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A Secret Revealed: Part 1 by Gogirl

Chapter 1- Claw's latest scheme

Penny strolled into the kitchen, smelling something burning. She figured Uncle Gadget was cooking something already; he wasn't exactly what you would call "a master chef". She loved him dearly, but he had a screw or two loose.

Her uncle was a police inspector, assumed to be the world's greatest police inspector. But the truth was, he never solved a case in his entire career. It was always Penny and her dog, Brain who solved the cases. They let him have the credit. He didn't know this, of course.

"Hi, Uncle Gadget," Penny said, cheerfully. "What are you making?"

"I'm trying to make pancakes," said Inspector Gadget, holding a spatula prying a black lump off the pan. "I think I had them over done."

Just then, his Top-Secret Gadget Phone rang. He pulled a cord out of his thumb and put his hand to his ear. "Is that you, Chief? You're where?"

He went into the living room toward the couch. He pulled away a cushion and out popped Chief Quimby.

"Here's your assignment, Gadget," he said showing him a piece of paper. Gadget took it and read out loud:

"Important plans to nuclear weapon has been stolen. This could be a MAD plot. Report to City Hall for further instructions. This message will self-destruct."

Gadget crumbled up the letter. "Don't worry, Chief. I'm always on duty!" And with that, he tossed the letter over his shoulder and it landed on the couch.

BOOM! The letter exploded.

"Why do I put up with him?" Chief Quimby growled.

Gadget returned to the kitchen. Penny had heard the whole conversation. Business as usual, she thought to herself.

"I'm on a case, Penny," Gadget told her as Brain trotted in. "Stay home, it's far too dangerous. Take care of Penny, Brain."

Far too dangerous my eye! Penny thought to herself. In the past two to three years she lived with Gadget, she had always followed him and defeated Dr. Claw's schemes. Sure, she got caught by MAD agents mostly, but she had always escaped (with a little help from Brain).

"Okay Uncle Gadget," she said. "Be careful."

As soon as he was out the door, Penny turned to Brain. "You know the drill," she instructed him. "Follow him, Brain. I'll meet up with you as soon as I can."

"Rrright!" Brain said, in his growling kind of voice. He followed Gadget out the door.

Meanwhile, at Dr. Claw's secret headquarters, Claw himself was watching Gadget on his computer screen with his pet, MAD cat.

"So, Gadget," he hissed. "Again you are meddling with my plans. And again I will have to eliminate you. But this time, it's going to be different. This time, I'll be the one to do it, not my agents. You know what they say, if you want something done right..."

He laughed maniacally out loud, MAD cat snickered softy.

Chapter 2- Tension arises

Penny was at the house, waiting patiently for a message from Brain. Over and over, she thought about the previous cases that she helped her uncle with. She only did this because she was worried about him all the time and didn't want to lose another family member...

Her parents died when she was eleven. That's when she came to live with her uncle and Brain and started getting involved in his cases. She didn't mind letting him have all the credit. Yet...

There were some days when he got on her nerves. On some cases, she asked if she and Brain could come along, but he usually said it was too dangerous. That didn't bother her when she was eleven, but by the time she was twelve it bothered her a bit. During the first year she helped her uncle, she got caught by MAD agents a lot, so she understood that he didn't want her to get hurt. But the second year, she only was captured once or twice. Nowadays, she was hardly caught at all. She could take care of herself.

Another thing. Every time Penny and her uncle would be enjoying a day, he would get an assignment and leave her with Brain. He was always so busy. Penny knew that her uncle cared about her, but she couldn't help feeling upset that he was always busy.

There was something else too. Whenever she told him her suspicions about some of his cases, he told her that it was ridiculous and said it was all her imagination, like she was a little girl. Well, she wasn't a little girl anymore, and her suspicions were usually correct.

"What's wrong with me?" she thought out loud. "I've never complained about this before. I have to keep cool."

She couldn't afford to lose her temper during one of his cases. She had to keep her secret about following her uncle. For if Claw ever, ever found out, he'd destroy her and would finally succeed at destroying her uncle. She couldn't let that happen. She wouldn't let it happen.

Meanwhile, Inspector Gadget was meeting with another police officer at City Hall. Brain was hiding nearby.

"This is what happened," the police officer explained. "The army was making designs for a nuclear war missal. In the wrong hands, it could be deadly. It disappeared yesterday. We think MAD is behind this. You have to go to the army captain in a downtown and investigate."

"I'm on the case," said Gadget. He left. Brain was about to follow him when he saw the other police officer speaking to a computer screen.

"Gadget bought it, boss," said the police officer. "It was easier fooling him than Quimby,"

"Excellent," a shocked Brain heard the voice of Doctor Claw respond. "Gadget has no idea what I have in store for him. This time, he will not escape."

Brain ran after Gadget. He had to contact Penny...

"What is it Brain?" Penny asked the picture of Brain on her watch-screen.

Brain began to charade what he saw to Penny. "It's all a trap?! Oh no! Go follow him. I'll be right there."

Penny grabbed her computer book, and her jacket. She had to be more careful not to get caught this time. If a MAD agent caught her or Brain.... she couldn't bear to think it.

Chapter 3- Caught!

Gadget was wandering around in a building, waiting for this army captain guy to show up.

"Why isn't he here?" he wondered out loud. "Maybe I'm too late. Maybe MAD agents are here and have him prisoner."

Brain was lurking beside him, dressed like a soldier. So far, Gadget didn't notice him. Maybe, he thought. Just maybe, he won't think I'm a MAD agent this time.

Suddenly, Gadget whirled around. "Don't think that phony disguise will fool me!" he shouted to Brain. "You're under arrest!"

Brain groaned. He thought too soon. He ran away; Gadget chased after him shouting, "Stop in the name of the law!"

Not too far away, Claw was staring at his computer screen. There was an intruder in the building, and he knew it wasn't Gadget.

"Well, well, well," murmured Claw. "If isn't Gadget's niece. What's she doing here?"

Suddenly, he had a thought. Gadget's niece was usually always with him when he solved the case. She was usually got caught snooping around by his agents. Why would Gadget bring his niece into his cases. It's very dangerous for a child.

Even so, Gadget seemed like a fool. Could he really be solving the cases? Or was someone else protecting him. There was only one way to find out.

"It's time I meet this girl," Claw said to MAD cat. "This time, I'll let her come to me. You know what they say... CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT!" he screamed, pounding his fist toward MAD cat when he saw him laughing.

Penny snuck around the building, looking for some clues. She came across a door labeled MAD.

Should I go in? she wondered. It could be dangerous. But this could be a clue. What should I do?

Claw was watching the image of Penny standing outside his the door to his room on the computer screen.

"Yes," he hissed softly. You know you want to go in. I will find out what's going on... even if it mean destroying you!" MAD laughed softly.

Meanwhile, Gadget was still chasing Brain. "Go-Go-Gadget Cuffs!" he shouted. Handcuffs popped out of Gadget's sleeve, cuffing Brain.

"You look that MAD agent I always see on my cases," said Gadget, looking at Brain. "Well, this time I've got you!"

Brain growled. Where was Penny when he needed her?

"Wait a minute!" Gadget said, looking at Brain. "You're no MAD agent! You're- you're my dog!"

Oh no! Brain panicked. He finally recognized me! What do I do

"Brain, what are you doing here?!" Gadget demanded. "You're supposed to be taking care of Penny! Is she here?!"

To be continued...

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