Title: Father of Mine (subject to change)

Author: Vix ( vix_chic@hotmail.com )

Rating: PG

Summary: Father and son moment between Draco and Snape.

Author's note: I like the idea of Draco and Snape being close in a father like bond thing.

Other chapters: Depend on your reviews, might even throw in a side one about Sirius/Remus/Harry and Weasely closeness..

Disclaimers: I own nothing

"I detest the stupid thing." Draco said in a huff as he sat down on the desk behind him, "There's no reason for it."

"Draco there's great reason for it and you know it." Severus said getting annoyed by the boy's attitude.

"Did you practice at all this summer?" The professor asked as he pushed the splattered and smeared green goo off of the desk with a heavily gloved hand.

"I tried but father had more interesting things for me to do." Draco said his eyes wandering to the floor.

"You have um," Snape looked at the boy's face, "*trouble* with your 'duties'?"

"You mean in doing them convincingly or doing them at all?" Draco asked his eyes now glaring at his Godfather.

"The former of course. Is he convinced of your willingness to accept your role?" Severus asked looking him straight in the eyes, Draco's glare faltering.

"He's convinced just as I." Draco began before he decided he had said too much and started to busy himself with the potions ingredients.

"You're beginning to lose yourself too?" Snape asked stilling the boy by placing his hands on Draco's shoulders.

Draco ripped them from his touch, "I'm beginning to lose everything. My work is slipping, my mind is completely gone, and I am beginning to hate myself like I hate my father." Draco nearly yelled at no one in particular.

"Draco I remember what it was like. You're not losing anything. You're just scared of being sucked into their world. And right you should be. There are things and what not that will arise that you will have to face. You will either do it or you will die. It has nothing to do with fear it has to do with survival." Severus said his voice harsher than he intended.

Draco's usually perfect posture faltered as he heaved a sigh.

"And loyalty." Snape said looking at Draco sharply, "Just stay loyal to Dumbledore and nothing will go array that can't be fixed."

"I will not." Draco said looking up at his mentor

"Dumbledore is a great man." Snape said instantly eyeing Draco with confusion.

"But I was raised by a better one." Draco said a small smirk playing at his features. "You."

Snape looked at Draco for a moment a fatherly pride filling him to the brim, "We'll work on this some more tomorrow. Go get some sleep."

Draco nodded and walked out of the classroom quick to get to the great hall to join his friends.

Snape sank down on his desk picking up a small piece of parchment reading over it for the millionth time,


I expect that Draco will be ready by Christmas.


Snape crumbled the little letter into a ball and threw it in to the fire beneath the cauldron at the desk he and Draco were using.

"He'll be ready." Snape said to no one in particular, "For anything you throw at him."