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Ted Remus Lupin. Son of Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks. After the Second Wizarding War, McGonagall became the new Headmaster of Hogwarts. She no longer taught students, but she still kept tabs on them.

The Headmaster still remembered the day when first year Teddy Lupin walked through the doors into the Great Hall, with the usual striking turquoise hair.

Teddy was a combination of both his parents, he reminded Minerva of them so much it hurt. Remus Lupin had a special place in her heart, ever since Dumbledore informed the staff that he was a werewolf and McGonagall took pity on Remus. Nymphadora Tonks was something. She and Charlie Weasley became best friends and caused trouble wherever they went. They were just as bad the Marauders and when Tonks found out the nickname Sirius made up for McGonagall…

Nymphadora Tonks was always shining through Teddy, the bright hair, the clumsiness, the humor, always cheerful.

Remus shined through his son too, but only in bits and pieces. Minerva could see Remus's ghost completely one May 2nd.

Minerva sighed, looking at the stacks and stacks of paperwork. Sometimes she really wanted to retire. There was a knock at the door, and the Headmaster turned from the paperwork, relieved.

"Come in," the older witch called. Gryffindor's Head and the Herbology teacher strode in. "Hello Neville," smiled McGonagall. She had grown fond of the wizard.

"Afternoon Professor," he greeted politely. The boy had never gotten rid of calling her 'Professor' no matter how much she protested. Neville nodded in acknowledgement to Dumbledore, Snape, and all the other former Headmasters on the wall.

"The meeting got delayed to tomorrow, remember?" McGonagall tried to hold back a smile. "You're still the little forgetful boy years ago," she chuckled softly.

A tiny smile flickered on Neville's face, but it soon vanished. "I actually remembered this time. Why I'm here isn't about the meeting. It's actually about Teddy."

Minerva's had jerked up. "Teddy?" she repeated, raising her eyebrows. Teddy never got in trouble. Sure he pulled the usual shenanigans and pranks, but no staff member had to come to the Headmaster, because of Teddy.

Neville nodded seriously. "I had finished my Herbology lesson early, so I let the sixth years hang out by the Black Lake for the rest of class. I just finished grading their homework and decided to check on the students. When I came out of the shed, the sixth years were screaming, and Teddy was on top of Ravenclaw Vern Smith punching the lights out of him."

McGonagall raised her eyebrows in shock. "Teddy Lupin was physically fighting Vern Smith?"

"I guess Smith really angered Lupin," agreed Neville, "I mean, to get so mad to physical fighting?"

Minerva sighed, standing up. Never a dull moment in Hogwarts.

She found Teddy Lupin sitting by the Black Lake, his hair a dark depressing shade of blue. The witch sighed sadly. Andromeda Tonks was badly sick in Mungo's, and Teddy was not dealing well with his grandmother's state.

"Rough day?" McGonagall asked quietly, sitting down next to the Gryffindor. The sixth year shrugged, staring off into space, brooding.

The metamorphmagus's hair flickered red. "He said stuff about my parents," the wizard said an angry edge in his voice.

"Your parents?" questioned Minerva, she knew this was a touchy subject for all orphans. Teddy Lupin burst.

"Yes, my parents! Smith," the boy spat the name out with such disgust, "called my dad a dishonorable mutt with fleas who should be put to sleep like a dog! That Mum was a bloody idiot who married Dad and thrown herself at foolish love! That they charged into battle, dying for Harry and leaving their son behind!" Tears streamed down his face, and McGonagall watched as his metamorphmagus cover up faded.

Her heart clenched. He looked exactly like Remus. There were some facial features from Tonks, but the similarity was there.

"Teddy," Minerva breathed out. A lump formed in her throat. "Smith, he doesn't know your parents. Don't listen to foolish rumors. They went into battle, to give you a better world. Your parents loved you very much."

The son of Remus and Nymphadora broke. Sobs and heartache that was blocked with a barrier was broken. The two sat by the Black Lake the rest of the day, stories of his parents filling the starry night.

Ted Remus Lupin's ghosts haunted Minerva McGonagall.

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