11 – Aftermath


"The disappearances in the Olympic Peninsula continue to baffle police and wildlife experts. Twelve to fifteen people have gone missing from the woods each month."

The television turned off, its black screen giving the reflection of several pale figures.

"Should we investigate, Master?" the largest questioned, his red eyes focused on the figure in the middle.

"A rogue vampire," the blond on the left said.

"That is Carlisle's territory, brother," the brunette on the right said. "Maybe we should invite his family for a visit and question them."

"I remember an interesting conversation I had with Carlisle. It seems as if there was a guardian tribe in the area. He made a treaty with them. It seems as if they returned."

"Are you sure, Master?" a small blond girl asked.

He smiled benevolently at her. "The animals inside of them must be fed. It craves fresh meat. Their mates require the same when breeding." He thought for a moment. "Call Carlisle. Since it is his territory, he might have more insight on this. Jane, I have a mission for you . . ."

"They're beautiful, Bells," Charlie said as he looked down at his grandson. "Ain't it a little cold out here for them?"

"They're Quileute, Dad. Their blood runs hot." She lifted her other son up. He and his brother were clad in just buckskin shirts. "Unwrap him."

"Bells . . ." Her eyes briefly flashed yellow. He quickly stripped the blankets off the baby.

Old Quil stood and raised his arms, chanting. Billy held out his arms for the baby Charlie held. "We gather to present two new members of the pack." He raised the child upwards. "Charles Henry Uley." The pack howled. "Who stands to show the child the ways of his people, the way of the pack?" Embry and Seth stepped forward. Billy nodded and handed the baby to Old Quil. Bella passed the next baby to her Chief. He held the child aloft. "Levi Thomas Uley." More howls echoed over the water. "Who stands to show the child the ways of his people, the way of the pack?" Jake and Paul emerged from the crowd. Again Billy nodded before Old Quil took him.

A smile brightened his face when Sam stopped before him. He ran a finger down the cheek of the pink-swaddled bundle in Sam's arms before raising his hands to the heavens. "Clara Amelia Uley." Again, howls rose into the night. "Who stands to show the child the ways of her people, the way of the pack?" Leah and Jared appeared. A nod.

Old Quil looked down into the face of the baby. "Our princess." He placed a reverent kiss on her head. "Your prince will soon join you." He glanced at the group of females. Each had a rounded stomach.


The man struggled in his captor's arms. His pleas were ignored. They came to a stop deep in the forest that surrounded Hoquiam. A pale girl joined them.

"Please let me go," he begged.

"Shhh. My girl has a craving . . ."