Chapter 3

The Elements of Harmony

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Twilight found herself with a light headache when she stirred. Rubbing her head with her hoof, she groaned.

"Ugh. What happened to me?"

Though she didn't open her eyes, she would've shot open her eyes upon remembering what was going on around her.

"The Elements!"

Suddenly, a familiar baritone voice reached her ears.

"We see thou has't awoken."

The voice was what made Twilight open her eyes. And she could clearly see she was not in the Elements Chamber anymore.

She was in a ruined throne room, the moonlight providing the light necessary to illuminate the room. Despite the hole in the roof, the random debris, and a millennium of dirt and dust; the ornate rug and tapestries surprisingly remained well if not a bit tattered. Ahead of Twilight was a stone dais with two thrones on it. One was golden and bore an image of the sun overhead. The other was a blue and black throne with a white crescent moon.

And in between them was none other than the Demon of the Moon: Phantasm Daemonis.

If Twilight wasn't scared before, she was now. Without her companions, Prince Solaris, or Thorn with her, she was alone. With the stallion who intended to cover Equestria in eternal night. Looking down she saw the stones she and the others found in front of her.

"The Elements!"

Twilight stood on her hooves, her eyes shifting between the Elements and Phantasm Daemonis. The corrupted alicorn noticed the mare's gaze shifted between him and the stones as well. With a slight smile, he stood up from his throne and walked down the staircase.

The memory of the dream flashed through Twilight's mind…and the Demon of the Moon noticed this.

"You saw it. Didn't you?"

Twilight froze, impeding her from making a move to the Elements. In hopes of buying time, Twilight decided to play dumb.

"I…I don't know what you're talking about."

The stallion frowned, but not harshly.

"You saw how my brother betrayed me. You saw how he frightened the ponies that lived here. You saw how I came to be."

Memories flashed in Twilight's mind once again. This time, it was from the book she was reading that morning.

"There were two regal brothers…"

Looking up, Twilight dared to speak.

"You're the brother of Prince Solaris, aren't you? The Prince of the Night?"

In a frightening calm, Phantasm Daemonis nodded, his gaze like that of a predator ready to strike at his prey.

"Indeed. I was known as Prince Artemis. The lesser prince of Equestria, as I may have become these days."

Glancing at the Elements, Twilight moved backwards. If she could get Phantasm Daemonis away from the Elements, she could teleport to them and try and summon the sixth Element. And hopefully, her companions would notice she was missing and come find her. All she had to do was to keep Phantasm Daemonis talking.

"I-I've actually read a bit about you. A-as Prince Artemis, I mean."

Phantasm Daemonis raised an eyebrow at Twilight's words.


Twilight gulped, fearing what the Demon of the Moon may do. She had to choose her words carefully. One wrong word and it's all over.

"Y…you ruled Equestria with your brother. Th-the stories say that you cared for the night. And…and that no pony appreciated it."

Memories flooded into Phantasm Daemonis, causing him to snort like a bull. However, Twilight noticed something else in the alicorn's eyes: sadness.

"It is true. When Equestria was founded, my brother and I were approached to be the rulers together. It was a sanguine time. My brother and I governed the land for many years, shared many trials and tribulations. Yet, we still held time to be what we were before: brothers."

It was then that Phantasm Daemonis' eyes narrowed, flashing with anger.

"We worked together bringing the day and night. Yet, everypony frolicked during my brother's day. And for my night? They'd either slept through it or feared it!"

The alicorn stamped his hoof in anger, causing the stone spheres to jump. The motion made Twilight's heart jump. Of course, she didn't know which to be scared of.

The chance of the Elements breaking? Or the corrupted Prince of the Night's anger?

"No pony saw the beauty of the night sky! The cooling darkness? The diamond-like stars? The glowing pearl that is the moon? None saw the magnificence of the shadows! Only felt fear, instead! I tried to show it to them gradually! But I failed! Apparently, Force is the path needed to see and appreciate my work! Yet my brother…my own brother used those jewels against me! I was banished to the moon for a millennium because of him! All of my suffering before and after was because of HIM!"

"Where are those five?! I can't do this alone! I can't keep him talking forever! Keeping him calm is a big enough challenge!"

Twilight thought as she struggled to figure out a way to calm Phantasm Daemonis down. But even as she witnessed the Demon of the Moon's wrath, she still saw the sadness in his eyes. Was there a chance that Prince Artemis was still inside him, trying to find his way back to the light? It was then that she remembered Butterscotch's kindness to the manticore that they encountered and the words he had said to her.

"I didn't. Sometimes, all we need is to show a little kindness."

Remembering those words, Twilight looked to the dark alicorn again. She then spoke with words laced with both kindness and honesty. Traits that she thought she wouldn't need in a situation such as this.

"I…It must have been lonely for you."

Phantasm Daemonis froze for a moment before at Twilight again, confused and interested as to what she had said. Seeing that she had caught his attention again, Twilight bravely spoke again.

"Did no pony approach you before? Did no pony ask you questions about the night? How it is beneficial to all life? How, despite the shadows, the night was nothing to be afraid of? And a thousand years on the moon with no pony to talk to?"

The memories of loneliness flooding into him, Phantasm Daemonis turned around, gazing at the moon.

"I know not of what you speak. How can I, the Lord of the Night, experience loneliness? I was always alone. And I am destined to be alone. So I do not need thy pity."

For some reason, Twilight wouldn't have it. Not because Equestria is threatened, not because of the missing Prince of the Sun, nor because of the stones near the Demon of the Moon's feet. For the first time in her life, she was sensing another pony's sorrow. And not just any pony, but a former alicorn prince turned night demon.

"I don't pity you. I feel sorry for you. I can't say I sympathize with you because I have never been betrayed before. Before tonight, I didn't even have friends other than my assistant."

She dared herself to approach the Dark Prince, not knowing of a growing spark within her nor the faint glow coming from the stones.

"I didn't know honesty until I met Applejack, who reassured me when I was in doubt. I wasn't exactly kind to others, keeping to myself and all. But Butterscotch showed me that a little kindness goes a long way, even in the face of danger. I didn't find humor in anything but my own humor until Bubble Berry banished his fear by laughing in the face of danger. Elusive showed me what it means to be generous by sacrificing his tail to calm a sorrowful serpent. And Rainbow Blitz showed me what loyalty meant by not abandoning the others nor myself for his own desires."

Twilight paused in her steps once she was between Phantasm Daemonis and the stones. "I never knew those traits, because I never accepted nor understood the very concept of friendship. In reality, I should thank you." Phantasm

"I never knew those traits, because I never accepted nor understood the very concept of friendship. In reality, I should thank you." Phantasm

Phantasm Daemonis looked to Twilight in confusion, not sure what logic she was going for. "Thank me? For what? Taking your prince? Plunging Equestria into

"Thank me? For what? Taking your prince? Plunging Equestria into eternal night?"

Twilight shook her head, giving the Dark Prince a genuine smile for the first time.

"No. For giving me the opportunity to see that friendship really is magic. You provided the spark that sent me down this path. If not for my companions…my friends…I probably would not be here talking with you. In honesty, I was ready to fight you. But after hearing your words, I found myself seeing what you truly feel: sorrow."

She then dared herself to place a hoof on Phantasm Daemonis' shoulder. An act that shocked both ponies.

"I have a feeling that Prince Solaris did not want to banish you to the moon, nor did he meant to overshadow you. Now that I think about it, every Summer Sun Celebration I witnessed in Canterlot, I saw Prince Solaris looking toward the moon with saddened eyes. I did not notice that until now. I know what it feels like, being the younger sibling. But there is one thing I am sure is consistent."

"And that is?" Phantasm Daemonis asked, genuinely interested.

With a gentle smile, Twilight gave her answer.

"Despite how we grow, our older siblings love us. From the moment we were born, they were there when we needed them. I don't know what happened to hide that fact from you, Prince Artemis. But I can say that Prince Solaris misses you, despite not saying anything. In fact, it must hurt him more to raise and lower the moon every night for a thousand years, knowing that you were up there and he must no doubt feel guilty over what happened."

Now was the time to ask the question she was building up for. The question she had used all those words for, using the alicorn's real name instead of the label he was given.

"Will you not speak to Prince Solaris, Prince Artemis? Do you not love him, anymore?"

Phantasm Daemonis froze. Had Twilight not spoken earlier, he would've clearly say he did not give a damn about his brother after what he did. Yet, the captive Prince of the Night inside him had listened. And was responding loudly. For a thousand years, he hated his brother for what he did to him. How he made him this way. How he changed him from Prince Artemis to Phantasm Daemonis. From the Prince of the Night to the Demon of the Moon.

Yet, now that he had heard Twilight Sparkle's question, all the darkness in him broke. For the first time in centuries, light was encompassing his heart. The more he thought about it, the more he came to realize it. He did miss his brother. He did want to see him. To talk to him. To be brothers again. All of these facts and much more was overwhelming his heart. A single tear fell as he realized that it was not revenge or respect he wanted all along.

He wanted his brother back.

Phantasm Daemonis looked to Twilight, who was mentally on her tippy-hooves with anticipation.

"Would he…would he forgive me? For all that I have done?"

Struggling to hold back tears, Twilight answered Phantasm Daemonis.

"Prince Solaris is the wisest, most kind pony I know. I'm sure he'll forgive you."

A tearful smile grew on Phantasm Daemonis' face. A look Twilight wanted to see. A glimpse of Prince Artemis, not Phantasm Daemonis, reaching out for help for the first time in a thousand years.

Suddenly, Phantasm Daemonis felt a sharp pain in his chest. The pain was so powerful that it sent him to his knees. Worried, Twilight spoke in panic.

"Prince Artemis! What's wrong?!"

Phantasm Daemonis struggled to stand, only for the pain to strike again. Using his senses in magic, he sought out the source of the pain. When he found it, he felt fear.

"The…darkness. The darkness…inside me."

He tried to stand again. This time, he stood, though he was still shaking.

"Your words pierced through the thick barrier between the world and my heart, Twilight Sparkle. The darkness born of my envy is trying to cloud my heart once more."

Frightened for the alicorn, Twilight sought through her mind to find a spell that could help. It was then that she heard five familiar voices calling her name. Her eyes widen as a spark glistened in her eyes. The spark she needed for the Elements of Harmony. Turning to Phantasm Daemonis, she spoke.

"I have an idea, Prince Artemis. But I need you to trust me completely."

Though doubtful, the Dark Prince looked to Twilight with pleading eyes.

"What is it that you ask, young unicorn?"

Taking in a deep breath, Twilight gave her answer.

"Let me and my friends use the Elements of Harmony on you. Not to banish you, but to heal you. If the Elements were powerful enough to banish you, then they could heal you, instead."

Phantasm Daemonis' eyes widened at the mention of the Elements. He had felt their power before and grew to despise them. But still, they may be his only chance of being set free.

He nodded.

"I trust you, Twilight Sparkle. I will hold up the darkness as best I can. But I fear we will have a limited time before darkness takes me over once again."

Nodding, Twilight ran to the archway the voices were coming from and called out.

"Over here, guys! I'm gonna need your help with this!"

Twilight stood back, grabbing the stones with her magic. It was then that she noticed the five colored glows from each stone. Each one bearing the colors of her friends: orange, red, violet, blue, and pink. The stallions came careening to Twilight. They were about to celebrate finding Twilight only to find Phantasm Daemonis standing nearby, still shaking.

Applejack and Rainbow Blitz went immediately on the defensive, Elusive and Bubble Berry stood between the offensive party and the pair of Twilight and Butterscotch.

"There's the jerk who did this!" Rainbow Blitz shouted.

He started to fly toward the alicorn, but was held back by magenta magic. "What the?!" He looked to the owner of the magic and was surprised that Twilight was the one doing this.

"What the?!"

He looked to the owner of the magic and was surprised that Twilight was the one doing this.

Equally confused, the stallions looked to the mare for answers.

"My dear? What are you doing?" Elusive asked, shocked that Twilight was preventing them from attacking the cad who took the prince.

After Rainbow Blitz landed beside an equally confused Applejack, Twilight spoke to the stallions.

"It's alright, guys. I spoke to Phantasm Daemonis. He's willing to speak with Prince Solaris. But I can't go into detail right now."

She then used her magic to hand the five orbs to the stallions, each one with the colt that bore the respective color.

"I was able to get through to his true self. But the darkness inside him is trying to regain control. We need to use the Elements of Harmony to heal him."

Everypony looked at her as if she was crazy. Blitz being the one giving the most disapproving look. However, one pony spoke up.

"Yer tellin' the truth, Sugarcube. I can tell. And if ya think we can do it with these rocks. Then I believe ya."

Upon his words, Applejack's stone became completely enveloped in an orange light, causing him to float up with the orb. His eyes closed as he accepted the Element.

Seeing Phantasm Daemonis in his current state, Butterscotch could not help but feel sorry for him as well.

"I believe you, too, Twilight. Sure, he's scary. But I can also see that he is suffering. I…I can't stand to see him suffer, even after what he did. I…I'm ready to help in any way I can."

The orb in Butterscotch's hooves glowed in the same way as Applejacks, but in a pale pink. Despite being a Pegasus, Butterscotch was lifted upwards, trying to combat his fear with his desire to help.

Equally saddened at the alicorn's predicament, Bubble Berry held his orb, which was glowing bright blue.

"He may have been a jerk, but I see he's just sad. I'm ready to use every joke in my Joke Book collection and use my Party Cannon until it falls apart if it can get him to feel happy. And I mean happy-happy. Not 'gonna take over the world when every pony's back is turned' happy."

The orb responded with Bubble's desire to spread joy and lifted him off the ground as well. Bubble was so taken by the feeling that he spread his hooves and whooped.

"Whoo! So this is what it feels like to be Peter Pan!"

Elusive was reserved about this, just as Rainbow Blitz was. However, he also felt the alicorn's sorrow and sighed sadly.

"He may have been an uncouth lout with dastardly intentions, but if you are willing to give him a chance to change, Miss Twilight, then I shall as well."

Like with the others, the unicorn's violet orb lifted him off the ground. He dazzled at the color of the orb, wondering if it was plum purple or a Byzantium violet.

Twilight's eyes pleaded Rainbow Blitz to help. The rainbow-maned Pegasus was still sour over what had happened in the Town Hall. He was ready to kick Phantasm Daemonis in the flank for what he did. And he wanted his rematch. But upon looking into Twilight's eyes, he felt a tug in his heart. Frustrated, he growled.

"Gah! Alright! I'll help! But I'm not gonna like it."

Twilight smiled as the Pegasus was lifted by a red orb, still pouting. Once Blitz was floating with his friends, a light appeared above them and levitated down to Twilight.

It was the missing Element of Harmony: Magic.

Looking Phantasm Daemonis, Twilight saw him nod as it was clear that he was about to lose. Using her magic, Twilight connected with her friends and their Elements. Each Element stone shattered and reformed into six jewels. Five of the jewels rested on five golden medallions with their respective colors on the ribbon appeared on the stallions' necks. On Twilight's head was a tiara with a magenta star on it. Upon feeling the tiara on her head, Twilight opened her eyes, which were enveloped in a fiery white light.

From the six ponies, a rainbow beam shot from them and enveloped Phantasm Daemonis. While the darkness screamed inside him, the alicorn smiled happily, allowing the power of the Elements to do their work. A bright flash of light burst from where the Demon of the Moon was and everything settled down.

Once the six ponies were on the ground, they started to groan.

"Ugh. My head." Rainbow Blitz groaned, rubbing his temples with his hooves.

Applejack did the same thing as he sat up from his spot.

"Every pony ok?"

"I'll say!" Elusive cried out joyously as he saw that his tail regained its original length. "I shall never part with it again!"

It was then that Butterscotch noticed something around the unicorn's neck in amazement.

"Elusive. Look around your neck. Your medallion looks just like your Cutie Mark."

Curious, Elusive looked down to his neck and saw his new accessory. A gold medallion with a purple diamond in the center, held around his neck by a violet ribbon. The unicorn smiled in amazement as he gestured to Butterscotch's neck.

"So does yours, my friend."

Butterscotch looked down and saw he had a similar medallion, but with a pink butterfly and a pink ribbon. One by one, the stallions looked at their medallions. Rainbow Blitz had a red lightning bolt with a red ribbon, Applejack had an orange apple with an orange ribbon, and Bubble Berry had an aquamarine-blue balloon with a matching ribbon. On Twilight's head rested the tiara with the Element of Magic, a magenta star similar to her Cutie Mark.

Smiling, Twilight spoke to her new friends.

"We really do represent the Elements of Friendship."

"Indeed, you do." A baritone voice spoke out, causing the six ponies to look toward an eastern window.

Much to their joy, the sun rose and in a flash of light, a figure appeared.

He was a white alicorn stallion with a long, wavy mane and tail of sunrise red, orange, and yellow that flowed like water. He also had a moustache and beard of the same coloring. He was wearing a golden crowned helmet with a ruby on it, a golden chest plate with a ruby as well, and a set of golden shoes. His jade eyes fixed on the six ponies before him as he smiled. The stallions bowed while Twilight approached the alicorn with joy.

"Prince Solaris!"

The Prince of the Sun smiled as he embraced Twilight in a gentle hug.

"Twilight Sparkle. My faithful student. I knew you could do it."

Remember the prince's letter, Twilight looked up to her mentor in confusion.

"But, my prince. You said it was all an old pony tale."

Solaris shook his head, still smiling as he spoke.

"I told you that you needed to make some friends. Nothing more. I saw the signs of Phantasm Daemonis' return. And I knew that you had the magic inside to save him. But you could not unleash it until you let true friendship into your heart."

Remembering the Prince of the Night, Twilight looked to where Phantasm Daemonis was with worry. Instead of the black alicorn she had confronted with words earlier, a different alicorn stallion was in his place. He was younger than Solaris, maybe by a few years. He was blue with a short, sparkling mane and tail. He had regalia on him like Solaris, but it was a shade of black with a crescent moon on the chest plate. He had silver boots on and his Cutie Mark was a white crescent moon over a blotch of dark blue. The stallion's sapphire eyes looked up in worry at Solaris, who was approaching him.

"Prince Artemis. It has been a long time since I have seen you like this."

He knelt down until he was eye level with Artemis, who was still filled with worry.

"It is time to put these differences behind us. We were meant to rule together, little brother."

"Brother?" the stallions whispered in surprise while Twilight watched in anticipation.

Solaris stood up and held out a hoof to his brother.

"Will you accept my friendship?"

Moments passed filled with agonizing silence. This was the make-or-break moment on the situation. Artemis looked at his brother's hoof in hesitation. But upon seeing the tearing joy of seeing his brother again in his eyes, Artemis took Solaris' hoof. He stood up with tears flowing from his eyes.

"I will, brother. I am truly sorry for all the wrongs I have done. I hope you can forgive me and my foolishness."

Solaris smiled as he embraced his brother, tears of his own flowing from his eyes as well.

"There is nothing to forgive. Nothing would make me happier than to have my brother back."

Tears of joy fell from Twilight's eyes. Her words got to Artemis and everything turned out great. Butterscotch, Bubble Berry, and Elusive shed tears of joy while Rainbow Blitz and Applejack cried on the inside. It was then Bubble grinned as he spoke.

"This definitely calls for a party! I'm gonna go on back to Ponyville and set up a 'Welcome, Prince Artemis' party right away!"

With unnatural speed, Bubble took off, leaving the others behind laughing at the bubblegum pony's antics.


The Summer Sun Celebration went off great that day. With the return of Prince Solaris and the restoration of Prince Artemis, everypony was overjoyed. Artemis was nervous about approaching the ponies he had threatened with eternal night hours ago. Thankfully, the ponies were kind to him, allowing him to acclimate into the party Bubble Berry had set up for him.

As the party went on, Twilight Sparkle approached the reformed prince with a smile.

"I told you it would work out, Your Highness."

Noticing the lavender mare, Prince Artemis smiled softly and nodded.

"Indeed. I was right to trust you, Twilight Sparkle. I thank you and your friends for freeing me of the darkness that had poisoned my heart for so long."

Twilight smiled as a faint blush appeared on her cheeks. However, it was then that she remembered a particular incident the night before. She looked to Artemis in confusion and spoke in a low enough voice so that only he could hear her.

"Last night, just before you disappeared from the Town Hall, you kissed me. Why did you do that when you could have killed me instead?"

Remembering that incident as well, Artemis blushed. Most likely out of embarrassment.

"My…my apologies, Twilight Sparkle. As Phantasm Daemonis, I was determined to take everything my brother cherished and make it mine. And when I saw you as his protégé, I had originally planned on making you my princess. Again, I deeply apologize for my actions."

The confession made Twilight blush harder. Still, she sought to make things easier with the Prince of the Night.

"I…it's alright, Prince Artemis. I forgive you."

While it relieved Artemis' heart that he had her forgiveness, he was still blushing at his confession.

"Thank you. I-if you will excuse me, Twilight Sparkle, I am feeling quite dehydrated as of this moment."

It was a half-truth, but an acceptable one.

As Prince Artemis left to acquire something to drink, Twilight looked around at her newly discovered friends and immediately felt a sadness growing inside her. Noticing his pupil's melancholy, Prince Solaris approached her, with a knowing smile on his muzzle.

"Why so glum, my faithful student? Are you not happy that your quest is complete and you can return to your studies in Canterlot?"

Looking to the five friends she had made and Thorn, who had joined the party after she woke up, Twilight spoke sadly as they approached her, equally glum.

"That's just it. Just when I learn how wonderful it is to have friends, I have to leave them."

Solaris looked at his student with pride. She had finally come out of her thick shell and created strong friendships with the stallions before them. Closing his eyes for a moment, Solaris spoke.

"Thorn. Take a note, please."

Hearing the prince's command, Thorn grabbed an inked quill and a piece of parchment. She began to write as Prince Solaris spoke a decree.

"I, Prince Solaris, hereby decree that the unicorn, Twilight Sparkle, shall take on a new mission for Equestria. She must continue the study of the Magic of Friendship. She must report to me her findings from her new home…in Ponyville."

Hearing the prince's decree, the five stallions cried out in joy as they gathered around their new friend. Twilight was overjoyed.

"Oh! Thank you, Prince Solaris! I'll study harder than ever before!"

The ponies cheered as the party continued. Times were definitely going to get interesting in Ponyville.

Later that night…

The party went through the whole day and Twilight was exhausted. Thorn was already in her basket, dreaming sweet dreams. Twilight was also quick to crawl into her bed to sleep. But as she laid in her bed, a memory flashed into her mind. It was when she was little and her parents had to go somewhere with her sister, Gleaming Shield, leaving her in the care of her favorite foalsitter: Prince Bolero.

Young Twilight was trying to sleep in the room she was staying in at the castle in Canterlot, but found it difficult. She didn't want to wake Bolero, for it was too late at night to play. She struggled on, trying to relax. Not even her Mr. Smarty-pants doll would get her to sleep. It was then that she heard a soft baritone voice coming from the hall in front her door. She recognized the voice as Prince Solaris, but she unsure what he was saying. But as she listened carefully, she realized he was singing. She fell silent as she listened to the entire song that night.

Twilight was unsure if she was too tired to remember it all, but she could swear that Prince Solaris was sad that night. But as she lay in her bed in Ponyville, the song crept back into mind with the image of Prince Solaris and Prince Artemis in the past. As she fell into slumber, she dreamt that young Solaris composed the song for his brother, who was trapped in the moon.

Fate has been cruel

And order unkind.

How can I have sent you away?

The blame was my own,

The punishment yours.

The harmony's silent today.

But into the stillness, I send you my song.

And I will, your company, keep.

'Till your tired eyes

And my lullabies

Have carried you softly

To sleep.

Once did a stallion who shone like the sun

Looked out on his kingdom with pride.

He smiled and said

'Surely there no pony

So valiant

And so admired as I.'

So great was his reign

And so brilliant his glory

That long was the shadow

He cast.

Which fell upon the

Young brother he loved

And grew only darker as

Days and nights passed.

Sleep, Prince of Darkness

Good-Night, brother mine.

And rest now in moonlight's embrace.

Bear up my lullaby,

Winds of the earth.

Through cloud and

Though sky and

Through space.

Carry the peace and the coolness of night

And carry my sorrow in kind

Artemis, you're loved so much

More than you know.

Forgive me for being

So blind.

Soon did that stallion

Take notice that others

Did not give his brother

His due.

And neither had he loved him

As he deserved.

But stood by as his brother's

Jealousy grew.

But such is the way of the limelight

It sweetly takes hold of the mind of its host.

And that foolish stallion did nothing to stop

The destruction of one who had needed him most.

Sleep, Prince of Darkness

Good-Night, brother mine.

And rest now in moonlight's embrace.

Bear up my lullaby,

Winds of the earth.

Through cloud and

Though sky and

Through space.

Carry the peace and the coolness of night

And carry my sorrow in kind.

Artemis, you're loved so much

More than you know.

May troubles be far from your mind

And forgive me for being so blind.

The years now before us

Fearful and unknown

I'd never imagined

I'd face them on my own

May these thousand winters

Swiftly pass, I pray

I love you. I miss you.

All these miles away.

May all your dreams be

Calm tonight.

There, upon your bed of


Know not of sorrow

Pain or care

And when I dream

I'll fly away

And meet you there.




Twilight stirred once more to look at the now blank moon, thinking of the Prince of the Night. Keeping true to her new friendship with the prince, she spoke to the night sky.

"Good night, Prince Artemis. May your nights be as beautiful as tonight is."

Unbeknownst to Twilight, Prince Artemis heard her as he traversed the corridor of dreams. A duty he had not done for a long time. With an appreciative smile, Artemis spoke at Twilight's Dream Door.

"Sleep well, Twilight Sparkle."

Sorry for the overuse of the line button. It was the only way to separate the stanzas of the song.