Guess who is ill again and spending her time writing for this story? Moi! I have half term break next week which I'm excited about because I seriously cannot be fucked(sorry for the language) anymore for school, its full of self centered twats:) Sorry for the rant but this is where the drama begins. This chapter is set a month later and the new Greenie has arrived. I'm going to try this chapter in third person and you can see which one you prefer:)

Victoria had lived in the glade a little over a month now, the new Greenie, much to her protesting against it, was now her responsibility. The boy was about the age of 11, he was short and skinny. He had blonde slick back hair and a small button nose. His name was Xander (Named after Alexander Graham Bell) He was a fairly quiet boy but he'd shown alot of interest with Victoria, always following her about. Like a shadow. His nickname was shadow. Her Newt, Minho and Gally were closer than ever. She couldn't help but grow some feelings for Newt each day.

And she hated it.

She hated the fact that she liked Newt, Victoria was meant to be the hard nut, not the soppy type. She needed to focus on getting the boys out and protecting them. All because of what happened.

Victoria didn't dare tell anyone what happened that night. She didn't dare too. Her head was a mix of emotions at this point. She couldn't believe what she had experienced...she couldn't quiet get her head around it.

She could still remember the cracking, the spluttering noises, the screams

Victoria had a secret.

But she knew nobody could find out.


Short but something big is coming up, hopefully this will make you try and think what her secret it is..

Now if your wondering what Victoria looks like(I know I've already mentioned it but if you can't picture it) shes based on Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox and Lily Collins (mainly Megan Fox though and with Lily Collins super long hair)

I'll probably update later on