Chapter 1

The Beginning:

Albus Dumbledore made his way down the long street to No. 4 Privet Drive. As he walked his deluminator slowly took the lights from the street lamps. The night had been long with unfortunate results and he sighed as he walked to the house. Popping a lemon drop in his mouth he contemplated what the future would hold. Looking down when he heard a distinct meow he looked down upon a tabby cat. The cat was grey with black markings the ones around its eyes looking suspiciously like spectacles. "I should've known I'd see you here professor McGonagall." The wizard said smiling down at the cat fondly chuckling as it began to change into a woman.

"Are the rumors true Albus?" She asked her eyes shining with worry. Lily Evans and James Potter had been two of her former students. The idea that they could be dead and that their twins, who were barely a year old, were able to defeat the dark lord seemed preposterous.

"I'm afraid Minerva that the rumors are true both the good and the bad." Dumbledore said softly looking down. James and Lily Potter were two of his best fighter in The Order.

"And the children Albus?"

"Hagrid is bringing them."

"Do you think it wise? To leave Hagrid in charge of something so important?" Minerva asked frowning her eyes shining with worry for the two now orphaned children. This war had caused many orphans, and the complete end of some families. It was devastating, but the loss of the Potter's hit her harder than most. Perhaps it was because of the torture of Frank and Alice Longbottom leaving their only son in the care of his grandmother just a week before. Whatever the reason Minerva was tired of the death and destruction, and having to leave the orphans with guardians who weren't fit to polish her shoes.

"I trust Hagrid with my life Minerva, I know he can take care of the Potter twins." Dumbledore looked over at the witch with a kind smile on his face just as a light started shining from the sky. Upon closer examination the light turned out to be a lone headlight. The loud rumblings of a motorbike could be heard as the bike came into view with a giant man on top. As the bike came to a rough landing Hagrid pealed back the goggles from his face carefully getting off the bike. In a sling in front of his chest were two bundles. "Ole' Sirius Black lent me his motor bike to get these two out o' that house." The gigantic man rumbled looking at the two older professors.

Dumbledore smiled at the hairy man kindly patting him on the shoulder. "You've done well Hagrid, very well."

"Albus do you think we should leave them with these muggles. I've been watching them all day and they really are the worst kind, they're…" Professor McGonagall started trying to keep the twins out of the hands of the vicious muggles inside.

"They're the only family they have." Albus said softly before gently taking one twin in each arm and cradling the sleeping babes in his arm. Each had the same scar but as mirrored versions of the other. The boy Harry James Potter had dark hair and the girl Hermione Jean Potter had reddish brown hair that fell in bushy ringlets. Each twin was wrapped in blankets to keep them warm, and were fast asleep. Looking up at the man he'd tasked with their temporary care he saw the large tears gathering in his eyes and smiled sympathetically. "There, There, Hagrid, it's not truly a goodbye you'll see them again." Dumbledore said smiling softly as he gently set each twin on the porch. Pulling a letter from his cloak he gently rested it so that it lay equally on each twin. With that the elder wizard cast warming charms and protection wards to keep the two infants safe. Then he bid farewell to his colleagues and walked with Minerva back up the street as Hagrid bid one last teary farewell flying off on the bike. The moment Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall disappeared from the street the lights came back.


The rattling sound of someone banging on the door to the room sounded loudly as Petunia Dursley's voice echoed into the cupboard that Harry and Hermione Potter shared. Groaning Hermione looked at the time before reaching up and pulling the string attached to the lone light bulb in the room. Looking over at her brother she sighed pulling the blankets off their shared bed. "Harry c'mon!" She said tugging at him laughing as he rolled out bed and landed on his arse. "Morning brother of mine." She grinned at him running her fingers through her bushy curls and carefully plaiting it back into a braid. Her aunt hated her hair, she'd threatened more than once to shave her and Harry's head because their hair refused to be tame.

Hermione rubbed her face as she searched for some clothes that wouldn't look like a tent on her. At the moment she was in an old pair of Dudley's sweats and they were far too large on her. "You know Harry it's Dudeykins birthday!" She said in a sing song voice causing her brother to roll his eyes at her. "I think that you are far too happy and it's way too early!" Harry said yawning as he pulled his flannel shirt on looking up as their small room started to quake with thunderous footsteps. Frowning as he looked up watching as dust fell into the room he sighed shaking his head. "I take it back he's far too happy." Harry grumbled as he opened the door to their room about to walk out when Dudley ran infront of him shoving him back into his room.

Hermione let out a groan of pain as Harry was forced into her. "Ouch Harry you're on my foot." She gasped pushing him out the door shaking her head as she followed him glaring at her cousin. "I think Dudeykins needs to be reminded who he's dealing with, the ignorant prat."She huffed quietly to her brother before walking into the kitchen. Frowning as her aunts bony fingers gripped her arm she shoved her in front of the coffee and bacon. "Try not to burn anything." Her aunt hissed at her before jerking her chin at Harry indicating for him to start serving everyone.

"Hurry up and get my coffee boy!" Hissed Vernon Dursley a great big hulking man with a walrus mustache beady eyes and a naturally red face. Harry frowned and made a face at Hermione but quickly served the coffee right as Dudley started talking about his presents.

"How many are there?" Harry's large and spoiled cousin Dudley demanded looking at his father.

"36 counted them myself." Vernon said proudly smiling at his son.

"36! But last year I had 37, and I don't care how big they are!" Dudley sneered hatefully looking furious at the fact there was one less present. Hermione gripped the frying pan tightly her hands shaking in anger. There was a time when the twins were growing up that they had sought their relative's acceptance. Hermione remembered coloring pictures of their family when she was still to young to go to school. Harry used to ask Uncle Vernon to teach him how to ride a bike, and Hermione used to beg to go to the park. There had been a time when the twins were so young that they thought Petunia and Vernon were their Mum and Dad and called them such. Each of these circumstances was met with disdain and hate. Neither twin ever truly understood why they were so hated. Although eventually they stopped caring. They had each other and that was all they really needed. No one at school dared to be their friend, Dudley and his friends tormented them, and they were easy targets for the common school yard bully. Although once together anyone who dared to mess with either of them soon regretted it. Hermione and Harry had a sense of mischief that allowed them to use pranks quietly to get back at their tormentors. With Hermione's brains and Harry's stealth neither twin had gotten caught, and they were good enough not to leave anything that could lead back to them.

Harry walked over to his sister who was still glaring down at the frying pan. Gently moving her out of the way he took the pan from her hands and began serving his aunt uncle and cousin before putting what was left on two plates. He understood why his sister was so angry, last year for their birthday they had each received a pair of Dudley's old socks. They were never given a chance and it hurt for the first few years, but now it hardly even phased Harry. He was used to the extended trips to Mrs. Figg's and hearing all about her cats. He was also used to the treatment he and his sister received. The only thing that really made up for it was his sister's ingenious mind that allowed them to pull pranks and get revenge. Walking out of the room as his sister sat down he went to retrieve the mail.

Hermione had sat down when Harry came back with a stack of letters. Handing all but two of them to their Uncle Vernon he sat beside his sister at the bar like usual, while the other three sat at the table. Handing her the letter made out to her he looked at her and bit his lip softly shrugging. He wasn't quite sure why they had letters it was a first time occurrence. As both twins examined the letters they started to open them when suddenly the letters were swiped from their hands. Both twins looked up startled only to find Dudley's face beaming as he handed the letters to Uncle Vernon. "Hey give those back!" Hermione cried standing up with her arms crossed. "Yeah those are our letters!" Harry said standing at the same time as his twin and meeting her eyes.

It was moments like this when they were so perfectly in sync that it was easy to tell they were twins. Most people; however, were usually surprised to learn that fact. Harry and Hermione looked almost nothing alike. Except for the shape of their eyes, complexion, and the same lips they had nothing else in common. Harry had dark green eyes, and required glasses to be able to see anything. He had unruly hair that was jet black only causing his eyes and complexion to stand out more. He was scrawny and short, although the school nurse assured him he'd soon hit a growth spurt. In short aunt Petunia once made the remark that he was identical to his Father except for his eyes which were his mothers. Hermione was short with deep auburn curls that glowed red in the sunlight, she had the same pale complexion but had a light dusting of freckles all over her face. She had brown eyes that in the light looked almost amber. Along with her bushy hair Hermione's front teeth were too big for her mouth, which was something she was ridiculed mercilessly about by her cousin and other school bullies. Petunia also remarked that Hermione looked exactly like her mother except for her eyes which were her fathers.

Vernon Dursley looked at his niece and nephew and snorted taking the letters in his beefy hands. "Yours? Who would be writing to either of you?" He said with a laugh his eyes widening as he read the address. Looking at his wife he frowned as he sent a glare in the direction of the twins. "Get dressed you two, we have a long day and you should consider yourselves lucky we're taking you with us." The hulking man snapped at the two ten year olds causing them both to scurry out to their room in alarm.

Hermione looked at her brother and sighed as they stood cramped in their bedroom under the stairs. He shook his head as he pulled his regular clothes and walked out leaving her to contemplate the letters by herself. As she pulled on the trousers that were two sizes to big and the jumper that nearly went to her knees she couldn't get the thought of it out of her head. She thought about the elegant scrawl and the stamp on the back as she quietly and gently shooed the spiders from her socks. Looking up as she pulled on her shoes she met Harry's eyes her determined. "Uncle Vernon's probably already torn up the letters, but if we get anymore I promise you Harry we're going to read them!" She said standing up and stretching. Harry for his part only nodded giving his sister a weak smile, he knew that once she decided on something nothing would change her mind.