"Sometimes life is strange. Sometimes you think this is it. This is how my life is going to be. And then someone comes into it and suddenly everything is changed for the better. I, more than anyone, know this is true. I found what I thought was the love of my life, and then I lost him. I thought I would never find anyone ever again. I didn't want to. And then, out of the blue, I did. I found the only man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Now Shane, you've found the someone who means the same. I wish you and Marissa everything you've ever wanted and enough happiness to last you a thousand lifetimes," she raised her glass in the air, "To Shane and Marissa."

Everyone held up their champagne glasses in celebration of Shane and Marissa's wedding Stephanie laughed as Shane and his new bride kissed while everyone clinked their knives against their glasses. She sat down next to Chris, and he smiled at her, kissing her temple.

"Beautiful speech," he told her.

"Thanks. Would you believe that I thought that up on the fly?"

"What? No preparation? No notes? Are you okay?" he joked.

"The best speeches are made on the fly baby," she said smartly.

He laughed, "I guess so. But I was mentioned so it's all good in my book."

"You deserved to be mentioned, "she told him, wrapping a strand of hair around her finger.

He leave over to kiss her. Things had returned to normal over the past few months since Jessica had finally left their lives. They still kept in touch with Jonathan and Adriana, they even had pictures of the little girl in their house. Jonathan had gotten his divorce from Jessica recently, much to the amusement of Chris and Stephanie.

"Someone wanted their Mommy," Linda said, coming over with Carter.

Stephanie pulled away from Chris, "Oh really baby boy."

He babbled happily at his mother and she took him in her arms. Stephanie held the little boy close as Chris talked with her mother. She gave a quick scan of the room, looking as everyone talked and had fun. It vaguely reminded her of her and Hunter's wedding. It had been big like this, and much of the same people had attended.

She looked back to Chris who was now talking with her father. Her wedding to Chris had been much smaller, taken place outdoors at sunset. Both weddings had been special, but she couldn't help but have enjoyed the one with Chris more. It was more heartfelt. She grabbed his hand with her free one and he gave her a glance and a smile before going back to talking to her father.

Carter pulled on her hair and she looked down at him curiously, "What is it Carter?"

He pointed out to the people who were dancing in the middle of the room to a fast tune. Stephanie smiled and kissed his head. She got up and walked out onto the dance floor, Carter securely in her arms. She started dancing around with Carter in her arms as he laughed and watched all the people dancing around him.

Chris sat back as Vince went over to talk to Shane. He looked over to Stephanie's seat and didn't see her there. When had she left? He looked around the crowded room trying to spot her. He didn't notice the bride herself coming over to talk to him.

"Hi Chris," Marissa said from Stephanie's unoccupied seat.

He turned to her and gave her a hug, "Hey, congratulations again."

"Thanks. I'm so glad you, Stephanie and Carter could make it."

"Of course we would, you're family."

"Yeah, I know," she laughed, "It's so weird, I'm officially part of your family."

"I think it's pretty great."

"So how do you think we'll both fare in the McMahon family?" she asked, taking a sip of her champagne.

"You'll be fine. We'll both be fine."

"I suppose we will. But promise me we'll stick together if they get too crazy," she laughed.

"Of course, sometimes we're going to need a little sanity."

She got up and went back over to her husband, kissing him deeply. Chris went back to looking for his wife. His eyes finally landed on her as she was dancing around with a giggling infant. He smiled as he watched the two of them.

Sometimes it was still hard to believe he actually had someone like her in his life. If you had asked him a few years ago if he'd ever end up with someone that wasn't Jessica, he would've told you that you were insane. But Jessica was now the farthest thing from his mind.

He couldn't even think about not having Stephanie in his life. It was like it had all fallen into place so perfectly. He remembered seeing her standing on his doorstep that one day. He could remember every detail. Seeing her turn to look at him for the first time and that shiver that had gone down his back that he hadn't even noticed.

He remembered the first time he had kissed her. She had just looked so vulnerable sitting there in the dark, the fire illuminating her face and giving it a soft glow. Her eyes, sparkling with tears not yet shed. He hadn't known it then, but it was that moment that he saw her for the first time, saw that this was the woman that he wanted to love for the rest of his life. And then he kissed her, and he kissed Jessica goodbye.

He thought of when he realized he loved her, how stupid he felt for not seeing it. How he had run out of the house and seen her standing there, looking off into the distant horizon, her hair whipping against her back. She had never looked more beautiful than the moment that she turned to look at him, and he saw that she loved him too.

Every moment after that was a gift. Every kiss she gave him, every hug she let him have, every single smile that brightened his day. Their wedding when she had told him that he was the one she loved for all time. When Carter was born and the first thing she had said, that Hunter should be his middle name, for the man that had unknowingly given Stephanie to him. And for that he was grateful.

When he had been missing Jessica, he'd had many regrets. He had regretted not running after her, not searching for her harder, not telling her how much he loved her enough, not knowing she had cheated on him. At the time when he met Stephanie, his life was full of regrets, what-ifs, and what could've beens.

Stephanie, he had no regrets about Stephanie, not a single one. He never regretted a moment he spent with her. The only thing she did was make every day better because she was with him. Waking up next to her was enough to ensure he had a great day, and it would until the day he left this Earth. God, how he loved her.

Stephanie kept dancing away with Carter, letting the music carry her across the dance floor. She could feel someone's eyes on her and she looked up and saw Chris staring at her. She knew he was thinking about her and she gave him a grin and then went back to dancing with Carter. The little boy was loving all of this.

Chris got up and made his way to the dance floor, having to stop and talk to various people along the way. He got caught up in one conversation for such a long time that he thought for sure Stephanie would be somewhere else by the time he got to her. He politely excused himself from the discussion and went to look for Stephanie again.

"Where's my grandson?" Vince asked as he made his way over to Stephanie.

"Hi Daddy."

"Stephanie," he smiled, "How's my favorite grandson?"

"Daddy, he's your only grandson, in fact, he's your only grandchild."

"Exactly, that's why he's my favorite. He better enjoy all the attention while it lasts, I expect plenty of grandchildren."

"Whoa Daddy, don't get ahead of yourself there," Stephanie said, "I just had Carter 6 months ago."

"You should be trying for another one."

"Daddy! God, I'm not a baby machine," she said.

Vince chuckled, "Well, let me have my grandson so you and your husband can be alone for a while."

Stephanie handed Carter over to Vince, "I don't even know where Chris is."

"Well go find him then, I've got to spoil my grandson."

"Ok, but if he gets fussy just bring him back to me."

"Of course."

"Ok, bye baby boy," she said, kissing his forehead, "Be good for Grandpa."

Stephanie smiled at him and then left to go search for Chris. She went back into the crowded dance floor and started looking around, thinking she saw Chris there a little while ago. She didn't see him so she kept going through the throngs of people.

Chris went over to where the tables were, thinking he saw Stephanie over here. He saw a few groups of people talking, but didn't see her anywhere. He went over by the bar area, but didn't see her there anywhere. Where could she have disappeared to?

Stephanie gave up and was starting to get really warm from all the bodies in close proximity to each other. She left the dance floor and went outside to one of the large balconies that this particular country club sported. She took a deep breath, inhaling the cool summer breeze. She leaned her arms on the balcony and looked out into the inky darkness, and then up at the stars shining brightly.

"Hey Hunter," she whispered, "It's been a while since I talked to you huh? I guess you could say I've been busy. Tonight just reminds me of our wedding. What a crazy night that was. I have a son now, I'm sure you know. We named him after you, Carter Hunter Irvine. Yes, and I'm married now too. He's wonderful, you would've approved. I still miss you, you know? But I moved on, just like you would've wanted me to. I'll never forget you though. I love you Hunter, a part of me always will, tonight just reminded me so much of you."

"So this is where you ran off to," Chris's voice came from behind her.

She turned around and smiled, "You finally found me."

"Yeah, it only took me forever. I looked everywhere."

She opened her arms to him and he came over and hugged her tightly. Yes, this felt right for both of them. She wrapped her arms around him, glad that he was there with her. She pulled away and looked back up at the stars.

"I was just talking to Hunter," she said.

"Oh really, did he say anything about me?" Chris joked.

She giggled, "No, nothing about you."

"Damn, I was sure he'd mention me this time."

"I miss him sometimes," she confessed.

"Of course you do, you loved him. He was your husband. If you think it'll make me jealous, it doesn't."

"Thank you for understanding."

"You put up with Jessica for me, it's the very least I can do," he told her seriously.

Stephanie kissed him softly, letting her hands clasp the back of his neck. He pulled her flush against him and deepened the kiss. They were both where they should be, with each other, wrapped in each other's arms.

They pulled away and heard the strains of "We Have All the Time in the World" coming from indoors. They both smiled, thinking back to the first time they heard this song, the day that Chris realized he loved Stephanie.

"May I have this dance?" he asked, extending his hand to her.

"You may," she said dignified, putting her hand in his.

He pulled her against him again and she again wrapped her arms around his neck. He put his strong arms around her waist and they started slowly moving across the balcony dancing to the slow music.

Stephanie laid her head on Chris's broad shoulder and closed her eyes. No matter what came next, she knew that she could always come to these arms and feel safe. She knew she could always come home to his embrace.

Chris lightly hummed the tune of the song in her ear. She was the one thing he had spent his whole life looking for. It didn't matter who had come before, it didn't matter that he had suffered through Jessica, if only because out of all that, he found Stephanie. And she was all he ever needed.

And so they danced.



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