Chapter 1

The Beginning:

James and Lily Potter had no idea that things would turn out this way when they got married. They had no clue that they couldn't trust their friends and no idea about the fate that was awaiting them.

Little Hermione was snuggled into James' side reaching for his wand with happy gurgles while Harry giggled clapping as they watched the sparks fly from the end of the wand his father's wand.

"Awe you see that love," James kissed Hermione on top of her deep auburn curls, "One day you're going to be a great witch, and I'll be doing this for your children." James smiled at the thought of his family growing.

"She's only a one-year-old James, and my Hermione may not want kids, I hope she thinks boys are icky for a long time." Lily smiled cuddling a yawning Harry in her arms.

"You're right, all my hopes for grandchildren lies with the little boy in your arms." James chuckled kissing Harry's head as well.

"Did you ever think that things would be this way?" Lily asked quietly watching her husband and their twins.

"Of course not Evans I never for one moment thought you'd actually agree to go on a date with me much less marry and have my children." James grinned at his wife.

"I think we need to get these two to bed," Lily said with a small laugh.

"I would agree," James smiled leaving his wand on the couch as he carried Hermione leaving Lily with Harry.

They were halfway up the stairs when James heard a sound at their front door. Looking back he could see the piercing red eyes through the window and in his gut he knew what was about to happen.

"Lily it's him," James said quietly shoving Hermione into his wife's arms. "Take them, Lily, take them and get out of here," James begged.

"No, James we can't leave you," Lily whispered.

"Lily, I love you, now go," James begged as he ran forward the front door blasting open the sound frightening Harry from his light sleep; while Hermione was reaching for her Daddy over Lily's shoulder.

"Step aside," hissed Voldemort and seconds later there was a bright green light and a thud as James hit the floor. Hermione giggled thinking this was just another one of her Daddy's magic tricks.

Lily almost couldn't breathe as she shut Harry's bedroom door locking it and grabbing the broom that James had stashed in the closet.

"Harry, Hermione you're so loved," Lily said scurrying about the room trying to think of some way to get them out, but her mind wasn't working right. She'd just heard her husband's dead body hit the floor, and here she was about to face off against the Dark Lord wandless.

There wasn't enough time to do anything but kiss both Harry and Hermione on the head.

"Mama loves you, and Dada loves you, and Uncle Moony, and Uncle Padfoot," Lily was saying when Harry's bedroom door burst open and there stood Voldemort a mirthless smile on his face.

Without a second thought, Lily threw herself in front of her babies and stood there not allowing the Dark Lord a chance to even glance at them.

"Not my babies," Lily said quietly.

"Step aside you silly girl," Voldemort chuckled coldly.

"No, please have mercy," Lily begged.

"I only want the boy."

"Don't touch him, not Harry please," Lily had actual tears streaming down her face, she wasn't even trembling she just met Voldemort's eyes before there was a bright flash of green light and, just like James, Lily fell forward lifeless.

Hermione decided she didn't like this magic trick and cried loudly as Voldemort approached them pointing his wand at Harry first and then Hermione.

"Avadakedavra," Voldemort said, but something went wrong. The moment he muttered the curse light exploded and rebounded back on him seemingly disintegrating him on the spot.

Harry had nothing but a horrific gash on his forehead. Hermione was caught by the refracted spell a jagged slash going down the back of her right shoulder to the top of her left hip. The twins were screaming when they were found, the house was in ruins, and it was a miracle the twins escaped with relatively minor wounds.

When Hagrid found them Harry was crying and Hermione was reaching for Lily they were tired of the trick now they wanted their mummy. Hagrid scooped Harry up first, and he moved to get little Hermione when he noticed the cut on her back.

Sirius Black wasn't far behind Hagrid and arrived just as Hagrid was settling Harry into a sling. He was shaking close to throwing up everything in his stomach. He'd just walked over James his best friend and brother because he had to get to the kids, he had to check on the kids.

Sirius's eyes fell on Lily first, and then he saw Hermione still sobbing as she stood up with the help of the bars on her crib reaching for her mum.

"Sirius," Hagrid wiped at his own eyes.

"It's my fault," Sirius whispered moving to pick up Hermione holding her close to his chest. "Sh Mione," Sirius said soothingly, taking his wand out he muttered a quick healing spell, but the wound wouldn't heal completely.

"Hagrid give Harry to me," Sirius whispered.

"No can do, he's going to his aun' and uncle's so they can be raised with their family."

"I am their family," Sirius almost yelled, "Hagrid, give me my godson."

"I can' do tha' Sirius," Hagrid held Harry close, "Give me Hermione, it's Dumbledore's orders Sirius, and he always knows what's bes'."

Sirius took a step away from Hagrid, holding Hermione closer to his chest, but he couldn't separate the twins. Looking down Sirius handed Hermione over before fishing the keys of his motorbike from his pockets.

"Here," Sirius mumbled, "I won't be needing it where I'm going."

Thus begins the sometimes tragic, but extraordinary life of the Potter twins Harry and Hermione.