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Warnings: Lime, language, the usual.

Chapter Seven: Spirit In The Room

Bakura sat dejectedly on the couch with little to no interest in the 'shadow box' show he was watching. The spirit's mind wandered to his other sleeping upstairs and to their little house guest as well. Bakura turned off the TV and walked toward the stairs. He paused at the bottom and looked up.

Shaking his head, Bakura cleared his mind of the unimportant details concerning Ryou's actions and Jou's condition. He stood at the top of the landing and then headed towards his other's room. He passed by the guestroom and stopped. Maybe he could pay the blond a little visit. See what was so great about him that Ryou would be so utterly confused, and if he really had any competition.

Bakura opened the door and walked in. Closing the door quietly, he crept over to the bed and stood at the side of it. He looked down at Jou and almost let a smile show. The boy had rolled onto his side and was hugging his knees to his chest. Bakura half expected him to kick a leg out and whimper at any moment.

Though the sight was amusing, Bakura wasn't about to let it last.

"You look like an idiot," the spirit said loudly and with a gruff shove to the boy's shoulder blades.

Jou groaned from the contact with a bruise and rolled onto his back, with an arm shielding his eyes. Bakura waited for an answer for a moment, before realizing that the boy had gone back to sleep. Growling deep in his throat he placed his foot on Jou's ribcage and shoved hard.

Jou yelped and rolled over and off the bed. He groggily looked at Bakura and frowned.

"What was that for?!"

Bakura smirked, shrugging nonchalantly. Jou glared.

"What do you want, ya freak?"

Bakura raised an eyebrow and sat on the bed.

"What do I want? What if had I come in here to rape you? What would you have done then? I could have been done with it by the time you woke up," he stated flatly.

"Then it wouldn't have mattered," Jou replied with a frown. "Besides, I don't think you're into guys," he continued getting back on the bed, but leaving a good distance between himself and the spirit.

Bakura raised both his eyebrows in a show of amusement. Leaning backward across Jou's lap, the tomb raider asked uncaringly, "And if I were?"

Jou looked at him with wide eyes. "I—I'd think you were l-lying," he stuttered out.

Bakura rolled over so that his hands were on either side of the blond's waist. He pressed their foreheads together and looked into brown eyes. "And if I wasn't? What would you do then, Jounouchi?"

Scream, Jou thought, duh.

"I don't know…" he trailed off. His eyes flickered back and forth between Bakura's eyes and lips. He knew for sure that he liked Ryou, but his Yami? Mr. Psycho? He didn't have a freaking clue.

Bakura smirked and leaned forward, pressing his lips to Jou's. Jou made a small noise of protest and pushed against him, but Bakura was stronger at the moment.

Jou closed his eyes tightly and made a muffled 'mphf!' noise when Bakura grabbed his wrists and held them to his sides. The spirit smiled against his mouth and swept his tongue along his lower lip. Jou kept his mouth shut tightly.

Bakura pulled away looking annoyed. "You are making this harder than it has to be, mortal."

Jou stared wide mouthed for a moment. "I'm making this harder than it has to be?! Last time I checked, being attacked by my friend's psychotic dark half was pretty freakin' weird, okay?!"

Bakura raised an eyebrow, obviously indifferent to the blond's outburst. "So you only think of my other as a 'friend'?"

Jou frowned at the question.

"What do you care what I think of Ryou?"

"Nothing. I was just seeing if you were going to instigate yourself into this as competition," the spirit said, and then leaned forward, close to Jou. "Not that I consider you competition, anyway."

Jou swallowed and shifted on the bed. He didn't like Bakura being so close, especially when he was acting like he knew something Jou didn't. Bakura sensed the other's nervousness and smiled. What could Ryou possibly see in this boy?

Bakura leaned forward again and cupped Jou's head. This time, though, the blond was ready for him. As Bakura pulled him toward him, Jou planted a hand on the demon's chest and pushed.

"Stop," he said firmly.

Bakura stopped. Why, he wasn't sure, but he did. He was nose to nose with the other boy and was staring into amber. Maybe it was the look in those eyes, or maybe it was the fact that Bakura wasn't used to being told no. Either way, he stopped.

Jou stared into Bakura's eyes. He didn't know what to do. He didn't know what he wanted. Well, he knew part of what he wanted. He wanted Ryou, but was he ready for a package deal with this…this…whackjob?

His gaze shifted to the spirit's lips. They looked a lot like Ryou's, only harsher. They were a bit thinner, and he couldn't remember a time when he had seen the dark spirit smile. Not even once. It was a smirk or nothing. And the smirk was usually scarier than the nothing.

Bakura snapped back from whatever thoughts had stopped him from moving and pulled Jou forward into another bruising kiss. Jou was too stunned to fight back, and Bakura easily pressed his tongue into the other's mouth. Jou made a small grunt when the spirit kissed him, but was otherwise unable to do much else.

When Bakura finally pulled back for air, he was surprised to find Jou staring at him with a look of terror on his face.

"What?" he snapped at the blond.

Jou swallowed and narrowed his eyes in an attempt to gain courage. "I told you not to."

Bakura smirked. "I don't listen to weaklings."

"Get off me," Jou whispered.

"And if I don't?" Bakura whispered back, letting the amusement in his voice show.

"I'll make you." Jou said. His voice was hard, with years of practice in not looking scared—this wasn't too hard.

Bakura raised an eyebrow, but leant down and pressed the other boy back onto the bed. Jou winced slightly from a bruise he hadn't remembered receiving, but pushed against the spirit when he came too close. Bakura pulled back and made eye contact for a moment before trying again. Jou simply turned his head and held him back. Bakura growled.

"I can and will hurt you. I don't particularly care either way, but I don't feel the need to hurt you so don't make me."

"But raping is okay, right," Jou said, glaring up at him from the pillow.

"Shut up, mortal." Bakura said, and bent down, this time able to steal a kiss. Jou growled and threw his entire body against Bakura, in an attempt to dissuade him. Bakura laughed against the other's lips and pressed his body down. This was beginning to get interesting. Jou twisted under the other, and felt his body come in contact with something…

Jou's eyes snapped open, and he found himself staring into mahogany brown, as the spirit manhandled him. Bakura was…aroused. And much to Jou's horror, so was he. Slightly. Not so much that he couldn't write it off later…but still.

Jou placed both his hands on Bakura's shoulders and shoved, long enough to roll himself off the bed and onto the floor.

Rolling once, twice, and finally remembering that standing was in fact an option, Jou stood up and looked at Bakura and then the door.

Bakura sighed. "You wouldn't make it. I can move much faster than you."

Jou glared. "Shut up. I could make it."

Bakura raised an eyebrow and sprawled rather cat-like on the bed.

"Oh could you? I'd like to see that."

Jou nodded and then started to move towards the bed, as though he wasn't going, but he suddenly split-stepped and made for the door. Bakura's reaction was instant. He had seen the muscles quiver a moment before they made the actual movement, and had taken according steps.

The end effect was Bakura pinning a rather stunned Jou to the floor about a foot and a half away from the door. Jou groaned, all this body contact was really starting to wear on him. He stared at Bakura for a moment, before growling and letting his head roll to the side and rest on his shoulder.

"You win. Get off," he said looking annoyed.

"I won? What did I win?" Bakura asked next to the other's ear, playing as innocent as someone like him could manage, but still coming off as rather maniacal.

Jou turned his gaze back to the spirit and narrowed his eyes.. "Nothing. Get off."

Bakura stared at Jou for a moment, and realized that they were so close, if he chose to speak their lips would definitely brush. It was amusing. He stood and laid on the bed, in much the same position from earlier; completely taking all the possible room.

Jou gingerly stood and turned, seeing the spirit had taken his place.

"Come on, man! I want to get some sleep! I'm here aren't I? Isn't that enough?! Do you have to make it hell while I'm here, too?" Jou snapped angrily at Bakura. Now would have been a good time for Jou to run, but he was just too intelligent to run from an undead, clinically insane spirit.

Bakura shrugged and scooted over just enough to barely allow another person enough room on the bed.

"Oh no…Oh no no no no. I am not going anywhere near you and you are not sleeping in my bed!"

Bakura stretched some more and took the space back. "Suit yourself."

Jou glared again. Why him?

He grabbed a stray pillow that had fallen on the floor and marched out of the room. His first impulse was to go into the living room and sleep on the couch, but for some reason he didn't want to be alone right now. Though, that did not mean he wanted to share a bed with a deranged nether-being. Ryou's room was the only option left.

He made his way down the hall a few feet and then cracked open a door experimentally. There was a small twin-sized bed near the center of the left wall, and a rather luminescent head of hair peaked out from under the comforter.

Jou crept into the room and over towards the bed. He had the image of himself crawling into bed with his mother once as a child, and suddenly felt very small where he stood. He climbed onto the side of the bed, and bit his lip when Ryou sighed and rolled over to face away from him.

He laid his pillow down by the other boy's and crawled slowly onto the bed. He decided lying on top of the covers would be the best option and the least likely to disturb the other. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Ryou made a small noise and shifted suddenly, placing the two teens nose to nose.

Jou's eyes widened, but Ryou only let out a soft snore before going back to breathing normal. Jou let himself watch the other boy, feeling the other's presence calm him into relaxing. He slowly smiled and closed his eyes, a few moments later his breaths evened out and he fell asleep.

It was silent in the house when a shadow walked into the room. It made no sound and cast no shadow even when the moonlight tried to touch it. The spirit moved to the side of the bed where two teens slept. He moved a piece of white hair away from his other's boyish face and almost let his hand touch the cheek of the blond, but pulled away.

There was a dull flash of light, and then the shadow was gone.

To Be Continued…

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