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Chapter 1

Football is an American pastime. Tonight was the monthly vampire match. It was full contact with no gear. I watched as the voting commenced. Admittedly this was one of the more annoying facets of a vampire Republic, at least to Eric; to me it was often hilarious. Then again I didn't have to spend at least an hour of my day voting on arbitrary matters.

I understood Eric's irritation. There was a vote about everything, and when I say everything, I mean Every. Single. Thing. All the way from New Orleans to Little Rock and every tiny town in between they voted. Even to choose team captains there was a vote, though every single person had voted the same since the league started a year ago.

The guideline stated that if any action affected anyone other than the individual, it was put to a vote. If they weren't sure then there was a vote to help decide if there should be a vote. Just because this was new to them meant nothing. They took that shit seriously and if you didn't vote, you had better not even fix your mouth to complain about the result.

The routine things were done through a message board. Any vampire citizen of the Republic could post an issue and/or plead their case. Then the voting took place. The ballots were counted and that was it. Other more serious matters had to be done in person, such as deciding on new residents.

In those instances, the prospective citizen would have to decide where in the Republic he or she wanted to reside. Then the vampires in that Area would have to vote to deny or allow citizenship. If they agreed, they would then inform everyone else via 'The Board.' Lastly, every other Area would send out a previously-elected representative to ensure the new citizen understood the rules and wouldn't be a problem. Then there was some kind of party. Hooray for the Republic!

As a general rule, vampires were territorial creatures and nothing could change that. Since they were actually working together instead of looking to out-maneuver each other to grasp power, there had been decreases in vampire on vampire violence. This system was working. Here in Shreveport, Indira was turning out to be quite the vampire representative. It was strange for all involved because in the previous regime she hadn't been regarded as much because she was weak physically. In this world, there was something about her quiet nature that made people listen to her.

All of this wasn't what I had in mind when I given up my title as Queen and bought the freedom of this state from all the other regents of Amun. I will admit that I had been thinking small scale and short term. Then I had only Eric and me in mind. I turned my back on the ambition that had driven my whole life. I had been stripped of my title but I got to return to the place where I found love. Overall, it was a small price to pay. At that thought, my mind drifted…

I didn't know if I would have been considered a genius if I was fully human. What if my mother had never run away from the man she had married, the man whose last name she had given me, even though he wasn't my father? Would I still have blonde hair and blue eyes? Would I still be able to see twenty steps ahead? Would I be a telepath? I didn't know. I tried to wonder about that as little as possible.

This was the truth of my origins. My mother was Michelle McCormick. At the tender age of eighteen she had married a young man by the name of Corbett Stackhouse. She left him after less than a year but she kept his name. She had made it as far as New Orleans when she ran out of money.

The details varied but I knew that was where she met Saul, the eccentric vampire known as The Procurer. He was a vampire who dealt strictly in supply and demand. He was on every monarch's speed dial, especially that of my father. Being the King of Sin City, merchandise was always in his demand, be it for something extraordinary at the casinos or working girls.

Saul must have seen the beauty in my mother and nurtured it. After a few years, he sold her to a king, my father, Felipe De Castro. Neither one of them knew she was pregnant. Neither of them ever knew that she had sold her baby to a faery for a price. What was that price? What would make a woman whore out not only her body but her firstborn, you ask?

If the answer isn't obvious or immediate then be proud of yourself because you are neither vain nor selfish enough. My mother had rented out her womb and part of her body so she could remain desirable for eternity. Seeing she was a prostitute I shouldn't blame her but I did, greatly. Not to mention that the information I gained had come from a faery under extreme duress. It hadn't been a lie.

My biological mother had entered a bargain with a faery and reneged. Twenty seven years later, here I was. I couldn't complain but some nights it just weighed heavily on me. Luckily tonight wasn't one of those nights. My heart and mind were miles behind my body.

Just as suddenly I drifted I was back where I belonged. I smiled as Eric and his team walked toward the bleachers. I felt like the cheerleader girlfriend of the high school football star rather than the wife of one of the most powerful vampires in the new world. He was a natural at football, but then again given the aggressive nature of the sport, most vampires were.

"You guys should get jerseys," I said after Eric kissed me breathless.

He smiled against the crook of my neck and his fingers dug into my hips, pulling me tightly against him.

"I suppose that would make you a cheerleader; my personal cheerleader," he murmured nipping at my earlobe. I shivered and my knees got weak.

I pulled back shocked, but equally turned on. "Who has been teaching you such naughty terminology?" I asked.

"That who would be me," I knew the voice, Clancy.

No sooner did I have the thought when I saw the young, very young, girl he had taken up with. She was running full tilt in his direction. She threw herself into his arm and she all but sucked the tongue out of his mouth.

At this point no one bothered whooping at the display. It only made them take longer to 'greet' each other. People such as her parents who had once protested no longer bothered either. It had the same result. Those two just enjoyed making the whole damn world sick with how much in love and mated they were.

"We weren't that bad?" I asked Eric.

He shook his head. "Considering all the hell we raised, some could argue that we were much worse."

I smiled and leaned into his embrace. We watched the newly mated couple. By the way Eric held me; I knew our thoughts were in sync. Had this been two years ago, Clancy would have had to hide Stephanie. Just as Eric had done with me, I guess he would have tried to walk away too. It would have been for her good. As a valued telepath among them, I had barely made it.

In the old vampire regime, she would have been nothing but a weakness to exploit. With the way he looked at her, I knew he could have been made to do things, horrible things, if her life was on the line. It wouldn't have come naturally but it would have been his only choice. It was all he had known then. Now, there was a different way. He could just love her without fear or consequence.

Thalia's team was getting impatient by the glares they were sending our way.

"Cheerleaders are the bee's knees." Clancy said when he finally let her go. "Where the fuck has she been all my lives?"

"Here waiting for her grandparents to be born would be my guess," I pointed out.

He snorted a laugh and shot a pointed look at Eric. "Nice to meet you, Pot; I'm kettle."

I guess I'd walked right into that one. Eric was a thousand-years-old; he was older than Clancy, me, Stephanie and her parents combined. The men moved away toward the converging vamps. I didn't think anyone on this side could hear the plays called for inside the huddles but I could. It was part of being a human-Fae-vampire hybrid; my senses were heightened, acute beyond that of any human and most vampires. I watched the play as my fangs tingled in my mouth.

I wanted to run too. I wanted to tumble, tackle without fear, because I knew I would get back up again. What was worse was I knew I could. On foot I could move faster than all the vampires on the field, including my husband. I held back and watched. No one knew of my hybrid origins but Eric and Pam. None of them knew that I had been instrumental in the fall of their former Queen. No one knew I had been the Queen of Louisiana and Arkansas for all of one hour. I was Sookie Stackhouse, barmaid and wife to Eric Northman, not the telepathic human of the Sheriff. That was fine by me.

Stephanie and I weren't the only spectators of the monthly vampire football games. Her parents were there. Even the current coach of the crescent city's professional team frequented. He was trying to find secrets because this year his team was horrible. It was a great game. Tonight Eric's team won. I knew that next month when Pam was captain and Eric had to be at the bar, Thalia's team would win. It was mostly due to the fact that Long Shadow cheated as if his immortal life depended on it, the bastard.

Eric and I were the only ones left at the field. He was nursing a sprained knee. He had gotten it defending Paloma during the last play of the game. He wasn't the only one who had walked away limping. Vampires didn't play football with protective gear. They went all out and they were hostile. .

Eric had taken a few hits for his teammates. Some were more damaging than others. Everyone was gone so I didn't have to hide. I lifted him from the bleachers, laid him down on the field, and lay next to him. His black eye was gone. His ribs were fine now but his ankle had yet to heal. I knew it was because of the G2-Ag serum. That was one of its drawbacks in the beginning stages of use.

I rolled on top on my husband. "I'm almost sure this should come with a penalty."

"It does." He replied rubbing the proof of his desire against me.

I kissed him gently, and then I proceeded to have my wicked way with him right there on the field. I knew we had to part ways soon but it didn't impede on the pace. We sucked, licked, and stroked to our hearts contents. It wasn't until we were both mad with the want for release that I straddled his hips and impaled myself on his long, thick cock.

It still blew my mind that every time I took him into my body; it felt even better than the first. There was no pain. Letting him take me came with no fear or insecurities. I knew he loved me and I knew we had forever. All I could do was hang on as he rode my body like Hell, took me to Heaven, and then brought me back to Earth. For a few minutes after, all I could do was lay my panting and ravaged body on top of his.

"You need to go," I said, not moving.

I felt his lips form a smile against the crook of my neck. "Not if you don't let me. I am at your mercy."

I nipped at him and rolled away. He needed to get to the bar and I had to get to bed. I had been awake since dawn. I'd woken to Eric halfway into my pants. I let him even though I knew I had to open for Sam. It was one of the upsides to freeing him from the sun. We had time that was just for us.

"Go," I said. "I don't need Pam showing up wondering if I'm abusing your sexy young body."

He laughed as he dressed. I made no move to get up. I just enjoyed the view. God, Eric really was the most beautiful thing that I'd ever seen. He was perfect, from his crown of blonde hair to his toes. If I didn't have enough to gush about, once he was dressed he flew over to me and hovered over my body to kiss me goodbye. Eric took off into the air toward the vampire bar he owned in Shreveport.

Using my senses I followed him a long way. When Eric fell out of my heightened awareness, the longing that only his face could quash descended over me. It wasn't crippling. I just missed him. I knew he would be home before the sun. My eyes were glued to the crescent moon that hung over head. It made me think of Sam. It was one of the safest days of the months to chat it up with my Werewolf and shifter friends. They had more control.

For a human-Fae-vampire hybrid who was also a disowned and banished princess, it was just another day spent trying not to think of her family. I couldn't let myself go there; instead I got up and dusted off my dress. I got behind the wheel of the BMW Eric bought me and drove to our home in Shreveport. I was asleep before thought of home I would never see again had the chance to make me cry myself to sleep.