The Snow Falls By: The BatThing

The snow falls. I don't know why, and I don't know how. I can't tell you anything about how snow is formed, and why it only comes one time a year. I can't tell you why it is white, and I can't tell you why it is so cold. I couldn't tell you if it comes from clouds or something else..

Max can.

I can't.

But it doesn't matter. Snow is snow, and I like it.

I lean out my window, like I plan to jump out, but I don't. I just sniff lightly, hoping to find out if it has a smell. I stick out my tongue and taste the tiny chips melt as they come in contact with it. It makes me thirsty.

It is snowing hard.

I almost can't see the neighbor's house. It's peaceful, and calming.

Dox wiggles beside me and rests his snout on the windowsill, beside my hands. He likes the snow too. I can tell.

I think about my mom and Max.

I think that maybe they know I miss them.

I think that they love me.

I think that they plan to come home.

I think that I need to too.

I think that the snow is telling me to go to bed. I need the rest and I need the sleep. But I can't, I don't want to. It hurts.

Dox wines in the back of his throat. He tells me something that I don't understand.

I look at him

He looks at me.

I shake my head. I tell him that I want my friends back. I want my family back. I want things to be the way there were before.

Dox doesn't understand what I say.

Dox does understand that I am lonely. So he cuddles beside me, shifting under my arm.

The snow falls.

It's cold.

It's calm.

It's snow.