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Professor McGonagall has to agree that the best part about teaching at Hogwarts, is the students. Despite the fact that they drive her crazy and there has never been one dull moment in her teaching experience, Minerva finds something special in every single student she teaches. They warm her heart, though she would never admit it.

Some of her students find their way into her heart more than others, though she never tries to show favorites. She grows fond of certain students, and years later their ghosts haunt her. Not possessed haunting that sends shivers up her spine, but a bittersweet kind.

McGonagall pitied Sirius, she understood how he saw James in Harry. She did too. Minerva struggled when she saw the ghosts, she knew they were their own person… it was just so hard.

Minerva McGonagall was haunted by ghosts.

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This story will be several chapters of McGonagall observing students that remind her of other students she was fond off.