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Chapter 41--Reunited At Last

It had been the longest two weeks of Drizzt's life, but finally it was time to go. After saying his good byes Sabrae led him to the wizard's house. She knocked on the door and it opened.

"Hello Sabrae, all is ready," Taurin said. He nodded to Drizzt as he ushered them inside.

"Do you know where to set the gate?" Sabrae said.

Of course, say your good byes and I will do the spell," Taurin said.

Drizzt turned to Sabrae. "Thank you for all your folk has done for me. You will always be welcome in my home," he said.

"Perhaps you will bring your wife and child to visit when the babe can travel. Good bye and good luck to you," Sabrae said.

Taurin began to chant and a shimmering gate appeared. "Go, I can not hold it long," he said.

Drizzt turned and plunged through the gate. He found himself on the tundra within sight of Lonelywood. He headed for home as quickly as he could. Their house was dark and quiet. She's probably at Wulfgar's and Delly's, he thought and headed that way. He went up onto the porch and knocked.

"Hold on, I'm coming!" Wulfgar called. The door swung open to reveal Wulfgar. He stared, eyes widening.

"Good evening, Wulfgar," Drizzt said.

"Drizzt! Thank the Gods!" Wulfgar said. "You're truly alive." He swept his friend into a bear hug.

"Ouch, I soon won't be if you don't let up!" Drizzt gasped.

Wulfgar let him go and ushered him inside and closed the door. Everyone is in the next room. Come on," he said.

When Drizzt and Wulfgar entered the room Regis, Bruenor and Delly stared at him in stunned shock.

Regis was first to react. He leaped up and hugged him. That got everyone moving in a flurry of greetings and hugs and a few tears.

"Where's Cat and Colson?" Drizzt asked when things had settled.

"Colson's in bed. We'll let her sleep. Catti-brie is sleeping in the first guest room on the left, but I'm sure she won't mind being woken up," Delly said. "Go to her, Drizzt. We'll have time to catch up later."

"Thank you, Delly," Drizzt said. He headed for the stairs.

"Elf, don't ye ever be scarin' us like that again or I'll have yer hide," Bruenor grumbled.

"I'll try," Drizzt replied and walked upstairs then entered the room. He left the door partly open for light. He went over beside the bed to look down at her. Catti-brie had never looked so beautiful to him as she did at that moment. He sat down on the edge of the bed then shook her shoulder gently. "Cat, wake up," he said.

Catti-brie stirred and opened her eyes. She looked at Drizzt for a long minute, as she got fully awake. Her eyes widened. "Drizzt? No, am I dreamin'?" she whispered. She touched his face with a trembling hand.

Drizzt covered her hand with his. "No dream, love. I'm home," he said.

"Drizzt! Oh, thank the Gods! I be thinkin' I'd lost ye!" Catti-brie cried. She sat up and flung her arms around him.

"I missed you, Cat," Drizzt whispered, "I'm sorry for the worry I caused you." He hugged her close then felt something hit his stomach.

"The babe's kickin'. He's glad his da is back too," Catti-brie whispered. "Ye kept yer promise too."

"I always try too," Drizzt whispered back.

Catti-brie pulled back and studied her husband's face. "What be this from?" she asked, tracing the faint scar Shauna's knife had left.

"It's nothing. Just the wound I had to recover from, but it's healed now. I just want to hold you for a while. I'll explain everything later," Drizzt said.

"All right," Catti-brie said and rested her head on his shoulder.

Nothing mattered to either of them except that they were together again. That was all they needed for now….

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