Hello Everyone,

No this is not an update; however, on a brighter note this is also not a discontinuation of this story either. So, I will explain.

When I first came up with the idea of this story I had thought through everything and believed it was foolproof. That changed over time. After finding out how the story to Naruto came to an end (and beginning of Boruto began), as well as how certain details and topics came at odds with some of the things for my story, this became increasingly troubling for me and have been working very hard to try and solve it out. It's because I don't want to make things too OOC for everything and everyone, yet at the same time add my own "flavor" to the canon. Not to mention that I have other stories I have been managing and a life – which includes school, my job, and 2 businesses – I can't always be making this story a priority.

So, regarding these reasons – especially the first 2 – Old Amends will be put onto Hold/Hiatus for the time being. If any of you are frustrated by this, I don't blame you and am quite annoyed with myself; even with just giving a lame and intolerable excuse. To ensure that Old Amends will be better, I have decided – besides the temporary hiatus – to take down the beginning chapter (not the full summary chapter) so it may be improved upon along with the rest of the story. This way I can rewrite, organize, and refine anything that needs to be improved upon to ensure that the story will be up to a higher standard and much more enjoyable to read than what I originally planned.

I guarantee that this story is among my priorities and is still in the making, but in case anyone was curious, no it is not discontinued or up for adoption. I make it a personal rule that any story I am 100% sure about – after an intense amount of brainstorming to whether I should do a certain story or not – is to be committed for that said story to be completed no matter what.

In closing, thank you for your patience and be on the lookout for any other stories I post.