This is something I posted on Mazo's website that some of you ff.netters may have missed. Also, this is a chance for me to remind you that Mazopolitik is being continued in a sequel called Mazopolitik 2, which is in the R-rated section. Since doesn't automatically show R-rated fics, you might not be aware of this. Anyways, thanks for reading! - Irk

Liner Notes

This section is for explaining some things about Mazopolitik that were part of the creation process and can't really fit into the story at large. So now you get to know what I was thinking when I created this whole mess. [You poor, poor people. XD]

Mazopolitik started off as a rogue plot idea that went like this:

XELLOSS: ::shows up at FIRIA's with a knife in his back, freezing and hurt::
FIRIA: "The hell?"
XELLOSS: "Dynast has held me captive and we played chess and he killed Zelas and he will do bad things so let's go get Lina because she can kill him before he does bad things because Lina kills Mazoku Lords that's what she does!"
FIRIA: "...What?"
XELLOSS: "Dynast has held me captive and we played chess and he killed Zelas and he will do bad things so let's go get Lina because she can kill him before he does bad things because Lina kills Mazoku Lords that's what she does!"
FIRIA: "Well.....................................okay."
::they go find Lina, who is bored::
LINA: "Killing a Mazoku Lord? Can't be hard, I've done it like, twice! Let's go before I explode from boredom!"
::they go to DYNAST's place::

The working title was "Let's Go Kill Dynast!" The fic was suppossed to be three chapters long.

...Then I started writing it.

I blame everything on Dynast. He became way too fun to write, and I couldn't stop imagining more encounters between him and Xel. Eventually he refused to work unless I gave him sex, and then things just went downhill from there until Mazopolitik became R-rated by part two. I really can't complain, though - Dynast has become very endearing to me in his madness and self-delusion. I enjoy writing his thought process a lot, just because it's so fun. Dynast thinks in a completely backwards way that makes SO MUCH SENSE when you're Dynast.

Dynast's personality and design came from one concept: violate fanon. A lot. So many Dynasts in fanfiction are cold, aloof, emotionless ice-gods that it was about to make me choke and die. In general I really don't enjoy ice-god characters anyways, and the fact that so many fans wrote him the same way over and over and over just drove me mad. I don't really like the concept of fanon at all and try to break its rules as much as possible. I think people need to be more creative and really think when they write a character. Anyways, there's also the general stereotype of characters with ice or coldness as their elements always being cold and emotionless because that supposedly embodied their element. My problem with this in Slayers fanfiction specifically is that the series is so often blowing stereotypes out of the water or spoofing them. I mean, Hades is basically a little kid in this universe. The dumb blonde swordsman may be brainless but he's not exactly macho so much as just REALLY blonde. Our sorceress heroine blows up towns as much as she blows up bandits. If the Ice Lord is icy and cold and aloof, then some sort of parody element needs to be there or the whole thing gets really damn tired. So I went a different way altogether - I made Dynast extremely emotional. He likes the cold, yes, and he has a fixation with the color blue, but by no means is he heartless. He's just extremely twisted and screwed up and selfish. He lives in a little world where everything is justifiably his, and when this world conflicts with the real world, he cracks. I like Dynast. It's fun to make him go boom.

Whew, THAT was a rant. I think I had a chip on my shoulder! n_n;;;

Anyways, Xelloss and Firia. I swear I'll explain how they ended up a couple someday - I'm planning a side-story for it. My first priority right now, though, is plot. I'm kinda ashamed that I haven't really had a chance to show their relationship much yet, actually. Well, it's coming soon. Really, Xel doesn't have much of a part until he wakes up, and he's kind of my main character! XD Ah well. I swear I will pay them more attention, but the rest of Mazo has kind of exploded and sucked me in. Hell, the surinni alone...

The surinni were such an accident. I had no plans for them until I introduced Lafitte. Then, suddenly, I had the idea to make him part of a completely different race of mazoku. And then the idea just took off. You have no idea how much backstory and details I have planned for the surinni. It's amazing. And kind of scary. And it's all Lafitte's fault. n_n; Anyways, the surinni really excited me because I'd never seen anyone actually make mazoku sub-races. I mean, there's four clans of Gold Dragons alone, never mind all the other types of dragons. Why not have different types of mazoku? The surinni are FUN, and I have a lot more of them in store for Mazopolitik.

And then we have Lafitte. Lafitte is actually named after the pirate of same name. Historically, the real Lafitte hung around in New Orleans with a whole bunch of other pirates. He and the rest of the pirates were instrumental in the Battle of New Orleans during [well, three weeks after] the Revolutionary War. I kind of have a penchant for pirates because I think they're really damn cool. n_n; Also, living near New Orleans, I can actually visit real pirate haunts! Hell, Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop still stands even now, over 200 years after the real Lafitte stomped around in it. My point? All of the surinni are named after pirates or ship captains. Just...because.

Lafitte himself came out as a real hazy concept and then kinda fleshed himself out as things progressed. You'll notice his speech patterns and mannerisms made a drastic shift in the story. There IS a reason for this, and it WILL be explained in the story. I'm just clarifying that ahead of time. Heck, a lot of hazy stuff in Mazo will be explained later down the line, so if you see something that seems wrong or just strange, give it time. I swear I'll explain later. Anyways, Lafitte. I like Lafitte. I think he's actually one of the most normal characters in the fic by the time you get to Mazo 2. He seems to be good at having trouble happen to him. nn;

Murf, Edge. I'm kinda sorry I killed him off. He was a big bastard, yes, but such a fun, evil bastard. More will be explained about him as well, there's just so much to get to now. Mazo has grown so much from its frenetic, silly beginnings. n_n; I had to change the format just to accommodate it all. The short chapters were really doing more harm than good - they made me rush, trying to explain things in a shorter space or make things happen faster. I can take my time with longer chapters and fit much more story in. Also, I can devote my time to more extraneous details and to character development. I really want to flesh out the surinni and Dynast and Bishop. Hell, Bishop has a backstory the likes of which you really won't believe until it all pans out. I love my little Bishop. I actually never planned to make him a living, moving person until a poster on deviantArt named Hokuto commented [on the chesspiece sketch] that he looked like a very interesting character. Then I followed my urges and made it so. What's funny is that he's going to be very important to Mazopolitik when it gets down to the final movements...

...And as far as that goes, yes, I do know how Mazo will end. Yes, surprises are in store. Yes, you will probably want to beat me when the last chapter is still being written and it's just not fast enough. Yes, I enjoy torturing all of you. No, it will not be anything like "Let's Go Kill Dynast!" But I promise that it WILL end. While it may seem that I hardly ever update, I do write quite a lot. I enjoy it very much and I would never abandon my fanfics. That's just cruel. So don't ever think that I've given up and there will be no more Mazopolitik. I have to write, just to stay sane. n_n;; Besides, I want to read the ending just as much as you do.

This section will probably grow a bit when certain chapters of Mazo come out. Keep posted! Exciting things are in store! And thanks for reading!

- Irk, 05/16/03