Hello all. I think this story is going to be one of my absolute personal favorite of my stories just because of all the different feelings that will come from it. Not that my others aren't good as well, just this one has captured my interest particularly. Plus, I have never seen anyone write a fic like this, so I really wanted one. Just a warning, this first chapter or whatever has a death scene. Yes, this does take place after Season 2 with Ciel as a demon.

So, I don't whether I should classify this as a prologue or the first official chapter, so it's both.

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Prologue/Chapter 1

Finny was curled up on his bed in the servants' quarters of the manor. Even though when the young master and Mr. Sebastian had left Bard, Mei-rin, and they had moved their rooms into the manor, Finny would go to his room in the servants' quarters for comfort. Today was especially hard for him. It was the 30th year anniversary of Mei-rin's death. Bard had died 15 years earlier than her, his lifespan shortened because of his smoking habit, so her death marked the day that he would be alone for the rest of his life.

They had figured out after they had lived together for 10 years and Finny hadn't aged at all that the experiments done to him had either given him immortality or had lengthened his lifespan, making him age differently. He still looked 16, the age he was when Mr. Sebastian saved him from the experimentation laboratory.

Thirty years was plenty of time to get over Mei-rin's death and get used to the loneliness, but when it was Bard's or Mei-rin's death day or just a particularly gloomy day, Finny would hide in his old room. He would curl up just like he was now and hold the locket that the three of them bought together once. It had one black and white photo of them just generally being happy together and the picture of the young master and Mr. Sebastian with Pluto in the window, trying to get inside. It was the one thing he would never part with.

He was interrupted from his sulking when his sulking when his stomach growled at him. He put the locket under his shirt and worked on getting out of the bed. Mei-rin had made him promise that he would continue eating after she died. He had stopped when Bard passed away. So, he tried his best to eat what he could stomach.

Finny walked toward the washroom and splashed his face with some cold water. He went to the kitchen before he remembered that the storage was running low on several things. He would have to go into town today.

The other thing that the young master had left them was enough money to last Mei-rin's and Bard's lifetime. Of course, he hadn't known that Finny would live so far past them. The savings were getting smaller, so Finny would take $100 out and gather some flowers from the garden he finally learned how to tend to. He would sell the flowers and used the money to buy all the food he could and anything else he thought he would need.

Finny went out to the garden and was shocked to find that the tulips were in bloom. He picked half of them along with some other flowers. He put the money and flowers in a basket and started along the path through the woods to London. It was a 10 minute ride and a 30 minutes walk. Finny loved it outside though. He loved the smell of the trees and the flowers and the sounds of birds chirping and small animals scrambling up tree trunks and over branches. The air of the forest always had a damp feeling to it even though the sun shone through. It was better than a stuffy room with one tiny window. Finny walked along with a small smile.

Soon enough, the trees opened up to the bustling city. It was renewed and modernized with cars and bright lights. Finny moved around the crowd toward the shop he normally sold his flowers to. It was a small antique shop a little ways into town. The shop keeper and his wife were very nice and always gave Finny a fair price.

As he walked in, the doorbell rang and grabbed the attention of the shopkeeper. "Good morning, Finny!" he said.

"Good morning, Mr. Burns," Finny replied.

"Haven't seen you in a while. How ya been?"

"I'm good! Thank you!" he said, putting on his best smile.

"Ah, Finnian!" Mrs. Burns came down the stairs, carrying a big box down the stairs. Her bright orange curls bounced as she went down every step.

"What are the boxes for?" Finnian asked.

"We're moving the shop," the shopkeeper said.

"What? Where to?"

"Don't worry. Just to the other side of town," Mrs. Burns assured him. "Why don't you go upstairs and help Amelia with the remaining boxes?"

"Ok...sure," Finny replied. Now that he really looked around, the shop was almost empty. He set the basket on the countertop and headed up the stairs.

When he reached the top of stairs, he was almost knocked over as a girl with bouncy orange hair tackled him in a hug. "Finny!" she exclaimed.

"Hello, Amelia," Finny replied, smiling. "Your mom wants me to help you with the boxes."

Amelia smiled and replied with, "Thanks. We were almost done. The rest are over there." She pointed to three boxes.

"No problem," Finny said, walking over to the boxes and picking all three of them up like it was nothing. He carried them back down and set them in a corner with all the others.

"I don't want to move. We'll be further away from Finny!" Amelia complained, as she went down the stairs.

"I'll still come visit," he told her with a smile.



"Yay!" Amelia exclaimed, hugging him tightly.

Mrs. Burns giggled, "Why don't you two take a walk around London? It's such a nice day outside today.*"

Amelia's face lit up. "Great idea, mum! Come on, Finny!" she exclaimed, pulling Finny toward the door with a huge smile.

"Amelia! Wait! My flowers!"

Amelia stopped and turned around to face him. "Don't worry. I'll put them in some water, and we'll discuss a price when you get back," Mr. Burns said reassuringly.

"Actually," Finny said. After a short pause, he continued, "I wanted to give some of my friends some."

Mr. and Mrs. Burns looked to each other before nodding with a small smile. Mrs. Burns handed him the flower basket to him. "Thank you," Finny said, smiling. Then Amila pulled him out the front door, succeeding this time.

As the two walked, Amelia started up a conversation in the oddest way possible. She said, "Wanna hear a story that I hear around town a lot? I think it's interesting."

Finny looked at her. "Um,...sure," he replied nervously. "I love stories."

Amelia wrapped her arms around his left arm as they walked, pressing it into her breast and making him blush. She started her story then as they walked. There are many versions of this story, but all who tell it swear it's true. You know that abandoned mansion in the forest. You should know it! You live the forest, too, right?" she said.

"Uh...yeah," Finny replied, leading her down the street.

"Well, some people say that it really isn't abandoned! That one of the servants is still there, waiting for the return of his master. Some people say it's a ghost, and some think that it's something with a physical body, immortal though. No one has ever been close enough to tell much about the servant, but Mum says it's a boy that look to be same age as us and gardener of some sort maybe," Amelia continued.

"Really?" Finny didn't know know there were people getting so close to the manor besides Mr. and Mrs. Burns. They were the only ones now that knew how old Finny really was.

"Yep! Mum said she even went inside and had tea with the boy among the white roses," Amelia finished.

"Interesting," Finny replied nervously and pulled at the string of his straw hat.

As they walked along, Finny spotted a tall man in a white lab coat. A scientist. His eyes went wide as he started to panic. His breath got stuck in his throat. Amelia noticed that he had tensed and shook his arm to get his throat. "Finny! Finny!" she exclaimed.

Finny took a deep breath and tried to smile. "Sorry, Amelia. I just got a bit distracted," he said shakily.

"Are you sure? You looked scared," she said, pouting, but she had a glimmer of concern in emerald eyes.

Finny nodded and continued toward their destination, the cemetery. He wanted to visit Mei-rin's and Bard's graves and add new flowers. Oh. I haven't visited Miss Lizzy in a while, he thought.

As the two came upon the gated entrances, Amelia looked at him questioningly, quirking an eyebrow. "Really? You're taking me to the cemetery?" she said accusingly.

"You're the one who wanted to come along," Finny replied, opening the gate. They entered, and Finny lead the way to a small moneselium.

"It's locked," Amelia stated. "They aren't going to let just anyone into the grave of a noble."

Finny pulled an old key from his pocket, smiling.

"You have a key. Why am I not surprised?"

"Would you like to meet Lady Elizabeth Midford?" he asked, unlocking and opening the door. They both went in. Amelia was more cautious than Finny. There was a small hallway leading to a room where there was a pedestal on which a highly decorated urn set. It had red and blue swirling around each other, and where the red and blue touched, the blue would curl away. "In there are the ashes of Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford, fiance of Ciel Phantomhive, Earl of Phantomhive, Owner of Funtom Toy Company, the Queen's Guard dog, and my young master," Finny explained as he set down a few violets* beside the urn.

"Wait...This says she was born in 1884...That's over a hundred years ago," Amelia said warily. Finny could see her piecing it together as her eyes got wider and wider, and his smile turned sad. "You're...You're the boy who lives in the abandoned mansion! The immortal boy!" she exclaimed, slowly backing away.

Finny looked down at his feet now as he nodded slightly. Amelia stumbled a bit as she rushed out. "Amelia! Finny called after her and headed out after her, dropping his flower basket. They were both stopped at the entrance by a muscular man. Several equally muscular men stood behind him, and they started morphing into something horrifying. They looked like what you'd think a werewolf would look like, lots of hair and pointy, sharp-looking teeth. They made Amelia scream, and Finny wrapped an arm protectively around her.

The tall scientist from earlier made himself known by stepping forward. "You know how long it's taken to track you down once I heard there was a possibility you were still alive. Of course, we couldn't just give up on a specimen as rare as you," he said, smirking and slowly moving forward. He looked Finny over then, to the weird, wolf men, said, "Grab it."

The first wolf man that tried to grab Finny was punched in the face and sent flying into the others. The scientist stopped the remaining ones. Then he walked forward and grabbed Amelia by her hair. Finny wanted to pull her toward him as she was pulled away, but he knew that he would probably hurt her. The scientist passed her to one of the wolf men.

"Amelia! Don't hurt her!" Finny exclaimed, taking up a defensive stance instinctively. "She doesn't know anything! Please just let her go!"

When the man saw how Finny was reacting, he smirked. "We won't hurt her if you come with us willingly," he said as the wolf man enclosed Amelia's neck with a hairy, clawed hand.

Finny looked over to her and could see her trembling. Amelia. I can't let them hurt her, he told himself. His stance relaxed, and he looked down at the ground as he whispered, "Just don't hurt her."

One of the wolf men Finny had knocked down grabbed him by his arm tightly and roughly pushed him toward the others that surrounded him. The scientist grabbed the same arm, making Finny flinch a little, and injected him with a syringe quickly. After a minute, a fuzzy feeling took over his head, and he involuntarily relaxed enough so that he couldn't fight back when he was thrown over a shoulder. "Finny!" Amelia squealed in horror.

"Get rid of her," the scientist said to the wolf man holding Amelia.

After that, Finny could no longer hear anything, but the last thing he saw was Amelia's limp body fell to the ground with her head turned the wrong way. Then everything went black.

Well, that took a while, but I'm finished typing! Maximum Ride character will appear starting next chapter, beginning with Ari, Jeb, and Angel of course. I really hope you guys like this story, and this will not be the last we see of the Burns family.