabbed her by the throat almost choking her and pinned her to the ground. His eyes burned with anger. He didn't want tot hurt this girl. For some reason she was special. He didn't know why. But he knew that he would either hurt her or himself if he talked about his past, or his reason for being this way.

He let her go but was still on top of her. "Now you see... You see I can't change... Run away and don't find me again... I can only hurt you." He was gazing deep into her silver eyes, but too bashful to keep this eye contact for long. He looked over his shoulder and stood.

She slowly stood up terrified. She never took her eyes off the British man. He was now panting, curled up in a ball against a tree. He was mumbling under his breath "You always hurt me" over and over. She wanted to comfort him. She wanted to help him... But she wasn't sure she had the strength to. She slowly turned and began to run away, just like he told her to.

However soon, she was lost again, trying to find her way home. The woods were a dark and mysterious place to be alone. Even a killer was good company.

And once again, the evil man followed her. This man was now intrigued by the girl now. She was so brave, yet so shy. So strong, yet so broken. So beautiful, yet so hurt. He had to find out more about his new... obsession. He followed her every move, almost getting caught a couple of times. But there was one time he couldn't hide. He was walking behind her when a twig snapped. Before he could run behind a tree, Alina grabbed his arm.

"Hey, old buddy! Why are you following me?" Alina said smirking. Oliver tried to run but she had a good grip on him. "Well..."

"I just... I was... I didn't..." He wasn't sure what to say. "I didn't get a chance to apologize to you..." He said, sighing and looking ashamed. "My name is Oliver, and... Well..."

She smiled, "I'm listening" Oliver, that's got a nice ring to it. Before he could say anything, they heard two male voices coming from the distance.

"Matt, where could she be right now!?" The worried and recognizable voice stung at Alina. Well, found my house.

"I'm not sure Vinny, I'm getting worried."

"Shit!" Alina sighed and held her head.

"What!?" Oliver asked worried. It was very unnatural to hear a girl like her cussing.

"Chill, it's just my annoying older brothers. I really don't want to go home!" The girl whined. If she was cooped up in that house again, Kyle would fill and infest her mind again.

"Well.." Oliver blushed. "You could stay at my house down the road," He sighed knowing her answer would probably be a stern no.

"Sure!" Alina said walking away from the house. Oliver looked surprised. Any girl in her right mind would say no. But then he remembered how insane this girl was.

"Ok, it's d-down here..." He lead her down a stone path... To his underground home where he had lived since he was merely a boy.

He removed a large stone slab from the ground and jumped into the hole. Alina was startled and confused. She wore he was living in Wonderland.


"Yes!" He said popping back up with a smug look on his jumped, then gave him the evil eye but started to laugh. "Give me your hand."

She did as he said and was pulled on top of him in a tunnel. They blushed as they saw their position.

"Oh um sorry." Alina said getting off him. She got on all fours and wiped some dirt off her jeans.

"No its fine," Oliver said shyly. They crawled through the tunnel. They finally came to a small door, it led into a spacious apartment. "Welcome to my home!"

"Wow, did you build this place?" Alina asked amazed. It was ve country or woodlen style, and you could see roots poking through the 'roof'.

"From the ground down," He said trying to make a joke.

Alina just rolled her eyes. "So can I have a tour?"

"Sure!" Oliver took her to each of the rooms in the order they came along.

1. The living room

2. The kitchen... "My favorite!" Oliver said. He was always a baker.

3. The 'memory closet'... "What's in there?" Alina asked.

Oliver just sighed, "Nothing important." He almost never went in there now.

4. The library

and 5. the final room, the bedroom... "You'll stay in here," Oliver told her.

"And where will you sleep?" Alina asked as they both walked in.

"On the couch..." Oliver said. Alina felt bad but didn't want to argue it. She soon remembered her brothers and sighed angrily.


"Yeah here..." She took his cell phone and dialed her brother Vincent's number. Oliver could only hear part of the conversation.

"H-hey Vince... STOP YELLING I'M FINE!... Staying with a friend... I'm not that far... I'll be home tomorrow... No it's a guy... STOP WORRYING... I'm hanging up! Love you to jerk now bye!" She hung up the phone and threw it on the bed, then threw herself with it.

Oliver sat next to her on the bed and patted her head. "W-what's wrong?" He asked never being a good advice giver. He had never comforted anyon. He began stroking her arm like she did for him. It actualy worked to loosen her up.

"I HATE THAT HOUSE!" So Alina spoke to him all night, crying on his shoulder. She told him about her parents dying, and her overly protective brother. She explained how her house worked and how she now had 9 siblings instead of 2. She even talked about her boyfriend and how he had basically been ignoring her. And he listened to every word until she finally fell asleep... cuddling him.

And soon he fell asleep with her...

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