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Finny's POV

Finny had been awoken this time by a loud clanking of metal on metal. He was slowly awakening until his own cage jerk upwards. As he was thrown against the side of his cage by the sudden movement, he flinched and groaned slightly. His cage was placed down finally, and once his head stopped spinning and his eyes would open, he could see that he had been put on a cart along with a few other cages. From a diagonal view, Finny could see Angel's friend, Nudge.

"What's going on here?" Finny questioned as he grasped the metal bars.

An Eraser, already in his freakishly weird wolf-like state, shook his cage to get him off the side. Then he leaned down to stare Finny in the eyes and, with a twisted chuckle, growled, "Don't you worry your pretty little head about it. You're just in it for the show."

"It's such a shame though. There's so much more we could learn from them," a female scientist said from the other side of him, making him whip around to face her.

From the way the woman was talking, it sounded as if his new friends weren't going to be there anymore. Were they going to be set free? But what about the "show" that that Eraser had told him about?

Then Max's cage was roughly picked up and tossed onto the cage cart across from Finny. She was glaring intensely at the Eraser that had thrown the cages around after recovering from hitting on the bars.

Another Eraser, just as bulky and hairy as the other was pushing the cart behind the female scientist and the first Eraser. He didn't say much, but when Finny stared up at him, he growled and bared his teeth back.

Soon, they were outside. There were trees in the distance behind threatening wire fences, and Finny could smell the fresh grass that surrounded him, the scent he had memorized over the years of taking care of the Phantomhive manor's garden. Maybe they're really releasing them! They could be free! he thought excitedly. But I'd be alone again...

Then Angel's voice popped into his head. She said, "They aren't setting us free. They're going to kill us. You're here to see what happens to us when they no longer want to deal with us."

At those words, Finny's heart stopped. No, he thought. No. You can't die. I can't lose you, too. I'll be all alone again! Tears started falling down his cheeks.

"Don't worry," Angel reassured him. "Max has a plan. She won't let anyone of us die."

Finny sniffled a bit then thought, Okay.

As the internal conversation between Angel and Finny went on, Max was sassing off one of the Erasers. That's also when Finny notice that many more Erasers had surrounded them.

Suddenly, he heard a growl, and his cage was sent toppling over and off the cart. When Finny finally recovered from his head banging against the side of his cage, he looked up to see that the cage Max was residing inside had plowed into Nudge's cage and broke a bar and bent several others.

With a swift kick, Nudge was able to bend the broken bar enough that her slim body could slip out. She quickly took to the air, just over the Eraser's heads. Then she swooped down on the female scientist which of course made her throw her arms over her to protect herself, and while doing this, Nudge swiped the keys from her belt.

She threw them to Max, and she unlocked her cage almost instantly. As soon as she was out, she kicked the Eraser closest to her in the jaw. She then turned around quickly to start unlocking cages. One by one, Max set her Flock free, but Finny was taken aback when she squatted down in front of him to unlock his cage. When she saw his shocked expression, she told him, "You're one of us now, whether you wanna be or not. Welcome to the Flock, Finny." She held out her hand through the opened cage door.

Finny took her hand, and Max helped him out of the cage. Angel had already taken to the air while Fang and Nudge held off the Erasers. "Up and away," Max exclaimed, and both of them shot towards the sky instantly, creating high winds as they took off. Finny tried to join them, but not only did his back still hurt tremendously, his wings were heavy from dried blood. Max grabbed his wrist, and suddenly, they were speeding towards the clouds. At least, they were until a blast from below knocked them off balance. They didn't go down, but Max had to stay in one place to get steady again. "Bullseye!" a young male voice exclaimed from above.

Looking up, they caught sight of a blonde boy just a few years older than Angel and a teenage boy with strawberry blonde hair, both with wings extended from their backs. "Iggy! Gazzy!" Nudge exclaimed. Both boys grinned.

Then the older one that must've been Iggy swooped down what looked like a vehicle from that far. After standing behind the vehicle for brief while, he pushed it towards what looked like the entrance to something and flew away as it rolled in. Suddenly, the entrance and part of what must've been the side of a mountain exploded into thousand little pieces of rubble as the boy flew away from it quickly with a huge smile spread across his face. "How was that?" he asked, holding out a hand for a high five for the young boy that should be the Gasman or Gazzy.

"Amazing!" Gazzy exclaimed, slapping the other's hand.

"It sounded awesome!" Iggy replied with equal excitement.

"You two were suppose to stay at the house!" Max scolded the two.

"But Max! There were Erasers!" Gazzy boy explained.

"We couldn't just stay there!" Iggy added with as much vigor.

Defeated, Max let out a sigh, and she adjusted Finny on her shoulder. Then Fang came up behind them and took Finny's other arm to balance him and Max out.

Anyways, who is this guy? What's wrong with his wings?" Gazzy asked.

"He's Angel friend, and they're new. He doesn't know how to use them, and they're covered in blood," Max replied. "Let's get out of here!"

"To where?" Angel asked.

"There's the cave by the lake with the the hawks that Fang and I stayed at when we were waiting for you, Max!" Nudge suggested excitedly.

"Good idea, Nudge. Lead the way," Max replied while Nudge's eyes lit up in excitement.

"Ok!" she exclaimed, instantly taking off with the rest of them. They followed her for a while until they came upon a lake with a forest on one side and cliffs on the other. Nudge steered toward the cliffs where as they got closer, they could see hawks and their nests near a cave on the side.

As they came even closer, they all touched down in the cave, Max and Fang carefully handled Finny as they set him down. "Wow! This is amazing, Nudge!" the little boy exclaimed, looking out over the edge at the lake.

"Thanks, Gassy!" Nudge replied enthusiastically with a slight blush on her face.

"Gasman, can you get some water from the lake? We need to get this dried off of Finny's back," Max commanded.

"Oh, Finny! So he does have a name. I thought we were going to have to call him Angel's friend for the rest of his life," Iggy joked. Now that Finny could get a good look at him, he probably wasn't any older than Max or Fang, just a little taller.

"Very funny, Iggy," Max replied sarcastically even though there was a small smile forming on her face. Gassy, Angel, and Nudge were in fits of giggles over it, too. "Now, Gassy, I told you to go get some water from the lake," she repeated.

"With what?" Gassy questioned. "It's not exactly like we had time to grab a hand towel before we escaped.

Max sighed, "Just find something, okay? The longer the dried blood is on his back, the more irritated it's going to get. He needs to learn how to fly as soon as possible."

"Learn to fly?Wait... You guys are really going to teach me how to fly?" Finny asked, eyes brightening.

"Well, you have wings now. You're officially part of the Flock."

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