This is indeed the ending to the movie "Dark Shadows" and by no means to I own this movie and story line. I am simply writing the ending out how I would write it. I hope you enjoy and please leave comments!

"Victoria! Victoria!" Barnabas screams from a distance, while frantically trying to run toward her. He finally gets a hold of her and turns her around trying to dawn her out of the spell. "Victoria listen to me, I can help you...out of this curse...let me help you!" with a tone of desperation in his voice. Running out of Idea's he turns around in frustration. After a few moments of silent frustration, he hears the sound of Victoria's voice and he turns around.
"You can't..." Victoria says before falling and plummeting over the edge of widows hill. "Victoria!" Barnabas gets out before catching the last glimpse of her hair fluttering over the edge. Before a thought races through his head, he pushes one foot after the other trying to get some push off of the muddy ground; He stumbles to the edge and jumps after her in a desperation to save her. In the midst of falling, time seems to slow, as his dead heart seems to flicker alive in the time that it takes to catch up to her. Barnabas is barely and inch away from truly getting a grip on her, but all he can get a hold of is the edge of her skirt. Grabbing the edge of her skirt, Barnabas pulls Victoria towards him. And as he does, he finds her neck, bares it, and within those matter of seconds her manages to sink his fangs in long enough, so that hope may come to the rescue, so that when she does come plummeting to the razor rocks at the bottom, it will not crush her pretious body.

Soon enough, they both come plummeting down to the suicide stained rocks at the bottom. For a few quick moments it is dead silent, as though the waves have stopped clashing. But, not long after, Barnabas is the first one to move a muscle and with no effort at all, he is over to Victoria desperately brushing the hair away from her face, to check for any sign at all. "My sweet, sweet Victoria..." Says Barnabas as he begins to lose hope, but not by the time he hears the sweet sound of his name "Barnabas..." He looks down and grasps the hand that is laying across his chest. "Victoria..." He gazes into her eyes and looks her over, for that they now resemble one another. In this time they can live in eternity with each other.

To be continued...