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A New Begining

Chapter 1--A Time Of Peace

Wild and untamed, the tundras of Icewind Dale had a beauty all of its own. Right now thick tundra grass waved in the wind, but soon the harsh winter would come burying the tundra in snow and ice, making travel dangerous for even the hardiest traveler. The lone figure looking over the tundra knew that very well.

Drizzt Do'Urden stood on a hill overlooking the tundra, enjoying the unusually warm weather. He hadn't had much time to himself lately. He'd been busy with his patrols and helping guide caravans safely to Bryn Shander. The wind swirled his stark white hair and green cloak around him. He wore a blue tunic with a tan shirt and brown breeches. His scimitars were belted on his hips and his coal-black skin looked out of place with his pale hair. His unusual lavender eyes glittered eerily.

The crunching of boots in snow alerted him that someone was coming. He looked over his shoulder and saw a huge man, at least seven feet tall and well muscled, approaching. He wore a wolf skin cloak with tan breeches and short-sleeved tunic. He carried a war hammer on his shoulder. "Well met, I thought you'd be with Colson and Delly," Drizzt said.

Wulfgar stopped beside him. "Delly and Catti-brie are baking and Colson is helping," he grimaced.

Drizzt laughed, amethyst eyes sparkling. "Say no more, I'm well acquainted with Colson's idea of helping," he said.

"You'll learn even more when Catti-brie has your child," Wulfgar teased. He grinned when Drizzt flushed. He loved teasing the Drow about his impending fatherhood.

"Oh, shut up before I push you off the ledge," Drizzt grumbled.

Wulfgar just laughed. "You are good for each other. Every one can see that," he said. Suddenly serious, he laid a hand on Drizzt's shoulder. "She and I were not right for each other. We've both come to understand that."

"Delly and Colson both adore you," Drizzt said.

"And I them, are you nervous about the child?" Wulfgar asked.

Drizzt sighed, looking out over the tundra again. "Yes," he admitted.

"Everything will be fine, Colson can't wait to have a playmate. The cookies are probably done by now. Shall we go home? Colson will want to see her uncle," Wulfgar said.

"Very well," Drizzt agreed. He followed Wulfgar back to Lonelywood.

Lonelywood had changed since the two couples had settled there. It was no longer so small. There was even a dirt road leading through town. Slowly Ten Towns was losing its reputation as a haven for rogues. Both couples had moved there because they felt their children needed to grow up outside the Dwarven caverns. After a bit of blustering and grumbling Bruenor had agreed. The gruff Dwarf had insisted on having his folk build both dwellings because no one could build like a Dwarf, wisely they had given in.

Wulfgar and Delly's house was made of stone and had two floors. The yard was neat and well kept and Delly had a small herb garden where she grew cooking and healing herbs. The walk was lined with colorful flowers.

Arriving at Wulfgar's house where the women were they both kicked off their boots, laughing a bit. Delly would skin both of them if they tracked up the house.

"Gods, we've become domestic," Wulfgar grumbled as they went inside.

Drizzt laughed. "Yes, we have," he agreed.

The interior of the house was modestly furnished with comfortable cushioned furniture and fur rugs on the floor. Needlework that Delly had done decorated the walls.

"Mmmm, something smells good in here," Wulfgar said, taking a deep breath.

"Uncle Drizzt!! Daddy!!" an excited voice cried. Wulfgar and Delly's adopted daughter, Colson ran to greet them, eyes bright with excitement.

Drizzt had just enough time to brace himself as the blue eyed, black haired girl threw herself into his arms. "Hello, imp, have you behaved yourself today?" he asked.

"Yes, mamma and Aunt Cat and me baked cookies!! Are you going to stay for lunch?" Colson asked. "Hi daddy!!"

"If your parents wish," Drizzt said.

"Of course we do," Wulfgar said.

They went to find their wives. Colson clung to Drizzt's hand as if he'd disappear.

Wulfgar smiled to himself. Drizzt will be a wonderful father, even if he doesn't think so, he thought. They found Delly and Catti-brie in the front room discussing baby clothes.

Delly was lovely with brown hair and green eyes. She rose to greet her husband with a warm smile.

Colson released Drizzt and ran to her mother. "Can Uncle Drizzt and Aunt Cat stay for lunch? Daddy said it was all right," she said.

"Of course it's all right," Delly said. She hugged Wulfgar when he came up to her and gave him a kiss.

"YAY!!!" Colson shouted.

The adults exchanged amused looks about the four year old's excitement over her head.

Drizzt gave Catti-brie a hug and quick kiss. "How are you feeling?" he asked.

Catti-brie was every bit as beautiful as Delly with her auburn hair and dark blue eyes. Drizzt thought she was even more beautiful with her rounded stomach where their first child grew.

"I'm fine," Catti-brie said. She tugged gently on a lock off his waist-length white hair. "Ye need a trim, love."

"Later," Drizzt said

Catti-brie's eyes sparkled with mischief. "Why not now?" she asked. "Then Colson could help."

"Definitely not. I'd end up bald," Drizzt said with a mock shudder.

Catti-brie giggled. "Coward," she said playfully.

Delly stood. "I guess I'd better get started. Lunch won't be fancy, just bread and rabbit stew," she said.

"As long as Wulfgar had nothing to do with it. He can't boil water without burning it," Drizzt smirked.

"I resent that!" Wulfgar protested.

"No, you resemble it," Drizzt retorted.

Catti-brie stood up as well. "I 'm goin' to help Delly, children so play nice," she said and went into the kitchen…

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