Lucion Lannister, second son of Lord Tywin Lannister and Lady Joanna Lannister, was born on the fourth day of the third month of the 270th year after Aegon's Conquest. Born in Casterly Rock, the family seat, Lucion emerged into the world with the family's blonde hair and green eyes, he was a big babe, but quiet, rarely crying. As he grew up Lucion became known as the quiet lion, often in the shadow of his older siblings Jaime and Cersei, he learnt how to walk and talk with his mother's help but rarely sought her out on his own once he could move about the castle himself. In fact when Lady Joanna gave birth to Tyrion Lannister, a small babe, who grew into a small child, and when Lady Joanna was left with a much frailer disposition, though her twins Jaime and Cersei began missing their mother very much, Lucion did not, barely noticing that she was not around as much as she used to be. Instead Lucion contented himself with running wild through the halls of the Rock and playing with cousins both distant and near.

Though Lady Joanna remained alive and well, she was still bed ridden when the Martells came to the Rock to fulfil an old promise the Princess of Dorne and Lady Joanna had made when they were girls in King's Landing. Princess Aeria found herself greeted by Lord Tywin instead who was in no mood to play court to the Princesses ambitions or promises, and curtly told her that his daughter Cersei was meant for Prince Rhaegar and that his son Jaime was meant for other things. And so the Princess and her children left the Rock, and Lady Joanna upon recovering from her fever sternly told her husband off and wrote to her friend asking if it would be okay if Lucion were to foster there from the age of eight. When Princess Aeria agreed to the fostering, Lady Joanna was said to be walking around humming with joy, and because his wife was happy so to was Lord Tywin, fences had been mended it seemed.

And so that was how Lucion Lannister second son of Lord Tywin and Lady Joanna, ended up boarding a ship from Lannisport alongside a friend and cousin Damion and arrived in Sunspear some two moons later. He was met by Princess Aeria and her son Prince Oberyn who was to be the boy's master, as Lucion was to squire for Prince Oberyn who already had gathered quite a reputation. From the diary that Lord Lucion kept during his time in Dorne, we can see that he spent much of his time as a squire to Prince Oberyn, helping the prince keep his armour clean and tidy, as well as fulfilling the other roles a squire normally performed. He also became good friends with another of Prince Oberyn's squires Gerold Dayne, of the same ilk as the famed Sword of the Morning Ser Arthur. Lucion spent most of his time during his apprenticeship training and sparring with his fellow squires and soon became known for his quick sword hand and his even quicker mind.

He also became known for his ability to pick up information about those he was around almost immediately and soon began to use this new trait to his advantage. But that piece of information shall become more important later on, for now we shall focus on what he did during his time as a child in Dorne. Lucion Lannister it seems became very close to his master's bastard daughters or Sand Snakes as they are now known, in particular Nymeria Sand. A precocious girl who could be seen more often than not trailing behind Lucion and following him in all his endeavours. Soon enough talk turned to marriages and such, but when Lucion turned eleven he was taken with Prince Oberyn and Gerold Dayne across the narrow sea when Prince Oberyn was caught abed with Lord Edgar Yronwood's paramour, a tale well known. Prince Oberyn served with the second sons for nearly a year and in that time Lucion saw many battles fighting against Lys and others, killing his first man in a battle in the Disputed Lands and other such things. When Prince Oberyn left to form his own sellsword company known as the vipers, Lucion came with him and so they travelled around fighting and wenching and doing many things all the while Lucion grew and grew and became a different type of Lannister to what we are now used to.

But as with all good things, their travels across the narrow sea came to an end on the day of Lucion's thirteenth nameday, when a raven arrived from Sunspear writ in Prince Doran's own hand informing them of the rebellion that had been started when Prince Rhaegar had absconded with Lyanna Stark. And so Oberyn and Lucion along with the Vipers sailed across the narrow sea, too late for the battle of the bells but in time to add their strength to the Dornish host commanded by Prince Lewyn Martell headed for the Trident. What happened on that day is known to all and sundry. Rhaegar Targaryen met Robert Baratheon in battle and died with his lady love's name on his lips. Prince Lewyn died slain by Lyn Corbray and the rebels one the battle and with it the rebellion. But Prince Oberyn and Lucion and the vipers continued fighting well until after most had surrendered or broken and fled. Lucion killed many a man that, his own account records some fifteen men that he slew with his own sword, including one Ser Gared Storm a rumoured cousin to Lord Robert. But once battle was declared over and lost, Prince Oberyn and those he could muster returned to Dorne to plot, and then the sack of King's Landing happened and all was lost.

It was not Tywin Lannister who was responsible for the deaths of Princess Elia and her children, no for Lord Tywin was aware of the love his wife held for the Princess and so he ordered one of his sworn knights Ser Mors Westford to hold the Princess and her son captive in her room whilst Ser Armory Lorch was trusted with bringing Princess Rhaenys to safety within the same room. Soothing words were used to calm the little girl as well as the presence of Grand Maester Pycelle. But still despite all these efforts once Robert Baratheon sat the throne, Elia Martell and her children were slain and their bodies laid at the foot of the Iron Throne. Who had done the deed none knew though Lord Tywin was quick to say that he had not done the deed and could not condone such actions.

Dorne boiled with anger and fury, and when Cersei Lannister finally wed her King, there were fears amongst the Lannisters that Lucion would be targeted and so he was brought back to Casterly Rock to complete his martial training under the tutelage of his uncle Tygett. It is here that we start our story, and it is here that the game of thrones truly begins for this young lion.