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A beeping sound could be heard coming from a scroll sitting on a nightstand.

A small hand reached out and picked up the scroll, the scroll's clock read 3:23 AM.

A girl lying in bed opened the scroll to reveal an anonymous message with an attached file. The girl opened the file to reveal a list of names.

Ruby Rose

Weiss Schnee

Blake Belladonna

Yang Xaoi Long

Jaune Arc

Nora Valkarie

Pyrrha Nikos

Lie Ren

Cardin Winchester

Russel Thrush

Dove Bronzwig

Sky Lark



Velvet Scarlitina


Simon Gil Kai

Daniel Usher Walters

Logan Ron Talon

Hei Nigel Shikbane


This is a list of students she has been tasked with doing research on. She is to find out what she can of as many of them as possible. The names that are bold are team leaders and the ones that are underlined are persons of interest.

The girl got up from her bed and made her way towards the bathroom to wash up before she started her research.

She looked in the mirror to see her pink and brown hair to be in a complete mess but decide to ignore it since she was too tired to care. She then proceeded out of her room deciding not to change out of her pink onesie with bunny slippers with floppy ears and a hood that also had bunny ears. As she made her way to the kitchen she noticed a man passed out on a couch in the living room. The man had bright orange hair and was wearing a white jacket with black pants, this was her uncle Roman. The girl flicked his nose as she walked by startling the man.

"Wh-what!? Oh Neo, you scared the crap outta me. What are you doing up this early?"

Neo answered him by handing him her scroll with the list opened.

Roman looked at the scroll before sighing and handing it back to Neo.

"So Mercury has you doing his homework for him?"

Neo nodded in response.

"What did he do, bribe you with ice cream?"

Neo nodded excitedly in response this time.

"Roman sighed again. You would probably kill someone for ice cream wouldn't you?"

Neo gave Roman a smirk.

Well go on and get to work I guess, I'm going back to sleep because I have had a day." With that Roman once again was fast asleep on the couch while Neo made her way to the fridge to get some ice cream.

Hours had passed and Neo had finished off about six tubs of ice cream ranging in different flavors from vanilla to cookie dough. She had also finished off only a small portion of the list deciding to focus on the names that were underlined first.

Neo decided to look over her findings before taking a break.

Ruby Rose


Weapon: Crescent rose Mechashifting high caliber high impact sniper rifle scythe combo.

Is a very skilled fighter for someone her age. Was excepted into Beacon two years early because of her intervention in a dust shop robbery lead by Roman Torchwick.

Has a fondness for cookies as in all of her meals are cookies.

At times is also seen hugging and kissing her weapon and calling it her sweetheart.

Neo remembers her uncle telling her about that dust shop incident and thought how he was lucky to get away especially when Glynda Goodwitch made an appearance.

Blake Belladona

Age: 17

Weapon: Gambol shroud

Blake Belladona is secretly a Fanus but hides it by wearing a bow on her head to conceal her cat ears. She is a former member of the white fang but left because of unknown circumstances. Her former partner and mentor was Adam Tarus.

She has a fondness of books and spends most of her time in the library.

She also has a fondness of tuna but this is not so surprising given her feline traits.

Jaune Arc

Age: 17

Weapon: Cores Mors and kite shield

A simple sword and collapsible shield.

Jaune Arc's transcripts state that he is a very skilled fighter who is capable of taking on a pack of beowolves single handed, but his actual skill in the field is very poor and he doesn't seem to have much confidence in his own abilities.

He has been receiving training from his partner Pyrrha Nikos to help improve his skills.

Despite his lack of combat skills he is a great tactical leader and quick thinker.

Gets motion sickness very easily.

He seems oblivious to any and all female affection towards him even when it is painfully obvious.

Neo looked at the information on Jaune Arc and thought that he would make a perfect male harem manga protagonist.

"He's not bad looking either."

Neo widened her eyes at what she had just thought. She needed to take a break.

It's about ten in the morning so she decided to go out get some more ice cream because she is all out. She didn't feel like getting dressed so she decided to use her semblance to create an illusion over herself to give her the appearance of a short little old lady wearing a brown dress, thick glasses, grey hair tied into a bun and her parasol made to look like a cane. Her uncle would be furious if he found out about this but what he didn't know wouldn't hurt him.

As Neo (granny Neo) made her way to the store she noticed a tall guy with short blonde hair looking at a piece of paper in his hand before entering the store. That was Jaune Arc, Neo thought to her self. She decided to follow him and to maybe get some more information on him (she didn't know exactly what she needed but she needed ice cream anyway so what the heck).

When Neo entered the store she almost completely forgot about Jaune when she saw a sign the read.

New Pumpkin Pete's ice cream!

With a picture of Pyrrha Nikos holding a cone with orange ice cream in it.

Neo quickly made her way to the back of the store where the ice cream section was. When she saw the freezer with the ice cream she didn't notice the figure before it was to late. Neo basically tackled the figure to the ground and was now lying on top of him.

Neo picked her head up and opened her eyes to see another pair of beautiful blue eyes looking back at her. She quickly tried to get up but ended up slipping and falling back down onto the figure. After taking a second look she realized that she had just tackled Jaune Arc. He had a slight blush on his face?

"Um, are you okay?" Jaune asked nervously still had the slight blush.

Neo nodded her head in response.

"That's good. Um, c-could you please get off of me?"

Neo blushed and quickly but carefully got off of the poor guy and they both stood up.

"Sorry about that, I guess I didn't look where I was going."

Neo rapidly shook her head while still blushing for some reason trying to tell him that it wasn't his fault.

"Thanks. You must be here for the Pumpkin Pete's ice cream too?"

Neo's blush quickly faded and nodded her head rapidly.

Jaune opened the freezer door and Neo quickly tried to grab the ice cream which was unfortunately on the top shelf and she was way to short to reach it. This made Jaune laugh which made Neo glare at him with puffed out blushing cheeks. Jaune then grabbed a tub of ice cream for the girl and handed it to her. Neo gave him a grateful smile and Jaune grabbed his own tub and closed the freezer door.

When Jaune closed the freezer door Neo got a good look at her self in the reflection of the glass and was shocked. She didn't look like a little old lady, instead she looked like herself. Pink onesie and all. Her illusion must have have shattered when she ran into Jaune.

Neo was in a panic trying desperately to reactivate her semblance but couldn't.

Jaune noticed that the small girl was in a panic and tried to see what was wrong.

"Hey, are you okay?"

Neo looked up at Jaune and looked like she was on the verge of tears. She didn't want anyone to see her in her pajamas. The only people who are allowed to see her in them are uncle Roman and herself. One other person has already seen her and that's embarrassing enough as it is let alone a whole store full of people plus the ones on the street. Her hood wouldn't completely hide her face. This sucks she thought while bringing her hands to her face.

She was about to break down completely then and there when she felt a hand on her shoulder and she looked up to see Jaune smiling at her.

"It's okay. I take it that you don't want people seeing you in your pajamas."

Neo shook her head in response.

"And I noticed that you were a little old lady before you ran into me."

Neo just blushed and looked off to the side.

"I have an idea on how to get you out of here without people seeing you but I'm not sure if you will like it." Jaune said as he scratched the back of his neck with a slight blush.

Neo tilted her head and gave Jaune a questioning look.

Jaune stood at the cash register with two tubs of Pumpkin Pete's ice cream and a small pink figure with floppy bunny eared slippers and hood pulled over her head and face buried into Jaune's back hiding her face while clutching the back of his sweatshirt like her life depended on it.

"This is embarrassing". Neo thought but no one could see her face so it didn't really matter.

"Hello there. Is that all for today sir?" A female cashier asked Jaune.

"Yep, that'll be all."

"Okay, that will be twenty Lien please."

Jaune handed the cashier the money and she asked. "And who is the little one behind you there?" The cashier tried to peek around Jaune to get a better look at the small girl.

Neo tensed up and buried her face deeper into Jaunes back (which shouldn't have been possible).

Jaune noticed this and quickly responded. "Oh, this is my little sister. She's very shy."

"Oh I'm sorry." The cashier apologized. "My cousin has the same set of pajamas."

Jaune thanked the cashier and made his way out of the store with Neo still clinging to him.

Jaune and Neo went behind the store where there were no people.

Jaune looked around to make sure no one else was there.

"Okay, the coast is clear."

Neo hesitantly let go of Jaune and backed away.

Jaune turned around and saw the girl who had a bright red face and was twiddling her thumbs while looking at the ground.

This made Jaune smile as he handed her a tub of ice cream which she quickly took. She then tried to give Jaune some money but he refused it saying it was his treat.

"Are you calm enough to activate you semblance now?" Jaune asked.

She nodded but before she did she stood on her tip toes to try and get closer to Jaune's face but was way to short to reach him which made her puff out her cheeks in frustration. She then gestured for Jaune to come closer.

"What's wrong? You want me to come closer? Okay then I guess." Jaune then leaned closer to Neo who then gave Jaune a kiss on his cheek. After Neo backed away and changed back into a little old lady before walking away. Jaune placed a hand on his cheek where she kissed him and realized.

"I didn't even know her name." Jaune then proceeded to walk back towards the air docks but in the wrong direction with his hand still on his cheek.

Roman stood at the front door tapping his foot and looking at his watch.

"Where is she?"

After he asked that the door opened to reveal a little old lady holding a tub of ice cream before shattering her illusion.

"And where have you been young lady?"

Neo just nervously smiled at her uncle.

"You could have just asked me and I would have gotten someone to go out to get you ice cream you know and did you really use your semblance to go out in public? You know I don't like it when you do that. Well as long as you weren't seen I guess it's okay. What kind did you get?"

Roman picked up the tub and looked at it in slight disgust.

"Oh my god. They made Pumpkin Pete's flavored ice cream now, What will they think of next?"

Neo takes the ice cream back from Roman angrily and walks back to the kitchen to enjoy her treat and to get back to work on the list.

When she opened her scroll she had received another message with a note and attachment.

The note read...

This is great

Neo opened the attachment to reveal a picture that brought a big smile to her face. It was a picture of Jaune Arc wearing a blue onesie with floppy bunny ear slippers walking proudly down a hallway. Neo decided to save the picture to her scroll in a new folder labeled Jaune Arc. Neo then updated Jaune Arc's information.

Jaune Arc

Age: 17

Weapon: Cores Mors and kite shield

A simple sword and collapsible shield.

Jaune Arc's transcripts state that he is a very skilled fighter who is capable of taking on a pack of beowolves single handed, but his actual skill in the field is very poor and he doesn't seem to have much confidence in his own abilities.

He has been receiving training from his partner Pyrrha Nikos to help improve his skills.

Despite his lack of combat skills he is a great tactical leader and quick thinker.

Gets motion sickness very easily.

He seems oblivious to any and all female affection towards hm even when it is painfully obvious.

He has a kind heart and is willing to help a complete stranger in their time of need.

Wears a blue onesie with floppy bunny ear slippers.

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