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A Secret Revealed: Part 3 by Gogirl

Chapter 7- Memories

Inspector Gadget sat in the room he, Penny, and Brain had been in for the past hour. He had just learned what had been a big shock for him; his niece and Brain had been solving his cases for him. They hadn't spoken for the past hour; in fact, they weren't even looking at each other.

Why is she always so headstrong? Gadget thought to himself. I told her to stay home most of my cases and what does she do? She follows me and solves most of my cases! Why is she so difficult now?

It's because she reminds you so much of Rachel, he realized. Rachel, Rachel, why did you have to die?

Rachel was Gadget's sister, and Penny's mother. Rachel was pretty much exactly like Penny: smart, brave, they even looked alike, except Rachel didn't wear her blond hair in pigtails like Penny.

Before Rachel got married and had Penny, she spent most of her time with him. She even went with him on some of his cases. The three made a pretty good team; Rachel, Brain, and himself. Come to think of it, Rachel was the brains of the whole outfit.

He remembered a case in France; they spent most of the time sight-seeing. They passed a store that sold fur. Rachel commented that it was a store only Cruella De Vile would love.

Gadget smiled. Rachel always was the animal rights activist. Rachel, he thought. I miss you so much. Why did you go?

When Rachel got married, she told Gadget to be more careful since she wasn't going to be on his cases as much. He said that he could take care of himself; she said his ego was getting larger.

As she was thinking about this, it dawned on Gadget that she was right! He had been considering himself the world's greatest detective when Penny solved most of the cases. He had to admit, she was a smart girl who would make a good detective herself someday.

Too bad he was so busy with his cases he never got to spend a lot of time with her. Rachel would be disappointed.

How was he going to adjust to this change? He needed more time to think this out, but he felt as thought if he didn't say something to Penny soon he was going to explode.

What would he do? What would Rachel want him to do?

Chapter 8- Bonding

This is getting ridiculous, Penny thought. We haven't spoken to each other in an hour. If we don't talk soon, I think I'm going to crack!

Brain was so bored he couldn't keep awake. I hope they start talking again soon, he thought. We have got to get out of here before Dr. Claw does away with us.

Suddenly, Penny spoke. "Do you even miss her?"

Gadget turned around. "Who are you talking about?"

"My mother."

"What does she have to do with this?" Gadget asked.

"Everything," Penny answered, turning around. "Before she died, she told me she spent most of her time solving her cases with you and Brain. When she got married, you told her not to worry about you on your own; you said you could take care of yourself."

"Yeah," Gadget said dryly. "I guess I was wrong, on account of I'm so stupid I never solved any of my cases."

"I never said you were stupid!" Penny exclaimed.

"Oh yeah? Then how come you followed me on my cases?"

"Because I was worried about you and I didn't want you to get hurt!" Penny yelled.

There was a brief period of silence. "You didn't want me to get hurt?"

"Of course. You're pretty much all I've got left and I don't want to lose you. You're not stupid, you just... um... come at things the wrong. Maybe if you think about the more *realistic* solutions of your cases, you'll do a better job. You might think you're an idiot, but you're my idiot, Inspector Gadget, and I won't let anybody take you away from me."

"You mean that?"

"Of course. I'm sorry me helping you with your cases might have hurt you like that. I don't want to hurt you."

Gadget smiled. "I care about you too. I'd never do anything to hurt you. You and your mother meant too much to me for me to hurt any of you. That's why I'm reluctant to bring you on my cases; I don't want to lose you the way I lost your mom."

"I guess I understand."

"So, do you have an idea of how to get out of here?"

"Actually, I've been coming up with an escape plan for the last hour. Stand back." she instructed.

Gadget and Brain backed into the wall. Penny pointed her arm at the locked door and pressed a button on her computer watch. A red laser light shot out of her watch and blasted a hole in the door.

"Wowsers!" exclaimed Gadget. "I had no idea you could do that!"

"Well, there are a lot of things you never knew about me," said Penny. "Now lets get out of here!"

"Aren't we going to stop Claw?" asked Gadget. "He's right here, isn't he?"

"I don't think that's such a good idea," said Penny. "And I'll give you two good reasons why not: 1) Claw found out that I've been helping you. I think he might want kill all of us."

"Okay," agreed Gadget. "But what's the second reason?"

Just then, a group of MAD agents rushed in the room; all of them very huge and mean-looking (not to mention all of them were very stupid, as they usually are).

"How about that?" Penny said, pointing to the agents.

"Okay, I'm convinced," Gadget said quickly.

"GET THEM!!" screamed one of the MAD agents.

"Go-Go-Gadget skates!" yelled Gadget, grabbing Penny and Brain. His Gadget skates popped out of his shoes, and (carrying Penny and Brain) skated as fast as he could away from the pursuing agents.

They hurried toward the exit, the agents closing in on them.

"The door is locked!" exclaimed Gadget, trying to open the door.

"Oh for crying out loud!" snorted Penny. "Don't you remember how we opened the locked door to the room?!" She moved Gadget and Brain aside, pulled out her watch....

A few seconds later, the agents came to the locked exit, but the three were nowhere in sight. All they found were the remains of the exit door; a huge hole blasted by some kind of laser.

When Dr. Claw was informed of Gadget's escape, he was NOT happy. "Curses!" he screamed, pounding his fist near MAD cat. "I'll get you for sure next time, Gadget! Because now, I KNOW YOUR SECRET!!"

Chapter 9- The Aftermath

Hours later, Gadget was sitting alone in the living room. What happened today was such a big shock for him. What was more shocking is that he hadn't told Chief Quimby what he had learned. Why should he have? He had helped Penny and Brain escape from the MAD agents, and they had saved him as well. They BOTH deserved credit for this one.

He had to admit, the past years cases he had since Rachel's death had been kind of lonely for him when he was working alone. It was nice to work in a group again. Now that Penny had proved that she could take care of herself, he asked her if she would like to help him... on the cases when she wasn't busy with school or something like that. Brain could go with him other times. She happily agreed.

Maybe, he thought. Just maybe, with a group, Claw can finally be stopped. This what Rachel would have wanted. She would be so proud of her daughter... and her brother (once he solved more cases on his own, of course.)

The End

Okay, I hoped you liked the end of the story, and that you didn't think it was too corny. But I figured THE TRUTH about the relationship of Penny and Inspector Gadget should be told (if you think about another fanfiction A CERTAIN SOMEBODY WROTE THAT WAS REALLY STUPID THAT I WILL NOT MENTION, if you know what I mean) and that Penny's mother should be told about. I thought Gadget should have a sister.

Also, I think I have an idea for a IG movie fic ( I'll tell you about it in a minute), but would I have to suggest the category for the movie section, or should I put it here in the cartoon section?

Okay, the fic takes place about a week after the movie. Gadget (or John Brown) is reflecting on his past, including the death of his mother and his sisters, when Penny came into his life, and his recent accident that made him Inspector Gadget. I think that the movie Gadget needs a past, since details on his dead family members were not mentioned. What do you think? Tell me in your reviews.

- Gogirl