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So maybe she should have listened to her Mama a little better.

However, she refused to cry, whine, or shout for help because she was a big girl and she would figure this out all on her own.

'But I can't talk to strangers.' Kagome reminded herself, watching the passing people – especially those that consisted of parents and their kids – with longing eyes before shaking her head in a cute manner.

She needed to get back home as soon as possible so her Mama or Papa wouldn't get angry at her for running off on her own after that cute little kitty she had seen.

Which way was home again?

The small girl let out a shaky breath and stared at the crowds of people who didn't even notice her as they were too busy with their cell phones and whatever other technology they had in their hands.

That is until one specific male dressed in an expensive-looking black suit immediately stopped after passing the panicking girl, glancing back with slightly widened golden eyes as he sniffed the air once more to be sure and confirm.

Kagome blinked her large blue eyes, looking up when a very tall man stepped before her and simply stared down at her with a stoic face, though his eyes told a different story.

She squeaked and stepped away with a little fear when he opened his mouth to say one word and one word only – and it didn't really make that much sense to her because that word was not her name.