may was walking in the woods, she was naked. she left her cloths and pokemon back at home. she saw a male jolteon run at her, and she felt it knock her over.
"hey,what's the big deal?" she muttered. then she felt something against her pussy, and she felt it go into her. "OW! STOP IT!" may yelled, then she started to enjoy it.

"OH,FUCK ME HARDER JOLTEON! YES, NYA,NAY,NAY,NYA...MMM, YES! YOUR DICK FEELS SO GOOD!" may screamed as the jolteon cummed in her,then when it pulled out of her, she felt it shoot cum onto her body. she went home and snuck up to her room, and layed down.

she looked at her poke balls, she had caught so many pokemon. she grapped run, and out came a, nervous skitty. "it's okay skitty." may said. she let the pokemon lay on her stomach, after a while, she felt skitty become wet. "skitty do what ever you want to my body, you're my fovorite pokemon." may said. "skit." said the pokmon. it started to lick may's breast, which made her moan.

"oh,skitty that feels amazing." may moaned. skitty licked may's stomach, and then her pussy. may cummed and skitty licked it all up. may smiled. "my turn." she said. skitty layed on her back, and may began to lick skitty's pussy. it felt so warm, and good to her tongue. skitty began to moan, and cum a lot, skitty kept cumming, and soon may's whole face was covered in her cum, but she kept licking it. when she did stop, she knew why ash let pikachu shoot cum from his dick on ash's face.

may returned skitty to her pokeball. she sent out her glaceon, and it already started to pound her ass. "OH,GOD GALCEON, YOUR COCK IS SO BIG!" may gasped, as she felt glaceon shoot cun into her ass and on her ass. glaceon, layed down, and may smiled, she was going to make the pokemon pay for all the cum.

she started to lick glaceon's cock, and cum started to squirt out of it, she licked it more harder and faster, making the pokemon moan, and groan. she finally started to suck on it, and felt it shoot cum in her throat which she swallowed. then she pulled it out of her mouth and felt cum go all over her face, in her hair, and some on her breast.

she rubbed glaceon's cock, against her belly. "oh glaceon why,not cum?" may said giggleing. glaceon moaned, and shot cum all over may's belly, and breast. may made glaceon stand up, and surprised the pokemon when she started to lick it's ass hole. she stopped and put her face under the pokemon while it was still standing and licked it's cock, which shot cum onto her face again.

glaceon layed on his back again, and may started to pump his cock, with her hand. she felt him jerk, as cum exploded from his dick, landing all over her hand and on his cock.

she licked the cum off her hand and off of his cock. she layed on top of the pokemon, her breast were touching the glaceon's stomach, and his cock was rubbing against her belly, and she kissed, and slid her tongue into his mouth and played with his tongue while his cock kept shooting cum all over her belly. she moved away, and let the pokemon titfuck her, which made cum go all over her breast and face.

she returned the pokemon to his pokeball, and fell asleep.

i hope you enjoyed leave me sugestions i'm going to make another chapter with even more pokemon and make it longer for you guys. LOL. make sure you pm me ideas.