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Title: Chloe Beale's Bad Day or the Time Beca Mitchell Gave Out Free Hugs.

Rating: T

Disclaimer: As much as I wish I owned Pitch Perfect and its characters, I don't and that sucks but part of life. Everything else is mine, including all the mistakes!

Sitting up slightly Chloe glanced at the clock across the room, she could barely make out the bright red numbers as she tried to adjust her blurry vision. The actual time didn't register as she laid back down reaching out for Beca. In the back of her mind there was twenty minutes left before they had to be up and to get ready for work.

As her hand hit cold sheets Chloe groaned remembering it was Beca's early day. The last thing she recalls is Beca kissing her goodbye before exiting the room at five forty-five. Usually when Beca leaves early she doesn't bother opening the blinds, instead she leaves them closed so the redhead can sleep an extra hour. Which is the opposite from their normal routine where Beca makes the bed and opens the blinds while Chloe heads down to make coffee before leaving for work.

That means the false darkness in the room was deceiving and the clock didn't read 5:20AM the last time she looked.

"Shit," Chloe shot up, it was 7:14AM and Beca forgot to set the alarm. School started in an hour and fifteen minutes and she was going to be late for work.

After showering she ran from the bathroom to her walk-in closet, in search of something to wear.

"Thank god for casual Friday's."

Throwing on a form fitting yellow Henley, some jeans and putting her hair in a messy bun, Chloe jogged down the stairs. Finding her matching yellow shoes at the front door she slipped them on before checking her watch, she had just enough time for a quick coffee.

As she made her way to the Keurig, which Beca insisted upon for days when they were in a hurry, she saw her usual travel mug already out. Stepping closer she saw a five-dollar bill folded into an origami tulip and a sticky note resting beside it. We're out of coffee, so pick up your favorite from our usual place on me. I'll buy more on the way home. I love you…

Checking her watch again Chloe knew she'd be pushing it by stopping for coffee but she needed it, so she decided to take that chance.

Stepping outside, the unseasonably cool temperature hit her. So, she ventured back inside to grab a light pullover. She didn't have to look far before seeing Beca's black and purple checkered button up from last night haphazardly resting on the staircase banister.

"This will do." She mumbled, after picking it up and examining the shirt for wrinkles.

Rolling the sleeves up to her forearm, Chloe couldn't help thinking this was the one and only time she was glad Beca left her things scattered around their house.

After locking up Chloe made it to the coffee shop in record time. While she waited for her order, a chai latte with two shots of espresso, she sent a quick message to Beca.

Chloe [7:48AM]: You get a free pass for being messy and not setting the alarm Mitchell.

Future Wife [7:50AM]: And why am I so lucky?

Chloe could practically see Beca's smirk through the phone.

Chloe [7:51AM]: For starters you're cute and I love you and because I might have borrowed your shirt from last night.

Future Wife [7:52AM]: Not cute, badass… and you always borrow my clothes, that's nothing new.

Chloe [7:53AM]: OK adorable badass it is then.

Chloe [7:54AM]: I only needed it b/c it's chilly out. Don't worry I didn't take your shoes, I don't have toddler feet.

Future Wife [7:54AM]: Toddler feet really? That doesn't even deserve a comeback, because it's going to rain and when it does you'll be wishing you had an umbrella instead of my shirt.

Chloe [7:56AM]: Nothings going to rain on my parade, I look too cute today… My coffees ready, thanks for buying! I got to run. Love you ;)

Future Wife [7:57AM]: I love you too… PS have fun swimming to work!

Future Wife [7:58AM]: I'm just curious, what's my name this week in your phone?

Chloe [8:01AM]: Future Wife… And mine?

Future Wife [8:01AM]: I approve, way better than last weeks "eye candy"!

Future Wife [8:02AM]: Yours never changes, because you always have My Heart…Now get to work!

Grinning at the phone Chloe grabbed her coffee and started for the door, finally her day was going in the right direction.

Stepping around the line she paused to secure the lid on the cup and put her phone away. Continuing through the crowd she could just see the door when the man in front of her abruptly stopped. Not having time to react she slammed into him spilling her drink on his jacket as the cup dropped to the floor.

It was slow motion as she watched the liquid spread across the floor and the guy turn around looking horrified.

"I'm so sorry," the blonde haired man said bending down to retrieve her empty cup. "I didn't think anyone was behind me."

Sighing Chloe tried her best to smile while using the only napkin she had to clean his sleeve.

"No worries, I was kind of distracted too."

"I can buy you another. What did you order?" The man politely smiled as his eyes roamed up and down her body.

Looking at her watch Chloe frowned, "I can't, I'm running late."


The man looked dejected at the quick refusal, but then brightened when Chloe politely smiled.

"Well then how about dinner tonight to make up for it?"

She should have known it would go this way when she saw his eyes trailing her body and lingering on her chest. She just thought the man was being polite by offering to buy her a replacement drink. Turns out he was another one of those overly confidant, I'm good looking and I know it jerks who think they're a ladies man.

Usually Chloe liked to toy with guys this little before easily letting them down, but she wasn't in the mood today. Turning her face from a frown to one of amusement, she whipped her left hand up.

"Not happening," Chloe wiggled her engagement ring to emphasize her point. "I don't think my fiancé would like that very much. Besides, her mac and cheese is probably better than whatever expensive restaurant you were planning on taking me to."

The man looked confused as a light blush and a nervous expression crossed his face.

"I'm just going to go." He pointed behind his back as he moved away. "I'm really sorry."

"Bye." Chloe replied sweetly.

Being hit on and having no caffeine was definitely not making her day better.

Exiting the shop Chloe crossed the street and cut through part of Central Park as she made her way towards the school.

Waiting for the crosswalk signal to change as she exited the park she felt raindrops. Initially she didn't think anything of it, telling herself it was from the trees, that was until she felt more. Looking up she saw dark clouds rolling in and she'd been so engulfed in her morning that she didn't pay attention.

Damn it, Beca was right.

It was only a five-minute walk from the crosswalk to the entrance of the school and Chloe thought, if she ran, she could make it in three. As the rain came down harder she threw the strap of her bag over her head and across her chest and waited the excruciating slow minute for the light to change.

"What happened to you?" Janet, one of Chloe's fellow music teachers asked laughing, "It looks like someone stole your popsicle."

The redhead gave a halfhearted wave and sarcastic smile as she trudged into the teachers lounge, cold, damp and defeated. To make matters worse her Friday morning caffeine pick me up was going to be the watered down crap served to the teachers.

Chloe sighed, "Long story."

Making a disgusted face as she sipped her lukewarm coffee she launched into her story.

"Well I'm sure things will get better," Patting Chloe's shoulder Janet gave a soft smile. "It's Friday after all."

Surprisingly Chloe's morning classes ended up being pretty good, but not great. The students just weren't into singing today, which she figures happens sometimes. In the class before lunch she totally changed up her lesson plans, opting for something fun instead of practicing for their upcoming recital. Breaking the class up into small groups, she let the students suggest songs and create their own vocal arrangements. It was fun, something everyone enjoyed and decided to stick with it the rest of the day.

By lunch her day took another nosedive because it was pizza day in the cafeteria. She always found it weird that an expensive private school served stop sign shaped pizza when they clearly had enough money to buy something more appealing. Looking outside only made things worse, the rain was pouring down and her option of running down the street to the deli was now out of the question.

Banging her forehead on the desk Chloe pulled out her phone.

Chloe [11:46AM]: I'll give you $100 and a kiss if you bring me lunch right now…

Chloe [11:48AM]: Please I'll love you forever.

A few minutes later she got a picture reply of an old fashioned sign, Katz's Famous Delicatessen Known as the Best since 1888.

Future Wife [11:52AM]: I wish I could but I'm with my boss right now. Will you still love me even if I finish this pastrami sandwich?

Chloe groaned before replying.

Chloe [11:54]: I hate you so much right now Beca Mitchell. Its fucking pizza day and I forgot my lunch at home and it's raining.

Beca laughed at the last text, knowing how Chloe absolutely hated pizza. She could just picture the repulsed face the redhead was probably wearing.

Beca [11:55AM]: Bet you wish you had that umbrella?

My Heart [11:56AM]: More than anything I just want a hug, is that too much to ask.

Beca [11:56AM]: But it's Friday, you love Fridays and I bought you coffee this morning.

My Heart [11:58AM]: This Friday sucks and it started with me forgetting you left early and I didn't get to eat breakfast with you and it's raining and I'm cold and…

Beca frowned, the text message went on and on about how horrible Chloe's day had been. At first Beca thought they were messing around, that's the only reason she kept teasing, but this last message really got to her. Now she felt terrible for joking so much when her fiancé was obviously miserable.

David, Beca's boss, noticed tiny brunettes demeanor change the minute she got the text.

"OK spill, what's wrong?"

"It's Chloe, she's having this awful day and I've made it worse by clowning around."

Beca sighed pushing what was left of her sandwich around her plate before spilling the whole situation.

David was easy to talk to and he and Beca got along right from the beginning and now they considered each other good friends. Once the older man saw her work ethic with the outreach programs they started three years ago, he took an active interest in shaping Beca's career. Even going as far as talking to the record companies executive board about her taking his position after he retired.

"You can't be talking about that hyperactive redhead that volunteers sometimes?" David asked smiling as Beca nodded. "I don't think I've ever seen your fiancé not happy."

Beca shrugged looking at the older man giving a tight smile, "That's because I make it my mission to make sure it never happens."

"Well how are you going to fix it?" David asked watching the brunette wear a defeated look.

"I honestly don't know this came out of the blue. Plus there's not much time to plan, I work until four and she gets off at two-thirty."

David sat back regarding Beca, who was staring blankly at her plate.

"No you don't Beca, you're done for the day."

"But it's only noon, I just can't leave."

"You can and you will." David shot back in a serious tone that meant this wasn't up for discussion. "In fact every Friday you can leave at noon, unless we have meetings or other obligations."

"Wow," Beca looked up grinning. "I guess all I can say is thank you."

Gesturing to their plates David asked if they were done. Beca nodded before grabbing the check out of the older mans hands.

"You know the rules," Beca chided pointing a finger playfully. "One person picks and the other person pays."

David held his hands up in surrender. "I knew I should have picked someplace expensive."

"Your loss…"

As she waited in line for the cashier Beca wracked her brain for something to cheer Chloe up.

Beca [12:15PM]: Well your day's about to get better b/c you will get to see my smiling face soon.

My Heart [12:17PM]: You're right, that is something to look forward to.

My Heart [12:17PM]: Ohh and I can't wait to see your hot body ;)

Beca blushed reading the text, it was amazing how quick Chloe could turn things around. She also knew were this was going and she needed to put a stop to it.

Beca [12:18PM]: No sexting Beale, we're at work. You know the rules.

My Heart [12:19PM]: But rules are made to be broken (your words not mine)…

Beca [12:19PM]: That happened one time!

My Heart [12:20PM]: Well you left that sexual innuendo door open and I came crashing through it like the Kool Aid Man.

Beca [12:21PM]: Do not even think about sending that picture I know you're taking…

My Heart [12:23PM]: You suck, I'll see you at home, I love you…

My Heart [12:25PM]: Speaking of Kool Aid, pick some up on the way home. Specifically the Purplesaurus Rex flavor if you can find it, if not Tropical Punch will do!

Beca [12:26PM]: omg you are ridiculous!... I'll see what I can do…143

Walking out the door Beca turned to David giving a mock military salute and a quick wave as she headed towards the subway entrance instead of into the waiting cab.

"I'll see you Monday."

Forty-five minutes, that's the time it took Beca to grocery shop and prepare the house.

Dinner was something quick and simple, crab cakes and shrimp pasta with a spicy mango sauce. It was an odd combination, but Beca hadn't made in months and they were two of Chloe's favorites things, so it was perfect for tonight.

In the living room she set the coffee table up into a make shift dining room placing plates, the redheads favorite wine, a movie and an unopened bag of popcorn in the middle.

Making her way around the first floor she picked up a few of her belongings before heading upstairs, where she hung up Chloe's towels and made the bed. The house wasn't up to Chloe's level of OCD straightness but it was the best she could do in fifteen minutes.

Heading towards the door an idea popped into her head and dropping the umbrella she sprinted back up the stairs to the office.

After scribbling two words on a piece of paper in red letters she folded it and put it in her pocket.

Making a quick detour to Chloe's favorite coffee shop, Beca managed to make it to the only bench along the short path Chloe used to walk to work.

"Right on time." Beca said looking at her watch.

Pulling out her phone she typed out a message.

Chloe sighed as she packed her desk and locked up her room up for the day, it was two thirty but she was glad this day was over. Walking down the hall towards the exit she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. Seeing the name flash on the screen she smiled for the first time since her last class.

Future Wife [2:34PM]: I got off work early, race you home.

Chloe [2:35PM]: Challenge accepted!

Future Wife [2:35PM]: One catch, you have to walk… 1…. 2… 3…GO!

The redhead laughed, Beca Mitchell always had a way of putting her in a good mood.

Stepping outside Chloe cursed, the rain had let up but hadn't stopped completely. Watching a cab roll by she thought about how easy it would be to cheat and Beca would never know.

Future Wife [2:38PM]: Don't you dare think about taking that cab!

"Fuck it," Chloe exasperatedly groaned as she marched out onto the sidewalk.

She'd already walked to school in the rain and she might as well finish her day off by walking home in it, the only positive was it was little warmer than the morning. Besides when she got home she could change into something dry and make her fiancé snuggle while they binge watched House of Cards on Netflix.

Entering the park she slowed her pace because someone was standing in the middle of the path with an obnoxiously big umbrella.

Chloe grinned looking closer, she'd know that silhouette under the umbrella anywhere.

Leisurely turning Beca gave Chloe a shy smile and a shrug of her shoulders before dangling the coffee cup in front of her.

Chloe started making her way towards the brunette and the waiting coffee but stopped when Beca set the cup down. She curiously watched as the brunette pulled a piece of paper from her pocket and unfolded it.

As the paper flipped around the redhead squinted her eyes as she tried to decipher her fiancés messy scrawl.

Reading the sign a second and third time is when Chloe's heart melted, she could just barely make out the words FREE HUGS. After her horrible day she didn't think two words and one person could make it any brighter, but it happened. At that moment she fell just that much more in love.

Chloe couldn't wait anymore, she refused to stand there idly while her ridiculously cute fiancé stood there holding a sign and wearing a smile reserved just for her. The anticipation of getting that free hug was killing her.

In preparation for the redhead that was bounding towards her Beca quickly set the umbrella aside and opened her arms. Chloe collided with Beca, who unconsciously picked her up as she held the older girl tightly, while Chloe instinctively wrapped her legs around her waist.

Not wasting time Beca crashed their lips together.

It's lightly drizzling and Chloe knows they should be moving to get under the umbrella but she doesn't care about that or bad day she just had. All she can think about is how Beca was here waiting for her and is now kissing her like she's the only one that matters.

"I think I should wait for you in the rain more often." Beca jokes staring into crystal blue eyes as they try to control their breathing.

Chloe laughed releasing her legs to stand back on solid ground. "You know for such a small person you sure are strong."

"I've had lots of practice catching you."

"Well its kinda hot," Chloe smiled brightly pulling Beca closer by her shirt. "Now more kissing please."

Wrapping her arms around Beca's neck Chloe leaned in ghosting their lips together, fully content to tease the younger girl into making a move. Her wait only lasted seconds before Beca finally closed the gap.

So much for Beca's rule about making out in public, Chloe thought as they continued kissing in the rain.

Their little bubble was broken when they heard a passerby, "Ohhh get it Miss Beale!"

Chloe broke away looking behind Beca to see two of her eleventh grade students walking backwards and grinning like they just caught two celebrities who thought no one was watching making out.

"Hey Julie, hey Robert." Lifting a hand Chloe gave a half hearted and embarrassed wave. "Have a nice weekend."

"You too," the two friends said in unison before laughing.

"Hey Beca," Robert called out before as they turned around.

Chloe buried her face in Beca's neck as the brunette silently waved not bothering to turn around or say anything.

"How's your day now?" Beca asked chuckling at the situation.

"Still perfect." Chloe beamed pressing a lingering kiss to Beca's cheek.

Handing over the coffee Beca picked up the umbrella.

Wearing a mischievous grin she sweetly asked, "Can I call you Miss Beale too? That'd be so hot."

"I still don't know why you let them call you Beca."

"Because I'm totally unprofessional and not their teacher." Linking their fingers together the brunette tugged her fiancé down the path towards the exit. "Come on, I got surprises for you at home."

"What kind of surprises?" Chloe hummed in between sips of coffee letting the liquid warm her throat.

"To begin with a relaxing bath while I make you dinner, which might be your favorite, followed by a movie."

"You're seriously the best ever. I guess I'll keep you around."

"Yes!" Beca gave the best fist pump she could while holding the umbrella. "My master plan worked and I conned you into marrying me. I'm so winning right now!"

"You conned me, its totes the other way around?" Chloe replied trying her best to hide a smile while sounding offended.

Beca mocked brushing dirt off her shoulder before replying. "What can I say I'm a pretty great catch."

"I love you." Chloe stopped to kiss Beca's lips one more time. "You are so much more than a great catch Beca Mitchell."

All Beca does is give a wink before pulling Chloe down the path.

As they walk Chloe nonchalantly whispers, "You're more than welcome to join me while I take that bath."

"Tempting… Very tempting." Beca not so subtly rakes her eyes over the redhead's body as they walk.

"It's an open invitation just for you."

"I'll have to take a rain check."

Leaning in Chloe seductively hints, "I'll totally make it worth your wile."

"I'll think about it."

The two walk the remainder of the path in comfortable silence while Chloe finishes her coffee. Reaching the crosswalk Beca lets out a laugh.

Raising a questioning eyebrow the redhead looked over, "What's so funny."

"You know it's a big enough umbrella but it's always me that ends up getting wet. You seriously hog the whole thing."

"I can't believe you quoted a Police song right now." Chloe giggles reaching over to pinch the brunette's cheek. "It's cute, cheesy but cute."

Turning Beca musters up the stupidest grin she can.

"Well I mean every little thing you do is magic." The brunette busts up laughing trying desperately to finish her joke. "I mean everything you do just turns me on."

Chloe throws her head back laughing at the ridiculousness of what she just heard.

"You are such a dork."

"Hey," Beca playfully points a finger. "You love it."

"That I do." Chloe replies tossing her empty cup in the trash.

Reaching out Chloe took the umbrella from the shorter girls hand and closed it. The two wandered home hand in hand stealing kisses here and there, neither in a rush or caring about how wet their clothes got.

All that matters in Chloe Beale's world right now is how Beca Mitchell just made her day with a simple sign that read, FREE HUGS.

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