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1 – Legends

The legends were told around the fires. Stories of Taha Aki and the Cold Ones; of the Third Wife and her great, selfless sacrifice; of the golden-eyed Cold Ones, and the treaty. Very few believed they were real—that men changed into large wolves.

Journals were poured over, analyzed, and dissected. Imprinting became a gift of the Spirits, pointing to the wolf's perfect mate. But as with any interpretation of ancient texts, many written in nearly forgotten or misunderstood dialects, they were wrong.

But those weren't the only records. Quite a few had been hidden away. Those spoke of truth. They told of how it really was to be a wolf. Of the hunger, the want, the craving.

The Third Pack gave the secret journals to their fourth member to conceal. No one from the tribe knew of his phase; they thought the bloodline too diluted with hokwat blood. Only one son was told the obscure truth.

But as the decades passed, and tragedy after tragedy hit the tribe's prominent families, it was forgotten.

Until the disappearance of one of the tribe's sons. Then memories were stirred, and the ghastly truth became knowledge to a few select members.

At last, the son returned home, bigger, stronger. And the disappearances began.