may walked into the forest and started to get naked,and when she was fully naked,she fely something jump on her. and looked back,and saw a zangoose. the zangoose started to pound her in the ass, fast,and his thrust were becoming more violent every time he thrusted into her.

"OH,SHIT ZANGOOSE!" may screamed. zangoose cummed in her,and than started to pound her pussy even harder than he did her ass.

"ZANGOOSE IT HURTS,BUT FEELS SO GOOD,MMMM,YES,MMMPPPH,NYA,YOU'RE SO BIG, OH GOD ZABGOOSE IM CUMMING!" may screamed as she shot her juices all over zangoose who shot hit cum in her,and than all over her body.

may started to suck his cock. she slowly licked his shaft up and down,and then kissed the tip before taking him in her mouth. zangoose started to moan loudly,and thrust deeper into her. "mmmmpppph!" may screamed as zangoose thrusted and shot cum in her mouth and filled it up,and then shot cum onto her face,and in her hair.

leave me any ideas that you have,like always i have been running low on them. LOL. but still thanks for all the support on this series.